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Boiler that perfectly suits your home and your budget with advanced technology.

With the onset of the winter season, you have to make certain smart choices regarding the brand of clothes you would prefer for winter likewise when it comes to choosing a boiler you need to make a smart choice as well because your choice of boiler would affect your electricity bills.

Vokera Evolve Combi boilers would inevitably be a perfect choice. It offers an outstanding modulation ratio and maximises efficiency and convenience. Another excellent feature is the built-in Frost protection to protect the boiler from cold climate harm it also has an anti-seize function to stop the pump and motorised valve from sticking, along with the active combustion control and reducing emissions.

NameOur RatingsAvailabilityPriceGlobal Ratings
Vokera Evolve Combi boilers8.9/10Yes£775 – £9954.7 out of 5 stars 1013 Global ratings

Vokera Evolve Combi boilers

Vokera Combi boilers cost between £775 – £ 995 including VAT and excluding installation fees. it is a condensing wall mounted boiler and is easy to install. It is available and five different outputs 24kW, 28kW, 32kW, 36kW and 42kW.

This boiler would be the perfect choice for your home. It has a compact size, is user friendly and offers enhanced performance and helps you minimise the energy bills.

The best part is that it does not require a bit water cylinder or a cold water tank to satisfy your heating demands.

Different Models of Vokera Evolve Combi boilers

The range includes five output sizes with different maximum hot water flow rates, which are as follows:

Evolve C 24kW Combi – 10.7 litres per minute

Evolve C 28kW Combi – 12.3 litres per minute

Evolve C 32kW Combi – 14.2 litres per minute

Evolve C 36kW Combi – 14.7 litres per minute

Evolve C 42kW Combi – 17.2 litres per minute

Model   Vokera Evolve 24

Type.    Combi

Maximum Flow Rate   10.7

Typical Price  £838.80

Dimensions.  H – 740 MM

                      W – 420 MM

                      D – 275 MM

Output            24kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 90%

Model   Vokera Evolve 28

Type.    Combi

Maximum Flow Rate   12.3

Typical Price  £775

Dimensions.  H – 740 MM

                      W – 420 MM

                      D – 275 MM

Output            28kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 90%

Model   Vokera Evolve 32

Type.    Combi

Maximum Flow Rate   14.2

Typical Price  £785

Dimensions.  H – 740 MM

                      W – 420 MM

                      D –  350MM

Output            32kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 90%

Model   Vokera Evolve 36

Type.    Combi

Maximum Flow Rate   14.7

Typical Price  £994

Dimensions.  H – 740 MM

                      W – 420 MM

                      D –  350MM

Output            36kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 90%

Model   Vokera Evolve 42

Type.    Combi

Maximum Flow Rate   17.2

Typical Price  £885

Dimensions.  H – 740 MM

                      W – 420 MM

                      D –  350MM

Output            42kW

Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 90%


  1. The Vokera Evolve Combi is fully compliant with the ERP (Energy-related Products) Directive serving an efficiency rating of 94%.
  2. Another interesting feature is that the efficiency indicator has also been included to display the current boiler efficiency status as being ‘High’ or ‘Optimal.’
  3. The Vokera Evolve Combi Boiler has an exceptional modulation ratio of 7:1 to maximise the efficiency and comfort
  4. The boiler also has built-in frost protection to protect the boiler from severe weather damage.
  5. It also has an anti-seize function to prevent the pump and motorised valve from sticking along the Active Combustion Control which reduces emissions.


  1.  Since a combi-boiler draws its water directly from the mains and not a water tank, a combi-boiler considerably requires more time than a traditional boiler to fill a bath.
  2. If your combi-boiler malfunctions, you won’t be able to access hot water or central heating.


COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT.    Can be placed honest anywhere in your home

A-RATED COMBI BOILER.          Save money on your gas bill

CHOICE OF NATURAL GAS OF LPG MODEL STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.      No hassle and no need for a girl version kit.


Saves time and saves cost

EXCEPTIONAL MODULATION RATIO OF 7:1.     Maximize efficiency and user comfort


REC10 INTERFACE.    Easy to navigate and program heating Times


Boiler becomes A+ rated and efficiency levels can be increased by 4%


Confidence and peace of mind


Additional protection and improves efficiency.


Price.               –  £775 to £995

Heating output – 24kW, 28kW, 32kW, 36kW, or 42kW

Dimensions       -H – 740 MM

                           W – 420 MM

                           D – 275 MM – 350MM

Weight.                – 35 kgs

Fuel.                    – Gas

Efficiency.            -A-rated 94%

Smart                  – compatible

Warranty.            – 7 – 10years

Buying Guide

A new boiler is a substantial investment, one that will be part of your everyday life for several years to come. So, you must choose the right boiler.

