How to install under floor heating with combi boiler?

Under floor heating is generally considered in the list of luxurious things and sometimes a wish of many. If you have ever walked on the cold chilling tiles in the windy mornings in winters, than this could actually help you a lot.

But you might be thinking how UFH works?

There are basically two types of UFH installed: wet and dry

In a wet UFH system, the pipes carry hot water which has been heated by the boiler. This is as same as a radiator, over the pipes are installed with the large surface area and that too together. Whenever the hot water has followed the pipes, it will return to a temperature sensor. The sensor will determine the temperature of the water. And if the water is hot enough, it will be resent to the system by the help of a boiler. This helps in making the floor work at a regular temperature and radiators to run separately.

However in dry, the UFH system has a series of electrical wires installed underneath the floor. The system can vary depending on the property size and how well the house is insulated. A layer of insulation is laid down and then electric cable above them.  This insulation will help to prevent the heat from travelling down into the ground instead it makes a space into your home. Then these wires are connected to the mains of the electricity.

Reasons why UFH is so popular

  1. A different kind of feeling – UFH provides you a different kind of feeling, just like the warmth you are getting by the sun. The under floor heating utilizes the radiant heat and warms the objects with it.
  2. Healthier environment – UFH uses radiant heat which maintains a cleaner and healthier environment all around. Also helps to dry out the moisture naturally.
  3. Walk bare-foot – for people living in cold areas, walking around bare foot is only possible in summer season. But with the help of UFH they can be able to kick-off their shoes and can roam freely and experience the pleasure of luxuriousness.

Installation of under floor heating with combi boiler

Less weight heating systems or low profile heating systems are lightweight floor panels with water pipes in built in. they can be laid into the existing floor and the installation takes no longer than 24 hours. There is no major excavation and no waiting for the flooring to dry.

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