How good are baxi combi boilers


Baxi, with its headquarters located in Apeldoorn has proven itself to be one of the leading and affordable brands in the heating industry worldwide with a turnover that has lately exceeded the mark of €1.2 billion. The organization has successfully made its way through the European market by owning the trade of some of the leading brands of UK and Ireland.

The organization, for the sake employees 6400 people with significant market shares across the major continental territories and United Kingdom. With affluent operation in 4 major sites of UK, the company builds its major investment from the trade of boilers and renewable technologies that includes solar thermal hot water systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and biomass boilers.

The brand has proven its worth worldwide with its mature sense of customer understanding, longevity, affordability and reliability that has eventually resulted into the company’s market growth and enhanced its brand reputation over the years.

Not only for the sayings, but being a buyer you would inarguably be convinced with their authenticity as one of the most superior and affordable brands after looking forward to some amazing features.

If you are willing to consider Baxi brand before investing into a new combi boiler we would help you find out as to how good are Baxi combi boilers and why Baxi should be an option.

Though Baxi holds on to its position in the stream, an obvious question can still emanate to cross the minds of customers, that is, what really makes it stand out?

To be true, Baxi has not always been the leader to the team, but has successfully won out the leading brands in the recent years, thus making its place in the international market.

With its reliability and efficiency, there are a number of reasons we have mentioned, that can unarguably convince you to call for the brand.

Have a look!!

  • Renowned for its Reliability and innovation

    Baxi has established itself as one of the most reliable brand in the market with better flue options which are proven to have a longer life than any other brand. The company has willingly operated itself to success by prioritizing their passion and pride along with keeping in mind the values of reliability and innovation.

  • Strong brand reputation

    Counting back to its quality and success since 1950s, Baxi has proven its existence in the market by manufacturing one of the most good quality boilers with a comparatively longer life and a strong brand reputation which has been earned by them so far.

  • Boilers to suit any home and situation

    Baxi has sustained in the market by operating a range of series of regular, combi and system boilers to suit different home and situation requirements for different families. So you can literally look for a unit that suits you the most.

  • Dedicated engineers for call-outs

    Baxi operates a self-owned team of customer service and dedicated service engineers who are always available on call to respond to any of your issues regarding the boilers, in the warranty period.

  • They’re 2017 gas industry and heating & ventilation award  winner

    The company has been remunerated with the 2017 Heating and Ventilation News award for the best Heating Product of the Year and the 2017 gas industry award for their customer services. 

  • Incontrovertible market guarantee

    The company offers a range of products with an inarguable guarantee in a series of 2 to 10 years, and makes sure to be present on your side regarding any issue during the warranty period.

  • Extra-long twin flue system

    Baxi is currently the only brand in the market to operate an extra-long twin flue system which makes it possible for the boiler to fit in the ceiling voids if the installation has to be made in an internal cupboard. Now this is something that’d be impossible with the larger flues.

  • Manufactured in the UK

    The parts of your boiler can easily be sourced as the manufacturing of all the Baxi boilers takes place in UK which makes it an obvious and easy appeal to support a British manufacturer, thus making the brand a desirable choice in the target market.

Baxi, being one of the most reliable brands has eventually sustained in the market with its consistency and reliable customer services on its products. The brand unarguably serves you with the most efficient and reliable units that cater you with a peace of mind about the safety and security support for your product even after years of installations. This makes it clear as to how good are Baxi combi boilers to suit your home and situation.

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