What is a combi boiler?

Combination boiler or combi boilers are the most commonly type of boilers which are used in UK for a reason. Unlike the system and conventional boilers which requires a hot storage cylinder, the combination cylinder is an all in one unit which produces hot water for taps and central heating. Also it saves a great space in your homes and its installation is easy and faster comparative to any other boiler.

It usually takes the water from the main supply and results in stronger water pressure. It provides you plenty of hot water. Thus, no longer waits for the tank to refill again and again.

Modern high efficiency unit boilers are the stainless steel condensing boilers with its built-in heat exchanger to provide hot water to a home or a building. During the cold season, combi boiler runs when needed to heat the structure and provide hot water to various hot appliances. Whereas in hot summer days, combi boiler works whenever there is a need for domestic hot water.

There are two main reasons behind the combi boilers great and powerful efficiency i.e. these units have high operating efficiency and low internal water volume. This means when in summer days you don’t need space heating you are only paying to heat hot water which is domestically required.

What is condensing combi boiler??

Majority of new generation combi boilers are condensing boilers. Earlier in the non- condensing boilers, Flue Gas Heat System was not installed. As any boiler which works, produces flue gases and heat and in these non-condensing boilers the produced gas and heat gets wasted.

A Flue Gas Heat System captures the heat from these flue gases and recycles it to preheat the new cold water as it enters to the boiler from mains. Therefore, this saves lot of energy as the boiler doesn’t need to work again and again to heat the water.

Condensing boilers have become a common alternative to non-condensing boilers in boilers marketplace. Condensing boilers work with high-temperature systems, still more efficient than any other boiler. Condensing boiler efficiency multiplies when used with lower water temperature.         

Types of combi boilers

Gas combi boilers – Natural gas combi boilers are commonly used by the residents of UK. Also if your homes are connected with the gas network than this is the best choice for you in terms of keeping running costs down.

Oil combi boilers – For the homes not connected with the gas networks, oil boilers is a good option. These boilers need an oil tank to be kept outside your home and once the oil is on the edge you need to top it up from the suppliers.

LPG combi boilers – LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas made with the combination of gaseous hydrocarbons. They are almost same as oil boilers as they also need a tank which is needed to refill once the gas is about to end.

Electric combi boilers – An electric combi boiler is slightly different from all the other combi boilers as they don’t require any tank or gas network. The water passes over an electric element in the hot cylinder which has an immersion heater. This is popular where the homes are not connected to the gas network or oil is too expensive to buy.

Why a combi boiler, what makes it the best?

High efficiency – By 2018, all the combi boilers installed in UK legally required being 92%efficient which is the highest range of efficiency in the market. That means only 8% of fuel and heat used by boiler is wasted. This could actually reflect its results in lowering down your heating bills.

More compact – Unlike the other boilers, combi boiler doesn’t require any big water tank or cylinder. It is a one single combined unit. Thus requires very less space and can fits comfortably into kitchen’s cupboard. This makes it an ideal choice for the homes that has limited space.

Easy installation – Combi boilers are less complex than any other boiler, as it is one single combined unit and doesn’t require any extra elements. Easy installation will results in quicker and cheaper installations. Also it could be fitted anywhere in the home because it doesn’t need any hot water tank or cylinder.

Faster than any other – With no water tank to heat up, combi boilers produce unlimited hot water on demand. And there is no more waiting for the hot water to refill in the tank. Thus saves the time.

Safer – Cold water from combi boiler is safe to drink as it is directly provided from mains.

Easy to clean – As the water is fed from the mains into the combi boiler which generally has less sludge build up because water is not kept in any tank or cylinder where it can get eroded.

Servicing is available – Majority of people are using combi boilers in their homes that means no. of boiler engineers are trained how to repair and service these boilers. This makes it easy to find good engineers for servicing of this unit in your area.

How to choose the best boiler?

Boilers are integral to the functioning of any house. Like any other expensive purchase it is important to do well research about the boilers before buying it. The right boilers choice depends upon the central heating system of your home. 

There are things you need to know which will help you throughout the process, staring from picking up the best till its installation. These are the things you need to aware before making the last decision for you boiler.

