Latest Compare of Potterton Gold Combi Boiler Prices & Reviews -A Quick Guide

It is extremely important to prepare ourselves and our family to face very low-temperature conditions during the winter season. If not paid attention to it may cause discomfort in living or maybe worse, some health hazards as well!

Boilers are known to be the most effective central heating system for the house to keep you comfortable and warm throughout the winter. They not only radiate heat to keep the surroundings warm but also provide hot water for various daily purposes. The best thing about a boiler is that it is highly efficient which helps you save gas bills in long run.

Potterton gold combi boilers are one of the most efficient and reliable boiler range available in the market. They are best suited for small to medium houses with limited space. They can easily fit into a kitchen cabinet and help you save a lot of space and money as well!

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceCustomer Ratings
  Potterton Gold Combi Boiler Models- 18KW 24KW 28KW  9.3/10  YES  £697.90 to £883.86, which includes VAT and excludes installation.  4.5 out of 5 stars and 23,617 reviews.

About Potterton Boilers:

Potterton boilers have made their image of one of the most popular boilers in the market in terms of efficiency and reliability. The gold combi boilers heat the water directly from the main supply which means that they don’t need any additional hot-water cylinder or a cold-water tank to function. They also take a lot less space and can easily fit into a kitchen cabinet. The Potterton Gold combi boilers are best for small to medium-sized houses with a standard warranty of 2 years.

Prices of different models of Potterton gold combi boiler range:

Model NameEfficiencyDimensionsOutputWarrantyPrice
  POTTERTON GOLD 18 SYSTEM  89%  H-780MM, W-450MM, D-345MM  18KW  2 years  £ 588.65
  POTTERTON GOLD 24 SYSTEM  91.1%  H-780MM, W-450MM, D-345MM  24KW  2 years  £ 589.00
  POTTERTON GOLD 28 SYSTEM  89%  H-780MM, W-450MM, D-345MM  28KW  2 years  £ 609.00
  POTTERTON GOLD 33 SYSTEM  89%  H-780MM, W-450MM, D-345MM  33KW  2 years  £ 825.00


  • Potterton gold combi boilers are rated-A  efficiency.
  • Greater siting flexibility.
  • Won the Which? Best buy award in the year 2010.
  • Easy to operate with a clear LED display.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Quick and efficient services at your doorstep.
  • Takes very little space.
  • No need for any additional hot-water cylinder or cold-water tank to function.
  • Heats the water from the mains.
  • System boilers come in large capacity options in different models.
  • The benefit of having hot water at demand anytime you want.
  • Comes in several different boilers to choose from depending upon your needs and wants.


  • Not suited for very large houses or commercial properties.
  • Small output models are not that efficient.
  • Very basic user controls.

Unique features:

  • Built-in frost protection system.
  • Heating outputs available of 18kw, 24kw, 28kw, and 33kw.
  • Environment-friendly boilers.
  • Uses gas as its fuel.
  • Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust.
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Flue options are available up to 20 mitres.
  • Concealed user controls.
  • Mechanical clock fitted as standard.

Technical specifications:

  • Packaged weight- 57 kg
  • Installation life weight- 45 kg
  • C.H. flow temp (adjustable)- 25°C to 80°C max (± 5°C)
  • D.H.W. Flow Temp (adjustable)- 35°C to 60°C max (± 5°C) dependent upon flow rate
  • Gas Supply – 22mm
  • Central Heating Flow – 22mm
  • Central Heating Return – 22mm
  • Cold Water Mains Inlet – 15mm
  • DHW Flow – 15mm
  • Pressure Relief Discharge – 15mm
  • Power Consumption 155W (24&28 model) 160W (33 model)

Buyer’s guide for Potterton Gold Combi Boiler:

Potterton gold system boilers are one of the most efficient boilers in the market and are rated-A in terms of efficiency. They come with built-in frost protection and easy to operate LED screen with simple and basic controls. But there are several other things that you may want to consider before buying a boiler for your size. These factors are:

  • Size of the house- Potterton’s gold combi range is suited for small, medium, and large houses based on the output units. The output units available are 18kw, 24kw, 28kw, and 33kw. The larger the size of your house is the greater the output model is suggested.
  • Hot-water demand– Potterton’s gold combi boilers are best for houses with higher demand for hot water. The reason behind this is that they heat the water from the mains and supply it through multiple taps anytime during the day you want.
  • Other factors-

  1. Price range
  2. Output units
  3. Storage space available
  4. Additional VAT and installation charges.
  5. Warranty
  6. Efficiency

Facts You Didn’t Know About Potterton:

  • Potterton Commercial is one of the oldest brands aging back to the year 1850.
  • Thomas Potterton started the firm in Balham, London, and completed the first-ever gas boiler installation back in 1902.
  • Part of Baxi Heating’s Commercial Team Potterton Commercial is uniquely placed to provide integrated solutions for any heating and hot water design.


