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The complete guide with all you need to know about Econcept 51A

Ferroli Econcent 51A is a reliable boiler having a side by side fitted modular installation through master-slave connection. Once you purchase this boiler you won’t have any regrets. The cutting-edge technology allows the user to operate the boiler either by natural gas or LPG. A heating system with a hot storage cylinder or storage tank needs to be installed alongside the boiler for optimum results.

According to Directive 92/42 EEC, this boiler is certified with 4-star efficiency and has also earned a class 5 for NOx emissions certification from Directive EN 297/A5 which makes it fall under the list of A-rated boiler. The cascade options can be used without the need for additional controls.

The reverse micro-flame ceramic burners decrease harmful emissions as well as eliminates the thermal expansions. The aluminum silica heat exchangers are the reason behind the boiler’s high efficiency with extended life. These features make it an ideal unit for large homes or places where hot water requirement is high.

For the comfort of the users throughout the year, an optional probe can be installed externally. This external probe activates the ‘Sliding Temperature’ mode that enables us to control the heating according to our convenience depending on the outdoor weather conditions. The whole system is quite convenient to install and use. A 2-year warranty is provided on the parts and labor can be present on doorsteps in case any difficulty occurs during that particular period.

ModelTotal PriceTrustpilot RatingEfficiency
Econcept 51A Regular Gas Boiler£2,150 – £2,6503.9/598%

Buying Guide

  • Efficiency

The exceptional efficiency of 98% is yield through the Ferroli fin and tube heat exchangers. The aluminum heat exchangers were designed at Ferroli’s state-of-the-art research and development facility to maintain a balance between efficiency and long life.

  • Display panel

The multi-functional display panel is easy to operate as it consists of all the basic parameters. Component of the hot water storage cylinder like the central heating pump or diverting selector valve is handled through the display panel. It also displays signals generated by central heating, domestic hot water storage, and outside temperature probes

  • Burners

The premix ceramic burners in Econcept 51A comes with reverse micro-flames. Thermal expansion is absorbed by six plates attached with a special gasket to a metal frame in each of the burners. The pollution levels of both CO and NOx produced by the burners are very low, due to which the exchanger remains clean for a long-time duration ultimately reducing the maintenance.  

  • Installation

The installation is as convenient as the controls. In order to allow easy installation of the boiler supporting frames with hydraulic manifold is present. The microprocessor control when utilized properly can be of great help during installation.

  • Safety standards

Additional accessories have been included in Ferroli E concept 51A to increase the safety and provide a more complete look to the installation. The safety accessories are certified by the Italian ISPESL institution for professional accident prevention.

Product Description

Ferroli Econcept 51A

The Ferroli Econcept 51A is an eco-friendly, simple to use, and high-performance boiler. It’s built with premix technology and a low carbon emission system to meet both user and environmental needs. This boiler doesn’t require a control panel to produce cascade operations which makes it more convenient to use. The onboard controller is responsible for providing Domestic Hot Water Services. There’s a 2-year warranty for the parts and labor which gives peace of mind to the users.

Ferroli Econcept 51A


  • Low water pressure protection switch
  • The interface can be created between personal computer and control board
  • Internal 6 bar safety valves
  • Microprocessor controls and a multi-functional display
  • 3-ways cock with pressure gauge connection


  • More efficient functioning can be achieved only by installing an additional storage tank or cylinder
  • Choosing a boiler of the incorrect size can increase your electric bills massively
  • Not suitable for small houses


  • Easily control all basic operations from the multi-functional display panel.
  • Modular Boiler control optimizes the heat output according to user needs.
  • To save time it has modulation installation, this doesn’t require additional controls making it budget-friendly as well.
  • Maximum efficiency yield is possible as it has independent external controls or switching.
  • The premix ceramic micro flame burners are environment friendly as they produce a very small number of polluting emissions.
  • Heat exchangers are made up of Aluminum Silica Alloy which is responsible for high efficiency and durability without much maintenance.

Key Specifications

  • Model: Econcept 51A Regular Gas Boiler
  • Band Rating: A-Rated
  • Typical Price (inc VAT): £1,650
  • Typical installation Cost (inc VAT): £500 – £1,000
  • Total Cost: £2,150 – £2,650
  • Standard warranty: 1 year
  • Efficiency Rating: 98%
  • Output: 11kW to 250kW
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Fuel: Natural gas/ LPG

Product Dimensions:

  • Height – 720 MM
  • Weight – 630 MM
  • Depth – 380 MM

What Do Industry Influencers Say?

The Ferroli Econcept 51A can also provide hot water when an optional tank is installed. It is simple to use a boiler that lets you combine and use multiple boilers at once. For a total output of 250kW, you can combine and use up to 5 single 50kW boilers, each of which is equipped with electronic programming for an output ranging from 11kW to 250kW.

For increased efficiency and performance reliability, these boilers are equipped with a special heat exchanger. Moreover, to absorb thermal expansion and to deliver low emissions, this boiler features premix ceramic burner technology. A minimum of 1 bar is required to use the boiler on a pressurized system or an open vented system.

