Complete Guide For Keston Boiler Price and Reviews

Winter in UK is known for its adverse chilling experience which can cause serious health issues especially in children and the old-age members of your family. The only clear thing is that you can’t avoid the season, you need to find ways to cope up with the severe chilling attack of the winter. One of the ways to face the cold is to use boilers. The boilers can be used to heat water as well as heat your room through the central heating system. Earlier the traditional boilers used solid fuel as their source of energy to produce heat which was later used to heat the water but now the modern boilers are equipped with modern advanced technologies that use natural gas, LPG, or solar panels as their source of energy to produce heat. These modern boilers are very different than the traditional boilers and the most important difference is that modern boilers are equipped with technologies to heat water and produce heat for the room through the same machine.

Keston is one of those new brands that are striving hard to establish themselves in the boiler manufacturing sector. Originally established in 1928 as Keston Heating, it started manufacturing domestic and light commercial boilers in 1998. Keston provides a small range of different types of boilers which consists of combi, system, and heat-only boilers.

NameOur RatingAvailablePriceOnline Rating
Keston Combi Boilers7/10Yes£ 1,195.64 to £ 1,303.702.9 out of 5 Stars
Keston System Boilers7/10Yes£ 1,094.792.9 out of 5 Stars
Keston Heat-only Boilers7/10Yes£ 2,340.87 to £ 2,672.162.9 out of 5 Stars

Prices for different models of the Keston Combi Boiler:


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 30kW
  • Dimension – H- 700MM, W- 395MM, D- 278MM
  • Price – £ 1,195.64


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 35kW
  • Dimension – H- 700MM, W- 395MM, D- 278MM
  • Price – £ 1,303.70

About the KESTON Combi Boilers:

Keston serves a very small range of boilers under this section. It has only one model named KESTON COMBI Boilers. Like all other boilers, you do not have the burden of installing any type of cylinder or tank to operate it. The compact and lightweight design of this boiler makes it eligible to install anywhere in the house. It can be fitted in the standard kitchen cupboard if found necessary. This model comes in two different outputs i.e., 30kW and 35kW. Keston is one of those brands which are trying to grow in the market. Keston believes that it does not produce many boilers yet, it has boilers for every home and purpose. This type of boilers does not require a loft or cylinder for the storage of hot water. These are designed for small space houses where there is a lack of space.


  • It can be installed anywhere in the house.
  • It does not require a loft or cylinder for hot water storage.
  • It is easy to install and easy to use as well.
  • Eco-friendly to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Efficient enough to save your annual energy fuel bills up to 60%.


  • These boilers are not ideal for large properties of houses.
  • Keston combi boilers can not fulfill the high demands for hot water.
  • If the water heating system gets damaged, the central heating system stops working automatically and stops heating the room.
  • The hot water can not be stored to use later.
  • Not suitable for the properties with multiple bathrooms.


  • This model is equipped with frost protection technology which helps in protecting the pipe system from frosting.
  • Keston combi boiler comes with a visible pressure guage.
  • It has a decent LED display which makes this model user-friendly.
  • This model is wall-hung model which means that it can be hung on wall through jig.
  • It comes with a warranty of 5-year on parts and labor.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Keston Combi Boiler
  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 30kW and 35kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Price – £ 1,195.64 to £ 1,303.70

Prices for different models of the Keston System Boiler:


  • Type – System
  • Output – 30kW
  • Dimension – H- 700MM, W- 395MM, D- 278MM
  • Price – £ 1,094.79

About the Keston System Boilers:

This type of boiler has the least number of models manufactured by Keston. It is also the cheapest boiler manufactured by Keston. These boilers require a cylinder for the storage of hot water. However, this model can function without the loft which makes it an ideal brand for houses where there is a lack of loft spaces. This model is only perfect for middle or large-sized houses. The only model manufactured by Keston with an output of 30kW is KESTON S30. This model is compact and lightweight which makes the installation and maintenance quite easy. This boiler can fit in a standard kitchen cupboard. It also comes with flexible flue just to make the installation process easy and can be installed anywhere in the house.


