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During the end of fall and as soon as the winter season starts its hard to feel comfortable in normal room temperature as it becomes quite low. In order to perform our daily purposes with easy, we need to have a warm and comfortable environment whether at home or at the workplace. There are number of options available in the market for this reason among which the best one is a boiler system.

Boilers provide an excellent central heating system by radiating heat through the surface of walls and floors with a network of the connected pipeline system. Not only this but boilers also provide hot water from taps in the bathrooms. Keston boilers are one of the most efficient boilers meant for larger sized building and properties with many bathrooms. They come in higher output units which means that they produce a lot of heat and heated water for larger demands. These boilers

NameOur RatingsAvailabilityPriceCustomer Ratings
  Keston Heat Boilers  9.8/10  YES  £2,340.8 to £2,672.16 including VAT and excluding installation  4.5 out of 5 stars and based on 1,030 reviews

About Keston heat only boilers:

Keston heat or regular boilers are a wall-mounted boiler generally meant for larger houses or small commercial buildings with quite a number of bathrooms with a higher demand for hot water. This boiler range is quite a complex one compared to others as it is meant for meeting higher demand for both heating area and hot water. They are highly efficient with an energy efficiency rating of 97%. Keston is a brand known for its quality and reliability in the market UK.

Prices For Different Models Of The Keston Heat Boiler Range:

Model NameEfficiencyOutputDimensionsWarrantyPrice
  KESTON HEAT 45KW  89.2%  45KW  H-850MM, W-500MM, D-360MM  7 years  £ 2,340.87
  KESTON HEAT 55KW  89.6%  55KW  H-850MM, W-500MM, D-360MM  7 years  £ 2,672.16


  • A-rated heat boiler in terms of efficiency.
  • Comes with a large backlit display with easy and simple controls.
  • 2-year standard warranty and 5-year warranty when installed by a Keston engineer.
  • Twin thermostat system.
  • In-built pump and weather compensator.
  • LPG variants are available.
  • 5:1 turndown ratio.
  • Quick and easily installed.
  • Quick and efficient services at your doorstep.
  • Can be wall or floor-mounted.
  • Affordable installation.
  • Best for big houses or small commercial property.


  • Not meant for small or medium-sized houses.
  • Takes up space.

Unique features:

  • Condensing outputs of 45KW and 55KW available.
  • Can be installed in cascade producing up to 330KW (i.e., 6 boilers)
  • ECA listed boiler.
  • Has a minimum pressure of 0.3 bar.
  • In-built pump and weather compensator.
  • LPG variants are also available.
  • Twin flue up to 21m.
  • 5-year warranty period.
  • A-rated in terms of efficiency.
  • Small and modern design.

Technical Specifications:

Fuel Type:



Natural Gas



60.3 k

Buyer’s guide for Keston heat boilers:

If you are interested to invest in a boiler system with high efficiency and durability for a larger property Keston heat boiler is your best choice. They come in higher output units which produce a large amount of heat radiating for a bigger undertaking and also provide huge amounts of hot water for multiple bathrooms. One of the best things about this is that it can be transformed into a cascading system by attaching up to 6 more boilers for an even larger building or property.
Things to keep in mind while considering a Keston heat boiler are:

1) Price of the boiler: Price is the biggest factor while looking at any product, leave alone just a boiler. Prices generally depend on the output units, which means that Keston heat boilers are quite costly as they come in higher output like 45KW and 55KW.
2) Size of the house: Keston heat boilers are made for large-sized houses with multiple bathrooms that have a higher hot water demand. They are also a great choice for smaller commercial buildings.
3) Warranty– If you are looking for a durable option with a long-term warranty, the Keston heat only boiler is your best choice. They come with a long-term warranty period of 7 years.
4) Additional charges– Always consider the additional charges like VAT and installation costs added to a boiler. This might end up costing you much more than your expectations.

Facts About Keston You Didn’t Know:

  • Keston boilers as a company were founded in the year 1928, which makes them an expert in boiler manufacture for over 90 years.
  • Keston is a privately owned business organization.
  • Its headquarters is in Hull, East Yorkshire.
  • The company has 500 to 1,000 employees.

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

A specialist UK boiler manufacturer is supporting specifiers and contractors across Scotland by appointing an agency to help source its bespoke heating solutions for complex projects.

