How to ignite vaillant boiler

Vaillant has been one of the best manufacturers of boilers around the globe. With wide range and variety they ensure you to provide supreme quality and customer satisfaction as well.

But sometimes it happens that the boiler doesn’t catch fire. Though, a gas boiler that is not igniting is as useless as any scrap. Also it’s very rare to find any gas boiler which is not getting igniting.

Problem in the boiler igniting can be due to some reasons. It can be

  1. Gas leaks
  2. Carbon Monoxide

Now you might be thinking, how you would get to know about the reason behind fault in the boiler ignition of your boiler.

You can check it by

  1. Checking for gas leaks

If your boiler pilot has gone out, than you should smell the air or the gas. If you think that there is presence of gas in the air, immediately open all the windows of you home. This might be because of the leak in the pipes. Call your gas supplier as soon as possible and ask him to check all your gas pipelines.

  • Checking for carbon monoxide

However, if there is no gas smell in the air. But there is a triangular symbol visible near the pilot light; you should leave your house immediately. As this is dangerous to your health and can cause headache, nausea and loss of consciousness. Call the expert for the immediate assistance.

Also these are the usual reasons; there can be more reasons for the fail to ignite of the boiler.

  1. No gas supply

The reason could be no gas supply to your home. It can be possible due to the gas meter being turned off or out of the credit by your gas supplier. What you can do is, try to test any other gas appliance. If your other gas appliance is working properly than there is a problem in your central heating system only.

  • Defective electrodes

Sometimes it happens that the problem of igniting the boiler lies in the spark electrodes. The spark electrodes can wear out over time which needs to be replaced now. For this replacement, you can contact the engineer or the company from which you have bought the boiler.

  • Frozen pipes

As now all the boilers are coming with the condensate pipes, which help to send waste gases outside and down a drain. Due to the cold wintery environment, the pipes could often freeze which results in the blockage. Hence it makes the boiler to stop working.

Contact an expert for the professional assistance and working of the boiler.

As we got to know about all the problems which can cause the fault in the boiler ignition now we should understand how to ignite vaillant boiler.

You just need to follow some simple steps to get back your boiler to the working condition

  1. Firstly, you have to turn off the electrical switch that controls the boiler. There can be two ways, either you have to off the switch which is situated on the electrical box, or you need to search for the breaker panel and turn the breaker switch to the off position.
  2. Remove the access panel by turning the finger screws or lift it up and pull the gravity clips away.
  3. Now, turn the gas to the off position through the gas knob. Also, for proper ventilation remain the windows open.
  4. Now turn the gas knob to the on position once you think there is no gas smell in the room.
  5. Lastly you just need to switch the breaker to the on position. As soon as you make it on, you will begin to hear a ‘clicking’ noise from the access hole, from where the panel is removed. In this automatic boiler there is an automatic starter which will light the pilot on its own. However, if you didn’t hear any noise or the noise has stopped but no pilot light is visible, then your boiler needs to be checked by a technician.


Take all the steps very cautiously. Do not try to flame the boiler when your gas burners are on. Call the experts for the assistance if these steps didn’t work.

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