How to reset a worcester boiler?

Worcester Bosch is one of the leading companies in UK, popular for manufacturing best heating appliances. They have maintained their reputation around the global market with its efficient, astonishing and reliable boilers. Since 1962, this brand has served warmth to almost every house in the streets of UK.  Their commitment to the highest standards of manufacturing over the past 50 years, has led their boilers to receive the reputed Which? Best Buy awards for nine years running. And for Worcester to receive a Royal Warranty for supplying the best boiler to Her Majesty the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

Worcester Bosch is famous for its range of combi boilers. As a Worcester Bosch combi boilers are highly efficient heating solution for your houses. The brand takes care of every well-being as it has a wide and unique range for every property size which can satisfy all the hot water need of the users very easily and conveniently.

However this high efficient boiler can make a big difference in reducing your energy bills. The Worcester Greenstar range includes different fuel type boilers as well which offers you excellent performance in both providing heating and hot water to your homes. Starting from a wall-mounted boiler till the freestanding boiler, Worcester has a whole.

The Worcester is one of that brands which ensure its boiler quality as it left the manufacturing outlet. But sometimes it happens that you need to reset the boiler. You might be thinking how to reset a Worcester boiler?

Firstly know about the boiler lockout

A boiler lockout is the condition when the boiler gets shut-down and doesn’t work within the certain tolerance.

The possibilities of the boiler lockout could be due to low/high water pressure, no fuel or a blockage in the system.

Common faults behind the boiler lockout

  1. Faulty pump – Pump can blow seals or seize.
  2. Low/high water pressure – though 1.3 bars is normal and most of the boilers lock out if they get below 0.6 bar or above the bar. However for specified bar you can check your boiler manual.
  3. No electricity– with no power, it could be due to the failed display board , a blown fuse or a tripper electric.
  4. System blockage – most of the times in cold wintery days, the pipes get freeze and thus results in the system blockage.
  5. Ignition – most of the boiler filed after 3 continuous ignitions attempt. So , check the ignition leads and probe.
  6. Heat exchanger blockage – if you hear any whistling noise coming from the boiler, then there is chance that there is lime scale build up on the heat exchanger which needs to be cleaned.

How to reset a Worcester Boiler?

  1. Diagnose and fix the fault

You will need to diagnose the fault code before moving to the reset option. As sometimes multiple resetting will lead to a bigger fault in the boilers.

  • Go to the reset button

Mostly the new and updated boilers have the reset button on the boilers display. This will be located where the fault code is being displayed.

  • Press and hold the reset button

Now you need to press and hold the button for around 3- 10 seconds

  • Wait for the boiler to fire-up

Boilers take time for the ignition after the reset as they need to go through a reset sequence. Therefore, this could consume 5-10 minutes. Wait patiently.


Follow all the steps carefully. Do not force your boiler to start forcefully; this can damage the boiler as well. In need of any emergency contact the experts.

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