How to repressurise a Baxi duo Tec combi he boiler


Baxi, with its headquarters located in Apeldoorn has proven itself to be one of the leading and affordable brands in the heating industry worldwide with a turnover that has lately exceeded the mark of €1.2 billion. The organization has successfully made its way through the European market by owning the trade of some of the leading brands of UK and Ireland including Baxi, Potterton, Main Heating, Heatrae Sadia, Megaflo, Remeha, Andrews Water Heaters, Potterton Commercial, and Packaged Plant Solutions in the recent years.

With affluent operation in 4 major sites of UK, the company builds its major investment from the trade of boilers and renewable technologies that includes solar thermal hot water systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and biomass boilers.

The manufacturing of Baxi in UK can be traced back to the year 1866 while the establishment of the current Baxi group can be tracked down to the year 2000 when the merger of Newmond plc and Baxi Holdings plc marked the origin of the heating interest of the former and latter. The company’s current shareholders include private equity investors, BC Partners and Electra with strategic acquisition and joint ventures in Baymak, Baxi Belgium, SenerTec and, European Fuel Cell since 2000.

The brand has proven its worth worldwide with its mature sense of customer understanding, longevity, affordability and reliability that has eventually resulted into the company’s market growth and enhanced its brand reputation over the years.

Not only for the sayings, but being a buyer you would inarguably be convinced with their authenticity as one of the most superior and affordable brands after looking forward to some amazing features.

Baxi Duo Tech Combi He Boilers

Though Baxi holds on to its position in the stream, an obvious question can still emanate to cross the minds of customers, that is, what really makes it stand out?

To be true, Baxi has not always been the leader to the team, but has successfully won out the leading brands in the recent years, thus making its place in the international market. The Baxi Duo Tec series has come being endorsed by the energy saving trust in order to meet the high standards of energy efficiency. Each of these boilers are designed to be more than 90% efficient, ensuring the highest SEDBUK rating and thus cutting down your expenses on heating bills.

With its reliability and efficiency, there are a number of reasons we have mentioned, that can unarguably convince you to call for this series of the brand.

Have a look!!

  1. The Baxi Duo Tec Combi HE comes being backed up with seven year parts and labor warranty to serve you with a peace of mind about your unit.
  2. Leading hot water flow rates to cater you with increased comfort and convenience.
  3. Features easy to read display and user friendly control to serve you with maximum and smart control over the unit
  4. Offers a wide range of outputs to meet all hot water and heating requirements.
  5. A strongly recommended series by the energy saving trust
  6. Exceptional hot water flow rate
  7. Stylish design to match your standards

You might be wondering about how to repressurise a Baxi duo Tec combi 28 he boiler and how to repressurise a Baxi duo Tec combi 24 he boiler.

On the very first note, the process of re-pressurizing for the 28 and 24 output ranges of Baxi Duo Tec Combi boiler is same as the models differ just in the output served.

In case if your central heating system is not working properly, it could be because of the loss of water pressure. You need to check the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler that, for a normal good working boiler, should read between one or two bars of atmospheric pressure. 

If the boiler pressure is below one, this indicates the pressure in your boiler is very low. In this case you need to re pressurize your boiler.

Now you might be thinking how to repressurise a Baxi duo Tec combi he boiler?

This can be done in a few simple steps-

  1. Turn the boiler off

Before getting start with re pressurizing your boiler, turn your boiler off and let the water and boiler cool down for a few minutes.

  • Search for the blue tap

Look for the blue color taps on right and left side to start with the process.

  • Open the tap on both side

Now you would need to fully open the blue tap on left first and then slowly open the blue tap on the right and have a look at the pressure gauge, you should get into the green section around 1 to 1.5 bar.

  • Close the taps

Once you are done, close the right tap first and then the left tap. However if it is not closed it will slowly leak additional water into the boiler. This will increase the pressure and the boiler will lockout.


If you have re pressurized your boiler too much you will need to drain the system. But if the pressure is very high by less than 0.5 bars, you need to understand the problem by bleeding radiators. You just need a bleed key, a bucket to catch the water and towel to protect carpets. Now open the bleed valves very slowly. This will allow the water to escape and pressure to be released.

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