Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Vaillant EcoTec Plus High Output System-Compare Prices & Amazing Reviews

In the winter season, the need for warmth in houses and hot water becomes active. We all want a heating system in our houses to keep us warm and cozy to perform our daily tasks more comfortably. Boilers are the best heating and radiating system to go for as they are the most efficient product available in the market.
Vaillant Ecotec plus high output systems are one of the best boilers available for your homes in the UK. They are the most efficient and affordable option to go for when looking for a quality product. Vaillant boilers are the most effective and reliable ones as they are system boilers and do not require huge water tanks or to function. They are a really pocket-friendly option as they not only very affordable but also save a lot of energy throughout their lifetime.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceOnline Ratings
Vaillant EcoTec Plus High Output Systems9.6/10YES£2,187.35-£2,583.504.7 out of 5 stars and 12,307 reviews.

Prices For Different Models of Vaillant EcoTec Plus High Output System Boilers:

EcoTec Plus System 12-£730:

  • Output: 12KW
  • Dimensions: H-720MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

EcoTec Plus System 15-£850:

  • Output: 15KW
  • Dimensions: H-720MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

EcoTec Plus System 18-£950:

  • Output: 18KW
  • Dimensions: H-728MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

EcoTec Plus System 24-£1,050:

  • Output: 24KW
  • Dimensions: H-720MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

EcoTech Plus System 30-£1,200:

  • Output: 30KW
  • Dimensions: H-720MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

EcoTec Plus System 37-£1,370:

  • Output: 37KW
  • Dimensions: H-720MM, W-440MM, D-338MM

About Vaillant EcoTec Plus High Output System Boilers:

Vaillant Ecotec plus system range is the most popular and quality providing range that uses hot water cylinders usually fitted into the airing cupboards. Vaillant’s system range is the most affordable one which requires much less space as oppose to the others.


  • Energy-efficient system boilers rated A which is 94% efficiency.
  • Comes with a 5-year labor and parts warranty.
  • Takes up a lot less space.
  • Affordable and easy installations.
  • All the components are very easy to access.
  • Built-in two-step frost protection system.
  • Easy and user-friendly display.
  • Comes with an effective rain collecting system.
  • The best option for houses with a hot water cylinder.
  • Helps in reducing NOx and CO2 emissions.
  • Quick and efficient services.
  • Suited for small, medium, and large-sized houses.
  • Comes with a Stainless Steel heat exchanger.


  • Requires a separate hot water cylinder.
  • Small-sized boilers are not as efficient as compared to the larger ones.

Unique Features:

  • Heating outputs-
  • 12KW
  • 15KW
  • 18KW
  • 24KW
  • 30KW and
  • 37KW
  • Fuel used-
  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • Dimensions-
  • H-720MM
  • W-440MM
  • D-338MM
  • Warranty
  • Labor and parts warranty up to 5-years.

Other features:

  • Solar Compatible
  • Smart Compatible

Technical Specifications:

  • Fuel type- Gas
  • Product Type– System
  • Size in cm- 72 x 44 x 33.8
  • Fittings- Wall-mounted
  • Boiler Volume- 107 liters
  • Manufacturer phone number- 01773 824141
  • Manufacturer website- http://www.vaillant.co.uk

Buyer’s Guide For Vaillant EcoTec Plus High Output System:

When it comes to heating systems there are quite a number of brands in market to go for. But as a buyer one might think which one is the best to look for? According to the researchers when it comes to heating system for winter to keep us healthy and warm the best one is the Boilers. They are the most effective and energy efficient source of providing us with warmth. The reason behind that is, that a boiler is a closed vessel that heats water inside it which in-turn is the most affordable fluid to be used as a heating source.

Vaillant ecoTec systems are the best option to go for in the market of boilers. They are most efficient ones which require much less space and time compared to the others.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Vaillant Boiler for your homes:

  1. Prices- Vaillant ecoTec plus high output system boiler is quite a wide range of boilers. They are available at different prices to cater all the different types of customers. The price ranges from £2,187.35 to £2,583.50.
  2. Size of your house- Vaillant has quite a variety of different system boilers to choose from depending upon different house sizes. Houses with the lesser area and a single bathroom can have a Vaillant system boilers so can the large houses with multiple bathrooms. Everything depends upon the size of the hot water cylinder used in the property with the boilers to operate.

Fuels used in them: Vaillant system boilers use only the eco-friendly gases in them and reduces the emission of harmful gases like CO2. They use Natural Gas but can be changed to LPG ones as per the customer’s needs.

How can Vaillant system boilers impact your life?

Vaillant system boilers does not strain your pockets as they are quite the most affordable options available out there. They also come in all sizes to cater different customer groups at the same time. Vaillant system boilers provides the most efficient heating radiating system through the walls of your house with the use of easily available hot water cylinders. They save energy up to 94% and are rated A as an energy efficient product that fits beneficial it the customers in the long run.