Heating element – Unlike the traditional boilers which constitutes of single thermostat, the new generation boilers comes with more advancement and intelligence. They offer you zoning controls through which you can manage your temperature and timing programme with just a single app. Also, it has weather compensation controls which can foster the efficiency of boiler by 15 percent.

Condensing boilers – Earlier, the heat discharged from the boiler gets simply wasted. But now these condensing boilers are designed so that all the heat that can be extracted from the fuel which can further reuse as a usable heat to warm the house. 

Right size – the boilers which were used earlier are oversized around 30 percent unnecessarily. But now if you know the heating requirements of each room in kilowatts you can easily find out the size of heating emitters and can judge that is the boiler size perfects fits your wall size or not.

Positioning – people usually fits their boilers inside their kitchen or in the utility area. You need to know that these boilers produce plume of steam which could be a nuisance.

Efficient boiler- It is important to buy an efficient boiler for your home. Go for the one which gives you at least five-year warranty and is a fan assisted room sealed type. As these boilers takes air from outside and then the combustion products are forced out from a fan. Thus, it then works with the highest standards.

Which boiler is best for your house?

We have categorized the best combi boilers for you on the basis of your property size. As size of your house and number of bathrooms is an important element which couldn’t get neglected while selecting a perfect boiler.  An ideal choice of combi boiler is the one which will fulfill your heating and hot water requirements.

Let’s take a look to get the best boiler for your home.

Flat/1-2 bedroom house – 1 bathroom


Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i

This is one of the best-selling combi boiler from one of the leading brand Worcester Bosch. This brand has become a household name for their continuous manufacturing of up-to-date boilers.


This Greenstar 25i Boiler manufactured by Worcester Bosch has a high ErP(Energy related product) with the rating of 93% efficiency rate. It is the perfect successor for 24i junior. These wall mounted boilers are designed for the apartments or flats having 1 or 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom. Although it looks very similar to the other combi boilers of Worcester Bosch but its new magnetic flap opens to reveal the brand new layout. This unit includes increased outputs, higher hot water flow rates, a user friendly control panel and a larger condensate siphon that eliminates the risk of condensate freezing.

This new model has been designed to make installation and commissioning easier and quicker than before. Whereas the unique wall mounting feature enables the installer quick pre-plumb all the seven pipe connections without the boiler being on the wall.

The 25i feature retains the fantastic features of 24i with the added benefits and features. This boiler can fit into a standard kitchen cupboard so that it couldn’t take much of space. Central heating flow and hot water can be adjusted using simple control knobs and the clear information can display. 


User friendly control – There is an immense variety of controls to choose from, range from mechanical to smart options. You will surely expect the control panel once you have opened the flap on the Greenstar 25i. The most amazing thing about the control of this unit is that you can manage your heating and hot water from your smartphone app, isn’t it amazing?

Eliminates condensate freezing – This unit has been tested under stimulated under extreme weather condition and proved its effectiveness in preventing frozen condensate at -15 degree Celsius for a sustained period of 48 hours.

Efficient – the Worcester Greenstar Bosch 25i lives up to its name as a “green” boiler. With the highest ErP(Energy related Product) of 93% this is high performance boiler. Also you will save money on those monthly energy bills.

Warranty – Worcester bosch offers standard warranty of 5 years free of cost to every user.

Weather compensation option – The Greenstar 25i comes up with a weather compensation sensor that has been built to outlast all weather conditions and mark an addition to the efficiency level of the product that has already touched the grounds.


Boiler depth – 330 mm

Boiler height – 710mm

Boiler width – 440mm

Display type – LCD

Power output – 25kW

Fuel type – Natural Gas

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 12.3


Wall mounting with rear piping as standard

Simple boiler controls and clear information display.

Low lift weight

Fan can be removed with single crew.

Simple weather compensation options

Homeowner service reminder

Achieves A+ ErP package efficiency rating.


In conclusion, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i combi boiler is the perfect choice for a flat having 1-2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. With one of the highest efficiency this boiler stands out with its high performance.

The Greenstar boiler has won the prestigious Which? Best Buy award for 7 continuous years which simply signifies the quality of the company’s product. With lots of benefits and improvement this Greenstar 25i is the successor for Greenstar 24i model.

