e119 boiler fault how to fix potterton?

Potterton is a US based companythat has been manufacturing the boilers since 1850. They have served to around seven million homes around th globe with their boilers. Potterton is one of the most reputed and trustworthy brand in the boilers global market. They believe in making the boilers which are dependable and way to use. There boilers are manufactured with the latest technology with high energy efficiency and environment friendly rate.

But some of its boiler leads to issues and fault, from which one of them is e119 error code.

Now you might be thinking of e119 boiler fault and how e119 boiler fault how to fix potterton?

Not to worry we have answer to all of your questions

What is e119 error code?

A sudden drop in the boiler pressure or when a boiler that doesn’t have constant water pressure and it is unable to work efficiently, this low low boiler pressure signifies the error e119 code in the Potterton boilers.

What causes low boiler pressure? (e119 error code)

  1. Water leaks

A leak from your boiler pipe or the radiator is tough to find but go and search for any damp patches and water.

Caution – do not try to look for leaks inside the boiler. Contact Gas safer registered engineer.

  • Bleeding radiators – when you are bleeding the radiator you are lowering the pressure of your system that will help you to create a drop in the water pressure.

If there is any leak in your central heating system, it can lose the pressure of your combi boiler. Also if you notice any corroded pipes and radiators, this can be the major reason for the leakage. Try to find the leakage on your own, as the engineers charge an hourly rate and finding the loop hole is a time consuming task.

However check if there is air in your boiler or not. For checking the air content, you need to follow some easy steps.

  1. Try bleeding your radiators
  2. Use a radiator key or the flat screwdriver to bleed the radiator.
  3. Once the radiator bleed, slowly turn the valve counter in clockwise direction and do it until water starts dripping out.
  4. This will help to release the air and will let hot water drip into the cold fins.
  5. If bleeding radiators doesn’t work for you, call an engineer as you may have a bigger issue which can only be detected by an expert.

How to repressurise the system?

Now once you get to know about the fault, the question arises is e119 boiler fault how to fix potterton? Not to worry, we have simple steps for you which will surely fix your problem.

  1. Turn the boiler off and let the boiler to cool down.
  2. Find the metal loop; this is generally a metal hose with 2 valves attached.
  3. If your boiler is not attached with the filling loop, than join it tightly and securely.
  4. Now, just open the valves of your filling loop to allow main water supply into the heating system. Remember the water flowing sound should be audible to you.
  5. Fill the pressure gauge until it reaches the 1 bar, this is the ideal measurement of filling the gauge. Do not over pressurize it.
  6. After this, you need to turn the valves so as to end the water flow.
  7. Now release the filling loop. If you evidence high water flow then tightens its valves.
  8. Also, don’t forget to replace any caps that you have removed from the boiler earlier.

We hope that we have answered all your questions and if you think this method doesn’t work for you than don’t take a risk call an expert for locating the problem and fixing with a better solution.

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