Viessmann Vitodens 200-w System Boiler Compare Prices & In-Depth Reviews

      A complete guide with all the information required to help you choose the best boiler for your home
Viessmann Vitodens 200-w System Boiler

Looking for an affordable oiler with the performance that suits your need? The Viessmann Vitodens 200-W could your best choice. Built for performance, these system boilers have all the features that you need and more to ensure that you stay warm even in the chilliest weather conditions. Read till the end to know more about these boilers and their features. We even provided honest reviews from certified customers who firsthand explained what using these boilers felt like. Before we move any further, let’s take a look at what factors you need to consider before choosing this or any other boiler.


Buying Guide:

Easy to maintain:

One can save up money to purchase an expensive boiler. It becomes tough when you need to spend on maintenance over and over again. A piece of good news for you, this boiler has low maintenance costs. Moreover, you can access all the components front the front itself. The ViCare app can be used to control the boiler remotely. It also notifies the support center by itself if any fault is detected.

Powerful performance:

With 4 different models, you get a power output of 19KW to 35KW to suit all your needs. So if you live in a single bedroom flat or a large multiple room house, you can get the boiler of your need based on the output requirements.

Designed for efficiency:

Equipped with an Inox-Radial heat exchanger, this boiler features a 7 inch electronic E3 control platform for ease of use. You can control the boiler remotely with the app, making it a flexible and efficient boiler. The wall-mounted gas condensing boiler is perfect for small houses and large apartments and can be easily mounted in the bathroom or kitchen.


Designed with durability for longevity, there’s no telling what may cause the boiler to malfunction. To help you save money on repair costs, this boiler comes with a 5-year comprehensive warranty. You can also extend the warranty up to 10 years if required.


A powerful and compact boiler that comes with an innovative touch screen control. You can remotely operate the boiler using the ViCare app. With intelligent features, the boiler automatically alerts the engineer in case a fault is detected by it. Equipped with MatriX-Plus burner which is more reliable and efficient, thus resulting in maximum flame stability and reduced fuel consumption. With low fan speed for quieter operation, this boiler converts 98% fuel into heat.


  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Integral WiFi interface for internet connectivity and ViCare app (Vitoconnect 100 not required)
  • High operational reliability thanks to the integral Lambda Pro Plus combustion controller
  • Greater efficiency and less nitrogen oxide with the new MatriX-Plus burner
  • Large water capacity; low cycling frequency, even when little heat is drawn off
  • MatriX-Plus burner with a long service life thanks to stainless steel MatriX perforation


  • Low level of operating noise
  • Low co2 emissions
  • fast installation
  • for servicing, no side clearance is required
  • Low fan speed for quiet operation


  • Can be a little off on size
  • As a spare, PCB can be costly                                                         

The VIESSMANN VITODENS 200-W SYSTEM BOILERS is available in 4 different variants:



Ideal for small homes, this boiler has the following features:

  • Power Output: 19 KW
  • Product height: 850
  • Product width: 450
  • Product depth: 360
  • Typical price: £ 1205.43



Ideal for regular-sized homes with 2-3 bedrooms,

  • Power Output: 26 KW
  • Product height: 850
  • Product width: 450
  • Product depth: 340
  • Typical price: £ 1368.53



Ideal for normal sized homes (3-4 bedrooms) that need more heat

  • Power Output: 30 KW
  • Product height: 850
  • Product width: 450
  • Product depth: 360
  • Typical price: £ 1519.34



For large houses,

  • Power Output: 35 KW
  • Product height: 850
  • Product width: 450
  • Product depth: 360
  • Typical price: £ 1571.79

What Do Industry Influencers Say?

Boilers are an important part of our home. The boiler you buy should fulfill all your basic requirements. You should choose a boiler depending upon how big your house is or how many rooms you intend to use it in. The output of the boiler depends on the intended space to use.

Energy efficiency is a determining factor because the boiler would most probably be on throughout the day. Choose boilers that save energy. It will be expensive than the regular ones, but it will prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Look out for the warranty. Even though these boilers are made to last long, a warranty still helps to save a lot as repair costs. Some brands even allow you to purchase an extended warranty along with the boiler. You should definitely buy an additional warranty if you have electrical issues in your house.

How We Decide & Examine Such Products To Recommends You 

While purchasing any boiler you must be aware of the size required as it could consume more electricity than in a desired setting. You must check the registration at boiler quote or any other website for safety. The price of installation and item should be pre determined to avoid any confusions. Search for an installer who’s certified in safety terms as it’s your whole house that needs to be taken care of.

  • Models Considered= 4
  • Years Researched= 2+years
  • Consumers Consulted = 24000

Viessmann Vitodens 200-w System Boiler comes with variety of options that makes it easier for you to choose your boiler according to the house size to terminate increased bills. The whole review is based on self analysis of group of people who think of presenting the best products according to your needs. There is no external involvement as we don’t believe in purchased reviews.

