The Ultimate Buyers Guide About Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi | Reviews, Price & Comparisons

[ Why Worcester Bosch? What should you look out for while getting a combi boiler ]

A fresh and warm start is the formula to a zest-filled long day. Warmth is the ultimate need of us all, be it a newborn, a teenager, a homemaker, an all day long workaholic, or even age-old parent of ours! Warmth is home! Winters make it daunting and stressing to free our body and head of all aches and cramps. Be it water for your geysers, your kitchen, your bathroom, who doesn’t love to have some warm water pouring down when you let loose one of those taps ?

            For all we know is we have some perfect answers for a perfect home and some hidden warmth that you probably crave for. Although the idea seems appealing and simple, choosing one right out of the market, especially when the competition is thoroughly up in the air is quite the daunting task! We offer the solution to it from one of our most trusted, recommended and customer specialised brands, Worcester Bosch !

             All for we know is Worcester Bosch hasn’t let down a single customer in awe to its highly remarkable quality combined with beaminh efficiency. The task is all on the boiler and you are welcome to sit back and relax for your turn of warmth.  Worcester Bosch through its Greenstar CDi Compact Combi model, serves dual purpose! As the name suggests, it is a pure combination of water heating as well as central heating for your homes! Thus ensuring that Resource, Energy, Space and Cost are effectively managed for a more sustained environment.

Beyond all the surpassing doubts, Worcester Bosch has become a passive household name at every home in the UK!

Here we have Introduced, discussed, compared and reviewed the models under, Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi .
The Greenstar CDi Compact Combi comes in 3 ranges varying slightly in its output sizes and the heating capacity, hence with the respective changes that reflect on prices.

Let’s take a look at the 3 ranges of Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi.

  1. Greenstar 28CDi Compact Combi –   

 A range of excellence that is best built for cozier and  closed spaces with restricted usage, lesser number of radiators and single bathrooms. It amounts to satisfaction only when used under smaller roofs since the design and operation is well suited for lesser quantity based activities

  • Greenstar 32CDi Compact Combi –   

 With brighter brands come brighter options. The 32CDi offers warmth and comfort for a medium range apartment that includes around 12 radiators approximately, 1 ensuite and 1 bathroom utmost. With increased level of potential compared to 28CDi, this model offers substantial heating for a medium sized home.

  • Greenstar 36CDi Compact Combi

 The highest efficiency one can guarantee through any amount of bathrooms, radiators, and yet the highest comfort and warmth with no compromise at quality, safety, and assurance at efficiency. The most highlighting feature is that it unwraps at the best sizes ever. Most compact that one could easily fit their new member to home without much fuss.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28CDi Compact Combi9.2/10 Available£1,105.4 4.6 out of 5
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi Compact Combi8.8/10 Available£1,232.21 4.4 out of 5
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 36CDi Compact Combi9/10 Available£1,358.76 4.5 out of 5


effective, cost efficient and resourceful manner. The boilers have been rated the No.1 in the UK amongst the other Boiler brands.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi comes with a benchmark quality in the industry with an overall 92% Efficiency Rating (ErP).

 worcester Greenstar-cdi-compact/


  • User friendly
  • Easy Control
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low gas bills
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost efficient
  • Load and Weather compensation through control
  • Long duration warranty ( upto 12 years )
  • Higher output
  • Reduced Electrical usage by 30%
  • Easy installation
  • Digital app control
  • Frost free


  • Higher maintenance
  • Repair works are difficult and complex
  • Ease of servicing is considerably low
  • No backup immersion heater installed. So in the event of a breakdown, you won’t be able to heat your water.


  • Compact : The smaller version of the Worcester CDi Classic
  • SEDBUK A rating of 90.5% (2005 value)
  • A Rated Combi boiler
  • Standby Electrical output of 3.5W
  • Weather and temperature control
  • Low NOX and CO2 emissions
  • Compatible with intelligent controls
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • 10 year guarantee on heat exchanger
  • Keep Hot Function
  • Central Heating Max. Output :       28kW
  • Flow Rate :         10 l/min
  • LPG Compatible
  • Wall mounting


  • LPG model
  • Solar Compatible
  • Dimensions : 690 x 390 x 280
  • Central heating output (kW) : 24kW
  • Hot water flow rate
    • 28 CDi : 10l/min
    • 32 CDi : 11.5/min
    • 36 CDi : 12.9/min
  • Weight: approx. 36kg


These are the variants of the same design with major differences in Output, flow rate and Price, depending upon the size and measure of your home, number of radiators and the number of bathrooms, one may choose the most appropriate design from the given below boiler models.

The 3 models are basically one and the same except for the advanced technicalities.

