What does f22 mean on a vaillant boiler?

The vaillant is well known for manufacturing boiler from past many years. This brand is well known as the inventor of the combi boilers. Not also won an award for making the quietest boiler in the market.

Be it a one bedroom apartment or the five bedroom apartment, they have absolute amazing range of boilers for all the house types.

But its EcoTEC range is facing some faults and issues i.e. f22 code fault.

You might be thinking what does f22 mean on a vaillant boiler? We have the answer for your question

What does f22 mean on a vaillant boiler?

Normally the boilers only work correctly when the system is in the range of pressure. Therefore, every vaillant boiler is fitted with a pressure sensor which will let you know when the pressure is low or too high. You’ll find a flashing light on the display whenever the pressure drops below 0.6 bars. Once this gets to an extreme stage of below 0.3, the boiler will lockout and display f22 fault code on the boilers screen.

This means that the central heating doesn’t have the enough pressure for the boiler so that it could work and operate properly.

However, if you are unable to find the leakage in your boiler, you might think what else can cause the f22 error in your boiler?

The pressure gauge on your vaillant boiler could be the reason behind this error. Also if there is any component that cans auto-live the boiler, it is none other than the pressure gauge.  If it is so, you need to call the engineer for fixing the problem as he will test the pressure gauge in his own ways.

What vaillant suggests about the f22 error?

Vaillant states that the boiler will not properly till the heating system will be filled with the additional water. This will result in increase of the pressure. Pressure loss will be there and it happens due to the fault in the boiler. Also mainly the reason behind the f22 fault and the losing pressure is a simple leakage problem. The leakage could be from the damage radiator valve or the pin hole in the pipe work or a leaking copper fitting.

How to find the leakage causing the f22 error?

  1. Mostly the central heating systems have a big issue of finding the fault in it. But luckily, most of the leakages are visible clearly on the boilers.
  2. If you have got the location of the damp patch, you have to clean it down with the blue roll. Once it gets dried, dab the area you think is the reason behind the issue.
  3. Keep in mind, that sometimes what you see is not the actual reason, like ways if you have found the moisture way to the fitting, it doesn’t denote the actual issue. 
  4. Other parts of the boiler like PRV (Pressure Release Valve), the boiler pump or the auto expansion vessel can also cause the fault in your boiler.
  5. For the proper working of any other component you need to call an engineer for that.

What is the Fix for the f22 code fault?

  1. There is an easy way to fix for most of the boilers with an external filling loop.
  2. You just need to open the little tap around a quarter turn until the unit gets on 1.5 bars in the display, then close the tap again.
  3. Now you have to reset the boiler.
  4. For Vaillant ECOTec plus model, it is slightly different they use the built-in filling loop.
  5. You have to look below the boiler, there will be two grey layers which have closed written on it and twist them to quarter to 3 position. Once the pressure returns to 1.5 bar, close the levers and reset the boiler.

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