FAQs About Viessmann Vitodens 200-w System Boiler

Q. Are Viessmann boilers good?

According to Viessmann boilers are good, efficient, nice, and quiet.

Q.  Where is the reset button located on my boiler?

Generally, the reset button will be on the boiler’s display.

Q. My boiler is not giving hot water, why?

Pilot light going out is the most common reason for your boiler not giving hot water.

Q. If the boiler pressure becomes too low, should I worry about anything?

Low boiler pressure can affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system.

Q. The hot water gets cold in a very short span, any particular reason why?

A broken tube dip inside the hot water heater is the most common reason for hot water turning cold in a very short duration of time.

Q. Why does the pressure in the boiler keep dropping?

Most probably, it is due to a leak in the boiler or the heating system.

Did You Know?

  • The water inside the boiler is not boiled
  • Boilers Don’t Add Humidity to the Air
  • Modern Boilers Use Inexpensive, Green Energy

What Do Customers Say About Viessmann Vitodens 200-w System Boiler?

  • Review by: Steve
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Review highlight: Brilliant
  • Review:

Keith Kerslake Ltd did an absolutely brilliant job. Very informative and a 1st class installation with no complaints about my coffee making skills. The boiler has only been in a week so a bit early to say a lot about it. Except, that we have so far seen a 100% improvement on the old one and we know that this installation is up to current regulations. I lived in Germany for 8 years and have always been a fan of German engineering.

  • Review by: Dudley Jones
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Review highlight: Viessmann to the rescue after boiler problems
  • Review:

Veissmann to the rescue after boiler problems

The fitting of a new Veissmann gas boiler by RBHM had been a nightmare. I’ll spare you the details but one of my many problems was their failure to leave me with the Benchmark commissioning sheet which apparently is essential to obtain the Veissmann 10 year warranty. Eventually, I rang Veissmann and spoke to Suellen. She was in Finance (I couldn’t get through to anyone in Customer Service) but she didn’t fob me off, she listened patiently to my tale of woe. She was encouraging, assuring me that Veissmann would help me out: she would speak to a supervisor and they would get back to me probably the following day because by this time it was close to 5pm. I can’t praise her customer service too highly, it was exemplary.

Then – about an hour later – I got a follow up call from Ian, a Sales Director. He reassured me, he was confident Veissmann would waive the Benchmark commissioning document and honour the 10 year warranty. Given my problems with the MD of RBHM, this provided me with the peace of mind I wanted. Amazingly, Ian sent me an email later that same evening to confirm he would get this sorted and I got another 2 emails the following morning to say it had all been agreed. What impressed me about Suellen’s and Ian’s customer service response was that they were not only true to their word and got things done but they were so sympathetic and understanding. This is in marked contrast to a number of people recently who have tried to cheat and deceive me – and that includes lawyers and Tribunal judges! My faith in human nature was restored and I’m now a firm fan of Veissmann.

  • Review by: Peter Brooks
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Review highlight: Quiet, Efficient, Reliable.
  • Review:

We had the Veissman Boiler fitted in March just as the Covid lockdown was being implemented. It came a bit earlier than planned as I suspect number of customers had cancelled their installation due to Covid.

Yorkshire Boilers, the installers were well briefed and prepared for the installation and carried out their work in a covid safe manner. Boiler had to be installed in a different place than planned but all the work was carried out to a high standard.

A few water pressure problems at the start were dealt with promptly and we have had no problems since then.To date the boiler has proved to be very quiet and faultless in operation. To early to say whether it is saving gas but as it is a condensing boiler we are hopefully reducing impact on the environment.

Overall a very positive experience.

  • Review by: Thomas Stanely
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Review highlight: I chose the Viessmann brand following…
  • Review:

I chose the Viessmann brand following extensive research. I wanted to know that the product would sustain my requirements for many years to come and I was assured of that through my research.

The installation however was through a company that I could not research, it was a one man installation and the tradesman who fitted it, (although fully accredited and capable) was not the most ‘imaginative’. The installation took a massive two days, days which where the weather was extremely cold, so being without heat and hot water for two days was rather challenging.

I opted to have WiFi enable controls, of which, unknown to me, was beyond the abilities of the installer, so he had to enlist the assistance of another tradesman who had the necessary experience in that field.

All in all, although the system does not perform the way I would prefer it to (due to the control side) the boiler unit has been exemplary, efficient and extremely quiet.


We hope that you liked the Viessmann Vitodens 200W system boilers. These have an SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 89%. These boilers convert up to 98% of the used fuel into heat. By pairing it with the app, you can use the boiler remotely. Work or rest without any disturbance as these boilers feature low fan speed quiet operation. With a modulation range of 1:17, this is one of the best boilers to use out there. We hope that you will have a great experience using these boilers. Do tell us which variant are you planning to buy, and also tell us about your experience using these boilers. Follow us for more such latest guides.

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