How to reset vokera boiler?

Vokera Ltd. Was established 35 years ago and since then they are providing the whole huge range of home heating package. They believe in serving the best to their customers that’s why all the Vokera boilers are being tested before they leave the factory outlet. Not only this, they provided peace of mind with a lifetime reliability of their each product to the users. Backed by the financial strength and stability of the global parent company , Reillo Group , Vokera has maintain its standards and focuses on the needs of the UK and Ireland markets. With the updated technology and new innovations they have tried to make their products environment friendly and pocket friendly product for the users.

Vokera manufactures a comprehensive range of boilers that can provide utmost convenience to their customers. There boilers are such compact in size that they could fit in the kitchen cupboard. They are industry leaders in quality home solutions. There products come with high efficiency and supreme performance rate. They are designed to provide heat and hot water to your taps. Also this popular brand has supplied the warmth to over 50,000 homes from past many years.

But sometimes it happens that the boiler gets lockout

What is boiler lockout?

A boiler lockout is the condition when the boiler gets shut-down and doesn’t work within the certain tolerance.

The possibilities of the boiler lockout could be due to low/high water pressure, no fuel or a blockage in the system.

What happens during a boiler lockout?

Red or green lights start flashing and will make let the boiler to shut-down. However in the new modern boilers, the fault can be seen on their display screen.

What are the common faults that lead to lockout?

  1. Faulty pump – Pump can blow seals or seize.
  2. Low/high water pressure – though 1.3 bars is normal and most of the boilers lock out if they get below 0.6 bar or above the bar. However for specified bar you can check your boiler manual.
  3. No electricity– with no power, it could be due to the failed display board , a blown fuse or a tripper electric.
  4. System blockage – most of the times in cold wintery days, the pipes get freeze and thus results in the system blockage.
  5. Ignition – most of the boiler filed after 3 continuous ignitions attempt. So , check the ignition leads and probe.
  6. Heat exchanger blockage – if you hear any whistling noise coming from the boiler, then there is chance that there is lime scale build up on the heat exchanger which needs to be cleaned.

These are some of the problems which may cause the boiler lockout. After detecting the reason of the fault you need to reset your system. You might be thinking how to reset Vokera boiler?  Here is the answer to your question of how to reset vokera boiler

  1. Diagnose and fix the fault

You will need to diagnose the fault code before moving to the reset option. As sometimes multiple resetting will lead to a bigger fault in the boilers.

  • Go to the reset button

Mostly the new and updated boilers have the reset button on the boilers display. This will be located where the fault code is being displayed.

  • Press and hold the reset button

Now you need to press and hold the button for around 3- 10 seconds

  • Wait for the boiler to fire-up

Boilers take time for the ignition after the reset as they need to go through a reset sequence. Therefore, this could consume 5-10 minutes. Wait patiently.


If you are sure that you have taken all the steps in the correct way and then also your boiler is not getting reset, than don’t waste the time call an engineer.

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