  • This model has A-rated efficiency which helps in preventing the wastage of extra energy fuel.
  • It is famous for being pocket-friendly.
  • It also saves your energy fuel bills up to 60%.
  • It produces minimal operational noise which causes no disturbance.
  • It can supply water to more than one bathroom.


  • There is always some chance of leakage in the hot water tank which will lead to loss of heat and will reduce its efficiency.
  • Text Box: is needed if hot water is left for a long period in the tank.
  • It does not provide hot water instantly.
  • The Hot water tank decides the water one can use in one go.
  • Once used, the cylinder takes time to fill again.


  • It has been classified as SEBDUK Band A.
  • It comes with a decent digital LCD which makes the boiler user-friendly.
  • This model has frost protection technology like combi boilers which helps to defrost the pipe.
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years to ensure your peace of mind.
  • It provides the option of flexible flue length.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Keston System Boiler
  • Type – System
  • Output – 30kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Price – £ 1,094.79

Prices for different models of the Keston Heat-Only Boiler:


  • Type – HEAT
  • Output – 45kW
  • Dimension – H- 850MM, W- 500MM, D- 360MM
  • Price – £ 2,340.87


  • Type – HEAT
  • Output – 55kW
  • Dimension – H- 850MM, W- 500MM, D- 360MM
  • Price – £ 2,672.16

About the Keston Heat-Only Boilers:

These boilers like other heat-only boilers require water tanks in the loft and cylinder for storing hot water. This model is not possible to adjust in small houses where there is a lack of space. This boiler is especially suited for large properties or light commercial use. This boiler also comes in a single model named Keston Heat boilers. However, it has two different outputs Keston Heat 45 and Keston Heat 55  with 45kW and 55kW respectively. This boiler is generally ideal for the houses the traditional boiler requires replacement and the loft and the cylinder for hot water is already installed in the house. After that, the installation of this boiler is quite easy. It is a wall-mounted or floor-mounted frame model. This boiler can be used in cascading operations where around 4-6 boilers are connected to produce the effective output which is equal to the required output.


  • It can supply hot water in more than one bathroom.
  • Designed to fulfill the high demand for hot water.
  • Produce less or no operational noise.
  • It is efficient enough to save your annual energy bill.
  • It is low emission polluting boilers which makes it eco-friendly and helps to reduce the carbon footprint.


  • Reheating is often needed which makes it less efficient.
  • The cylinder of the hot water and cold water requires lots of space.
  • The flow of water in the cylinder is reduced than other boilers.
  • It does not provide a sufficient variety of models to select from.
  • The installation process is worrisome if both the tanks are not already installed.


  • It can be installed on the wall or floor-mounted frame.
  • It comes with SEBDUK BAND A.
  • Its ErP rating is A.
  • The 5-year warranty on parts and labor is to provide you peace of mind. It can be extended as well.
  • Comes with easy-to-use switches and a decent LCD to make it user-friendly.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Keston Heat-Only Boiler
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 45kW – 55kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Price – £ 2,340.87 to  £ 2,672.16

Buying Guide

This buying guide can be used only if you read this article to the last. The rating of Keston boiler is average and it is not going to improve its rating in the nearer future. There is this explanation that the boilers are costlier than the other boilers of different brands. It also provides fewer options to the users. However, Keston boasts of the National Support System which is working 364 days in the countries to solve the problems of the users. Keston is not the cheapest boilers available in the market yet, there are some qualities which compels you to go for Keston. The twin flue system and some advanced energy-saving technologies are the best parts of this boiler. It allows you easy and hassle-free installation. However, there are some factors which are needed to be kept in mind before buying a boiler. These factors play a vital role in selecting the best boiler for you.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Keston Boiler for your home:

Size of the house – The size of the house gives you an idea of which type of boiler is required for your house. It also describes whether a heat-only or system boiler is required in the house. If the house is too small, combi boilers are the best option available in the market.

Flue Length – it helps you install the boiler to a certain place. The flexibility in the flue length is an award you have to look for. If a boiler has a flexible flue length, it can be installed anywhere in the house.

