Where are ATAG boilers made?

ATAG has been designing and manufacturing the boilers from past 70 years. In that time they were the leading brand in manufacturing the boilers. They have set up the highest standards for the energy efficiency and maintenance across the global market. The company is operated in many different countries across the globe with each having its own highest standards. These standards are now cumulated into a single range i.e. the i range of ATAG boilers.

There boilers are built with the highest quality of stainless steel and brass components.

The boilers manufactured by this brand are not only the leading range of boilers in Europe but also have the lowest NOx emission which means more environment’s friendly. Most of their boilers have 98% of its original efficiency level throughout the lifetime.

They not only provide domestic boilers but offer you the high range of commercial boilers as well. ATAG is no. one choice of professionals and architects. Not only this, the brand has awards with many reputed awards and UK consumers have stated this brand as the number one boiler manufacturer on independent review site.

Thus investment in ATAG boilers is a wise decision as the boiler comes to your home with:

  • Home safety

The ATAG boilers carefully selected and legally qualified the Gas Safe Registered installers so as to ensure the highest safety to your homes. These are the ATAG partners which timely install and services the boilers.

  • Peace of mind

Purchasing a boiler is a kind of investment you are doing for your homes. So it is important that you should be ensuring about the reliability of the boiler. The ATAG boilers come with 10 year warranty on all the parts and labour. Thus, you can enjoy peace of mind with a single purchase.

  • Heating bills

ATAG boilers will help you save a lot on your energy bills, as they manufacture environment friendly boilers which have the lowest NOx emission. Thus it can help you to save upto £320 as specified by the Energy Savings Trust.

Basically ATAG deals in three kinds of boilers

  1. Combi boiler – combi boilers are very popular in home nowadays as they can help you to save money and space altogether. Basically, a combi boiler is a compact and efficient unit that provides you optimum heating and hot water supply to your taps and that too instantly, i.e. without any delay. This unit is so small that it can be fit into a kitchen cupboard as well.
  2. System boiler- a system boiler heats the surroundings and produces hot water for the storage cylinder.  They work moreover like a regular boiler. But the main advantage of the system boiler is they take water direct from the mains.
  3. Conventional boilers – also known as regular boilers, conventional boilers have always been the best choice in the terms of boilers. Though they require hot water cylinders but can satisfy high amount of hot water demands very easily.

ATAG Combi boilers

There are two types of combi boilers manufactured by ATAG :

iC combination boiler – this is a highly compact and energy efficient range of the boilers which is available for different property size.

iC Economiser Combination boiler – this is the patented economizer boiler of ATAG’s most recent design. It has an advance technology of residual heat that otherwise be lost and puts it to use, resulting in most energy efficient boiler till date.

Benefits of ATAG combi boiler

  • Compact in size
  • No need of a hot water cylinder
  • No need of cold water storage tank
  • User friendly
  • 10 year warranty
  • Instant hot water supply
  • Less pipework and more modulated design

ATAG system boilers

ATAG iS system boilers are highly energy efficient system boilers which are available in different outputs for more convenience to the users. They claim that system boilers manufactured by them have an edge over the competitors due to its in-built ErP pump. Hence, this provides more control over the heat of the boiler which improves the energy efficiency of the operation.

Benefits of ATAG system boilers

  • LPG convertible
  • Installation quicker and neater
  • Solar compatible
  • User friendly control
  • A rated energy efficiency
  • No risk of freezing
  • Includes the lifetime replacement guarantee

ATAG regular boilers

ATAG regular boilers are combined with ATAG’s iSteel hot water cylinders for maximum energy efficiency. It suits the homes of every size and for different hot water demands. Not only this, they offer a high range of flue options that can help you to be flexible with where the boiler has to install. 

Benefits of ATAG regular boilers

  • Easily meets high hot water demands
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compact in size
  • 10 year warranty
  • User friendly controls
  • Solar compatible
  • LPG compatible

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