Should i turn my combi boiler off when i go on holiday?

Turning your combi boiler off during summers might not be an issue, while you can switch off the central heating boiler without any problem as per your wishes. However, it is better to allow the central heating boiler to do its job during winters in order to prevent frozen pipes.

Switching off your central heating system can probably be count as a question of safety that makes a number of people worry about the leakage that turns out to be the reason why people prefer putting their gas off. They look at it as a sign of precaution, however experts have mentioned that each of these appliances are built with a safety device, whereas a gas leak can always cause a specific smell that the people around would notice straight away.

Also to be noted, gas boilers that are made with overheating and reverse safety devices that operate to switch the appliance off as soon as the problem arises, need to be serviced every 2 years.

Switching off your boiler to save?

Being away from home doesn’t really means that you need to turn your combi boiler off, however heating your living room at 20 degrees meanwhile is also of no point which is why we would suggest you to lower your thermostat all this time. While putting the temperature of your boiler to 16 degrees would help you save around 10 to 15%. Moreover, the modern boilers are made to save energy when there is no need of additional warmth.

In case of a vacation during winters, you should, in any case, not switch your system off, as this would lead your boiler pipes to freeze. To avoid this you are highly suggested to put your boiler at the antifreeze mode if in case you have that as an option.

Now that you know whether you have to switch your system off or not while you are on a holiday, you might be worrying about your comfort!

What about my comfort?

Of course, who would mind coming back to a warm house? While for that, the modern thermostats that are used to program the temperature have come up being one of the handiest ways of ensuring the best possible comforts. Well you would also come across a number of models that can be set to start heating the house a day before you come back. But then obviously you would have to leave it on!

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