Efficiency – The efficient boiler is essential as it is very crucial for the environment and pocket as well. You can benefit from the efficiency of the boiler till the last day of use as it helps in saving your energy bills and extra maintenance cost.

Warranty – It helps in living life carefree at least till the warranty period as it gives you extra peace of mind especially when you need it. The warranty with a longer period is the feasible one.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Keston Boilers:

  • Keston started manufacturing in 1928 under the parent company, Keston Heating.
  • Keston has manufactured only three models till now.
  • Keston is working on the commercial boiler as well as domestic boilers.

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

The low-cost unknown boilers might sound tempting but make sure you don’t fall for them as this can make your way straight to the boiler’s repair that are far more expensive than they look. Only the highly reliable and recommended brands should be shortlisted for consideration before making a purchase, otherwise, you might end up going for frequent repairs. Therefore, a boiler from a highly reliable brand is much recommended as it would be comparatively less faulty and would require low maintenance. Choose a brand that has maintained a good reputation for after services and repairs because product warranty is an important & considerable factor. Most of the boiler breakdowns are a result of poor installations so make sure you get the boiler installed by the company itself because, in case of getting a boiler from a reliable brand, installed by someone else, the manufacturers may cost you repair if they determine a fault in installation. So fall for a brand that is well known for it’s after-sale support or you would end up paying off. The heating capacity of the boiler is another important factor worth considering that depends upon the no. of bathrooms available at your place or the no. of family members you have.


Customer Reviews

  • Name of the customer – NICK
  • Rating – 2 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 28-11-2020

Feedback – We recently bought a house containing a condemned Keston Qudos 28s. It is an absolute crock of sh** and a hazard to life. It has now been capped off and having read the below reviews (thank you for sharing your pain) we will avoid getting another one. This also means replacing the ‘Kestionable’ double flue system to go with a Vaillant boiler and system. More cost but it means we won’t die in our sleep, not to mention the legit expectation of some hot water on demand.

  • Name of the customer – Nate London
  • Rating – 5 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 20-12-2020
  • Feedback – Old no-name boiler broke. It was located in my flats hallway cupboard and had flues in the void. Most boilers need to go on an outside wall and I didn’t want to put a boiler in the bedroom and build a cupboard. The plumber recommended Keston, he said they have got much better. I was skeptical after reading some reviews. He said it was either Keston or Baxi if I don’t want to move the boiler, I went with Keston as he said it would be fewer ceiling viewing ports needed. So far it’s been over 2 years and it’s been great. It broke once but they came out on the same day and fixed it. The warranty can vary depending on if you get a Keston filter and any deals they have so check the website or call. You must register it within 30 days and follow it up to make sure it is received. If not you have to pay a fee. The c30 is more than adequate for a 2 bed small flat. I can have endless hot showers it’s been great. I hope they continue to make them as many flats and older houses have the boiler in a central location.
  • Name of the customer – iglooblast
  • Rating – 3 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 21-01-2019

Feedback – Our Keston Quodos 37 began malfunctioning almost exactly 5 years after installation. Even Keston’s engineer told us it was a lousy boiler and recommended we replace it. However, we’ve kept it running for a further 2 years till now when it is packed up again. The problems have included loud roaring and knocking noises, fan and heat exchanger malfunction, and leaks. It has been impossible to speak to anyone at Keston – their answering machine put the phone down several times before I could get through. When finally I did get on to someone they promised to have the right person in business support call back and they haven’t three days later. We will now replace the boiler with a German unit and my advice to anyone installing a boiler is not to touch Keston or Ideal under any circumstances on grounds of quality, reliability, and service.

Real-World Use Cases:

Our KESTON QUDOS 28S was installed 7 years ago. We have had several problems with the boiler but this February the fan failed! The quotation to replace the fan was £578.40! The engineer said that there were many other fault codes recorded and he felt that we should consider replacing the boiler!

We chose to accept a quote for a new boiler rather than repair the existing boiler for the following reasons.

a) The number of problems with the existing boiler

b) The price difference, £578 to repair the existing boiler v £3,117 to install a new boiler with a 10-year guarantee. (All prices include VAT)

c) The lack of help from Keston when I rang to confirm that my 2-year warranty had finished. They were not willing to give me any prices or advice to check if I was getting a fair deal: I was only a customer!

