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Vaillant ecoTEC  green iQ Heating this winter!

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A boiler system is unlike a forced-air system in many ways. Instead of utilizing air to circulate heat, the heater siphons boiling water all through the home. An organization of pipes are introduced in the subfloor of each room in the house that is to get heat. Sometimes, the organization will have terminals like baseboard heaters or radiators connected to it. At the point when the indoor regulator actuates the kettle, it starts to run water through a warmth exchanger in the unit. The warm water is then radiated all through the line network in the home. As the watercourses through the lines under the floor, the warmth from it emanates upward and into the room.

The Advantages

Water is a vastly improved model for transporting thermal energy than air is; it heats up quickly and remains warm for more. Add to that the way that boilers don’t need to stress over duct leaks, and it’s anything but difficult to see that boilers are unquestionably more energy-proficient than constrained air frameworks are. Boilers additionally will in general warmth homes considerably more serenely than constrained air frameworks. The warm air that goes into a room will ascend to the roof, where it is least helpful to the tenants. Heater frameworks move heat from the item to the article, keeping it close to the floor of the room where it tends to be better felt.

The ecoTEC exclusive is the best in the business. It has our interesting Green iQ mark which implies it gives you a definitive in energy proficiency, the least fuel utilization, and the most minimal running expenses.

It’s brilliant, as well. It’s simply the main heater that can adjust so it’s continually giving you the exact degree of warmth you need – which implies less waste and lower fuel bills.

Combining our complete range of smart advancements and highlights, you can be certain you’re accepting the absolute best when you have another ecoTEC exclusive introduced. Just as giving incredible execution, the new ecoTEC exclusive astutely oversees utilization and yield to keep every one of its segments running at top execution, for more, giving a low upkeep arrangement that you can depend on.

The ecoTEC exclusive reach comprises of two enormous yield mix boilers with additional condensate innovation, and a solitary framework heater, which incorporates a coordinated diverter valve without precedent for UK Vaillant history.

Buying Guide

Our boiler buying guide can help you find the right replacement boiler or a new boiler to suit your home and central heating system requirements. We’ll show you a list of boilers to choose from that will generate enough heat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and provide enough hot water for the entire household.

Below we explain the main things to consider when buying a boiler to help you choose the best type for your home – whether it’s a combi, heat-only or system boiler.  The three types to choose from are:

Combi boiler – best for small flats

Heat-only boiler – great if you have space

System boiler – best for poor water pressure.

Gas, oil, or LPG boiler? Most UK family units have a gas warming framework furnished with a gas boiler. However, in case you’re one of the assessed 4.3m family units not associated with the UK’s gas organization, there are options. These incorporate fitting an oil boiler, liquid petroleum gas or LPG boiler, or a wood-consuming oven fitted with a back boiler.

If you have a gas heating system with a gas boiler, you need to choose between:

Combi (combination) boiler, which provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand.

Heat-only (conventional) boiler, this will have a hot water storage cylinder and also a large cold water feed tank, usually in the loft.

System boiler, this is much like a heat-only boiler, but it doesn’t require the extra space you need for a cold-water storage tank.

Why boiler efficiency is important?

On the off chance that you have gas central heating, your boiler will represent around 60% of your home’s CO2 emissions*. This focuses on your decision of boiler in case you’re hoping to cut your energy bills and carbon impression. Boiler efficiency is a necessary piece of our autonomous boiler surveys. You can filter our boiler audits by efficiency rating, however actually there’s very little disparity with regards to current condensing boilers – most will be around 90% effective. Supplanting an old-fashioned non-condensing boiler with an advanced condensing framework can improve efficiency by as much as a third, and will spare you a huge sum on your energy bills. However, the way to getting the most proficient new boiler is in picking the correct sort and size boiler for your home.

W – 440 MM
D – 338 MM
27 KW  94%£ 1,310.40

Detailed Product Review

The ecoTEC exclusive range is our most climate-friendly boiler, with 85% of parts being recyclable at the end of its life.

It’s compatible with the vSMART™ control so you can have the power to control your boiler from your smart phone or tablet. And like, all our models, it’s Quiet Mark approved, meaning it’s one of the quietest products in its category.

Since the boiler has an output of 27kW, it is most appropriate to medium and huge properties needing a steady inventory of high temp water to numerous taps or showers simultaneously. So, if heating and high temp water request are more noteworthy in your home, this could be the boiler for you.

Perfect for homes with more than 1 bathroom, this appliance will cost about £1,310.40 and comes with a standard 5-year warranty. But if you’re happy to get the boiler installed by a Vaillant Advance installer, you’ll receive a free upgraded warranty that covers you for 7 years.


