Honest Ideal Mexico HE Boiler – Price Comparison, Review

Floor standing smart boiler

Floor standing smart boiler

As the winter season sets in, you have to make certain smart choices regarding the brand of clothes you would prefer for winter likewise when it comes to choosing a boiler you need to make a smart choice as well because your choice of boiler would affect your electricity bills.

The Ideal Mexico HE Boilers are reasonably priced boiler well suited for your home as well as your budget. These floor standing boilers blend in smartly with the other appliances of your home. This boiler looks stylish, is an A-rated and environmentally friendly appliance. Offers excellent frost protection, modern technology and design with neat aluminium casing. Not only is it compatible with an optional remote user kit but the boiler can also be installed with an optional condensate pump kit to reduce the risk of condensation issues. This appliance offers a range of outputs according to your demand.

The Ideal Mexico HE boiler is easy to install and quick to maintain.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceGlobal ratings
IDEAL MEXICO HE BOILER8/10Yes£1,103.70 – £ 2,780.564.5 out of 5 stars, 2663 global ratings


The Ideal Mexico HE boiler is a floor-standing heat only condensing boiler. It is available in different outputs, 15KW, 18KW, 24KW, 30KW, and 36KW models. It comes with a 2-year warranty for parts and labour. The boiler ranges from £1,103.70 to £2,780.56, has an energy efficiency of 90% and above.

The appliance is also ERP compliant and is ideal for homes which have room for hot water cylinder and cold water tank. The boiler is easy to install and offers easy to use digital display.

The Ideal Mexico HE boiler is a strong performing boiler which will satisfy your energy needs and lower your energy bills.

Different Models of Ideal Mexico HE Boiler

Model   Ideal Mexico HE 15

Type.    Heat

Maximum Flow Rate   N/A

Typical Price  £1,103.70

Dimensions.  H – 850 MM W – 450 MM D – 530 MM

Output            15kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Mexico HE 18

Type.    Heat

Maximum Flow Rate   N/A

Typical Price  £1,153.35

Dimensions.  H – 850 MM W – 450 MM D – 530 MM

Output            18kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Mexico HE 24

Type.    Heat

Maximum Flow Rate   N/A

Typical Price  £1,594.76

Dimensions.  H – 850 MM W – 450 MM D – 530 MM

Output            24kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Mexico HE 30

Type.    Heat

Maximum Flow Rate   N/A

Typical Price  £1,959.83

Dimensions.  H – 850 MM W – 450 MM D – 530 MM

Output            30kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Mexico HE 36

Type.    Heat

Maximum Flow Rate   N/A

Typical Price  £2,780.56

Dimensions.  H – 850 MM W – 450 MM D – 530 MM

Output            36kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%


  1. Ideal Mexico HE is adequate for homes needing a compact boiler to minimise space and increased heating output as well as properties where a hot water cylinder and cold water storage tank are already installed.
  2. Ideal Mexico HE is an A-rated boiler with an excellent efficiency rating of 90.7%.
  3. This appliance will help cut down your energy bills and will also keep a check on Carbon Dioxide emissions.
  4. Ideal Mexico HE is to install and quick to service and maintenance.
  5. This appliance offers frost protection to protect the boiler from cold weather conditions.
  6. Compatible with the optional remote user equipment.


  1. The boiler offers a warranty of 2 years only.
  2. The floor-standing boilers of one require a larger space as compared to the wall-mounted boilers.
  3. Installation is difficult for homes which have less space.


A-RATED COMBI BOILER.      Save money on your bills.

ENERGY SAVING TRUST ENDORSED.  High energy efficiency

NOX CLASS 5 – BEST IN CLASS    Environmentally Friendly

COMPACT DESIGN.                 Flexible Siting

BUILT-IN FROST PROTECTION.    Prevents Cold Weather Damage

DIGITAL DISPLAY.                Easy to Operate and Adjust Temperature.


2-YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTY.   Confidence and Peace of Mind.


Price.               –  £1,103.70  to £2,780.56

Heating output – 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, 30kW, or 36kW

Dimensions       -H – 850MM, W – 450 MM, D – 530 MM

Weight.                – 52 kgs

Fuel.                    – Gas

Efficiency.            -A-rated 100%

Smart                  – compatible

Warranty.            –  2 years

Buying Guide

A new boiler is a substantial investment, one that will be part of your everyday life for several years to come. So, you must choose the right boiler.

Quick research looking into the different boiler types, manufacturers and models will help to ensure you make the right choice. It will help you reduce your initial costs and lower your bills.

Before selecting the different brands and models, you’ll need to know which of the 3 boiler types is best suited to your property:

  • -Combi
  • -System
  • -Regular

However, the following factors may be considered while choosing a suitable boiler for your home.

