Complete Guide For Advanced Plus System Erp Boilers-Prices Compare & Reviews

For decades, Boilers have served as a peaceful solution to cold regions providing a source of comfort and as a perfect solution in need of warmth. Boilers also called heaters towards the Asian region mainly provide warm water for all purposes to a home. But these days advances have entered all fields and have a greater influence on technical apparatus. The need for warmth and comfort has also given rise to a humongous increase in the need for boilers and more central heat suppliers that enrich their environment in heat and coziness. Increasing Global warming and the worsening impacts on the climate have deepened our concerns about one’s health in total. The freezing cold and scorching heat seek a definite solution.

Whether it be the question of comfort or health, staying under the level of enrichment and under proper conditions is always essential. Hence the question of buying boilers is never turned down in such countries.

An umpteen number of questions before a purchase could be more than simply daunting. We understand the importance of selecting the most appropriate boiler for our home, hence we have detailed out the essentials to look out for while purchasing a boiler. The high-efficiency heating products are easy to install, maintain and service and much easy to use. They are confident in the reliability of their product range and offer leading free parts and labour warranties, for proper complete peace of mind.



Biasi sets itself in the forefront of advanced development and strives continuously to set further benchmark standards. A futuristic brand that promises ideal boilers at much cheaper rates than most of the other brands available in the market today. Thus Biasi is a brand which you could choose with no doubts.

Efficiency, accuracy, flow rate, heat capacity, size , all play a vital role in selecting the best. The utility and sustainability thus seem to be the conclusive key factors that sum up the wholesomeness of an appropriate boiler. No user wishes to spend extensively on the installation, the maintenance and the repairs of the once installed boiler.  Nor does any user wish to exhaust the available resources and risk the safety of the members under the hazards of an ill manufactured boiler.

 Let’s take a look at the 3 different variants under the model Biasi advance plus system boilers. :

Biasi Advance Plus System Erp 16

 It is more suited to smaller spaces and compatible with apartments that have a lesser number of rooms and bathrooms. It proves to be the best in cheaper boilers that are available in the market today. Advance Plus boilers come with a built-in frost protection system, which stops the boiler from freezing during the winter seasons, and a built-in component anti-seizure routine that stops components from seizing during periods of inactivity.

 Biasi Advance Plus System Erp 25

 It is best suited to medium-sized flats and apartments. Helps in improving the comfort of your home and furthermore, reduce your heating bills to great extent.

 Biasi Advance Plus System Erp 30

 It provides a larger output of around 30kW. Powerful and effective in results.  Highly reliable System boiler that is designed and manufactured by Biasi. This boiler range comes with simple easy to use up/down buttons to control your heating temperature.

A twin channel programmer is associated with the boiler that can be wired to the boiler which is more suitable and widely available can be used instead of Mechanical Clock. Advance Plus System boilers come with a comprehensive 7-year warranty, which comes with certain conditions. 

Model Our Rating Availability Price Global Rating
 Advance Plus 168/10 Not Available£5703.8/5
 Advance Plus 258.2/10Available£5934.1/5
 Advance Plus 308/10Available£6154/5

Advance Plus System ERP 16

 The boiler has been made using the most durable and reliable materials that give us a guarantee of the performance of the boiler.

You are able to heat your hot water via the internal heat exchanging coil within the cylinder, however, you need another separate control for your cylinder. The boiler has a twin channel programmer that you can have wired to the boiler.

 For those hot summer days when you don’t need your boiler to function it comes with a built-in component – an anti-seizure routine.



  • ●      SEDBUK rated boiler
  • ●      frost protected
  • ●      horizontal or vertical flue kit.
  • ●      Manufacturer guarantee: 7 years
  • ●      British gas approved
  • ●      Included: Boiler, fittings pack & hanging bracket


  •  ●      Ignition issues in boiler
  • ●      Hot water outlet issues
  • ●      Red and Green flashlights that work inappropriately
  • ●      Boiler flashes with ER 04
  • ●      Banging noise from within the boiler
  • ●      A sudden stop in functioning could need proper service.
  • ●      Chances of leakage


  • ●      Sedbuk rating – 88.7%
  • ●      Output – 16kW
  • ●      Wall-mounted
  • ●      Compact measurement
  • ●      B rated boiler

 Advance Plus System ERP 25 and 30

 The Biasi Advance Plus system comes with 3 different outputs. These are 16, 25, and 30. The brand makes sure that effectiveness is served on a golden platter and does not bear a black mark on its reputation. 

The 16kW Advance Plus has the above-stated features whereas the 25kW and 30kW are both essentially one and the same except for the difference in their size and output ratios.

They differ by minute changes and hence it seems confusing when one has to arrive at a conclusive decision.

 Therefore we have sorted out the details and features to make the job easier. 