For detailed differences, we have compared them below :

Boiler makeWorcester BoschWorcester BoschWorcester Bosch
Boiler modelGreenstar 28CDiGreenstar 32CDiGreenstar 36CDi
Boiler typeCombiCombiCombi
Fuel typeGasGasGas
Is condensingCondensingCondensingCondensing
Efficiency rating94%94%94%
Standard warranty5 years5 years5 years
Band ratingA ratedA ratedA rated
ERP RatingA heat A waterA heat A waterA heat A water
Central heating max. o/p28kW32kW36kW
Hot water max. o/pN/AN/AN/A
Flow rate10 l/min11.5 l/m 
LPG compatibleYesYesYes
Total cost£ 1,000 -1,500£1,300-1,700£1,600-2,000
Typical price£ 1,002£ 1,200£ 1,300


( Especially Combi Boilers )

Picking the right boiler from the wide varieties of models available in the market is quite a daunting task. The model, brand and price alone does not provide the basic information required to decide on the perfect boiler for your home. Choosing the right one is equally significant to ensure safety.

Safety tied to any electrical device comes at a greater expense. The quality and reliability of a brand must be more vibrant than any of its contrasting features. 

    We have jot down the valid requisites to look out for while purchasing a boiler for your home.

  1. The size of your home is co relative to the boiler you wish to buy ?

The Size of your home decides the size of the boiler. Lesser the number of rooms and bathrooms, lower the required heating capacity. Hence, the jdeal model would be 28CDi.

Choosing the right size includes two major factors:

  • Heating capabilities
  • Whether the physical size would fit your home space.

It would always be best to obtain further information and advice from an engineer regarding the heating efficiency required for your home and its installation.

The use of smaller boilers for a vaster home would only provide evident inefficiency. And the vice versa usage of larger boilers for limited home spaces would lead to increased bills, increased heating of limited heating sources. Which could in adverse be dangerous.

2. Gas boilers

Choosing an efficient boiler also means moving ahead with time and advancement.  It would be appropriate to use the technically advanced method of heating than to stick with the older methods that could prove fatal or damaging to homes. Gas seems neater and more cost effective. The modern Gas condensing boilers result in a decent energy bill and higher returns of savings on resources.

Based on an efficiency test calculated with respect to an industry standard, called SAP 2009, the least efficient has a rating of 88.2 and the most efficient is 91.0. Which is what Worcester Bosch has to offer.

3. Reliable Controls and safety apparatus.

Make sure the boiler you prefer to purchase is advanced enough to incorporate reliable safety measures, safety controls, and offers precautionary measures. The device should be manufactured with utmost precision, hence the reliability of a famous brand like Worcester allows you to settle in peace. The machine should consist of good quality materials that do not fuse, melt, or radiate tremendously due to high heating. The combi boilers usually come in an ON and OFF mechanism that only works as per our requirement. Thus we are able to control the operation manually. The operational device shall be well suited to easy handling and controlling.

4. Compact but efficient as much as the Classic boilers.

Reduced size does not mean reduced efficiency. No compromise is appreciated when it comes to efficiency with regard to the reduced size.

5. Cost efficient and resourceful

The most highlighting feature as compared to boilers for decades is that modern boilers are resourceful and consume less electricity. They do not come with pocket tearing bills at the end of the month. The price is affordable and much advantageous since it comes with a long guarantee of up to 10 – 12 years.


Worcester Bosch and its products are the popular and practical choices of the people who trust in the quality and rely on the efficiency of the brand and its products ever since the start. The company has earned a reputation over the last decades in its field of excellence in innovation, ease of operation, advanced features, customised compact designs and the production of top quality heating systems.

The industry influencers on a recent survey conducted have conclusively arrived at the fact that Popular fame of the brand is much due to reliability and productivity it has served over the years. Around 63% of families who seek to purchase a new boiler for their homes do a thorough research and end up buying the No.1 brand due to the ratings, which is ultimately Worcester Bosch.

Ranging from 12 to 20 radiators, single bathrooms to multiple bathrooms and central heating to a limited flat to a vast and spacious apartment can be nurtured out using the Worcester Bosch and its boiler products. The device has a user-friendly display, beneath the flap, making the boiler relatively easy to operate. There you will find a clear temperature display, buttons to increase or reduce heat and options to set modes, such as pre-heating.

The Worcester Bosch product comes with an ErP of 92% and an A rating that does its half for the environment as well.



Efficiency – 96%

Ease of use – 90%

Quality – 99%

Resourceful and cost effective – 99%

Worcester Bosch has never failed to satisfy the human wants and in fact have earned a class reputation over the decades of service. Worcester has turned out as a casual and household name in the UK, since the beginning of time. Quality and reliability are the key features aimed at by the Worcester Bosch. The brand signifies its importance through the safety and sustainability provisions of the brand and its products. Our reliability on the brand is in due relation to the customer reviews and satisfaction the company has earned. Efficiency, Durability, Sustainability are uncompromised to any extent.

