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Say Goodbye to Cold Days!

Why would you not choose a furnace but a boiler? Well we are here to drive away any confusions you might be having. Every, cold region has internal heating system in their homes. People use the words furnace and boiler interchangeably but there is vast differences in both. Boilers heat water and the water is turned into steam or hot water which moves through the pipes and distributed through the radiators. The furnaces on the other hand heats the air present around you and the hot air is distributed through blowers. Boilers give out more consistent heat and they can help you get peaceful sleep at night because of its soundless feature. Furnaces also reduce the air quality inside the homes.

Bosch is always known for giving excellent technical products and satisfying their customers. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor is one of the most popular boiler because of its small to medium compact sizing which allows it to occupy less space. The controls are user friendly which enables everyone to adjust the heat settings according to their wishes. The Greenstar boilers are energy efficient and they have a very high ErP (energy related product) rating over 90% and the first choice of people who have smaller homes. Worcester Bosch’s aim is to make the products energy saving so that it reduces impact on the environment. And the best news Worcester Bosch has won the best buy awards in the gas boiler category for seven years running. The Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor series of oil-fired boilers are part of Worcester’s wide range high efficiency boilers aimed at those without a mains gas supply. They are the perfect choice for customers looking to reduce fuel consumption without having to sacrifice performance.

In this article we have reviewed the best 3 Greenstar Danesmoor of Oil-Fired Boilers-

  • Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 18
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 32
Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 18RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160015918 kW90%£1613.22
Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160005425 kW88%£1683.52
Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 32RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160016332 kW91%£2083.82


Efficiency: This appliance is part of Worcester’s high-efficiency boiler range. The high performance of this combi boiler helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. The boiler will be more efficient and perform better when combined with the optional 7-day twin channel programmer, and we think it is worth paying a bit extra since it can help to save you even more money.

Size: It’s compact size makes it a product on demand as it fits neatly in a regular sized kitchen. This should be the first choice for indoor heating for a small 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom home.

Soundless: It’s super quiet operation lets it be stationed near busy rooms and grants u a peaceful night’s sleep.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Bosch easy control which can access the boiler from your smartphone and tablet.

User Friendly: It’s easy user friendly controls provides convenience to any new users. Suited to a variety of heating requirements, this conventional boiler has a simple heating control.

Warranty: A 5-year manufacturer warranty is available on this Worcester Boiler if purchased and installed alongside a Worcester Greenstar Magnetic FilterPlease note that the system filter is required in order to qualify for the warranty offer.

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 18-

As one of the most established within the Greenstar range, the Danesmoor oil-fired boiler brand has proven itself as one of the most reliable on the market. The Danesmoor Regular Boiler has been enhanced to offer compliance with the efficiency requirements of the ErP Directive policy, and actually exceeds the efficiency requirements. This is achieved with a smaller, much more efficient primary heat exchanger, and an upgraded secondary heat exchanger.



  • A-Rated efficiency
  • Quiet Noise Operation
  • Simple Heating Control
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Crossfire operation


  • Demands separate cylinder and loft tanks
  • Leaks can pose a hazard
  • Expensive to install


  • Boiler type- Regular Heat
  • Fuel type- Oil
  • Heating output range- < 24
  • Output kW- 18kW
  • Manufacturer Part no- 7731600159

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25-

The Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25 is a single-piece primary baffle. It means the primary heat exchanger incorporating a one-piece baffle for quick and easy servicing. It is also available in Kitchen, Utility, and External models. It keeps your bills under budget by saving energy.



  • Solar Compatible
  • Cross Firing Burner
  • One Piece Primary Baffles
  • Optimised Hydraulic Connections
  • Kitchen Models accept a twin channel


  • Not instant heating
  • Requires a minimum temperature to prevent pipes from freezing


  • Boiler type- Regular Heat
  • Fuel Type- Oil
  • Heating output range- 24-29
  • Output kW- 25kW
  • Manufacturer Part no- 7731600161

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 32-

This Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor Regular Oil Boiler 25/32 – is designed to fit neatly between standard-sized kitchens it also demands a feeder tank. For the operation of steam boilers with a high thermal load on the heating surfaces, boiler feedwater must be treated and accustomed. Feedwater is poured into the steam drum for a feed pump. These boilers are suitable for any small, medium, or large home. Usually, 93% of the oil consumed by a Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor condensing regular boiler is converted into heat for the heating the which cuts the water bills by between 5-10%.


What Do The Experts Say?

