Landlord Boiler Insurance Read the Ultimate Guide and Comparison

Landlord Boiler Insurance ensures that the rental property has availability of hot water unceasingly.

When the boiler accidentally breaks down who does the tenant reach out to primarily? Well, Of course, it’s the Landlord. It’s up to the landlord to get it fixed right away. You would probably be aware of the fact that boiler repairs could cost you an exorbitant sum. Availability of an engineer at the right time is also uncertain, especially with the onset of winters. However, you could minimise the shortcomings if you opt for a suitable landlord boiler insurance policy. The landlord boiler Insurance would act as a shield against high priced repairs.

What is Landlord boiler Insurance?

Landlords boiler Insurance defends you from the exorbitant cost of repairs if your boiler breaks down or needs a repair urgently.  Every insurance, as we know, has a monthly or an annual fee, likewise, many companies offer Landlord Boiler Insurance. The policies may vary based on the age of the appliance, date of installation, type of the boiler etc.

Who benefits from the Landlord Boiler Insurance?

If you own one or more rental properties occupied with tenants this insurance is a must to refrain from the high cost of repairs for boilers. Many landlords have boiler insurance to avoid any discomfort and hassle and to shield themselves against the high cost of repairs. Another point to be added to the benefits of the landlord boiler Insurance is that you can avail an engineer at the time of emergency.

Advantages of Landlord Boiler Insurance

  • Safeguards you from the expensive cost of repairs.
  • Availability of an engineer at the time of an emergency
  • A must for the rental property owners to avoid hassles and conflicts with the tenants in case of an accidental breakdown of boilers.
  • Having a landlord boiler cover will provide access to the helpline.
  • You could call for an engineer for servicing and also in case of emergencies for example an accidental breakdown of the boiler in some cases.

Who arranges for the installation and repairs of the Boilers?

In every case, it is the responsibility of the landlord to pay for the installation of the boiler and also for the repairs at the time of an emergency. The Landlord is expected to pay the monthly or annual amount of the insurance and must make sure that all the appliances are safe for use.


What are the key features one must consider in a Landlord Boiler Insurance Policy

  • One must ensure whether the policy is for a certain model or all models.
  • Whether the policy would cover the boilers of all age.
  • Go for policies with 24/7 assistance.
  • Make sure you and your tenant have access to the helpline and engineers day and night.
  • Policies that offer annual boiler service and cArbon monoxide tests are good.
  • You may look for each companies rating by their customers.
  • You may consider the cost also but shouldn’t always opt for the cheapest one. Your main interest should the services and availability of engineers.


Landlord Boiler Insurance is essential if you’re renting a house to tenants. This would keep you from being hit by the bills for repairs. If there is a damage or any harm caused to your property, the landlord boiler insurance would provide you with a helpline service at the time if an emergency.

The landlord boiler insurance would protect you from financial crunches.

The landlord boiler insurance also includes a gas safety inspection and annual servicing.

Landlord Boiler Certificate.

It is essential for the safety of your tenants as well as for you to have a fair reputation as a landlord. All flues and appliances must undergo an annual servicing and a quick safety check. Your appliance will be considered safe after this process has been done.


NameOur ratingsPrice (Annual)Price (per month)
Landlord’s Boiler and Central Heating Cover with Service and CP128/10£144£12
Landlord’s Heating, Plumbing and Electric Plus with Service and CP129/10£264£22
Landlord’s Heating and Plumbing with Service and CP128.5/10£204£60

Landlord’s Boiler and Central Heating Cover with Service and CP12

Like every other job comes with its pros and cons likewise being a landlord ain’t an easy task either. To choose a suitable boiler cover could be time-consuming and questioning at times.

Landlord’s Boiler and Central Heating Cover with Service and CP12 caters to your needs all at once.

If any unfavourable situations arise, for example, accidental breakdown of the boiler, here’s a quick solution.


  1. Immediate help for boiler breakdown and leaking radiators
  2. The cover offers boiler service and gas safety certificates.
  3. The boiler replacement policy states that if your boiler is under 7 years old and if there is an issue with the fixation, your boiler will be replaced for free.


This cover does not offer assistance for plumbing and drainage problems.


  •      1. In the case of a boiler break down, no heating or hot water.
  •       2.Repairing the boiler controls and         components
  •       3.Repairing any leakage within the central heating system
  •       4. We repair any kind of leakage in your gas supply pipe.
  •       5 A has boiler service is carried out
  •       6.A gas safety inspection is done.


  •          Per month – £12
  • Annual price – £144
  •          Excess – £100

Landlord’s Heating, Plumbing and Electric Plus with Service and CP 12

Everyone needs proper care and maintenance be it a human or a machine, likewise, this cover brings to you perfect care for your boiler. From the accidental breakdown of the boiler or leaking pipes or any fault in your electrical appliance.

Along with the cover, this offers you a 24/7 support. If your boiler is 7 years old and does not repair, it will be replaced for free.


