Ferroli boiler how to turn heating on?

Ferroli is an Italian manufacturer that is being making the boilers from past 50 years. Currently, Ferroli operates in 14 different countries in Europe and Asia. Basically, they manufacture all their boilers range from Verona, Italy. Ferroli has brought many high efficiency boilers in the market and always stood as the best for their boilers performance and quality. They believe in providing ‘smart experience’ to their customers with their unique range of boilers. As they consider smart experience as smart comfort for their users.

With the best control over their product quality and affordable range, they make their boilers kinder to the environment as well. Ferroli specializes in commercial boilers with a wide range of renewable boilers including the open vent boilers and complete solar systems.

They make their boilers for every property size as there boilers have always been an ideal choice for the customers due to their reliability, durability and unbelievable efficiency rate.

You might know that boiler is a kind of central heating system, but do you clearly know what is a central heating system?

Central heating has a single boiler heating up your domestic water. This water is then pumped through the pipes with the help of the radiator. Radiators can be installed in different rooms. This one single boiler also provides hot water to your bathrooms and kitchen. Therefore, a single boiler which provides heat and hot water to your whole house is known as the central heating system.

These boilers are broadly categorized into three types i.e.

  • Combi or combination boiler
  • Regular or conventional boiler
  • System boiler

You would now be thinking about ferroli boiler how to turn the heating on? It is a simple query which can be rise with any boiler

But sometime it happens that the boiler doesn’t get ignition properly. A gas boiler without the ignition is of no use. For your query about ferroli boiler how to turn heating on? You can follow these simple steps

  1. Ensure there is proper power supply in the boiler
  2. For around first 30 seconds the boiler will show you FH that identifies the air purge function.
  3. However during the first 5 seconds, the display will show you the software version of pcb.
  4. Now open the gas cock on the boiler and purge the air from the pipework upstream of the gas valve.
  5. However when the FH disappears, the boiler is ready to function automatically whenever the external controls are calling for the heat.

If there is a case for improper ignition and you need to turn on the boiler. You just need to follow these simple steps and you boiler will run like before.

  1. Firstly, you have to turn off the electrical switch that controls the boiler. There can be two ways, either you have to off the switch which is situated on the electrical box, or you need to search for the breaker panel and turn the breaker switch to the off position.
  2. Remove the access panel by turning the finger screws or lift it up and pull the gravity clips away.
  3. Now, turn the gas to the off position through the gas knob. Also, for proper ventilation remain the windows open.
  4. Now turn the gas knob to the on position once you think there is no gas smell in the room.
  5. Lastly you just need to switch the breaker to the on position. As soon as you make it on, you will begin to hear a ‘clicking’ noise from the access hole, from where the panel is removed. In this automatic boiler there is an automatic starter which will light the pilot on its own. However, if you didn’t hear any noise or the noise has stopped but no pilot light is visible, then your boiler needs to be checked by a technician.


Do not try to ignite the boiler with the open knob, as it can cause damage to you and your property. Try to take all the safety measures before doing any such thing.

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