How long does it take to replace a boiler PCB?


The PCB is one of the most important parts of a system that allows all the electronic components in your boiler to interconnect in order to allow your boiler to work efficiently. Before the boiler ignites it sends a signal for the fan to start. It ensures the air pressure change from the air pressure switch to check on the running fan, before it begins to ignite. This is done because the fan is a component that takes harmful gases from your boiler via the flue. During the process, the gas valve opens and supplies enough gas to the burner, which then gets ignited using a spark generator.

How does a boiler PCB works?

The PCB is built to constantly monitor a range of sensors and gauges in order to ensure that the boiler is always able to operate within tolerance in terms of both temperature and pressure. As soon as any oddity gets noticed by the PCB, it automatically locks out and displays a fault code.

Almost all the boilers are made to use a generic PCB unit that doesn’t work with a boiler without the correct boiler chip card that’s in good condition and has been properly inserted.

What can cause PCB problems?

There are probably two problems that your boiler engineer needs to look out for.

  1. Boiler vibrations- If in case you witness your boiler being noisier than usual, then this is not as common as it looks like. However there is a much bigger issue that needs to be considered soon. Most of the boiler components come being extremely fragile which is why excessive vibrations can cause things such as the boiler chip cards and connections to the PCB to break loose or even damage the wiring. Before fixing the PCB, you must let your boiler engineer to check all the components that either individually or together strives to contribute to these vibrations.
  2. Water damage- another reason of your boiler to breakdown is the water damage that is caused by any kind of leaks in either the heat exchanger or the pump. The heat exchanger could easily breakdown in case of a lime scale build-up that creates hot spots and thus weakens the sections of the heat exchanger. For this you need to ensure that your system is free from any sludge and gets dosed with inhibitor.

You might be wondering as to how much you would need to spend from your pocket in order to fit a new PCB in your system.

How much will it cost to fit a new PCB in my boiler?

To be true, PCB is one of the most important and expensive component in your boiler. The repair cost for the same could hang between £400-500 whereas getting a new PCB could cost between £1,800-2000. However, the cost could vary depending upon the model you won.

As now you have a clear idea of what a boiler PCB is and how much would it cost, you might be wondering about how long does it takes to replace a boiler PCB.

How long does it take to replace a boiler PCB?

If in case your boiler has any issues with the PCB, a repair could easily be done within one working day and that is probably the maximum time it would take for the same.

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