  1. 24/7 support
  2. Apart from boiler breakdown and leaking pipes, this also offers assistance for electrical faults, pest and security problems.
  3. If your appliance cannot get fixed, this offers you a replacement of the appliance till it is 7 years old.
  4. The replacement is done for free
  5. A Gas Safety Certified CP12 and a boiler service are also provided.


  1. Shared drains or shared pipes will be excluded.
  2. The main exclusions are guttering, soak ways, showers had pipe leading into your meter, and pests outside.


  1. Fixation of Leaking pipes.
  2. Clearing Blocked drains.
  3. Fixing of Leaks or blockages.
  4. Dripping taps.
  5. Fixing failed wiring
  6. A breakdown of the fusebox
  7. Repairing of broken light switches.
  8. Treatment of Wasps or hornets in your home or garden
  9. Solution host keys to your external doors
  10. . Protecting the damaged roof
  11. No hot water due to a boiler    breakdown
  12. Repairing the boiler controls and components
  13. Repairing a leak within your central heating system


  • Per month – £22
  • Annual price – £264
  • Excess – £60

Landlord’s Heating and Plumbing with Service and CP12

Sometimes problems may arise when you’re least expecting it. A sudden leakage from the ceiling or a breakdown of the boiler in your rented property may leave you in state of distress.

To add to your distress your tenant may give you a panic attack. This cover could be a solution for such times of emergency.


  1.   Available 24/7.
  2. The engineers will solve the problem in the first hour.
  3. If your boiler is not fixed then it can be replaced if it is under the age of 7 years.


  1. Exclusionsfor shared drains or pipes, which the landlord is not responsible for.
  2. Exclusions for gas pipe leading into the meter.


  1. Fixation of leaking pipes within your home
  2. Clearing Blocked drains
  3. Clearing blocked sinks and toilets
  4. Minimizing leaks or blockages to your      water supply pipe
  5. fixation of seized taps
  6. No heating or hot water due to a boiler    breakdown
  7. Repairing the boilers and their component
  8. Repairing a leak within the central heating system
  9. Fixation of a leaking gas supply pipe
  10. Gas boiler servicing
  11. Ensures gas safety inspection.


  • Per month – £17
  • Annual price – £204
  • Excess – £60

Buying Guide

There are certain points you need to keep in mind while choosing a Landlord Booker Cover. 

While looking for a suitable Landlord Boiler Cover, do remember the following points.

  1. The Cover should Provide a 24-hour helpline for your tenants to call in the case of a covered emergency (e.g. gas, electricity, water, leaks, security of doors and windows etc)
  2. Quick response time to assist with emergencies by qualified contractors
  3. Covers up to a certain amount of costs for each servicing and emergency.

Most policies don’t charge for call-out or labour, but may charge for parts if necessary

Bear in mind, these policies won’t cover general maintenance of your property- These policies are for emergencies and breakdowns e.g. boiler repairs and pipe leaks! So it’s important to check what is covered before buying any policy.


1.Why do I need a landlord boiler cover when  I’ve got a manufacturer’s warranty?

This warranty only covers you if your boiler breaks down during a certain time frame. Outside of that, or if your boiler problem is caused by unpredictable physical damage or other parts of your central heating set-up, your boiler warranty might not apply and you will have to pay for the repairs. So it’s important to check the terms of your warranty.

2.What’s the difference between landlord boiler cover and homeowner boiler cover?

Both types of boiler cover will usually include repairs to your boiler and its controls, plus the right to call out engineers, use a customer helpline, and get an annual boiler service and safety inspection. The key difference between landlord boiler cover and homeowner boiler cover is that with landlord cover, you will get what’s called a Landlord Gas Safety Record—a legal document that serves as proof that you get your gas appliances checked on an annual basis.

3.What is a landlord gas safety inspection (CP12)?

Anytime that a gas appliance in your home needs to be tested or serviced, this has to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They are the only people legally who can check everything from gas boilers to stovetops.

The job of the Gas Safe inspection is to ensure that all gas appliances are properly set and adjusted so that the gas burns correctly.

Stories From Real World Use Cases.

Name of the Reviewer – Catherine

Date of Review – 3rd December 2020

Place of Review – UK

Ratings –  5 out of 5 stars

Feedback – Thermostat packed up, engineer came out the next morning and replaced it. Easy to request a repair on their website. No messing about with phone calls waiting on a response. I’m very happy with the Company.

Did You Know?

If you’re a property owner and you’ve rented your flat, in case of an accident or an emergency the owner is held accountable for the shortcomings, the entire cost of repair or replacement would be in your hands. So, to avoid the odds you must subsist insurance.


A Landlord Boiler Insurance would keep you from the hassles you’ll have to face at the time of emergencies in case there’s a breakdown of the boiler at your rented property.

The greatest benefit of having a landlord boiler Insurance is that you will have a 24/7 assistance, servicing will be provided along with replacement if required.

The availability of a heating engineer at the time of emergency may be uncertain Hence, the Landlord Boiler Insurance would give you aid at the time of emergency during the first hour itself.

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