Mr. Scott Friesen, PE

Ivey Engineering, Inc.

8330 Juniper Creek Ln

San Diego, CA 92126

For more information contact-

Customer reviews:

  • Name of the customer– Bob
  • Rating– 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback– Very efficient service

Detail- Marc arrived on time, throughout his visit, he satisfied all COVID-19 face covering and distancing guidelines in a very competent manner. He asked relevant questions about the boiler issue whilst removing the front panel. He determined the problem very quickly and explained his diagnosis whilst he set about the repair. When he had done a few minutes later he told me what he had done and assured me that he didn’t think I’d have any further trouble. I cannot fault the service at all, from my initial phone call to the problem being fixed the service was extremely efficient, top marks to Potterton.

  • Name of the customer– Mr. Kim Wedgbury
  • Rating– 4 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback– The engineer was fine

Detail- The engineer was fine, arrived within the given timescale was courteous and professional. He identified the problem within an hour but this meant a replacement part due to the age of the heater he does not carry. Therefore, it had to be ordered. So far so good. Except that it would be a week to get a slot for him to come back and fit it. We have been without hot water for 11 days already. What I would like to know is whether Potterton prioritizes emergency calls i.e., no hot water at all over routine servicing calls? The engineer is not now available for a week. IF some of that unavailability is due to routine servicing, I would expect Potterton to rearrange one of those calls to make space for an emergency repair. I do not know if Potterton is able or willing to do this – so no hot water for another week.

Detail- Our Boiler stopped working on the morning of New Year’s Eve (Thursday) which was a complete nightmare as we had no hot water or heating. Speaking to a Neighbour they spoke very highly of Potterton coming out direct so we made the call.

Lady we spoke to was very efficient in a friendly manner and explained the options to us & we went for the monthly payments over the year (for the same price as the one-off call out fee).

Being Bank Holiday Weekend we understood Monday was the quickest they could get here & the chap came this morning as agreed, having phoned to say what time we could expect him.

A professional service all round and we are very pleased – would highly recommend it.



What is a condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler makes more of the energy it runs on by using heat normally expelled through the flue. By converting over 90% of the fuel used (rather than just 50% in the case of some old boilers), a condensing boiler makes your fuel go further. Therefore, a condensing boiler can help to save 30% on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

What is a combi boiler? 

Combi is short for “combination”. It refers to the way this type of system serves as both a central heating boiler and a water heater. That means there is no need for a water tank, as hot water is provided on demand. As well as saving the space normally taken up by a water tank (in the loft or airing cupboard), a combi boiler saves on hot water costs as well as giving you hot water at mains pressure.

What is the minimum water pressure requirements for your boilers?

All products need a minimum of 1 bar.

Does Potterton Commercial offer optional room controls and thermostats?

Yes, for more information please refer to the specific sales literature for each unit that we supply. A complete range of controls for the Paramount fiveEurocondense five, and Sirius boilers is available. These improve functionality for some of the advanced benefits of the range including zone control, compensation, optimisation, and hot water control. Up to 12 boilers and 12 zones can be accommodated.

Can Potterton Commercial products run on LPG?

Yes, our entire product range can be adapted to LPG except for the Sirius FS 400kW and 525kW models.


Real-World Use Case:

by Thomas Screene

I phoned Potterton on Wednesday 30 Dec 2020 reporting that the Boiler that they had recently serviced, (27 Nov) was now experiencing problems. ( i.e. losing pressure all the time)

They confirmed a Visit by the Engineer for 4 Jan 2020

I should expect a call from him in the morning for the visit.

which I duly received from Engineer Steve at 0800 on 4 Jan 2021

He confirmed that the visit time would be between 1100 and 1400

I asked if he could phone later with an update nearer the time – he said he would

I then received a call at 1040 saying that his ETA would be 1115- I met Steve outside the property exactly on time.

He quickly ascertained the problem – Leaking PRV and Deflated Expansion vessel and set about correcting the faults, and whilst working on the boiler spotted a leak on the 3-way valve which he also repaired.

I must say that this work was carried out with the utmost professionalism from the response time (it was over Xmas / New Year!) from the office staff to Steve on site

Many Thanks to all!



Boilers are the best source to provide warmth and comfort to your family and loved ones during the winter season. They help you keep the surroundings in the house warm by radiating heat and also provides you with hot water for bathing and washing purposes. So, the next winter season quit the discomfort of low temperatures and choose the right boiler system for your family!

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