Price comparisons & Buyer’s Guide of latest Alpha E-Tec System Boiler (Reviews)

(What is a system boiler? Why Alpha E Tec? What should you look for when purchasing a boiler?)

Winter comes with a siren of needs, the need for warmth. The perfect home and perfect touch of warmth is beyond desire during freezing cold. Keeping one’s home under complete

comfort is totally dependent on a heating system. An efficient heating system offers hot and warm water and central heating to ensure wholesomeness. Boilers come in wide varieties with a wide range of features and uniqueness. The system boiler is variably much different from the regular boiler and the combi boiler. The difference lies in the operational system, the cylinder attached to the operational body, and the heating source and efficiency. Alpha E Tec is an – house brand popularly known to the residents of the UK. The brand has invariably produced good quality and highly efficient products over the past years of excellence. Another much appreciated feature is the cost efficiency that provides the best

products at much lesser prices as compared to other boiler brands available in the market.

Now the question arises as to, What is a System Boiler?

A system boiler is a closed system that only requires a boiler and a cylinder, whilst a regular boiler requires header tanks in the loft to feed the hot water cylinder and to maintain the water level in the radiators. This is different and unique in its specifications from the Regular as well as Combi Boilers.

The very use and utilization of boilers and the task involved at finding the right one for your homes have brought forward the need for us to address it. Here we have pinned and picked on the complete pros and cons of the Alpha E Tec System Boilers. Boilers come in different sizes, specifications and features. But the insane process is looking for the essentials in a good boiler. There are certain requisites that are important with regard to boilers.

The 3 unique models provisioned by the Alpha E Tec System type of boilers are :

  1. E-Tec 20S:      The popular E-Tec range offers a 20S system boiler with 20kW, with impressive efficiency and an intelligent operative system. Doubtlessly durable and dedicated to smaller houses and flats that demand lesser hot water and central heating purposes.
  • E-Tec 30S: The most efficient and economical solution to hot water and heat-related issues of medium-sized – apartments and homes that need sufficient heating productivity to maintain the warmth in an efficient yet economically bearable manner.  The efficiency with its 30kW output giving maximum reach at minimal electric usage.
  • E-Tec 35S    :      A brand new answer to larger needs that can be negotiated only using Alpha E Tec 35S, which offers a 35kW output that serves any purpose with ease and efficiency.  It satisfies the customers with a unique 93% compatibility, reliability and efficiency that is never compromised with its productivity.

The E-Tec 35S is the latest model available under the Alpha E Tec System Boiler that comes with 35kW.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceCustomer Rating
Alpha E-Tec 20S  Boiler7/10Available£ 7883.5 out of 5
Alpha E-Tec 30S Boiler8.4/10Available£ 8514.2 out of 5
Alpha E-Tec 35S Boiler8.8/10Available£ 9454.4 out of 5

Alpha E-Tec 20S System Boiler

The exciting E-Tec brand features a stainless steel heat exchanger which comes combined with a single electrode and condensate and a pressure relief valve connection, the highlight is the 5 year warranty as standard. Its compact size allows an easy and accessible fit without much hustle in a standard kitchen cupboard and the servicing is made much easier with front access. By being a unique condensing model with an efficient modulating output, the boiler recovers energy that would in other ways be wasted and can’t enable automatic adjustment of its heat output to match the demand.



  • User friendly
  • Easy Control
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low gas bills
  • Higher productivity
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Digital app control
  • Frost free
  • Energy efficient
  • push-button controls and a backlit LCD display


  • Troubleshooting in control
  • Alpha error codes
  • Dodgy gas valves
  • Some complaints re constant faults in new boilers
  • High priced service plan


  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • High-efficiency Grundfos pump and hydro block assembly
  • Single electrode
  • Easy-access dri-change NTCs
  • Combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection
  • Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion
  • High-efficiency Grundfos pump and hydro block assembly
  • Single electrode
  • Easy-access dri-change NTCs
  • 84% Efficiency Rating
  • 12.1 l/min Flow Rate


These are the variants of the same design with major differences in Output, flow rate and Price, depending upon the size and measure of your home, number of radiators and the number of bathrooms, one may choose the most appropriate design from the given below boiler models.

