How to convert system boiler to combi

If you are willing a convert your system boiler into a combi unit, then this is going to be no less then a walk into the unknown especially when you have never been a parent to a combination unit. But before heading onto that, you should have a clear understanding of what a combi boiler actually is?

Combi boiler

Combination boiler or combi boilers come being one of the most common types of boilers used in UK for a reason. Unlike the system and conventional units, the combination boilers are designed to be an all in one unit which produces hot water for taps and central heating in order to cut down the use of storage tanks or cylinders, thus occupying the least space required to house the boiler. Additionally on a comparison, the installations are much easier and faster than any other boiler unit. The Combi boilers are one of the most popular choices for keeping homes warm in winters.

The boilers are designed to operate using the water directly from the main supply that results in stronger water pressure and ensures that you would never be lacking on hot water again. The modern highly efficient units come, being a stainless steel condensing boiler with an inbuilt heat exchanger that operates in order to serve the customers with hot water immediately.

There are two main reasons behind the combi boilers great and powerful efficiency i.e. these units have high operating efficiency and low internal water volume. This means when in summer days you don’t need space heating you are only paying to heat water which is domestically required.

Why change to a combi boiler?

Changing yourself into a combi compact unit that is far more efficient than others can cater you with a list of benefits that strongly reason you as to why you should convert your system into combination unit. Let’s have a quick look.

  1. Highly energy efficient for modern condensing combi boilers
  2. A compact solution to cut down the use of any cylinder or storage tanks
  3. More room to air cupboard
  4. In most of the cases, combi boilers are proven to be highly efficient as compared with the conventional units
  5. Condensing technologies can probably increase the efficiency rating of the modern combi boilers over 90%.
  6. Flagship models from the top UK boiler brands are found to be 92% to 94% efficient.
  7. A perfect central heating solution for small homes and flats.
  8. Combi boilers operate to produce heating and hot water on demand.
  9. Storage combi boilers come being available for larger properties with two or more than two showers.
  10. Compact combi boilers are designed to deliberately fit inside a standard size kitchen cupboard.

Now let us step on to the implementation stage that is how to convert system boiler to combi.

How to convert system boiler to combi

  • Drain Existing Heating & Hot Water System.
  • Remove Old Boiler.
  • Remove Existing Thermostat and Controls [If Required].
  • If you’re switching from Open Vent to Combi, remove cylinders and attic tanks.
  • Convert Heating System to Combi. Upgrade the Gas Run to 22mm.
  • Install the New Combi Boiler.
  • Perform a Chemical/Power Flush on the Entire Heating System.
  • Install the Magnetic Filters.
  • Install Smart Wireless/Learning Thermostats.
  • Configure Smart Thermostats to work with the new boiler.
  • Register to the Extended Warranty service if provided any.
  • Hand Over & Induction on Boiler, Controls and Best Usage.

And with this you are done with converting your system boiler to combi.

(Note:- Conversion to Combi can sometimes add an extra day)

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