Vaillant ecoTec plus 25kW

This Vaillant ecoTec plus range is of high efficiency boilers which combine fantastic efficiency levels and high performance with a great usability.


The Vaillant ecoTec plus 25kW range is made for the homes which are small in size. Even this boiler range can sometimes match the capacity of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well. The boiler has been made with new build homes which are built with simplicity and makes it easy to install.

The continuous modulation and real combustion control by a multi-sensor system allows to achieve high efficiency and lower emissions. Vaillant combi boilers are highly efficient and deliver a top SEDBUK  BAND ‘A’ rated fuel efficiency and powerful DHW  performance .

Vaillant are widely recognized as the leading heating company in Europe, and one of the preeminent market technology leaders. Even its all ecoTec products offer low energy consumption premium components which reults in outstanding performance. Each one is ultra-quiet, awarded the QuietMark for innovative and reduced noise design by the NoiseAbatement Society, and designed for a peaceful home. It doesn’t require any hot water cylinder or tank and provides almost instant hot water in your taps. All in all, this range offers almost everything in a single unit i.e. superior performance, reliability, quality and efficiency.


Efficient – The ecoTEC  plus is an efficient and high-performance boiler with ErP (Energy related products) rating of 89.4% which is an A grade for efficiency. It offers low energy consumption can reduce its maximum output to 16%. So, with high performance you can start saving your money on energy bills while paying your part in the reduction of carbon emissions. The ErP states that the product has passed the specific criteria for performance and efficiency

v-SMART heating control – If you want to use the minimum energy required to heat your home , you can purchase v-Smart Control that ensures you to save even more money by making your system run in even more efficient way.

Good range of controls – The controls are concealed behind a drop-down panel and include the standard control panel. The controller allows you to switch of the boiler or lower its output. The build of the boiler is relatively simple. Vaillant offers a wide range of controls from mechanical to smart one. Smart thermostat allows you to have all the controls of managing the heating and hot water from your smart phone. If you don’t want to go for smart thermostat, you can opt for a wireless programmable thermostat which will give you scheduling features.

Warranty – Vaillant boiler model from the ecoTEC range comes with a 5 year warranty free to charge.

Ultra-quiet – This boiler has been awarded as the quiet mark for the quiet whilst in the operation and solely designed for peaceful homes.


Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler height – 720mm

Boiler depth – 338mm

Boiler weight – 36kg

Power output – 25.4Kw

Flow rate – 10.5 l/min

Fuel – Natural gas

Warranty – 5 years


Awarded Which? Best Buy with the score of 80%

Quiet Mark approved

High quality components

Works with the LPG if required

Energy efficient

5 year warranty

Easy to install and set up


It can leads to dwindling the water pressure.


The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus is perfect for smaller homes especially if you have one bathroom. This ecoTEC range offers high quality finish and this efficient boiler could save your bills up to great extent. In addition to the efficiency it has been awarded the QuietMark reward which ensures you peaceful working of boilers.

This model features a high performance long life aluminum alloy heat exchanger. This boiler offers you full flexibility as it can be placed anywhere to everywhere.

Vitodens 100-W Combi

The Vitodens 100-W gas condensing boiler is the most powerful and popular solution for smaller homes. Their compact dimensions, low weight and quiet operation integrate into any living space.


Viesmann Vitodeans 100-W is the group of modern gas powered condensing boilers with the indirect-fired design to supply instant hot water and central heating to domestic properties without a separate hot cylinder. This German-made boiler is compatible with the range of programmers.

These are fantastic boilers with ErP (Energy related product) with the rate of 94%. And because they are designed to be light in weight the installers find them easy to install. The boiler comes with stainless steel heat exchanger. This has high level of heat corrosion resistance helping to reduce the maintenance cost and increasing the lifetime of the unit.

The Vitodeans offer pre- heat function helps in offering instant hot water to your taps and showers. The boiler also offers Pressure Release Valve (PRV) and condensate function. Thus reduces the number of pipe. The unit provides faster and cost effective installation. Also this boiler is compatible with LPG as well if you’re not connecte with gas network. All the Veismann boilers are highly recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.


