Where are vokera boilers made?

Vokera is leading heating manufacturer, with the different products and portfolio. It includes domestic gas boilers, heating boilers and many more heating appliances. Vokera boilers are designed for both easy installation and day to day use of the boilers for central heating purposes. These boilers are renewable products and most efficient among all the others.

This is one of the trusted brand ever come across in the boilers market. There boilers are very popular in Ireland and UK who are committed to innovation. Vokera has always been a reliable choice for its customers. Vokera limited was established over 35 years ago and supports every unique control over their boilers. The brand tested its product before they leave the factory. The boiler come with life time warranty, thus provides you peace of mind as well. Also this will let you know who makes vokera boilers?

Vokera basically deals in three kinds of boilers:

  1. Combi boiler – combi boilers are very popular in home nowadays as they can help you to save money and space altogether. Basically, a combi boiler is a compact and efficient unit that provides you optimum heating and hot water supply to your taps and that too instantly, i.e. without any delay. This unit is so small that it can be fit into a kitchen cupboard as well.
  2. System boiler- a system boiler heats the surroundings and produces hot water for the storage cylinder.  They work moreover like a regular boiler. But the main advantage of the system boiler is they take water direct from the mains.
  3. Conventional boilers – also known as regular boilers, conventional boilers have always been the best choice in the terms of boilers. Though they require hot water cylinders but can satisfy high amount of hot water demands very easily.

Vokera combi boilers

Easy to install, these Vokera combi boilers comes in compact size and innovative design. It is a great choice to provide warmth in your homes. If there is an issue in the space in your homes and you don’t want to have any additional tank or cylinders to be set in your homes, than without any second thought, combi boiler is an ideal choice for your homes. For domestic customers you can get the right output of the boilers.

Benefits of Vokera Boilers

  • 2 years warranty
  • Compact size with wall-hung feature
  • Recommended by Energy Savings Trust
  • User-friendly controls

Vokera System Boilers

The users having high hot water demands and heating demand, prefers system boilers. The system boiler utilizes a sealed hot water cylinder for the storage of hot water. Also it has better flow rates than that of a combi boiler.  The most importantly, Vokera system boilers are sleek and compact in size.

Benefits of Vokera System Boilers

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High hot water on demand
  • Highly energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty

Vokera Regular/conventional boilers

The traditional heating system has a best replacement with the regular boiler. Though, the boiler includes a large tank of cold water in the loft. For many users the regular boiler is best and ideal boiler for their houses as it can satisfy the high hot water demands very easily.

Benefits of Vokera Conventional Boilers

  • Compatible with solar thermal
  • Easy to operate and use
  • High on energy efficient
  • 5 year warranty

Thus, Vokera has always been the best and ideal for the users. They are serving the customers over 30 years and have been manufactured in the UK. They have come up as an industry leader due to their premium quality and performance. Do not think and get your Vokera boiler now for best heating experience.

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