How to bleed a grant vortex oil boiler?

Grant has been designing and manufacturing reliable boilers since 35 years.  They believe in providing the best quality with the optimum durability and efficiency in the market. They try to develop there boilers with the best innovations they could do. With new technologies they utilize on the best materials and make the product meet the legislative standards.

Not only this, the brand has been honored by many reputed awards such as Best Buys Award, Overall Achievement Award and many more

The Grant Vortex boilers have the highest efficiency rating in the UK that not only lower your fuel bills but also helps in reducing greenhouse gas. All the boilers manufactured by this brand are easy to use and install.

But due to some or any other reason, the boiler gets stuck with a fault. One of them is how to bleed a grant vortex oil boiler.

When you run your oil boiler and it gets out of the fuel than you need to bleed the boiler. However you should be careful about this process. As when this happens the oil burner control detects the flame out and goes out on the reset after the set timings. There is a component named seldom, a burner pump re-prime and runs without bleeding the air out, whenever it runs out of the fuel.

However bleeding the air is not a heavy task, you can do this on your own as well but just be careful about the fuel as do not allow much of the fuel to pumped in the firebox without the burner lighting. This as a result can cause severe damage when the oil burner gets lighten up.

You just need to follow the simple steps very carefully

  1. To bleed the air, before the start of the process you need a wrench, tubing to slip over the bleeder and a catcher to catch the oil.
  2. You can use brake bleeder wrench. They come with two ends sized differently. Also there ends are the box ends wrench that right size will work well.
  3. Now you can take clear tubing which can be pushed over the bleeder and remember it should be long enough to reach the container that will catch the mixture of the fuel and the air that you are going to bleed.
  4. Now for a container, you require something which doesn’t matter or reacts when fuel oil is put into it, for this you can use any plastic bottle.
  5. Also gets an aluminum tray or a plate which should be kept under the area to prevent the spills on the floor as the reaction going to spills stinks.
  6. Now you need to find the bleeder screw on the oil pump section and put the wrench on it.
  7. Make the positioning in the way you are convenient to operate. You just need to turn the wrench to open the close screw.
  8. Place the wrench and check it
  9. Now push the tube over the bleeder and into the correct place.
  10. Put the other end into the plastic bottle.  Now you can bleed the air out.
  11. Now locate the reset button on the oil burner control and press it
  12. Open the bleeder screw and let the mixture of oil and air run into the plastic bottle.
  13. Just keep a notice, when the fuel running out of the tube loses the milky color, this means the air has been bled out.
  14. Close the bleeder valve and the burner should light
  15. However, if the burner goes out on reset before all the air is bled out, immediately close the bleeder as soon as you can and now repeat the bleeding process until the air is gone.

Following these steps will surely let you know how to bleed a grant vortex oil boiler or how to bleed an oil boiler. Just remember do all these things with precaution and safety measures. Else you can contact the engineer.

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