How to turn off hot water supply combi boiler?

The combination boilers are designed to be an all in one unit which produces hot water for taps and central heating in order to cut down the use of storage tanks or cylinders, thus occupying the least space required to house the boiler. The Combi boilers are one of the most popular choices for keeping homes warm in winters.

The boilers are designed to operate using the water directly from the main supply that results in stronger water pressure and ensures that you would never be lacking on hot water again. The modern highly efficient units come, being a stainless steel condensing boiler with an inbuilt heat exchanger that operates in order to serve the customers with hot water immediately.

There are two main reasons behind the combi boilers great and powerful efficiency i.e. these units have high operating efficiency and low internal water volume. This means when in summer days you don’t need space heating you are only paying to heat water which is domestically required.

As the name says ‘Combi’, these boilers combine the functions of a conventional boiler, hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank. The Combi boilers have come being really popular systems that are compact in size and are easy to install.

Combi boilers are designed to be manufactured with two independent heat exchangers, one of which carries a pipe to the radiators while the other one carries a pipe to the hot water supply. As soon as you turn the hot tap on, your boiler fires up to heat water and a valve gets opened to let the water flow through the network of pipes.

A combi boiler will usually require to pause from heating the central heating water for your radiators while it’s heating the hot water for your tap, because they are often not build to supply enough heat to both the points at the same time. For this reason, you might hear your boiler switching on and off when you run a hot water tap even if they’re already lit to power the central heating.

Now that you know about how a combi boiler works, you might me wondering about how to turn off hot water supply combi boiler.

How to turn off hot water supply combi boiler?

Because of the water being supplied directly in case of a combi boiler, closing the main stop valve would shut the water off for you.

However, if your boiler operates with a hot water cylinder, this means that the water supplies are being fed indirectly and you, other than the main stop valve, need to turn off the valve on the cylinder or cisterns outlet supply and you would be done with the issue.

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