  • Wide modulation range of up to 1:10
  • Extra condensate heat exchanger – Taking overall combi boiler efficiency to the next level, offering the highest efficiency levels to reduce energy bills
  • Green iQ Mode – Outstanding eco-credentials from Vaillant’s latest boiler range
  • Compatible with Vaillant’s vSMART™ heating control – When a vSMART control is added the ecoTEC exclusive will achieve an A+ ErP rating
  • Standard 2 year warranty, can be upgraded to a 7 year warranty when registered by on Vaillant Advance
  • Option to purchase extended warranty up to 10 years when registered by an Advance installer


  • Requires separate hot water cylinder


  • Manufacturer- Vaillant
  • Manufacturer Product Number- 0010017063/EPP
  • Manufacturers Warranty- 7 Years (Subject to Manufacturers T&C’s)
  • Model- ecoTEC Exclusive Green iQ
  • Boiler Type- System Boiler
  • Kit Contains- Easy Pick Pack
  • Fuel Used- Natural Gas
  • Boiler CH Output (Kw)- 26
  • Boiler CH Output (BTU)- 88000
  • Boiler Height-720mm
  • Boiler Width- 440mm
  • Boiler Depth- 338mm
  • Energy Efficiency- 94.00%
  • ErP Heating Rating- A Rated for Heating
  1. Boilers can be intended to consume a particular fuel, utilizing quite a few unique advances, however, the primary segment to consider here is the warmth source, or also called the fuel.
  2. There are various sources that can be utilized-

Coal is a standard fuel source. In commercial boiler applications, the coal will in general be ground to a fine powder as it consumes more totally than conventional blocks.

Electric can be utilized as a heat source, either by opposition heating coils or electrode units. Electricity would regularly just be utilized for homegrown use.

  • Gas-fired boilers work by using either propane or natural gas, whereas oil-fired boilers work using gasoline or petroleum-based fluid.

Expert Opinion On Vaillant

We live in a world where sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important. That’s why we developed Vaillant Green iQ heating systems. They reduce emissions and costs without your customers having to sacrifice convenience. Only selected products that satisfy the list of criteria specified by our experts are permitted to carry the Green iQ label.

Green iQ items join the most significant levels of productivity and ecological assurance with manageability and organized insight. Vaillant top notch guidelines ensure a dependable framework with an agelessly wonderful plan. In 2015 Vaillant presented a scope of items that satisfy all Green IQ standards over their whole item life cycle.

Green iQ products combine the highest levels of efficiency and environmental protection with sustainability and networked intelligence. Vaillant ‘s high quality standards guarantee a longlasting system fit for the future with a timelessly beautiful design. ecoTEC exclusive.

How Do We Recommend The Best Products For You?

  • Band Rating: A
  • ErP Efficiency: 94%

Our committed group of researchers who cautiously scour the market for what to test straightaway. Their point is to cover an extremely high level of the market in any one item zone, taking prevalence, brand reliability, advancement, and cost into account. We additionally consider criticism from our members and ensure that the items we test are the ones they need to see.

Each month we survey thousands of general publics on products that should interest you and energy suppliers, to how reliable the products they buy are. We then use the information to inform our magazine articles, our online content, and our lobbying and campaigning work.

Customer Reviews

  • Deborah Thomson
  • 3 reviews, GB
  • Lovely boiler

The boiler is lovely and quiet.

  • SRC Newton
  • 1 review, GB
  • A good boiler

This appears to be a very good product, only installed 6 weeks. One problem for me is getting details about the Frost stat, some literature refers to two stage effect but the technical specification only mentions 5 degrees C.

  • Marion Ferrebe
  • 9 reviews, GB
  • Great new boiler

So, pleased with our new Vaillant boiler. It is keeping us toasty warm in this cold spell. Very reliable and quiet and easy to use or adjust. Love to hear it click on early in the morning – thank you Vaillant!

  • Mrs H Taylor
  • 6 reviews, GB
  • New Vaillant boiler installed…

Had our new Vaillant boiler installed two months ago now. All works fantastic & getting great hot water & toasty radiators, very happy with our choice.

  • Andy
  • 4 reviews, GB
  • Excellent service

Excellent service. Good smart controls. Tidy and accommodating engineers. Would recommend.

Real-world usage


What kind of Appliance is it?

This appliance is a System boiler. This means it is pressurised and it needs a cylinder to store hot water. Some system components like the expansion vessel, pump and PRV are built into the boiler so there is no need for a tank in the loft.

When was the boiler manufactured?

This boiler was first manufactured in 2016 and is still in production.

Is there a clock or roomstat available?

A broad range of Vaillant thermostats and clocks are available. 

What is the recommended water pressure?

Your boiler should be pressurised to between 1 to 1.5 bar. 


The ecoTec Combi offers fantastic central heating, hot water output and a decent flow rate, making it an excellent choice for a larger family home. It far exceeds many boilers in terms of how many radiators it can handle but doesn’t compromise on its need to be both cost-efficient and environmentally-sound. Get smart and swap your old boiler for the Vaillant ecoTec exclusive Green iQ 835 to start reaping the benefits.

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