Facts you didn’t know about Vaillant System Boilers:

  • The Vaillant Group is a company that develops products for heating, cooling and hot water.
  • The boiler provides heat and hot water using the mains water supply and is now the most common boiler in homes across the UK.
  • The company employs ~13,000 people worldwide and generates an annual turnover of approximately 3.0 billion euros.
  • The history of the Vaillant Group dates back to 1874, when Johann Vaillant set up a master fitter’s business. In 1894 Johann Vaillant patented a new “closed-system” gas-fired bathroom boiler.

Link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaillant_Group

What do the experts have to say?

Frank Finn Plumbing is a certified Vaillant boiler expert in the Richmond and Twickenham area.” Our certified energy technicians often recommend Vaillant boilers for homes when a replacement is required. Vaillant is one of the top brands available with market leading products.

As winter approaches, the temperature in homes drops making people feel less comfortable. It is no secret the demand for central heating increases at this time of the year. Our certified boiler experts endorse Vaillant boilers as a compelling option for providing warmth and comfort.”

For more information visit- https://ffinnplumbing.co.uk/why-vaillant-boilers-are-the-right-choice-for-your-central-heating-in-richmond-and-twickenham/

Review from the customers:

  1. Name of the reviewer– Colin Smith
  2. Rating– 5 out of 5 stars
  3. Feedback- A refreshingly professional service
  4. Detail- Vaillant online and telephone inquiries were answered promptly. Information provided was helpful and staff were clearly well informed. All communications were ‘spot on’ and I felt Vaillant staff were attentive, timely and patient. The installation ran just as smoothly as the enquiry and clearly Vaillant have an excellent relationship with contractors who, in return, spoke highly of the commitment they get from Vaillant. All-in-all, a refreshingly professional service.
  1. Name of the reviewer– Michael
  2. Rating– 3 out of 5 stars
  3. FeedbackVaillant say a dripping external flue is normal !
  4. Detail– I am surprised to discover Vaillant say it is acceptable to expect my 5 month old Vaillant ecotec plus 424 boiler to drip from the external flue,…and in my case, to the extent, it appears, to have produced a damp patch in my concrete driveway (favourable for green algae to grow) . I am also disappointed to learn that the additional flimsy plastic waste pipe suspended under the boiler , apart from taking up valuable room and poorly protected from being bumped into or knocked, which passes out through the gable wall does not appear to remove this condensate to the drain . I was told the flue drip was produced as a result of the weather conditions !
    Am I to expect icicles at Xmas ?
    I have been advised that the boiler is covered by the warranty but the installation of the flue is not , therefore a callout charge would be applied by your installer re the flue, but in my case I have been advised by Vaillant this dripping is normal and my fitter says there is nothing wrong with it!
    I would not have bought this type of boiler had I known it was prone to this kind of nuisance and fragility with re to the additional suspended condensate waste pipe .
  • Name of the reviewer– Anne
  • Rating– 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback- Since we turned the heating back on at..
  • Detail– Since we turned the heating back on at the music school in September and nothing happened we’ve been getting colder by the day! Thanks to the new Vaillant boiler we’re now warmer than we’ve ever been before. Many Thanks


  1. What is a Combi boiler?

A Combi boiler heats water as you draw it from the tap. It doesn’t need a water storage tank or a cylinder because the boiler’s connected directly to the water mains, heating water as it’s needed. 

2.How do I top up water pressure?

Combi and system boilers and your heating system work under pressure. If the pressure drops below a certain level the boiler will not fire (start).

Combi and system boilers need a minimum pressure within the system to work. Leaks in the system will cause your boiler to lose pressure. Leaks can be very small and you may not be able to see them. It is easy to solve this loss in pressure by topping up your system – your installer will be able to do this quickly. However, it is essential they also find and fix the leak.

It is a good idea to regularly check the pressure gauge to make sure there are no tiny leaks within your system – ask your installer
to show you how if you’re not sure. You can find the correct pressure levels for your boiler and instructions for repressurizing the
system in the user instructions. If you are in any doubt, we recommend you ask a competent person, such as an installer,
to repressurise your system for you.

3.Why should I have weather compensation?

Weather compensation control is an optional control available for modern boilers. It works by monitoring the temperature outside and using this information to help the boiler work as efficiently as possible.

Weather compensation control is worth adding to a modern central-heating system as it works out when the boiler needs to operate. You simply tell the system what time you want the house to be warm and the controls take care of this in the most efficient way possible. Controls like this can also save you more on your energy bills.

Link- https://vaillantgroup.intelliresponse.com/public/?requestType=NormalRequest&id=3704&source=5&question=Frequently%20Asked%20Questions

Real-world case: by Tim Stevens

The Vaillant website worked very well in listing Vaillant registered Plumbers close to our home. One advantage in using one of their plumbers is that Vaillant then give a longer guarantee and as far as I could see their plumbers don’t charge more than other plumbers. We had a Vaillant boiler in our previous house which served us very well for many years. We have had their


As soon as the autumn days proceeds, we get to feel some chills in the weather. These are the days when we all crave warmth and coziness at our homes. As burning fire inside may be dangerous there are other safe ways to keep your family and loved ones. Boilers are the latest most efficient form of technology in this case. They provide us with heat radiations and hot water as per our needs.

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