Budget friendly – the Vitodeans 100-W is a perfect combination of astonishing look and supreme performance. Its compact design, zero combustible and quiet operation allows you to use it in smaller space as well. It is reliable and can assure you that your one time investment will deliver long lasting value year after year.

Durable and Reliable –  Viesmann has many years of experience in the manufacture of wall mounted boilers. They never compromise with the performance and the quality of the product. Vitodeans 100-W has been equipped with stainless steel and this high quality steel component maximizes the performance and reliability. Also the “self-cleaning” heat exchange adds to the long life of the boiler.

Versatile – the boiler offers you the fuel flexibility with right solution for every demand i.e. Natural Gas or LPG. You can use it according to your personal convenience. Also the maintenance is easy and all the pipes are installed at the bottom of the boiler which could be easily accessible from the front.

Ease in adjusting the temperature – you can select easy-to-use room thermostat and utilize the boilers control, which can automatically adjusts the boiler water to the outdoor temperatures. Not only it will keep your room warm every time but also helps in saving the fuel.

User-friendly controls – this Vitodeans 100-W biler is controlled by all new, one hand touchscreen control with enhanced programming. It has LCD touchscreen which offers excellent readability even in dim lighting conditions.


Boilers height – 70mm

Boilers depth – 48mm

Boiler width – 60mm

Boilers weight – 38kg

Flow rate – 12 l/min

Power output – 30kW

Fuel – Natural Gas/LPG

Warranty – 5 years


Quiet operations because of low fan speed

High efficiency and condensing heat

User friendly backlit LCD touchscreen

Class A rated for energy efficiency

Gas -fired wall mounted unit

Multiple use of a chimney

Flexible venting

Low emission


The Vitodens 100-W Combi is attractively the best combi boiler one can go for 1-2 bedroom and 1 bathroom space. The modulating ratio over the whole output is 1:6. This boiler ratio makes it suitable for use in small apartments and well insulated buildings. Also the boiler has less operation noise. The lower level of stress is placed upon the appliance; the service life of the components is consequently extended.



Semi-detached – 3 bedrooms – 2 bathrooms

Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Floor Standing Combi boiler

The Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Floor standing boiler is the new and exclusive range of Worcester and has been developed for larger two bathroom properties.


The Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440CDi floor standing combi boiler has been designed for the properties with large number of radiators and high demand for instant hot water. The higher outputs of this unit make it suitable for larger properties with multiple bathrooms.

This Greenstar combination gas boiler is SEDBUK band A rated gas boiler and also offers range of unique features that allow easier and quicker installation of the boiler. Also the operating features of wall-mounted combis can be used for mechanical, digital, wireless and new-generation intelligent controls. The Worcester combi boiler now comes with a unique 4.5 meters condensate pump that is fitted as standard.

Now you can control the both hot water and heating temperature as it offers 180l domestic hot water at an average of 35 degrees C rise at flow rates up to 25l/min. Isn’t it great? This unit offers the widest choice of operating features with the ultimate user convenience, performance and fuel economy. This boiler is highly recommended by the Energy saving Trust as well.


Hot water performance – the Greenstar Highflow 440CDi combi boilers are well known for their industry leading hot water flow rates up to 25litres per minute. Without the need for a separated storage tank, this unit is able to deliver comparable flow rates to systems. As a result the tank can refill immediately and showers can be taken for longer period of time. Its separate plate heat exchanger and thermal store ensures the instant availability of hot water to its user.

Clean burning combustion – the Worcester WB5 heat exchanger has been designed and developed to optimize clean burning combustion over an extra area. Each heat exchanger has been tested so, as the gas inlet pressure is correct. The heat exchanger requires minimal servicing i.e. can work for a longtime. It can be cleaned in-situ with an inspection hatch, therefore saves time during the service.

Customized controls- a choice of optional controls is offered by the Greenstar Highflow 440CDi combi boiler to select the type of control which best suits its user requirements. The choice ranges from a simple-to-operate digital programmer, to sophisticated wireless programmer. Also, the  room thermostat and intelligent controls  includes Wave smart control as well.