  • -Boiler type
  • -Efficiency
  • -ERP Rating
  • -Suitable sized boiler for your house
  • -Price
  • -Output
  • Mounting.           
  • Floor

You may also ask friends and family for recommendations. You may seek advice from persons who have previously used the boiler.

What Does The Expert Have To Say?

The Ideal Mexico HE floor standing boiler offers low running costs and minimal maintenance, delivering peace of mind for years to come. With a compact floor-standing design, frost protection and Energy Saving Trust endorsement, this model offer exceptional quality, value and efficiency. The perfect solution for replacements, the Mexico HE boiler benefits from a digital display, an optional remote user kit and a 2-year warranty.

The Mexico HE provides years of phenomenal efficiency and is ideal if you need a direct replacement for your existing floor standing boiler (larger output).

Boilers typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years but they can begin to lose their efficiency after 8 years. When efficiency begins to drop, your energy bills will slowly increase. So, if your boiler was installed more than 8 years ago, it’s time for a boiler replacement.


Name of the Reviewer- Mrs A. Jamal

Date of Review         – 9th November 2019

Rating                      – 4 out of 5 stars

Feedback.               – I simply wish to state that over the past 45 years I have lived with an Ideal Mexico Boiler (Freestanding). Regular annual maintenance was undertaken. I have never had to call out a technician for repair. Indeed I have changed the initial boiler once, after 22 years of excellent service. I am considering replacement again after 20+ years of excellent service. Once again I will seek out the same product.

Name of the Reviewer– S Musgrave

Date of Review         – 9th December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback.                – Very Professional Service

Name of the Reviewer– Lawrence Francis

Date of Review         – 10th December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback.                 -the fitter sorted the problem out and fixed it, the very good lad that knows what he is doing

Stories From Real World Use Cases

Name of the Reviewer– R. Ritchie

Date of Review         – 10th December 2020

Place of Review        – UK

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars


Efficient and prompt service.

Some of the reasons we chose the Ideal Combi boiler were for the customer service; build quality; efficiency; reputation… and lengthy warranty.

After a couple of months, the boiler was working well – far better than the unit it replaced – but it had been making a knocking noise. A call to Ideal customer services saw an engineer visit booked within a couple of days.

Engineer visit day arrived and as promised a call from the engineer at breakfast time to give an estimate of their arrival time. Engineer telephoned to firm up of the arrival time… then arrived.

The boiler was thoroughly examined, replacement pump fitted, boiler tested, work area cleared then the engineer – a pleasant character – left for his next call.

I certainly do not wish to have to call out the engineer again, but it’s nice to know the warranty; customer service; engineering staff are spot on.

Quite happy to recommend Ideal.


1.Should I replace my 20-year-old Ideal Mexico HE Boiler with a Combi boiler?

If the only reason for replacing it is to save on your gas bill then it’s not worth it as by the time you have paid for it in savings it will be time to replace it, sounds like you have gravity hot water & should work without the heating being on, I’d get someone to see what the problem is with that, plus if you do decide to change a combi isn’t automatically the right choice for your house.

2.Is fitting an electric immersion heater in your Hot water tank an option?

If you’ve got an immersion heater, then you wouldn’t replace your boiler until it becomes unrepairable as you will always have back up hot water. Just make sure that you have plenty of electric heaters in case it breaks down in winter.

3.If serviced yearly, how long will the Ideal Mexico HE boiler last?

If you are getting it serviced yearly and there is no problem with its function then you can take your lead from what the gas engineer says. If it’s working fine then no real need to change it.

4.What is frost protection?

Frost protection is active when the Halo is set to Off. It will run the central heating system if the temperature drops to 5°C to prevent freezing.

Did you know?

Here are some amazing facts about boilers which you might not be aware of.

  1. It is important to maintain your boiler Even if it is Spring or summer time.

Maintenance of your appliances is crucial even at the downtime when the appliance is not in use to prevent the boiler from break down. You should have a professional clean up regularly for your mobile

  1. A great amount of your energy comes from boilers. Energy consumption may differ in various houses but 50% of the houses use energy for heating and cooling purposes and it is vital to get your boiler checked frequently and to monitor the proper function of the boiler.
  2. Boilers recycle water.

Boilers utilised a closed system which means they recycle heated water repeatedly using minimum energy.

  1. Boilers are the most environmentally friendly choice. Boilers are regarded as Environmentally Friendly appliances.
  2. Boilers Recycle Water. Since Boilers work in a closed system they constantly recycle the hot water minimising the use of energy.


We often spend quite a lot of time and money on our smartphones and other products, Why not make a smarter choice while choosing a suitable boiler for our homes.

The Ideal Mexico HE boiler is designed easy to install and quickly to maintain and service. Before being placed in the desired position in your home this boiler can be connected to the power preliminary.

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