  • An modest kettle may buckle down and a curiously large heater may work underneath limit. The two conditions can prompt more fuel being utilized than required.
  • A warming architect examinations the component of kettle required dependent on; heat misfortune, the quantity of rooms (Bedrooms, restrooms and so on), number of individuals in the property, number of radiators, showers and so on
  • Smaller houses and pads, with up to 10 radiators will require a 24-25kw heater. A 28-30kw would be introduced for a medium to enormous 3-4 bed house with up to 15 radiators, and a 33-35kw and a 40kw would be for a huge house with up to 20 radiators.
  • There are plentiful evaporator brands/makers. Every one has a promoting procedure to exchange their item. As a client it’s difficult to tell which is “the best” or the correct one for you.
  • The chase for “the best” is regularly risky by warming architects having a favored kettle maker that they like to introduce. They will each say that their proposition is in a way that is better than the other’s.
  • The negative may propose that Heating Engineers incline toward one brand over another on the grounds that that is the place where they can make the most imprint.
  • A Gas Safe designer will have the option to introduce a gas kettle of any brand yet it merits focusing on why they embrace one brand over another. Regularly it will be on the grounds that they can offer a service contract on that specific evaporator brand.

How do we assess which boiler would be perfect for you?

To assist you with picking a boiler, we get the lowdown on mainstream heater brands by requesting thousands from heater proprietors – in an overall population study – about their encounters. We run this autonomous client review each year. We reviewed 7,500 individuals from the overall population, every one of whom had introduced another gas or oil heater inside the past six and a half years. We dissected their reactions to give every one of the primary evaporator brands a general client score and a brand unwavering quality score.

Customer Reviews


Works efficiently and soon warms the house. Problem with programmer though as the little studs keep slipping round the clock and therefore does not come on at the correct time.

Should have bought one sooner!

It was anticipated that updating from one of the first ever combi-boilers to a new one would be of great benefit. That benefit, has been fully realised. The Boiler performs efficiently and quietly, and is economic, too. It works faultlessly with the room thermostat and reacts to any manual override instantly. If I had known how good it was going to be I would have had it installed two years ago!

Thoroughly satisfied with the working…

Thoroughly satisfied with the working of the boiler, which is already saving us a lot of money through its efficient.

Excellent boiler working efficiently

Excellent boiler working efficiently, quietly & effectively as one would expect from the market leader.



  • Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?

You can have a water softener in combination with our boiler as it will prevent the hot water circuit from scaling up and losing efficiency.  However, the central heating circuit should be filled with hard water and a chemical inhibitor.  This can be done by using the water softener bypass when filling or topping up.  Alternatively, the filling loop feed can be connected upstream of the water softener.

·  What can cause an oil boilers burner to lockout?

A burner lockout could be as a result of no oil or a leak in the pipeline. Another cause of burner lockout is from contaminated oil. This contamination could be from:- Water ingress into the tank from a missing cover, a damaged tank from condensation, sludge, which can occur due to the growth of micro-organisms at the water fuel interface in the tank or rust from a metal oil tank corroding.

Your OFTEC registered installer or oil supplier will be able to assist you with cleaning your tank and flushing through the oil lines.

·             How could mains water pressure affect my combi boiler?

For all cold-mains-fed combi boilers, it is important to ensure (before/at the time of installation) that the water main is large enough to deliver adequate water to the boiler whilst other cold outlets are in use (e.g. flushing toilets, washing machine filling or cold taps being run). If the water main is insufficient, cold water may be ‘pinched’ from the boiler when more than one outlet is used. The chances of this happening could be reduced by giving the boiler priority over all the other outlets. This could be done by piping it up as the first draw off from the mains.

The performance of any mains fed hot water system depends on the mains water supply offering an adequate dynamic pressure and flow rate. This is because the flow rate must be sufficient to supply hot and cold water simultaneously.

Whilst there may be sufficient mains pressure, the flow rate is dependent on the size, type and condition of the incoming main. It is important not to confuse pressure with flow. Also, dynamic pressure will be less than the static pressure.

A water pressure reducing valve may also be required to protect the appliance from excessive incoming mains pressure. Maximum incoming water pressure is normally 10 bar.

·  Why is the hot water produced by my combi boiler sometimes cloudy?

The water from combi boilers is heated directly from the mains, so the only time the water is released to the atmosphere is when it comes out of the tap. This means that during heating, the calcium bi-carbonate present in the water changes to calcium carbonate. This causes the creation of Carbon Dioxide which close up is seen as millions of bubbles, this is not sediment it’s merely cosmetic. If you run some hot water into a glass and let it cool it will slowly clear. This phenomenon is more apparent in hard water areas and from models with perhaps slower and/or lower flow rates.

·   Why might I want to programme hot water times with my combi boiler?

Worcester’s range of wall-hung Greenstar gas combi boilers all feature a ‘domestic hot water preheat’ function. When this pre-heat function is on, the length of time taken to receive hot water at a tap will be reduced as the boiler will have been kept hot in readiness for a demand.

If this function is off, the boiler will only ignite to warm the water once the tap is opened. This means delivery to the tap will take a little longer but energy will have been saved in not keeping the boiler preheated.

The pre-heat function can be switched on and off manually according to your requirements by pressing the ‘ECO’ button on the front of the boiler. The ‘ECO’ button explained-

 ECO illuminated green = energy saving economy mode, preheat off, slight increase in the length of time for hot water to be delivered.

ECO not illuminated = comfort mode, preheat on, quicker response to a hot water demand.

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