How to repressurise a Glow worm cxi boiler

Glow Worm

Glow-worm prides itself as the manufacture of wide range of user-friendly heating appliances. Glow-worm is the sister brand of internationally renowned Vaillant group. Both of the brands are highly recommendable by the installers and the users.

The fundamental feature of Glow-worm is producing the boilers which are comprehensive and easy-to-control. All the boilers are highly reliable and efficient that has been developed to save maximum amount of energy possible by the innovative technology standards.

The products here are designed and manufactured to serve the customers with maximum and smart control over the unit. The brand comes being known for its remarkable reliability and efficiency that make it a desirable brand and considerable choice in the market.

You might be wondering about how to repressurise a glow worm 30cxi boiler and how to repressurise a glow worm boiler 24cxi.

On the very first note, the process of re-pressurizing for the 30 and 24 output ranges of Glow worm cxi boiler is same as the models differ just in the output served.

In case if your central heating system is not working properly, it could be because of the loss of water pressure. You need to check the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler that, for a normal good working boiler, should read between one or two bars of atmospheric pressure. 

If the boiler pressure is below one, this indicates the pressure in your boiler is very low. In this case you need to re pressurize your boiler.

Now you might be thinking how to repressurise a Glow worm cxi boiler?

You just need to follow certain easy steps in order to deal with the method of re-pressurizing.

  1. Close all the vents

Before getting start with re pressurizing your boiler, check all the bleed valves on radiators and towel rails to be fully closed.

  • Search for the filling loop

In most of the boilers, they have the external filling loop that is used to top up the boiler with water and hence increases the pressure.

  • Open the filling loop

As soon as you open the filling loop, you will get to see a pressure rise. You can take a look of what is the exact pressure your boiler needs. Commonly the boilers operate with 1.5 bars.

  • Close the filling loop

Make sure that the filling loop is completely closed. However if it is not closed it will slowly leak additional water into the boiler. This will increase the pressure and the boiler will lockout.

Note –If there is no filling loop in your boiler, they might be installed on the cylinder.


If you have re pressurized your boiler too much you will need to drain the system. But if the pressure is very high by less than 0.5 bars, you need to understand the problem by bleeding radiators. You just need a bleed key, a bucket to catch the water and towel to protect carpets. Now open the bleed valves very slowly. This will allow the water to escape and pressure to be released.

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