Prices Comparison And In-Depth Review Of Latest Vokera Vision Combi Boiler

What is a Boiler?

A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or any type of fluid is heated. It actually makes a separate way for the vaporized fluid to exit the boiler and use them in various processes or heating applications, central heating, boiler-based power generations, cooking, sanitizing, etc.

The source of heat for a boiler is usually combustion of any of the natural fuel, such as wood, coal, oil or natural gas. Electric steam boilers use immersion-type heating elements. And in some places, nuclear fission is also used for generating steam. It can also be used at home for heating domestic water and eliminate the usage of a separate tank or cylinder.

So for industrial use, a boiler is an important part of it. A good boiler is necessary for the industry to run smoothly as well as for home nowadays. So, we are going to analyze the latest Vokera Vision Combi Boiler, and conclude whether it’s worth spending money or not.

Buying Guide Vokera Vision Combi Boiler

We may help you on finding the best boiler for your home. From picking the right size to the ideal type, we will give the best advice always. A new boiler is likely to be one of the most expensive household purchases you’ll make. So it’s important to choose the right boiler from the right brand at the right price. 

Most UK households have a gas heating system equipped with a gas boiler. But if you’re one of the estimated 4.3m households not connected to the UK’s gas network, there are alternatives.  These include fitting an oil boiler, liquid petroleum gas or LPG boiler, or a wood-burning stove fitted with a back boiler.

Types of gas boiler

There are three main types of gas condensing boiler to choose from: a combi (combination), system and conventional. 

  1. A combination boiler, commonly known as a combi boiler, heats water as you need it and eliminates the need for a storage tank. This provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand. If you live in a small home with only one bathroom, or live on your own or with only one other person, a standard combi boiler without a hot water tank will usually be the best choice.
  2. Heat-only (conventional) boiler will have a hot water storage cylinder and also a large cold water feed tank, usually in the loft. A heat-only boiler, means you will have a hot water tank or cylinder where hot water can be stored for later use. 
  3. A system boiler is much like a heat-only boiler, but it doesn’t require the extra space you need for a cold water storage tank, but more components are built in. This can make system boilers easier to install than conventional ones and they tend to take up less space.

If your home is larger or there are more than two people living in it, then a heat-only or system boiler is usually a better option. 

Why is boiler efficiency important?

If you have gas central heating, your boiler will account for around 60% of your home’s CO2 emissions*. This makes your choice of boiler a key priority if you’re looking to cut your energy bills and carbon footprint. Replacing an old-fashioned non-condensing boiler with a modern condensing system can improve efficiency by as much as a third, and will save you a significant amount on your energy bills.

  1. The heating and hot water capabilities of the boiler: The physical size of your boiler and whether it will fit in the space you have it destined for.  The correct heating size of the boiler will be something unique to you and your home, as it depends on things such as how many bathrooms you have and how many people you live with. This is something your heating engineer can help you with, and they will be key to making sure you achieve your hot water and heating requirements.
  2. Buying a reliable boiler: We know that when it comes to buying a new boiler, reliability and dependability are the most important factors that will influence which boiler you must buy. So we do intense research every year to separate the good from the bad brands in terms of reliability. We want to ensure every consumer spend this huge amount on right brand. The more reliable your new boiler, the less money you will have to shell out on expensive repairs. If you choose the most reliable brand of boiler, 63% are likely to still be fault free after six and a half years.
  3. Get your boiler engineer’s opinion and consider their answer carefully: your boiler engineer will be an invaluable source of information during the buying process. He or she will be able to guide you to make the best choice on the type and size of boiler you need. It’s always good practice to ask your heating engineer what size boiler they think best fits your requirements.

What should I consider? Always get at least three quotes and make sure they include all costs, including any call-out fees. Don’t be taken in by any headline discount figures – look at the total price of the boiler and labour charges. You may find that some installation companies, including services offered through British Gas and other energy companies, will suggest a replacement boiler for you rather than allowing you to choose your preferred model. This is because many heating engineers are incentivized to install particular brands. 

Vokera Vision Combi Boiler


The Vokera’s Vision is a condensing wall mounted boiler filled with rich features and best quality. It is user-friendly as well as it has a very simple installing process. It is one of the most flexible Combi available right now in the market, because of its compact size, so it can be easily used in standard sized home kitchens. This model is extremely reliable and efficient.


  • ErP class A
  • OpenTherm inside
  • Rear flue option
  • Built-in 7 day digital clock
  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Built-in filling loop
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Energy saving and highly efficient


  • It only has 3 slots of time intervals (timer) for the boiler to run which may not be very helpful.


  • This boiler has a very compact dimensions of 715mm (H) x 405mm (W) x 248mm (D) that makes it very easy to carry and install in any size of kitchen cupboards.
  • The boiler comes with the high efficiency of 89% making it B rated. This makes it very energy and money saving for you without accessories, but with Vokera Intelligent controls such as a weather compensation sensor (also known as OpenTherm control) you can boost the efficiency to 97%.
  • It comes in 2 type of models, 25kW and 30kW that offers low flow rate of 10.2 and 12 liters per minute respectively.
  • It comes with some extra optional accessories to help making it more reliable, like pipe cover for keeping it neat.
  • It has a 7 day in-built digital clock with three operation modes with back-lit LED display to give you the maximum control over your heating.
  • It features flexible and versatile flue and a rear flue option to make it more efficient and durable.