The 3 models are basically one and the same except for the advanced technicalities.

For detailed differences, we have compared them below :

Boiler modelE-TEC 20S System Gas Boiler  
Fuel typeGasGas Gas
Is CondensingYESYESYES
Efficiency Rating93%93%93%
Standard Warranty7 yrs7 yrs10 yrs
Band RatingA ratedA ratedA rated
ERP RatingA heatA heatA heat
Central Heating Max. Output26.1kW29.7kW35.1kW
MountingWall mountingWall mountingWall mounting
Typical Price£ 788£ 851£ 945
Weight33.2 kg34.1 kg35.1 kg[8117,8118,8518]


Picking the right boiler from the wide varieties of models available in the market is quite a daunting task. The model, brand and price alone does not provide the basic information required to decide on the perfect boiler for your home. Choosing the right one is equally significant to ensure safety.

Safety tied to any electrical device comes at a greater expense. The quality and reliability of a brand must be more vibrant than any of its contrasting features. 

    We have jot down the valid requisites to look out for while purchasing a boiler for your home.

  • Gas boilers

Choosing an efficient boiler also means moving ahead with time and advancement.  It would be appropriate to use the technically advanced method of heating than to stick with the older methods that could prove fatal or damaging to homes. Gas seems neater and more cost effective. The modern Gas condensing boilers result in a decent energy bill and higher returns of savings on resources.

Based on an efficiency test calculated with respect to an industry standard, called SAP 2009, the least efficient has a rating of 88.2 and the most efficient amongst the Alpha E Tec system boiler ranges upto 93%.

  • Compact but efficient as much as the Classic boilers.

Reduced size does not mean reduced efficiency. No compromise is appreciated when it comes to efficiency with regard to the reduced size.

  • Cost efficient and resourceful

The most highlighting feature as compared to boilers since decades is that modern boilers are resourceful and consume less electricity. They do not come with pocket tearing bills at the end of the month. The price is affordable and much advantageous since it comes with a long guarantee upto 7 to 10 years.

  • The size of your home space available and the size of your boiler.

The Size of your home decides the size of the boiler. Lesser the number of rooms and bathrooms, lower the required heating capacity.Choosing the right size includes two major factors:

  • Heating capabilities
  • Whether the physical size would fit your home space.

It would always be best to obtain further information and advice from an engineer regarding the heating efficiency required for your home and its installation.

The use of smaller boilers for a vaster home would only provide evident inefficiency. And the vice versa usage of larger boilers for limited home spaces would lead to increased bills, increased heating of limited heating sources. Which could in adverse be dangerous.


The brand offers highly specialized and productive boilers that have gained reputation over the years. Alpha E Tec has provided as a source of comfort to the commoners for over decades. The company has earned a reputation over the last decades in its field of excellence in innovation, ease of operation, advanced features, at the lowest prices that are highly affordable by anyone. The materials used, the

intricate detail images provided in the organization of the device, the operation and control of the system and its LCD display makes it rather easier and organized to use it effectively.

The high cost effective feature is what builds most of the importance. The energy saving and environmentally protective and resource efficient nature of the body helps us reduce the energy bills at the end of the month.

The easy availability and the surpassed quality tests have made the brand pioneer success in the field of boilers today in the rushing industry of boiler markets.—3028469



Efficiency – 89%

Ease of use – 95%

Affordable and availability – 98%

Energy saving and resourceful – 98%

The brand aims at effective productivity combined with least and well reduced consumption of electricity and resources.  The exhaustive nature of resources thus seem to be well balanced out. The nature of these goods are efficient enough to produce the abled A rated heating capacity that can be produced by much bigger and enormous boilers at even humongous expenditure of electric and energy utilization.

The affordability is what plays as the key role in the fame and reputation of the alpha E tech brand that has made the same  household name.

