What does a flashing radiator sign mean on vaillant boiler

About Vaillant

For more than 140 years, this brand Vaillant has been setting the standards in the heating market. They have been creating the products that have taken the markets towards a newer and better change. From water heater in early 1900’s to pioneering the combination boiler for more than 35 years, this brand has maintained its reputation around the global markets.

The Vaillant group has presence in over 20 countries with national sales companies and exports to more than 60 states. This group of heating appliances is internationally-family owned company with a heritage of more than 141 years in providing the customers efficient, energy-saving and easy to operate heating solutions for their residential and commercial use. This company stands as second largest European manufacturer in the business of heating technologies. The company develops not only in United Kingdom, but also grew in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and China.

The company focuses on more to the systems with renewable energy. The development of Hybrid systems which combines with the renewable energies and heating appliances gets more focused by the brand. In all of its ranges, sustainability plays a vital role for this company. As in UK alone, replacing any old heating system with the new Vaillant one can increase the efficiency of the appliance and saves the energy up to 30%. Thus, the brand’s key element is to manufacture the products which are sustainable to the environment.

About Vaillant boilers

Vaillant manufactures a wide variety of boilers. This brand is known for its reliable, efficient and durable boilers. Pioneering with the combi boilers, this brand has manufactured no. of excellent boilers. The boilers which left the factory are pre-tested so as to ensure their efficiency and performance as per the brands standards. The boilers come with absolute convenient and user-friendly controls. The main motto behind the brand is to provide utmost customer satisfaction and sustainable solutions to the users.

About radiators

Radiators as the name suggests not only give the radiant heat, they deliver most of their heat through convection. However air warmed by the radiator naturally rises and cools down, as a result the warmed air circulates and the space in the room is warmed.

In a boiler there are several symbols that are found on Vaillant boilers

Symbols Description  
    Flame Permanently on , Burner on
    Display of the current burner modulation rate
    Display of the current filling pressure of the heating system
      Heating mode active  
      Hot water generation active Permanently on  
        hot water generation active
        Maintenance or service required
        Summer mode active with heating mode is switched off
        Boiler anti cycling time is active
  F.XX Fault in the boiler

With all such things a flashing radiator sign is also mentioned on the boiler. You might be thinking what does a flashing sign mean on a vaillant boiler?

The flashing radiator simply signifies that the boiler has acknowledged a heating demand and         is getting through

  • Usually solid when the burner is working
  • It flashes when the pump is circulating to dispute residual heat. Usually it flashes when the boiler has reached the temperature set point

Also it means that the boiler is hot enough and is resting while the pump is running. As soon as the boiler will cool down, the symbol will cease flashing.

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