Premium quality – every Greenstar Highflow CDi boiler is operationally tested before it leaves the factory as a part of Worcester’s quality performance.

Efficient – the Worcester combination boiler is very much efficient as it is SEDBUK BAND A rated boiler. Also it is fully ErP(Energy related product) compliant with 92% rate of efficiency.

Fluing Option – this combination boiler has a full range of condensfit flue options in both 60/100 mm and 80/125mm diameters and includes a plume defector as standard. This versatile flue system can be moved horizontally as well as vertically. Also this multi-directional fluing allows the boiler to be sited in a wider variety of places. 


Boiler height – 850mm

Boiler depth – 600mm

Boiler width – 600mm

Boiler weight – 66.0kg

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 20l/min

Power output – 29kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


Wide choice of controls

Floor-standing boiler

Electronic ignition

Anti-cycle device

A rated efficiency

Multi-directional fluing

Availability of instant hot water


This Greenstar Highflow 440CDi has been manufactured from one of leading boilers company Worcester which has always stood up to the expectations of its customers with user friendly features and variety of additions. This Greenstar combi boiler is the best choice for the people who have 2-3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom house.

With its unique features and free-standing model it is one of the most recommended boiler for semi-detached houses. Even, Energy Savings Trust also recommends this boiler which means you will be doing your part to save the environment with the purchase of this free-standing combi boiler.

EcoTEC plus 938 storage combi boiler

The ecoTEC plus 938 storage combi boiler has been designed especially for the ones who have a higher water demand. It is the popular choice for mid-sized properties.


The Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938 is designed for the homes with high hot water demand. The 938 comes fully with an integrated storage device. This boiler is condensing wall mounted boiler with an output of 38kW. The innovative, fully integrated hot water storage device at the back of the boiler enables it to deliver up to 20l/min hot water without the need of separate hot water tank or cylinder or any cold water tank in the loft.

Vaillant combi boilers are highly efficient and deliver a top SEDBUK Band A rated fuel efficiency and powerful DHW performance. Vaillant is well known leading heating technology company in Europe, and as one of the market and technology leaders. Vaillant develop best in class products for domestic products. The boiler feature of high energy efficiency ratings and low emissions comes with a guarantee for performance, quality and reliability. This comes proven from German engineering combined with award winning UK manufacturing.

This boiler comes with two stage frost protection helping to protect the boiler through windy and wintery months, when you require the boiler the most. The boiler has certified for the quiet mark, so you can be sure that the boiler will maintain the peaceful ambience in your homes.


Efficiency – the Vaillant 938 is an ‘A’ graded model which means it is highly efficient and can reduce the carbon prints as well. There won’t be any doubt on the performance of Vaillant 938 boiler as it has an ErP (Energy related Product) rating of 89.3%. So, with excellent performance you can expect a fall in your energy bills as well.

Hot water supply – this combi boiler is capable of delivering an amazing 20litres of hot water per minute. Whereas, 15litres “actoSTOR” exception hot wsater delivery and comfort and it can fully recharges in just 2 minutes.

Controls – most of the combination boilers comes with the control panel beneath the flap of the boiler. Hidden away with the flap, this 938 control panel offers you to increase or decrease the output of the boiler and switch your boiler on/off. Any kind of fault or breakdown of the boiler can be seen in the display panel of the boiler. Vaillant offers you a wide range of controls from mechanical room thermostat to smart thermostats. Also you can control your heating and hot water from your smartphones as well.

Warranty – with an ecoTEC 938 boiler you will receive 5 year standard warranty or a 7 year guarantee if you choose the Vaillant Advance Installer perform the work.


Boiler height – 720mm

Boiler depth – 600mm

Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler weight – 60.0kg

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 20l/min

Power output – 37kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


Electronic gas and air modulation

Easy to install

Easy to use interface

Highly efficient

High domestic flow rates

Flame lift detection system

Hot water power store


Slightly big in size


The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus938 is perfect for medium sized homes. This boiler offers you both high quality as well as high efficiency. The ecoTEC boiler is also accredited by QuietMark that means they will provide you peaceful environment. Also it will help you to save your electricity bills by reducing the carbon prints.