The lower price yet the non compromisable nature of its efficiency is what enables the customers to come forward and leave a remarkable review on the product.The brand signifies its importance through the safety and sustainability provisions of the brand and its products. Our reliability on the brand is in due relation to the customer reviews and satisfaction the company has earned. Efficiency, Durability, Sustainability are uncompromised to any extent.


  1. Name : Charlie Parsons Plumbing

Date of purchase : 19th November 2019

Rating:  4/5

Comment :

Good boiler to install and nice and quiet operation. Easy to install and commission. Installation is a lot easier with the pipe crossover kit.

  • Name : Frank Coll

          Date of purchase : 12th August 2019

          Rating: 5/5

          Comment :

Compact and powerful great customer service

They look after third installers a boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger in the lower price range

  • Name :  JSM Plumbing and Heating services

Date of purchase : 8th August 2019

         Rating: 5/5

Comment :

I like fitting alphas as my low cost option especially as they come with a good warranty which landlords love, also find the local rep helpful and great technical support.

  • Name : Blakemore Plumbing And Heating

Date of purchase : 9th December 2018

Rating:  3/5

Comment : 

Good little boiler. Fitted a lot for landlords as the pack they did with flue, stat and boiler was great value. Had some issues on start ups with dodgy gas valves through which put me off in the end, 5 out of the box I couldn’t commission because of the fault.


  1. What is a system boiler?

Most of the components for generating heat and hot water in a system boiler are built into the unit, so they only require one external tank for hot water storage with no additional tank in your loft necessary, making them more suitable for homes with less space or those with inaccessible lofts.

2. How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

Getting your boiler serviced when there doesn’t appear to be any issue may seem unnecessary, but servicing your boiler once a year should help to prolong its lifespan.

Having an annual service should help you avoid unforeseen problems with your boiler, and keep it running efficiently.

3. How Do I Know if My Boiler Is Economical?

When buying a new boiler, how efficient it is will be a big part of your decision.

To find boilers that are economical you should look for their ENERGY STAR rating. A well-rated boiler should run very efficiently, whereas a poorly rated model may be more cost-effective to replace in the long run.

4. My boiler is producing a ‘gurgling’ sound. What could be the cause?

This gurgling sound may be caused by a blocked condensate pipe, please contact your installer to resolve the issue.


  • The first boiler ever made was with a safety valve which was designed by Denis Papin of France in 1679; boilers were made and manufactured in England by the end of the 18th century. Early boilers were made of wrought iron which was much less effective; as the advantages of high pressure and temperature were realized, manufacturers turned to steel.
  • It’s likely that most of you may not pay attention to the boilers during spring/summer, right ! But even during downtime, maintenance is very much crucial and it helps avoid bigger system breakdowns during the time of actual usage
  • Boilers utilize a closed system. This means that they recycle heated water repeatedly and don’t use any more energy than the majority of the other available heating systems.

More often, they are actually the most environmentally friendly decision especially if you select a high-efficiency boiler installation. This will keep your energy bills low and help you save money on your water heater.

  • Boilers Don’t Always Boil Water

In a boiler system, the heat exchanger is apparently a tube over the burner flames, through which the water flows.

As the water flows over the flames, it is heated to the proper and appropriate temperature before moving on to heat the house. Because of the way the heat exchanger is constructed, the water is not meant to stay over the flame long enough to boil, hence it does not always bring the water to boil.


The boilers in the market seem to satisfy different and substantial requirements in various ways. The utility and sustainability thus seem to be the conclusive key factors that sum up the wholesomeness of an appropriate boiler. After a deep and extensive amount of research, we have refined out the essentials one seeks when in search of a device for heating water for homes. One seeks out the best in product with best of reliability and best assured quality. Most of all we seek one that keeps the money spent at maximum utilization and thus, Alpha E Tec system boilers prove to be the most suitable solution. The reviews depict the efficiency and the amount of productivity offered through the cost it comes with.

An A-rated, 89% ErP rated, 93% efficient, cost-effective, environment-friendly, 100% durable, 85% engineer recommended brand. Hence, with absolutely no doubt, we recommend you to use and utilize Alpha E Tec System boilers offer the best boilers that are most effective and affordable. 

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