ModelAdvance Plus System 16 Advance Plus System  25Advance Plus System 30
Band rating B rated B rated B rated
Heat RatingA ratedA rated A rated
MountingWall mountingWall mountingWall mounting
Efficiency88.7 88.888.7
Output16k 25kW 30kW
Flow rate
Availability-Not AvailableAvailableAvailable


 choosing the most appropriate boiler from amongst the umpteen varieties of boiler models and brands is not just confusing but a hectic and daunting task. Choosing a boiler also means investing in a boiler, since boilers last for about 10 to 15 years.

With no doubts, It is worth researching when it comes to boilers and the perfect one for your home. The model, brand and price alone does not provide the basic information required to decide on the perfect boiler for your home. Choosing the right one is equally significant to ensure safety.

The quality and reliability of a brand must be more vibrant than any of its contrasting features.

 And here we have sorted out the basics of a boiler manual that one must focus on when purchasing a boiler.

 ●      The size of your home space available and the size of your boiler.

The Size of your home decides the size of the boiler. Lesser the number of rooms and bathrooms, lower the required heating capacity.Choosing the right size includes two major factors:

●      Heating capabilities

●      Whether the physical size would fit your home space.

 It would always be best to obtain further information and advice from an engineer regarding the heating efficiency required for your home and its installation.

The use of smaller boilers for a vaster home would only provide evident inefficiency. And the vice versa usage of larger boilers for limited home spaces would lead to increased bills, increased heating of limited heating sources. Which could in adverse be dangerous.

Further requisites are :

 ●      ErP rating

 Higher the ErP, safer and cleaner the option. As the rating increases the ability of the device to function increases but at the same time the resource consumption decreases and the savings on energy and electricity decrease with high effectiveness.

●      Lower complexity

The easy functioning and operating of devices makes it easier to handle.

The technicalities to be kept on the comprehensible side of the user is quite a  task for the manufacturers.

●      Cost efficient and resourceful

 The most highlighting feature as compared to boilers for decades is that modern boilers are resourceful and consume less electricity. They do not come with pocket tearing bills at the end of the month. The price is affordable and much advantageous since it comes with a long guarantee up to 10 – 12 years.

 ●      Gas boilers

 Choosing an efficient boiler also means moving ahead with time and advancement.  It would be appropriate to use the technically advanced method of heating than to stick with the older methods that could prove fatal or damaging to homes. Gas seems neater and more cost-effective. The modern Gas condensing boilers result in a decent energy bill and higher returns of savings on resources.

 ●      Compact but efficient as much as the Classic boilers.

 Reduced size does not mean reduced efficiency. No compromise is appreciated when it comes to efficiency with regard to the reduced size.

 ●      Varied ranges.

 One’s size of the home and the size of the device is always interlinked and helps produce the best results always.

The size is what determines the outcome and the output efficiency.  The Biasi range offers 3 models simply under the combi model and even a better range under the other categories. Which makes the process of choosing quite daunting yet offers a wider range to choose from.

What Industry Influencers Say About Biasi And Its Advance Plus System Boilers?

 In the case of boilers, the customers make a valid distinction on the basis of their usage and experience with the product so far. Hence it makes them reliable and trustworthy. A brand does not gain reputation one dawn and surpasses the brand in the markets by its advertising efficiency.

The brand offers good quality boilers which are heavily regulated and distinctively popular for their accuracy and productivity for their price that makes them competitive in the market today.

BIASI advance plus system 16

  • Efficiency – 87%
  • Ease of use – 88%
  • Quality – 85%
  • Resourceful and cost effective -80%
  • Compact – 85%
  • Affordability- 95%

 BIASI stands for reliability and durability at a price affordable by any person. The very perspective focuses on the enthusiasm spent by the inventors on providing comfort at affordable prices.  However, this does not transcend quality at any cost. The durability of any product is 75% dependent on the way it’s taken care of and maintained. Hence, one can definitely say that a Biasi Product well taken care of would definitely last for years as a part of your home providing comfort.

The experts have a specific viewpoint regarding the brand. The quality is definitely un-compromised, but if brought to comparison with existing popular brands in the market, then the question could be which prevails longer and if it would be cost-effective.

 Yes! As a matter of fact, as the rate goes down the quality of machine and material would step down as well.

In the case of Biasi, this is guaranteed through the 75 years of deemed experience in the market and trust gained through customers.  But however, this could fall below standard borders when brought to open comparisons with Brands like Worcester Bosch, Vokera, etc.

The lower price of the boiler does attract a lot of people towards the brand. But it should be taken into consideration that the Biasi Boilers do not rate up to the market value and customer satisfaction as much as the popular brands like Worcester Bosch or Vokera do. Such popular brands do serve a longer warranty that makes the service costs quite feasible even though a sudden breakdown occurs or in need of a repair. On the other hand, the brands like Biasi which offer more at a lower cost may succumb to small degree leakages or other errors at smaller intervals of time that may incur expenses outside the warranty time period.