Quick research looking into the different boiler types, manufacturers and models will help to ensure you make the right choice. It will help you reduce your initial costs and lower your bills.

Before selecting the different brands and models, you’ll need to know which of the 3 boiler types is best suited to your property:




However, the following factors may be considered while choosing a suitable boiler for your home.

-Boiler type


-ERP Rating

-Suitable sized boiler for your house



What does the Expert have to say?

A new boiler can save you up to £315 per year on energy bills.

Combi boilers are perfect for small households with 1-2 bathrooms.

The boiler is the beating heart of any home. It’s the fiery furnace that keeps your rooms toasty and your showers steamy, working tirelessly in the background. A combi boiler is a nifty, compact alternative to a traditional boiler, perfect for households that are running low on space.

They were originally designed for one-bedroom or two-bedroom homes, but more recent models are capable of supplying much bigger properties. A combi boiler combines two functions in one place: hot water and central heating. So, instead of requiring a hot water tank (like a system boiler), everything takes place within one compact, talented unit.

A combi boiler heats water only when you need it, which is much better for the environment, and great for your energy bills.

By law, every new boiler in the UK has to be condensing, so it might help to know what that means.

Condensing combi boilers are generally around 95% efficient, which is a huge improvement on past models.

By Charlie Clissitt, 27th May 2020


Name of the Reviewer- John Thomson

Date of Review         – 5th December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback.                – Efficient and reliable

I have been using Vokera boilers for several years and found them to be efficient and reliable. Great value for money.

Name of the Reviewer-  Alan Sneddon

Date of Review         – 8th December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback. Gave a call before arriving. Identified fault and repaired in 10 minutes. Professional attitude and friendly.

Name of the Reviewer-  Huw Jones

Date of Review         – 8th December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars

Feedback.                – Trainer is excellent

The trainer is excellent! Very thorough and in-depth training session. Thank you.

Stories from Real World use cases

Name of the Reviewer–  William Neil

Date of Review         – 3rd December 2020

Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars Feedback.              

– The Vokera boiler that I had fitted has been very simple and effective to control and utilise. It has made great changes to my running costs in the flat and I am delighted.


What size boiler do I need for my property?

Choosing a correct sized boiler should also be a primary concern. The size of boiler you require depends on the size of your home and how many radiators and bathrooms you have – only a Gas Safe registered installer can determine the exact boiler output you need by completing a site survey at your house.

2.Are combi boilers cost-effective?

While you make up your mind to purchase a new combi boiler, the cost-effectiveness has to be a major concern. The main purpose of a combi boiler is to only produce hot water when it’s required, making it very economical to run as there’s no excess energy wasted.

3.Will my shower work with a combi boiler?

You must first check the compatibility of the new combi boiler with your home. Typically, the design of a combi boiler means it can supply hot water to most standard showers, however, it’s worth noting that the water demand for a modern multi-jet shower may exceed this limit.

4.How energy efficient are different combi boiler models?

All combi boilers will have an official rating labelled A-G depending on their energy efficiency. SEDBUK is the national standard for the energy performance of the different boiler types, with A proving to be the highest rating as it shows at least 90% efficiency – not only will this improve the green credentials of your home, it will also help save you money on your energy bills. To further improve the energy efficiency of your combi boiler and increase fuel savings, you can link a new Baxi

combi boiler to a Multifit GasSaver to capture the heat which would otherwise be wasted.

Did you Know?

Combi boilers are essentially high-efficiency water heater and central heating units, which means that they can heat your home and provide hot water, without the need for a separate water tank. They tend to be more compact than other central heating systems, as they combine these two household functions into one appliance (hence the name “combi boiler”).

Most dwellings can be adequately heated by water that is only 60 degrees F, and they utilize a very small amount of natural gas to do this.

This is part of the reason that today’s boiler systems provide such inexpensive heat. Once it reaches that temperature the water expands and rises.

This water will fill pipes and radiators with radiant heat that is temperate and comfortable. Boilers can boil water, but there is no point in raising the temperature in your home to an uncomfortable and costly high temperature.


We often spend quite a lot of time and money on our smartphones and other products, Why not make a smarter choice while choosing a suitable boiler for our homes.

The Vokera Evolve Combi Boiler will cost between £775 – £995 including VAT and excluding Installation. It is a wall-mounted condensing boiler designed to fit into smaller spaces. Available in five different outputs if offers a warranty period of up to 7-10 years.

The Vokera Evolve Combi boiler will be a perfect choice for your home.

 The installation is quick and cost-effective – which is great news for both you and your installer. The boiler is user easy to control and user-friendly. You can even opt for an optional intelligent thermostat to enhance performance and reduce your energy bills.

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