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Boilers are an essential part of any household these days. They provide quite several effective services to its owner. They are the best central heating systems as well as provide hot water for various household uses through taps. Boilers have also gained the title for one of the most efficient heating systems that tend to lower your electricity or gas bills in the long run.

Glow-Worm boilers are one of the most innovative and reliable boiler brand quality-wise. They also have very low Carbon emissions which makes them highly environment-friendly. It comes in various output levels from 25KW to 35KW and that too just under £1,000.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceCustomer Ratings
  Glow-Worm Energy Combi Boiler  9.1/10  YES  £787.62 and £912.24 (including VAT an excluding installation)  4.7 out of 5 stars and 4,372 reviews.

Glow-Worm Energy Combi Boilers:

Glow-worm energy combi boilers are one of the most compact and quiet sets of boilers when it comes to its functionality. They are so sleek they can easily fit into a kitchen cabinet and also don’t need the space for a hot-water cylinder or a cold-water tank. Glow-worm combi boilers are gas boilers and are highly energy efficient as well.

Prices for different models of Glow-worm energy combi boiler range:

Model NameOutputMax Flow RateDimensionsWarrantyPrice
  GLOW WORM ENERGY COMBI 25KW  25KW  10.4  H-700MM, W-390MM, D-280MM  7 years  £ 787.62
  GLOW WORM ENERGY COMBI 30KW  30KW  12.5  H-700MM, W-390MM, D-280MM  7 years  £ 803.27
  GLOW WORM ENERGY COMBI 35KW  35KW  14.4  H-700MM, W-390MM, D-280MM  7 years  £ 912.24


  • Super quiet in its operations.
  • A very sleek set of boilers that require very little space.
  • Can easily fit into a kitchen cupboard.
  • Doesn’t require an additional hot-water cylinder or cold-water tank.
  • Very affordable boilers.
  • Comes with a LED display that makes it easy to operate even in dim lights.
  • Highly efficient in terms of performance.
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • Saves gas and are rated A in terms of efficiency.
  • Suited for small, medium, and large-sized houses.
  • Quick and efficient services are available.


  • They have an overall Which? a score of 54%.
  • Struggle to provide hot water in multiple taps simultaneously.

Unique features:

  • A-rated energy efficiency combi boilers.
  • 7-years parts and labor warranty.
  • Sleek in size.
  • Quiet mark approved combi boilers.
  • Automotive-grade aluminum heat exchanger.
  • Digital LED display.
  • Dimensions- 700mm x 390mm x 280mm (height x width x depth)
  • Heating outputs available of 25KW, 30KW, and 35KW.

Technical specifications:

Glow-Worm Energy Combi Boilers25kw30kw35kw
Heat exchanger material   Article number                                      Gas Council number   Lowest water pressure to operate   Product weight   Maximum horizontal flue length   Maximum vertical flue length  Aluminium   0010015652   47-019-24   0.2   32kg   10m   10mAluminium   0010015653   07-019-25   0.2   33kg   10m   10mAluminium   0010015654   47-019-26   0.2   33kg   10m   10m

Buyer’s guider for Glow-worm energy combi boiler:

Boilers all over the market are made to tackle the different customer groups as per their needs and wants. It’s the customer who needs to have the basic knowledge about boilers and which one will suit him/her the best according to the needs. Glow-worm’s combi boilers come in a variety of ranges depending upon different aspects and performance levels to serve all types of customers. The things that you need to focus on before looking for the right boiler are:

  1. Size of the house– Glow-worm combi boiler is suited for small, medium, and large-sized boiler depending upon the area and hot water needs. They are although not fit for large commercial property or buildings as the highest output available in the range is 35KW.
  • Price of the Boiler- If you are looking for an efficient boiler in an affordable price range, Glow-worm’s combi boilers are your best choice. They will cost you less than just £1,000 including VAT and excluding installation charges.
  • Space available in the house– Glow-worm combi boilers are one of the sleekest and compact-sized boilers available in the market. They take so little space that can easily fit into a kitchen cabinet with any additional hot-water cylinder or cold-water tank needed.
  • Other factors-
  • Warranty period.
  • Output units desired
  • Heat exchanger material
  • Efficiency ratings

Interesting Facts About Glow-worm boilers:

  • Glow-worm is a brand founded in the UK in the year 1934 at the Derwent Foundry in Derbyshire.
  • In 2001 Glow-worm was acquired by the Vaillant Group, Europe’s second-largest heating company.
  • Vaillant employs over 12,000 people across Europe and China.
  • In the year 2007, Glow-worm expanded its product range by introducing technology with energy renewable energy sources.


What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Jonathan Whiting

An eco-hero with a head for numbers, Jon’s data visualisation skills are legendary. Whether it’s determining what countries will survive climate change or the animals most at risk from it, he has the planet’s best interests at heart.

The company produces all three types of boiler – combi, regular, and system – although they only produce gas-fuelled models.

Glow-worm models are generally considered less reliable than those made by more established brands, such as Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, but they’re generally very affordable and come with good customer service.


Customer reviews:

  1. Name of the customer– Colin H

Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback- Goodbye Ariston Hello Glow-worm

Detail– My Ariston Combi-boiler had finally given up on me therefore it was time for a new boiler.