Keston, a British manufacturer of light commercial and domestic boilers has appointed HVRS (Heating, Ventilation and Renewables Sales) Scotland. With vast experience of building services, the team is made up of dedicated sales engineers who cover the whole of Scotland from the Borders, up to the Highlands and islands. Up until the appointment, Keston operated with limited coverage in Scotland – HVRS is now able to give the brand more geographical exposure.

Charlie Newell, Senior Business Development Manager, said: “We needed a strong partner in Scotland to help contractors and specifiers in the market looking for bespoke heating solutions to their projects, as the feedback we were getting was that consultants needed more technical assistance and knowledge of how to solve their problems. HVRS fitted the bill and will be a great asset to the business.”


Customer reviews:


  1. Name of the customer– Nate London

Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

FeedbackVery reliable, can be fitted anywhere

Detail- Old no name boiler broke. It was located in my flats hallway cupboard and had flues in the void. Most boilers need to go on an outside wall and I didn’t want to put a boiler in the bedroom and build a cupboard. The plumber recommended Keston, he said they have got much better. I was sceptical after reading some reviews. He said it was either Keston or Baxi if I don’t want to move the boiler, I went with Keston as he said it would be less ceiling viewing ports needed. So far it’s been over 2 years and it’s been great. It broke once but they came out on the same day and fixed it. The warranty can vary depending on if you get a Keston filter and any deals they have so check the website or call. You must register it within 30 days and follow it up to make sure its received. If not you have to pay a fee. The c30 is more than adequate for 2 bed small flat. I can have endless hot showers it’s been great. I hope they continue to make them as many flats and older houses have the boiler in a central location.

2. Name of the customer– Tony Walker

Rating- 2 out of 5 stars.

Detail- Our KESTON QUDOS 28S was installed 7 years ago. We have had several problems with the boiler but this February the fan failed! The quotation to replace the fan was £578.40! The engineer said that there were a number of other fault codes recorded and he felt that we should consider replacing the boiler!
We chose to accept a quote for a new boiler rather than repair the existing boiler for the following reasons
a) The number of problems with the existing boiler
b) The difference in price, £578 to repair the existing boiler v £3,117 to install a new boiler with a 10-year guarantee. (All prices include VAT)
c) The lack of help from Keston when I rang to confirm that my 2-year warranty had finished. They were not willing to give me any prices or advice to check if I was getting a fair deal: I was only a customer!
I have since read the reports about Keston on this web site and felt that I should include my comments to help other potential customers make their decision.
To be fair, I understand that Keston have, since my purchase, been taken over by another company but I was disgusted that even the NEW sales team could show such a lack of interest in heping me and the ease of which they were able to hide behind their “safety?” clause where they were not willing to give me any help on prices: I was, aferall only a potential customer!
With the poor deal I had with the original boiler and their lack of interest in he lping me now, as a potential customer, I agree with other reviews

3. Name of the customer– Alan Starkie

Rating- 4 out of 5 stars

Feedback– I’ve had a Keston C25 boiler for about 10 years and is about to be retired. Over that time it has had some issues but nothing too serious that couldn’t be easily fixed. I’ve had other boilers in the past that were much more troublesome. I think a lot of the reasons they got a bad name was because of a shortage of people who know/understand them well enough to maintain them. They were extremely advanced and ahead of their time. In terms of reliability and efficiency, I can’t really knock it. The old girl has a bad heat exchanger and I’m just about to order a new… wait for it…. Keston Ideal Logic C30 ERP. Can’t comment on the company. No dealings with them. Asking someone to locate the serial number and refusing a visit just because the cover had been removed in order to locate it, I believe to be sharp practice.


  1. Hello Folks,

I have a Keston Combi C45 boiler, which is about four years old, & it is always serviced annually. Well, currently I am here to share my problem basically; the flow rate of the hot water is terrible. I am not sure what is wrong with the boiler. Is this merely a fault with boiler’s DHW blocking due to limescale with the passage of time? Alternatively, could it be anything else. Please help



Solution: Hi Joe, you are facing this issue due to the following reasons:

  • Jammed filter
  • Restricted pipework
  • Spearing jumper in the stop
  • Mains stopcock
  • Bad mains pressure

You can try the following ways out:

  • Clean the jammed filter
  • For restricted pipework, you can use a pipework with larger diameter
  • Replace the valve
  • For the mains stopcock, try operating or replacing the stopcock
  • Lastly, if you notice poor or reduced mains pressure then, do examine that each arrow on the stopcocks is going in the direction of water flow.
  • Hi Guys,

My five years-old Keston Combi boiler is showing an E03 error code since last night. I have restarted the boiler in order to fix the problem but no progress. Moreover, I am unable to get a gas supply from a Keston combi boiler’s burner as well. Please share your worthy suggestions.