Other features we have observed also include:

  • SEDBUK A rating of 90.5% (2005 value)
  • Reduction in raw materials due to the precise engineering of the WB7
  • All components are 100% recyclable
  • Low electrical standby consumption.


  1. Name : Fifi McGee Neil

Product Purchased : WBGreenstar 32CDi Compact Combi

Rating : 5/5

Comment : “If you’ve got a similar sized 3-bed semi-detached house like ours, we’d fully recommend the Worcester Greenstar Compact 32CDi. It’s got a great range of features accessed by the Worcester Wave app, we never worry about the heating, the water is always warm and strongly flowing and it is about as economical and ecological as you’re going to get with a boiler”

  1. Name :William valentine

Date of purchase : 9th of September 2020

Rate : 5/5

Comment :  Fantastic boiler can’t fault it

  • Name: Mrs Barrow-Webb

Date of purchase : 3rd of October 2020

Rate : 5/5

Comment :

I have had 12months trouble free usage of my new boiler. Water and heating heats up much faster than my old boiler.

  • Name : John

Purchase date : 12 November 2020

Rate : 4 / 5

Comment : Room Thermostat.

I have had a Worcester boiler for twenty years, so I had no worry in buying a new one. Just one problem. Having fitted the room thermostat to the wall, I found the readings became unstable when taken out of its bracket for adjustment.


  1. Why choose a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer?


  1. Up to a 12 year guarantee on all Greenstar Lifestyle boilers fitted with a Greenstar System Filter 
  2. Friendly help and advice for your specific needs 
  3. New installations, servicing and repair work
  4.  Peace of mind with Gas Safe and OFTEC registration

     2.  Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?


You can have a water softener in combination with our boiler as it will prevent the hot water circuit from scaling up and losing efficiency.  However, the central heating circuit should be filled with hard water and a chemical inhibitor.

3.  We’ve had a power cut. Does that affect EasyControl?

Ans. The EasyControl does not have  power and hence, the heating appliance gets switched off. The EasyControl remembers last/previous set settings. As soon as the power returns, the thermostat reboots, the current time is retrieved from the internet server and the appliance restarts according to the clock program.

4. How long is the guarantee on an FastTrack installation?


This depends on the product package you have:

Greenstar CDi Compact comes with a 10 year guarantee.

5 . The thermostat updates automatically. Can I turn this off?

No, automatic updates cannot be switched off. The thermostat automatically checks for the updates on the server, which is installed automatically. The thermostat stays up-to-date so you can benefit from any product improvements.

6. My boiler is producing a ‘gurgling’ sound. What could be the cause?

This gurgling sound may be caused by a blocked condensate pipe, please contact your installer to resolve the issue.


  • It’s likely that most of you may not pay attention to the boilers during spring/summer, right ! But even during downtime, maintenance is very much crucial and it helps avoid bigger system breakdowns during the time of actual usage
  • Recycling of water

Boilers utilize a closed system. This means that they recycle heated water repeatedly and don’t use any more energy than the majority of the other available heating systems.

More often, they are actually the most environmentally friendly decision especially if you select a high-efficiency boiler installation. This will keep your energy bills low and helps you save money on your water heater.

  • Boilers Don’t Always Boil Water

In a boiler system, the heat exchanger is apparently a tube over the burner flames, through which the water flows.

As the water flows over the flames, it is heated to the proper and appropriate temperature before moving on to heat the house. Because of the way the heat exchanger is constructed, the water is not meant to stay over the flame long enough to boil, hence it does not always bring the water to boil.


After a deep and extensive amount of research, we have refined out the essentials one seeks when in search of a device for heating water for homes. The boilers in the market seem to satisfy different and substantial requirements in various ways. The utility and sustainability thus seem to be the conclusive key factors that sum up the wholesomeness of an appropriate boiler. No user wishes to spend extensively on the installation, the maintenance and the repairs of the once installed boiler.  Nor does any user wish to exhaust the available resources and risk the safety of the members under the hazards of an ill manufactured boiler. One seeks out the best in product with best of reliability and best assured quality. Most of all we seek one that keeps the money spent at maximum utilization and thus, we can conclusively say that Worcester Bosch offers such assurance and reliability. The brand at its peak of excellence, fame and innovation have gained much reputation. We suggest Worcester Bosch over the other available brands and the especially the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi due to the excellent performance it has displayed over the time of its release, the reviews that depict the efficiency and the amount of productivity offered through the cost it comes with. In final words, it is much evident that Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi is an A-rated, 92% ErP rated, 94% efficient, cost-effective, environment friendly, 100% durable, 99% engineer recommended brand. Hence, with absolutely no doubt, we recommend you to use and utilize Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact Combi Boilers.

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