How to repressurise a Worcester Combi boiler

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch has established itself as a heating and hot water product manufacturer industry based in United Kingdom and headquartered in England. The industry was initially discovered by Cecil Duckworth in 1962 as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd and was soon taken over by Robert Bosch GmbH in 1992 who renamed the company after his name as Worcester Bosch.

The company has marked its existence in the history so far with its mature sense of customer understanding, reliability, longevity and brand reputation that, as an outcome has resulted in successful customer experience programs and growth of the industry.

The company, for the sake, employs 2000 people across the headquarter and manufacturing plants in Worcester and operates a network of around 300 service engineers and over 80 technically trained sales managers. While the origin of Worcester group has been prominent in the manufacturing of gas and oil boilers, technological developments in renewable sources (such as solar water heating, ground source and air source heat pumps) has been made evident in the recent years.

As another factor, contributing to its brand reputation, the company operates Worcester Accredited Installer as a loyalty scheme to benefit the customers from the features such as “Find the installer search” with installers who are specialized in Worcester products and can offer extended warranties.

Not only for the sayings, but being a buyer you would inarguably be convinced with their authenticity as one of the most superior brands after looking forward to some amazing features.

Worcester Boilers

Before getting onto how to repressurise your Worcester Combi boiler, you might be wondering as to why just Worcester Bosch?

Thousands of people are falling for one single brand.

Isn’t it strange? There has to be a reason to why so many people are spending extra on Worcester Bosch boilers.

Worcester Bosch offers a range of combi, conventional and system boilers out of which the combi boiler range comes being one of the most efficient and compact series as it operates by using water directly from the mains in order to cut down the use of any external storage cylinder.

The Worcester Combi boilers have sustained in the market by manufacturing efficient units and by catering their customers with a reliable service. This is what you would experience as Worcester customer.

Boilers to suit every home and situation- The Company has built itself being flexible enough to serve you according to your needs and situation. They have made themselves available with all kinds of boilers to suit every house and situation, including the compact range. 

Renowned for its reliability, longevity and reputation- Worcester Bosch boilers have strongly marked their presence for being the most reliable and consistent brand in the target market. They are well known for being truly built to last and have earned this level of reputation and trust in the international market by sincere dedication to achieve customer satisfaction level.     

Manufacturing plants in UK and Germany- The presence of Worcester’s manufacturing plants in US and Germany have resulted into the availability and easy access of combi boilers parts whenever you need them.

Worcester Accredited Installer scheme- The Worcester Bosch group operates a loyalty scheme known as Accredited Installer scheme with an idea to benefit the customers from features such as the online ‘find and installer search’ with installers who are trained and experienced in Worcester products and can offer extended warranties.

Incontrovertible market guarantee- On comparison with any other brand the Worcester Bosch has a leading market guarantee which covers up to 8- 10 years of service if installed by their accredited installers. With the most unarguable guarantee, the Worcester group makes sure to be on your side regarding any issues with your boiler.

Also every boiler which gets dispatched from the factory is pre tested with its performance and quality. They provide you the boilers with the latest technology and highest efficiency to maximize your comfort level.

You might be wondering what you would do if the central heating system of your Worcester boiler stops functioning properly. If your central heating system is not working properly, it could be because of the loss of water pressure. You need to check the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler that, for a normal good working boiler, should read between one or two bars of atmospheric pressure. 

If the boiler pressure is below one, this indicates the pressure in your boiler is very low. In this case you need to re pressurize your boiler.

Now you might be thinking how to repressurise a Worcester Combi boiler?

You just need to follow certain easy steps in order to deal with the method of re-pressurizing.

  1. Close all the vents

Before getting start with re pressurizing your boiler, check all the bleed valves on radiators and towel rails to be fully closed.

  • Search for the filling loop

In most of the boilers, they have the external filling loop that is used to top up the boiler with water and hence increases the pressure.

  • Open the filling loop

As soon as you open the filling loop, you will get to see a pressure rise. You can take a look of what is the exact pressure your boiler needs. Commonly the boilers operate with 1.5 bars.

  • Close the filling loop

Make sure that the filling loop is completely closed. However if it is not closed it will slowly leak additional water into the boiler. This will increase the pressure and the boiler will lockout.

Note –If there is no filling loop in your boiler, they might be installed on the cylinder.


If you have re pressurized your boiler too much you will need to drain the system. But if the pressure is very high by less than 0.5 bars, you need to understand the problem by bleeding radiators. You just need a bleed key, a bucket to catch the water and towel to protect carpets. Now open the bleed valves very slowly. This will allow the water to escape and pressure to be released.

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