The Glow-worm came highly recommended from a few friends and I decided to go for the Ultimate 3 30c model.

The Installation complete and It’s only been a few weeks, but so far so good.

The Operating Instruction manual is simple to follow and the additional Illustrations a big help.

I am absolutely pleased with my purchase.

2.Name of the customer– Ann Wyness

Rating- 2 out of 5 stars

Feedback- Installation went smoothly Detail- Installation of the product went smoothly and cannot fault the service received from AJM Plumbing, however, the boiler broke down 36 hours later, as this was a Saturday we had to wait until Monday with no heating and hot water for someone to attend, a new PCB was installed not sure how this can fail so soon?, the following week it broke down again and we had another night with no heating or hot water, the engineer called that day and was very rude said he couldn’t believe it had broken down again with the same issue, implied I did not know what I was talking about, I was not there when he attended however I was advised that it was the same person that changed the PCB and that the fault this time was a loose wire, who would have been at fault for that? shame he didn’t see fit to call and apologize

3. Name of the customer– Keith Stubbs

Rating- 4.7 out of 5 stars

Feedback– New boiler fitted

Detail- I was awoken at 08.00 hrs on a cold Tuesday morning to the tune of my doorbell. I’m Retired for anyone wondering why I wasn’t at work. My own fault for still being in bed. Workmen usually turn up late with an excuse. Looked out of my bedroom window and there stood my friendly plumber, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to fit my brand-new Glow – Worm (boiler). The whole job was carried out in one day with no mess at all and carried out in a very professional manner.

Also at a very reasonable price, I may add.

The name of the plumber in question is Sam Ormerod (fully qualified with all the certificates). And now my house is warm and toastie.

So if anyone needs a plumber in the Rochdale area, he’s your man.

4. Name of the customer– Anthony Carter

Rating– 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback– We required a new combi boiler.

Detail- We required a new combi boiler. We contacted our local plumber Phil Rose, Cheddleton, Staffordshire, ST13 7JD. He recommended a Glow-worm 3 30C to replace our Baxi boiler that developed various faults. Fitting took 2 days to complete and when installed and ready we were very pleased with how it performed. It was quiet, did everything it should do much better than our 10-year-old previous boiler. the tap water was perfect for the shower, and the radiators heated up quickly. The programmable room thermostat was a little difficult to understand, but the plumber set it up and talked us through the operations, which were quite easy to understand after a while. Over-all we were very pleased that we were recommended the Glow-worm combi boiler.



Q. What is Flue Gas Heat Recovery?

A. Flue Gas Heat Recovery involves preheating the cold water in the system by recycling the heat from the flue gases. This creates less demand for the boiler and less time to heat the home.

Q. Can I use 3rd party controls?

A. Some 3rd party controls can be used with Glow-worm boilers; however, Glow-worm controls are recommended for optimum boiler efficiency. The controls communicate more intelligently with the boiler, meaning the boiler runs more efficiently, increasing its lifespan.

Q. What if homeowners don’t want “complicated” controls?

A. Boiler Plus compliant controls don’t have to be expensive and complex, a simple room thermostat or outdoor sensor can be an easy and effective solution.

If a homeowner knowingly allows non-compliant work, they also face prosecution and possibly a fine of up to £5000.

Q. What is load compensation?

A. Load compensation is when control and boiler communicate intelligently with each other to modulate the flow temperature based on the current room temperature. This is why for the best Glow-worm boiler performance; Glow-worm controls are the way to go as they have been designed to work together specifically.

Q. What is weather compensation?

A. Weather compensation is the ability to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler based on the outdoor temperature. This can be achieved with a Glow-worm outdoor sensor which allows the boiler to know exactly how much it needs to heat up, making it extra efficient.

Q. Why is my Glow Worm boiler flashing?

A. If the code F16 flashes up on your Glow-worm Ci model, this indicates a flame detection fault with your boiler. It could very well be that the boiler itself requires a service, and the probe needs cleaned or replaced.

Q. How does glow-worm boiler work?

A. Contact your Installer or Glow-worm sales for further information. The Easicom boiler is an appliance that uses condensing technology, which recovers heat from the flue gases, this operating principle, consumes less energy and contributes to the reduction of your household CO2 emissions.


Real-World Use Case:

by David Pollard

We were having major problems with our central heating system and called in a plumber recommended by neighbors who had used him previously. His investigation led eventually to the boiler as the major problem in the system. He recommended a Glow-worm boiler and we went with his recommendation. The new boiler is a definite improvement on the old model but we suffered from a significant fault. The overheat switch, or something similar, tripped out the boiler after the controller has shut down the boiler and we had to restart it manually the plumber could not find a fault outside the boiler and booked a visit from a Glow-worm technician. The technician was very thorough, competent, and friendly. He replaced the circuit board in the boiler and since his visit on Monday 21 Dec 20, the boiler has worked perfectly.


During the winter season, it becomes very difficult to feel comfortable at our houses due to low temperatures. Some people use room heaters to keep themselves warm. But the problem with those is that they use a lot of electricity and increase the bills, and also do not fulfill the need for hot water. To have all these benefits without worrying about higher electricity or gas bills, boilers are the best heating systems for you!  Not only do they provide an excellent central heating system but always provide hot water for washing and bathing purposes.

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