Thanks in advance


Solution: Hi Rick,

According to the Keston Combi boiler’s user, guide an E03 error code means “faulty gas valve”. This valve controls the gas flow, which is being required by the burner & pilot light. At times, the valve becomes faulty & as a result, it does not work properly. Some other reasons behind the faulty gas valve are as follows:

  • Defective unit
  • Faulty connections
  • Faulty printed circuit board
  • Stuck valve

It is recommended to call a boiler engineer for adjusting or either replacing the faulty gas valve.

  • Hi Folks,

My Keston Combi C40 boiler, which is nearly six years old, is facing an issue of a sudden explosive ignition. It is quite dangerous. I do not know what happened with the boiler therefore, someone please share his/her views who has shared this problem.



Solution-Hi Josh, before coming to the main point, it is important to note that the problem of a sudden explosive ignition should be fixed instantly. Well, you are facing this issue due to the following reasons:

  • The boiler’s slow ignition switch is out of order
  • Compressed pilot flame

You can fix the problem by focusing on the following ways out

  • If you suspect the slow ignition switch is damaged, try to replace it
  • In case of a compressed pilot flame, try cleaning or replacing the boiler’s pilot widget assembly
  • Hi Guys,

My two years old Keston Combi C55 boiler lockouts repeatedly. I am unable to understand the reason behind it. Due to this, the boiler is not working properly. Someone please tell me the ways of rectifying this problem?



Solution– Hi Rafael,

Your boiler is not having a required amount of pressure. When you set the pressure settings of your boiler quite low as compare to the recommended pressure then, the boiler cannot work in a way, as it should be. For this, you have to increase the pressure with the help of the filling loop. Afterwards, reset your Keston combi boiler. Lastly, do check for the drips in the below-mentioned parts of your boiler:

  • Towel bars
  • Expansion vessel
  • Radiators
  • Pipework
  • Radiator controller
  • Hi All,

I have installed a Keston Combi C36 boiler three years ago. It worked well but now the boiler is not firing up. I am facing this problem from last few days. I have restarted it several times but there is no noticeable difference. What should I do? Someone please guide me

Thanks In Advance


Solution-Hi James,

If your Keston Combi C36 boiler is not firing up properly then, surely the fan is faulty. You will see an E05 error code on your Keston C36 boiler. Unluckily, this is not a matter of a DIY fix. Moreover, do not try to fix the problem at home. For this, you have to contact a skilled Keston boiler engineer, as he will be in better position to diagnose an issue with the boiler’s fan. In case, fan needs replacement, go for it to prevent further loss.


Real World Use Case: by Chris Gallon

It is early days I know but we have just installed a Keston Boiler in a flat that we lease out. The flat is in a development that was completed in 2005 and the existing boiler was due to be retired. Unfortunately, as the flue passed through a 4in diameter hole in a steel beam and then passed through about 15mtrs of communal area, we had only two choices. An electric system or a Keston. Edinburgh Boiler Co fitted the boiler, they seem to have done a great job, the tenant is delighted and as the boiler was fitted by a registered installer and we agreed to fit the magnetic filter, the guarantee was extended from 5 to 7 years. We also agreed to take the £9.35 per month service contract (which also covers the annual gas safety test) and this provides a further 2years of guarantee and no additional charges for parts of labour. So, we have 9 years of cover for what appears to be an advanced and efficient system. What can possibly go wrong?


When in the winter season looking for something to keep us warm there are quite a few options out there. Boilers among which are the most effective and efficient ones. They provide heat radiations and also hot water from the outlets in the bathrooms. But the question that arises is which one of them is the best for large houses and buildings with more area to heat and higher hot water demands. This is where heat only boiler type is your best friend. They got all the benefits with very low maintenance and gas bills to reduce your burden.

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