Key Specifications (25kW)

  • Dimension: 715 x 405 x 248 mm
  • Flow rate: 10.2 litres per minute
  • Weight: 29 kg

Key Specifications (25kW)

  • Dimension: 715 x 405 x 248 mm
  • Flow rate: 12 litres per minute
  • Weight: 29 kg
Product namePrime eligibleProduct rating by usProduct price
Vokera Vision Combi Boiler (25kW)  yes4.5/5$805.02
Vokera Vision Combi Boiler (30kW)yes4.5/5$789.07

How We Examined The Products To Recommend You

Vokera is one of the top most Boiler brand in UK and Ireland. So the question is what is special in it why it is better than other leading boiler brand? For that we tested Vokera based on some important matter. 


Brands and companies always focus on customer satisfaction, and customers usually gets satisfaction when they get a good product in cheap price. So Vokera aimed at such attribute for selling its boiler. Any Vokera Boiler costs between $733.73 and $1,601.12, which makes it the cheapest Boiler in the market.

But according to the experts we have, if an overall product is cheaper, then the boiler would be made of cheap materials. This will reduce the durability of the boiler and give your pocket more pressure for maintenance and servicing charges. So, it is better to have a good expensive boiler that would stay with you at least a decade or more.


  • The second most important thing that we needed to test was the efficiency test. Although the company emphasized on this attribute a lot, and said to have 97% efficiency (with accessories), still we wanted to test it before giving a green light to it.
  • All Vokera boilers have OpenTherm system, which hooks up the boiler to the thermostat and boosts up its efficiency. This OpenTherm allows you to relax without worrying about switching on and off again and again. This system alters the boiler’s flow temperature to keep the room temperature steady, it saves a lot more energy.
  • The Vokera Boilers also have weather compensation sensor. This system makes automatic adjustments in response to the outside temperature/weather. That means your home stays at a steady temperature making it more efficient.
  • The very interesting and new feature that Vokera incorporates, is the BeSMART system. This system directly gives you access to control and adjust the heating from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. This will give you alerts if something is wrong with your boiler, even if you are far from home.
  • The Vokera uses solar thermal panels and air source heat pumps for renewable and sustainable energy. The solar panels are made of tubes, called collectors. These collectors are filled with fluid which is warmed by the sunlight. That warm liquid is then pumped through a coil in your water cylinder to heat your water. The Vokera solar thermal panels are accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, which means they are much more reliable and effective.

Weight and Looks

As per the manufacturer it is compact in size and light weighted so that it can be handy and placed anywhere in the kitchen. As per our test, it is actually light weighted and a compact size that may not bother you for small space in your kitchen.

The design and look is simple but neat and good. It do not have much designs and that makes it simply gorgeous.

What Does Industry Influencer Say About Vokera Vision Combi Boiler?

According to some industry influencers, the Vokera has evolved itself to become the best Boiler in lowest price range in the market. Vokera has focused on being the most efficient Boiler than its competitors. It has adopted many different innovative ways to make it efficient and cost saving. It has also increased the period of warranty and servicing, which makes it more reliable than others.

Today, Vokera has extensive range of domestic gas boilers (combi, system and open vent), gas water heaters, unvented hot water cylinders, renewables and commercial heating solutions. Maximum CO2 emissions in the world come from our homes. You can significantly lower the carbon emission by updating your old boiler with the Vokera boiler. But it focuses basically on UK and Ireland market and their needs. It goes through double test before it leaves the factory, along with ISO 9001 approved and supports the ‘Benchmark’ initiative. It is a member of the heating and hot water industry council, the Gas Safe Register and the RGII.


  • How long should a Vokera boiler last?

Ans: Maximum models of Vokera boilers come with standard 2 years warranty, but some of the models have 5 years too.

  • What does the red light mean on the boilers?

Ans: The red light on the display panel indicates a fault with the boiler. If it flashes, remember to check out problems in it.

  • What should the pressure be on a Vokera boiler?

Ans: The pressure gauge shows the current pressure of the system, the gauge should be set between 1 and 1.5 bar. The minimum permissible level for the safe and efficient operation of the appliance is 0.5 bar.

  • Why does a boiler lock out?

Ans: a boiler lockout is a shut-down procedure that is initiated when a boiler is not working within certain tolerances. This could be due to low/high water pressure, lack of fuel supply, or blockage in the system.

  • How to set the temperature on Vokera boiler?

Ans: the temperature in the domestic water boiler can be adjusted using the hot water temperature selector. Rotate the temperature selector clockwise to increase the temperature and counterclockwise to decrease the temperature.

  • How to connect BeSMART to Wifi?

Ans: download and install the BeSMART app on a smartphone or tablet. Create a user account following the steps indicated on the app. Link the user account to the ‘ID Wi-Fi’ code that is located on the side of the Wi-Fi box.

  • Does bleeding a radiator reduce boiler pressure?

Ans: if you bled your radiators recently, you may have lost some pressure. That’s because when you bleed a radiator, the air is released, which lowers the pressure in your boiler system.

Stories From The Real-World Use Cases

  • Mr. William Neil

The Vokera Boiler that I had fitted has been very simple and effective to control and utilize. It has made great changes to my running costs in the flat and I am delighted.

  • Miss Cunningham reviewed it by saying –

This is not a very great boiler in comparison to my previous Worcester boiler. Most controls are operated from a battery operated thermostat. Not enough independent controls on the boiler to manage heating in the event that the battery in thermostat runs low. Also quite complicated to get used to.

She gave it 3.5/5 stars


Vokera is best known for the cheapest boiler brand with the greatest efficiency. We have discussed a Combi boiler that is usually small in size and best suited for small apartments or houses that only have 1 or 2 bathrooms. We did the review of the product in-depth, but make sure you go through the buying guide properly and then analyze your need. Among all the Combi boilers in the market, Vokera has proved to be the best boiler with an ‘A’ rated efficiency level. It is easy to use, smart, and also very quick to heat up the water for you.

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