  •  Efficiency – 88%
  • Ease of use – 90%
  • Quality – 85%
  • Resourceful and cost effective -80%
  • Compact – 85%
  • Affordability- 90%

 Yes, the Biasi advance plus system boiler at 25kW is just the perfect boiler for a medium-sized apartment or home that comes with a feasible number of bathrooms and wouldn’t impose a humongous workload on a 25kW output boiler.

 The boiler has wall mounting that occupies even less space. The question with the experts in the case of brand Biasi is the quality.  With no doubt, the quality stands untouched for the value spent on it. But when in comparison, definitely the boiler takes a lower position since other brands mark a more durable period.

The highlight of Biasi boiler lies in the standard warranty offered at the lower cost.  The cost appears seemingly trustworthy for a 5 year period.

But, as previously stated, other top brands also offer 7 to 10 years warranties that could help keep away personal expenditure on boilers for unnecessary reasons of maintenance.


  • Efficiency – 86%
  • Ease of use – 90%
  • Quality – 88%
  • Resourceful and cost effective -85%
  • Compact -82%
  • Affordability- 87%

The Biasi boilers have a 75 year experience in the industry that makes them highly reliable. Their range includes the multiple combi, regular and system boilers that all run on natural gas which makes them highly feasible.

Biasi boilers burn the natural gas to heat your home ( run on gas )  – as the vast majority of boilers do. The efficiency rating relates to how much of this fuel is converted into usable energy and depending on this rate, Biasi Advance plus system boilers have an efficiency of around 87%. In addition to having the most suitable boiler type installed for your home, you also need to consider the output rating, efficiency, and warranty which in relation to the brand Biasi stand Uncompromised and hence make them extensively durable. The higher the CH output, the more radiators it would be able to warm.

Biasi offers a warranty period of 7 years on their system plus boilers which will see that you’re covered by the manufacturer in the unlikely event of a fault developing after the installation.


1.     Name : Katrina Herne

  • Date : 13 October 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 30kW
  • Rating : 4/5
  • comment :

So far so good. Had the boiler fitted a month ago and it’s so quiet. The heating works quickly and the hot water is amazing. The best part is the remote control you can literally wake up and put the heating on without leaving your snuggly duvet.

2.   Name : Robert Stanley

  • Date : 22 December 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 16kW
  • Rating : 1/5
  • comment :

Had a new biasi boiler fitted on the 2 nd of October 2020 it worked fine for a couple of weeks then just started going of error 01

It would not reset I contacted the gas installer and finally, after 2 weeks of ringing him he came out he looked and said it looks like a faulty boiler and he would contact biasi about it now we are in the cold with a rubbish boiler no heating no hot water and he still is not getting back to me the walls in my house are going black because we have no heating stay away from these boilers they are rubbish

3.   Name : Christina Mckenzie

  • Date : 4 November 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 25 system plus
  • Rating : 1/5
  • comment :

Shocking boiler, I am a tenant and my landlord put in a Biasi Advance 25C, big mistake. After 4 months the pcb needed replacing, after another 5 months the pcb and fan both need replacing. While under warranty currently, at some point it won’t be and they will be forking out hand over fist for repairs. Not to mention my time taken up with waiting for the engineers to come, trying to communicate with the company, parts are never available and seem to take ages to turn up. It is a false economy to put in a cheap boiler like this. I will move out of the property based on this boiler as my time is worth a lot more than my landlord seems to think it is!

4.   Name : Jemma Mortlock

  • Date : 22 December 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 25kW
  • Rating : 1/5
  • comment :

 If I could give 0 I would. nothing but trouble and the Engineers and customers service our rude and simply don’t care. Waiting in taking time off work and no shows no calls to say they are coming or not. Treated like a child on the phone! Stay awake from these cheap boilers. It’s stressful and no one cares if the landlord says it’s under warranty so nothing to do with them! This boiler had never worked properly since fitted and this is the second Biasi boiler fitted in the property. Absolutely rubbish. I have children who have no heating and no hot water and the engineers say buy a fan heater! I did and my electric bill is sky high …who is gonna pay for that! Oh, muggins here! Funny I can’t go to work because the engineers say up to 48 hours call out and no time given. Especially in this unprecedented time when people lose their job due to covid-19 or get it because it’s similar to flu-like symptoms and then your engineers can come out because you have the symptoms! Unfortunately, it’s not my choice what boiler goes on my property! But if I did I would stay well away from this brand completely. Still waiting for engineers to come to fix what’s the bet that they don’t have the part and I will be out of a boiler for more days and even weeks nothing surprises me anymore. No customer service, no care, and really just don’t care!

5.    Name : Barrie Harding

  • