How to repressurise a baxi combi boiler 105e

Baxi is one of the brands which has its roots from 1866 and has a UK network of over 200 skilled engineers. Baxi has always focused on innovation, technology and excellence. Not only this, Baxi as a brand represented ten of the UK’s and Ireland most well-known suppliers of high efficiency heating and hot water products. However the BDR Thermea has established itself as one of the most successful European manufacturer of domestic and industrial appliances and is a firm that was constructed from the merger of Baxi and De Dietrich Remeha in 2009. This particular organization, with 6400 employees shares across the major continental territories and United Kingdom.

With its headquarter in Apeldoorn, Baxi has proven itself to be one of the leading and affordable brand in the heating industry worldwide with a turnover that has exceeded the mark of €1.2 billion.The organization has successfully made its way through the European market by getting the trade with some of the reputed brands of UK and Ireland including Potterton, megaflo and many more brands in the recent year. This brand has made its name in the global market with its sense of customer understanding, longevity, affordability and reliability that has benefited the company with its annual market growth and increased brand reputation.

However, the Baxi combi 105e boiler is a fully automatic gas fired combination boiler. It is room sealed and fan assisted and serves the central heating very conveniently to the house. This particular unit incorporates a small storage cylinder built into the boiler providing hot water the moment the tap is turned on. This is a highly reliable boiler that offers the customers to experience more up to date features.

But sometime the boiler by chance doesn’t work properly. It can be due to the low water pressure. It is important to repressurise the baxi combi boiler 105e. But you might be in dilemma of how to repressurise a baxi combi boiler 105e? Or baxi boiler how to increase pressure?  Don’t worry, you are just few steps far to repressurise your boiler. All you need to do is follow the steps given:

  1. Close all vents

Before getting start with re pressurizing your boiler, check all the bleed valves on radiators and towel rails are fully closed.

  • Search for the filling loop

In most of the boilers, they have the external filling loop that is used to top up the boiler with water and hence increases the pressure. However, the braided hose with a small valve on it, that’s usually located below the boiler casing should be kept opened.

  • Open the filling loop

As soon as you open the filling loop, you will get to see a pressure rise. You can take a look of what is the exact pressure your boiler needs. Mostly the boilers operate with 1.5 bars.

  • Close the filling loop

Make sure that the filling loop is completely closed. However if it is not closed it will slowly leak additional water into the boiler. This will increase the pressure and the boiler will lockout.

Note –If there is no filling loop in your boiler, they might be installed on the cylinder.If you have re pressurized your boiler too much you will need to drain the system. But if the pressure is very high by less than 0.5 bar, you need to understand the problem by bleeding radiators. You just need to bleed key, a bucket to catch the water and towel to protect carpets. Now open the bleed valves very slowly. This will allow the water to escape and pressure to be released.

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