How to relight pilot light on Worcester boiler

There is wide range of boilers available globally. But the brand Worcester has maintained their reputation and standards all over the markets in an extraordinary way. From past 23 years, Worcester is serving to their customer with premium appliances and best customer satisfaction.

But one of the usual problems which arise in almost every boiler is to relight pilot light on the boiler. For the users, sometimes it gets tough for to know how to relight pilot light on Worcester boilers? But not to worry we have th answer to your major issue.

Basically, there are two types of boiler pilot lights. One is a manual type that you must light, and the other is an automatic pilot ignition type. Whereas, before lighting any of the boiler you need to know what type of boiler it is

How to determine which kind of boiler it is?

Automatic ignitions have a safety label on the front of the boiler which will signifies that it is an automatic ignition system. Also, if you are unable to found the safety label in front of the system, check the top of the gas knob. If the knob has two settings, on and off, then it is an automatic ignition system.

On the other hand, a manual ignition constitutes of three settings – on, off and pilot. For the safety purpose never try to light an automatic ignition system, it can cause a great damage.

Now take a look on How to relight pilot light on Worcester boiler types:

You need to understand simple steps, which should be done while taking full safety measures

  1. Manual Boiler Pilot Light Ignition
  2. Turn the gas knob ‘off’ and put the thermostat to the lowest settings. You can find the gas knob control box in front of the boiler. The knob is always on the top. For proper ventilation, always make sure that all your windows are open while doing any such task or process.
  3. To get the access of the pilot box, you need to remove the access plan for it. Mostly, this panel is situated adjacent to the gas control knob box. The panel can be attached with finger screws which are turned out or else it may be held on with the gravity clips.
  4. Squint into the access hole and try to find the pilot light orifice. You can use a torch or a flashlight for a better and clear picture. The pilot light orifice somewhat looks like a upturned piece of metal tubing.
  5. Now, turn the gas control knob to the pilot position and press down the knob. This will release the gas into the pilot light orifice.
  6. After that, now put the lit fireplace match or butane candle lighter into the access hole and light the pilot light. While doing this process, keep holding down the control button. When the flame will reach to the pilot light, a blue flame will start appearing. After seeing the blue flame, remove the match or the candle lighter. The blue flame will remain lit anyway.
  7. Last but not the least; keep holding the pilot button for approximately 30 to 45 seconds. This process will open up the thermo coupling at the end of the pilot light orifice tube which is present inside the gas control knob box. Now release the button after the specified time and take a look on the pilot light, it should remain burned.

However, if the light doesn’t remain burned, repeat the lighting procedure, but before that hold down the pilot light button for a single minute. If after repeating the process, the pilot light still goes out, you need to replace your thermo couple.

  • Automatic Boiler Pilot Light Ignition
  • Firstly, you have to turn off the electrical switch that controls the boiler. There can be two ways, either you have to off the switch which is situated on the electrical box, or you need to search for the breaker panel and turn the breaker switch to the off position.
  • Remove the access panel by turning the finger screws or lift it up and pull the gravity clips away.
  • Now, turn the gas to the off position through the gas knob. Also, for proper ventilation remain the windows open.
  • Now turn the gas knob to the on position once you think there is no gas smell in the room.
  • Lastly you just need to switch the breaker to the on position. As soon as you make it on, you will begin to hear a ‘clicking’ noise from the access hole, from where the panel is removed. In this automatic boiler there is an automatic starter which will light the pilot on its own. However, if you didn’t hear any noise or the noise has stopped but no pilot light is visible, then your boiler needs to be checked by a technician.


Do not attempt any such process, if you smell gas after venting the area. In that case, turn off the gas and call a service technician for the boiler check. Try to take every safety measure before doing any such work.

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