How to wire a hive receiver to a combi boiler

Combi boiler is one of the most efficient boilers in today’s boiler market. With high hot water flow rate, it is popular for the best efficiency rate as well. Endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, this boiler is good in delivering the instant hot water rate.

What is a Hive Hub?

Hive hub is the heart of our network connected home. It connects the hive products so that you can control it remotely with the Hive app. You can operate this app using your smartphones, tablets or laptop. You just need to plug into the broadband router, pair the product with the Hive and can easily operate them.

But you might be thinking how to wire a hive receiver to a combi boiler. Don’t worry we have the solution for this problem. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. If you already have a Hive Hub just put it into the pairing mode. To do this press the button at the rear of the hub for 1 second and then release it.
  2. The middle light should be flash that means pairing is done. Now you have to move the other stage.

To install the hub

  1. To install the hub you require a broadband connection with a spare network port and a power socket must be near to it.
  2. Once you have located it connect the hub to the household broadband router using the network cable provided.
  3. Fit the power cable into the hub and plug into the power socket.
  4. Wait for the middle light to flash during the green light will flash, followed by the amber light. This will not take much time. As generally it consumes 5-10 minutes.
  5. Once the hub is set up and the light is flashing, you can move on to installation the receiver. If light are not visible and flashing check all the wires and the power socket. If the problem still exist, contact a technician for the same.

About the receiver

Before starting with this stage, keep in mind that the hive receiver is double insulated and doesn’t need an earth connection.

There are basically two types of hive receiver

  1. Single channel receiver

This is for combi boilers and additional plumbed heating zones.

  • Dual channel receiver

This is for conventional boilers and hot water tanks.

Installation of the receiver

The receiver should install in a convenient location close to the boiler or the central heating unit. Ensure that its 30cm away from large metal objects, such as a boiler or a cylinder to avoid the interference with the radio signals. Take care of any cables and pipes that are already buried in the walls. Once you have checked the best suited location, install the receiver by following simple steps:

  1. Loosen the screws on the undesired of the receiver and remove the back plate slowly by pulling the bottom taking away from the front panel.  
  2. Now, fix the back plate with the wall and the terminals on the top.
  3. Run cable from the boiler and continue to the next section to wire up the plate.

Hence, following these steps will help you to how to wire a hive receiver to a combi boiler

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