Ideal Logic+ 30kW combination boiler

The Ideal Logic+ 30Kw combination boiler is reliable solution for use with sealed domestic systems. It is a water heater and a central heating boiler wrapped into one unit.


The new Ideal Logic+ C30 combination boiler is endorsed by energy savings trust. It is a single unit including the water heater and a central heating boiler into one. Thus, no hot water tank is required and saves the space in your home.

The Idea Logic boiler is an award winning boiler and most popular boiler due to its size, heating capacity and the water flow rate. It is used by many and can be easily installed into a kitchen cupboard and it is easy to install, maintain and service. For the users it has easy control panel which contains a service indicator and text display controls making it easy to diagnose any fault or break done in the boiler.

Also this boiler is an ‘A’ rated boiler which makes it highly efficient. Whereas, the boiler has weather compensation which detects the weather outside via outdoor sensors and will automatically communicate it to the boiler and the temperature will get increased. The boiler is available as a natural gas or LPG boiler. It is a highly reliable boiler as it comes with the standard warranty which will assure proper working of the boiler for a longer time.


Efficient – this Ideal Logic+ boiler is highly efficient with the efficiency rating of 94% making it A rated boiler. So, you can now minimize your electricity bills with this purchase.

Flues – like all the boiler brands has vertical and standard flues which is also available in this Ideal brand as well. If your flue is likely to be your own window you can utilize Ideal’s plume management kit which allows the installer to extend the flue.

Outdoor sensor – this boiler unit monitors the temperature of the air around your home. According to the change in the temperature, the boiler will adjust the flow of temperature of water in your home. Whereas it was recorded that outdoor sensor makes the boiler 2% more efficient. So, your heating will remain balanced with optimum efficiency.

24 hour mechanical timer – the controls offered by the Ideal are always user friendly. With a range of controls, Ideal has offered the Logic Plus 30Kw combi boiler a 24 hour mechanical timer. This is simple but functional plug-in and play options.

Radio frequency electronic programmer – the boiler offers you 7 day programmer is simple to use. User can control both the heating and hot water from a single dashboard. Also it has holiday mode and will provide you the ability to set the boiler to pre-heat at a certain time.

Warranty- with this Ideal Logic Plus 30kW you’ll be getting a 7 year standard warranty which ensures the right working of the boiler for a longer period of time.



Boiler height – 700mm

Boiler depth – 278mm

Boiler width – 395mm

Boiler weight – 34.1kg

Warranty – 7 years

Flow rate – 12.4l/min

Power output – 30.3kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


User-friendly control panel

Wide range of flueing options

Optional timers

Pre-heat function

Service indication

Boiler frost protection

Large digital display

Low lift weight


The Ideal Logic Plus range offers excellent value for money. Its supplying and installing range is highly positive. The one searching a boiler for mid-sized house can clearly go with this option. This boiler has been awarded with the Queen’s Award for enterprise and innovation in 2013 and is recommended by the Energy Savings Trust.

Detached House/Bungalow – 4+bedrooms – multiple bathrooms

Vaillant ecoTEC 835 combination boiler

Attaractive in design and quiet in operation, this boiler delivers superb performance using Vaillant AquaComfort system. This Vaillant ecoTEC combination boiler is suitable for large properties.


The Vaillant ecoTEC 835 combination boiler is a choice for all the large properties due to the increased flow rate and output. The Vaillant is Europe’s second largest boiler manufacture. It offers high quality and polished energy products.

Requiring no hot water cylinder and water tank in the loft, this combination boiler by Vaillant provides you almost instant hot water supply to your taps and can fit into any corner of your house with limited space. Vaillant combi boilers are highly efficient and deliver a top SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated fuel efficiency and powerful DHW performance. It offers premim components for outstanding performance, quality and the best heating to your homes. This boiler has an ERP rating A, also it comes with frost protection, keeping it protected from wintery days.

It’s innovative new flame lit detection system will help you to monitor the low combustion and noise with optimized burner settings. Also it comes with assured comfort that there is a back-up mode so in case of a fault with the combustion boiler, it will able to revert to the last known operating system.


User-friendly controls – alike every other combi boiler, this boiler also has the control panel behind the flap which allows you to do the normal switch on/off. Whereas the digital display will remind you of any fault so that it could be easy for the engineers to diagnose what’s the fault in the boiler. Controlling and regulating hot water temperature will be on your tips as you can manage the settings through your smart phones because of smart and techy thermostats.

Efficient- the ecoTEC plus 838 combi boiler is a ‘A’ rated brand with an ErP(Energy related Product) of 89.3%. With its superb performance, it will reduce the amount of energy wasted and thus reduces the carbon footprint. The outstanding performance will surely help you in saving your energy bills.

New flame lit detection system – the burner is automatically monitored to ensure the minimal combustion and noise and have a back-up so in the fault, combustion boiler will get back to the previous options. This is all done by the innovative new flame lit detection system.

Reliable – this boiler is reliable as it comes with frost protection, keeping it protected from cold days. This boiler has high level of technology that are made to keep a check within every 30 seconds to make sure that there is low combustion and eliminate the for the users to check and maintain the carbon dioxide level as well.

Warranty – this Vaillant ecoTEC plus boiler provides you 5 year standard warranty which can be extended up to 7 years if you install it frm Vaillant Advance installer.


Boiler height – 720mm

Boiler depth – 372mm

Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler weight – 38kg

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 14.3l/min

Power output – 35kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


Highly efficient

Wide modulation range

Flame detection system

Quiet mark accreditation

Instant hot water delivery



The Vaillant ecoTEC 835 is an excellent choice if you are searching for bigger properties. This range is highly efficient and reliable ehich helps in reducing the carbon prints. Th ecoTEC plus boiler has been awarded Quiet Mark status for low noise and output.

Whereas its astonishing design will surely make you purchase it for your place.

Vitodens 222-F Floor Standing Storage Combi Boiler

Gas-fired technology  and innovative DHW solution in impact with floor standing design, this Vitodens 222-F combi boiler is best for detached house or a bungalow.


The Vitodens 222-F combi boiler is a gas powered condensing water heater, designed as floor standing that utilizes the storage water tank for space heating and domestic hot water production. It is an absolute space-saving option for new installations and a smart upgrade.

With the Matrix gas burner and the stainless steel Inox-radial heat exchanger the Vitodens -222 offer top technology from past many years with high rate of efficiency. It is a visually attractive heating center that corresponds precisely to standards of kitchen unit. The boiler is many ways reliable and user friendly model as it is very easy to operate and control with its 5 inch color touch screen. It includes pre-installed pressure/temperature relief valves.

The boiler comes with SEDBUK ‘A’ rated energy efficiency and for better performance it comes with “energy coktip” showing fuel consumption. This can be integrated with a solar thermal system showing solar yield. 


Automatic combustion – the boiler has integral Lamba Pro control Plus combustion controller which automatically adapts to the properties of different gas and ensures high energy efficiency . whereas the Lamba Pro control keeps the maintenance cost lower.

Immediate availability of hot water – the cylinders installed in the boiler provide high level of DHW convenience. The water is heated to the required temperature and then delivered immediately into the taps and tanks. Sensors ensure uniform in the temperature.

Convenient control – with the Vitoconnect 100WLAN adaptor and the innovative app , controlling the heating system has become more convenient and easy to operate. You just need the connection with your boiler and your smart phone and you can easily regulate the temperature of the boiler.

Easy to maintain – all the components are accessible from the front, with no side clearance s required for cleansing. Thus, helps you to enjoy low maintenance cost. Whereas with the app installed in your smartphones will directly notifies the contractor in any issue of a fault.

Color touchscreen – the structure of menu guided control is given through 5 inch colour touchscreen which will enable you to see the temperature easily and clearly.


Boiler height – 163m

Boiler depth – 60mm

Boiler width – 60mm

Boiler weight – 163kg

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 20l/min

Power output – 35kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


Floorstanding gas condensing storage combi boiler

High level of DHW

Power saving high efficiency pump

Easy to operate


Highly reliable

Flexible venting

Utilize water tank storage

Automatic gas conversions


Slightly bigger in size



This Vitodens 222-F Floor Standing Storage Combi Boiler is best combi boiler one could go for. With its free standing style and astonishing design its features will surely overwhelm you. High rate of efficiency and reliability is given to the users with some unique elemnts like 5 inch touch display. Whereas, With the Matrix gas burner and the stainless steel Inox-radial heat exchanger the Vitodens -222 offer top technology from past many years with high rate of efficiency

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDi classic

The Worcester Greenstar 38CDi classic is a top range boiler that has the ability to condense in both heating and hot water modes. It is mainly for heating large properties with big rooms, high ceilings and stone wall.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDi classic is one of the UK’s top gas combi boiler , popular for medium to large properties. It has the ability to condense in both heating and hot water modes. This boiler is able to provide high level central heating and hot water. This boiler has been with the SEDBUK 2009 for high efficiency rating.

This boiler offers the widest range of features, including the ability to control both temperature and ultimately the performance. Thus provides economy and user convenience. Whereas its new in- built keyless filling link to make system re-pressurization easier. 

This being one of the most reliable boiler of Worcester and they are the UK’s market leader in domestic boilers, committed to manufacturing to the highest standards. Also their gas boilers are still manufactured at their headquarters in Worcester, ensuring the best and premium quality of the boiler.


Flow rate – with the absolute flow rate of 16.4l/min it can almost instantly deliver the water to your taps and tanks when needed. It is enough to run two showers at once.

Wall-mounted – This Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers are wall-mounted, which make them easy to fit in your kitchen, storage cupboard. It is easily accessible and adjusted due to its compact size.

Efficiency – this boiler with SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rate has and ErP (Energy related Product) of 92% which makes this boiler the highly efficient combi boiler. Also it is recommended by Energy Savings Trust which ensures you about low heat wastage and less carbon footprints. This will surely help you in saving your energy bills.

Easy controls- this boiler comes with a unique feature of inbuilt keyless filling link and plug and play optional controls are also needed. Whereas, full range of Condensefit horizontal and vertical flue options with optional plume management features are also available. Provides the user mechanical, digital and new generation controls.

Warranty- Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler comes with 5 year standard guarantee on primary heat exchanger and on domestic hot water heat exchanger as well. Thus, helps in peace of mind for its users.


Boiler height – 750mm

Boiler depth – 360mm

Boiler width – 440mm

Boiler weight – 47.5kg

Warranty – 5 years

Flow rate – 16.4l/min

Power output – 38kW

Fuel used – Natural Gas


Wall mounting

One button commissioning mode

Highest hot water flow rate

Inbuilt keyless filling link

Optimized interior space

Highly efficient


User friendly controls


If you are searching a boiler for a larger property , than this Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDi classic is one of the best boiler for you home. As it delivers fantastic flow rate and can run two showers at once and you can take bath simultaneously as well.

Whereas it is manufactured from one of the leading combi boilers brand Worcester Bosch which always ensures the quality and efficiency of their products. This is an ultimate combi boiler which will surely provide you a pleasant experience.

Comparison table

Products   Efficiency rating   Power output(in killowatts)   Warranty
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i       93%   25   5 years
Vaillant ecoTec plus 25kW     89.4%   25.4   5 years
Vitodens 100-W Combi     94%   30   5 years
Greenstar Highflow 440CDi Floor Standing Combi boiler     92%     29   5 years
EcoTEC plus 938 storage combi boiler     89.3%   37   5 years
Ideal Logic+ 30kW combination boiler     94%   30.3   5 years
Vaillant ecoTEC 835 combination boiler     89.3%   35   5 years
Vitodens 222-F Floor Standing Storage Combi Boiler     89%   35   5 years
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDi classic     92%   38   5 years


These are the best boilers one could buy for their homes according to their property size. Also these boilers are manufactured from reputed and famous companies which always ensure the best performance and quality products to its users.

These boilers have been categorized into 3 individual categories so that you won’t get confused while buying the best boiler for your place. As it’s an expensive purchase which should be done after knowing each and every aspect of the product.

We would highly recommend these products and ensure you that you will surely get a very pleasant experience with any of these boilers…

Have a happy purchase!

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