I have since read the reports about Keston on this web site and felt that I should include my comments to help other potential customers make their decision. To be fair, I understand that Keston has, since my purchase, been taken over by another company but I was disgusted that even the NEW sales team could show such a lack of interest in helping me and the ease of which they were able to hide behind their “safety?” clause where they were not willing to give me any help on prices: I was, after all only a potential customer! With the poor deal I had with the original boiler and their lack of interest in helping me now, as a potential customer, I agree with other reviews, KEEP AWAY FROM KESTON!

Tony Walker


  1. How to cure low pressure in the boiler?

The most common Keston boiler fault is low water pressure. The amount of water in your boiler and the pressure are directly connected. So, if you add water, you’ll also increase the pressure. You’ll be able to see this on the gauge that’s located on the front of your boiler. The error codes for the low water pressure fault vary depending on the Keston model you have. For instance, it would be F1 on an S30 system boiler and E44 on a C40 combi or C55 combi. Boilers work best at 1.3 bar of pressure. If your boiler is currently well below 1 bar, there’s a good chance that low water pressure is the problem. This a small braided hose that’s located below your boiler. There’s a valve on the filling loop that will allow water to enter your heating system. As you open it, you’ll see the pressure rise. Aim for 1.3 bar, but up to 1.5 bar is fine. If you accidentally overfill your boiler, you can drain water (and pressure) from the system via the drain cock. If you can’t locate the drain cock, you can release pressure (and water) via the radiators using a drain key.

  • What to do if the boiler does not ignite?

 Another frequent problem with Keston boilers is an ignition failure. For the C36 it will show an E01 fault code, whereas the C40 combi and C55 combi will show the E02 fault code. The most likely problem is the gas supply issue. In the winter months, regulators on gas meters can freeze. When they do, that can restrict the gas flow to the boiler. However, when it’s not cold, the gas valve is the likely culprit. These valves are prone to sticking as they get old and worn out. If they stick closed, they won’t be giving the boiler’s burner the amount of gas that it needs. The PCB recognises this issue and locks out, displaying an error code. You’ll need to get a gas engineer to free the valve and check its overall condition. If the valve can’t be freed and is in poor condition, a replacement can be fitted. This will cost roughly £250.

  • What to do if the boiler is switched on but not hot water or heating?

If you have no hot water, no central heating, or radiators are heating up slightly even when the heating is off, it’s likely the diverter valve is the cause. The diverter valve helps a combi boiler switch between hot water and heating. If it’s sticking, as you call for hot water, it will be let by some of this heated water into radiators, and vice versa. Like a gas valve fault, the diverter valve can sometimes be freed. However, it’s much more likely that a replacement is going to be needed. Typical prices for a diverter valve replacement on Keston boilers is around £350, although the price will fluctuate depending on the model of your boiler

  • What if the boilers don’t fire up?

If the problem with your Keston boiler relates to it not firing up, it’s likely there’s a fault with your fan. You’ll see an F3 error code on an S30 system boiler, and an E05 fault on a C36 combi. The fan on your boiler creates a small draught. This allows dangerous gases to be expelled via the flue. Your boiler won’t ignite unless the printed circuit board recognises the fan running. Unfortunately, this isn’t a case of a simple DIY fix. You shouldn’t be working on your boiler unless you are registered with Gas Safe. So, you’ll need to call a Gas Safe registered engineer. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem with the fan. If the fan needs replacing, this could cost £250 and upwards (including parts and labor).


This boiler does not have any quality which is not found in other boilers. The price of this product questions its standard. This boiler is not worth the money it is charging. There are various boilers available in the market which offers the same qualities at a lesser cost. Keston’s record is not clean. Keeping the previous reviews and experience of the customers in mind, it is not advisable to buy. However, you will still find some qualities in this boiler which will compel you to buy. This not a wastage of money. Once you buy it, you’ll get satisfied after using it. As these boilers are famous for saving energy fuel, these boilers are quite efficient and eco-friendly.

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