In our opinion, the Ferroli Econcept 51A is a reliable and highly efficient boiler. Full of features, we recommend you to use this model for a warm home.

Engineers Advice

Boilers aren’t the cheapest thing in the market, before buying one for yourself go through all the possible options. Installation and product cost should be thoroughly researched to get the best deals. Having a boiler that helps you be on budget by not increasing the electricity bill is a wise choice. Visit national and local installers to get a fixed price quote without any hidden charges.

It’s important that the installation is done professionally and legally, for this check the engineer’s Id card where you can find gas safe registration, if not then visit the Gas Safe Register website to get the official list.

FAQs About Ferroli Econcept 51A

Q. Is the Econcept 51A ready for modular use?

Yes, the Econcept 51A is ready for modular use.

Q. Is Ferroli a good brand?

Yes, Ferroli is a well-known brand.

Q. What is the average lifespan of a boiler?

On average, a boiler usually lasts around 15 years.

Q. Should I consider buying an extended warranty if available?

Yes. If you have issues with electrical wiring in your house, or if you feel like a boiler is something that you can’t spend on repeatedly, you should opt for an extended warranty.

Q. Should I buy the hot water tank?

It totally depends on your need. You can consult an engineer before you make a purchase.

Q. Is consulting an engineer necessary?

It is not mandatory; be we would recommend you to do so. They might know some details required to choose the boiler for your house which may be unknown to you.

Did You Know ?

  • The boiler does not add humidity to the air
  • Steady pressure is essential
  • Boilers don’t actually boil water

Customer Reviews

Review By: Jo Blackman

Review Highlight: Boiler displaying fault code not mentioned in manual

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed on: Jan 8, 2021


My boiler was displaying a fault that as not mentioned in trouble shooting section of manual. After several frantic attempts at randomly pushing buttons decide to call helpline for engineers. Expecting to be told “Sorry, can’t help you”. Instead a lovely man called Dean very kindly and patiently guided a frantic a teary me (coldest night of the year). I am so truly grateful for his help. He saved my sanity today. Heaven sent. Thank you so much Dean.👏



  • Review By: DAN MUSAT
  • Review Highlight: Thanks Karon
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Reviewed on: Dec 9, 2020
  • Review:

Thanks Karon. You made things happen quickly and better than I expected. Ferroli are good, but they are very lucky to have you on their staff. Kind, efficient ,organised and dedicated, these are qualities you don’t find very often, bunched all in one single person. I nominate you for the Oscar of customer service.
Will and Dillon, the engineers, young but efficient and knowledgable, polite and helpful. Thank you gentlemen, you can be proud of yourself.
I recommend Ferroli to all. We have 3 boilers installed in our family. And two of my friends followed my advice and had them installed as well.
Merry Christmas to all from Ferroli.


  • Review By: humbucker evry
  • Review Highlight: First class customer service!
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Reviewed on: Jan 31, 2020
  • Review:

As an installer for 20 years I’m used to hearing about people’s boilers breaking down… but when it’s your own you realise no heating or hot water during the coldest time of year with 2 young kids can be a nightmare. After getting in touch with the company I was put in the safe hands of Jasmin , who went above and beyond the call of duty to locate and distribute the parts I needed, they were dispatched and arrived within 24 hours, installed in no time whatsoever as these boilers are so easy to work on and normal service resumed.
I’ve fitted many of these boilers and have always had great service and quality…tryed and tested by me. Thank you and top marks to jasmin and the rest of ferroli UK.
Keith liverpool heat


  • Review By: Annie Shaw
  • Review Highlight: I moved into my property 19 years ago…
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Reviewed on: May 24, 2019
  • Review:

I moved into my property 19 years ago where a Ferroli boiler was already installed. Within 12 months of being in the property I had an issue with my Ferroli boiler, a local company came out and advised me that I would need a new boiler because my 10 year old boiler was not very efficient and would be far too expensive to repair. I was recently widowed so My Daughter in law advised me to contact Ferroli direct to find out what their costs would be to repair the boiler and if a replacement was really required. A lovely engineer attended and quickly repaired the boiler and advised me that a new boiler was not at all required.

I would like to say that my FERROLI boiler of 29 years is still going strong and all I’ve paid out over this period is for an annual boiler service. I’m sure this boiler is going to out live me but if it doesn’t I will certainly be replacing it with another Ferroli.

I can’t thank them enough


Real Life Use Case:



We hope that we provided you with all the info you needed about the Ferroli Econcept 51A boiler. Developed for modular use, this boiler can help the heat generator to reach a high output value. With 2 years of warranty, this boiler serves on a power scale of 11kWh to 53kWh. It is the ideal boiler for a small property with multiple bathrooms. Your search for an efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly boiler ends with the Ferroli Econcept 51A. Are you going to buy this boiler? Let us know your answer in the comment section below. If you know of any more details or features, or if you want to share your experience using this boiler, feel free to do so, as it will 6t7tyhelp other people making a decision. Follow us for more such guides.

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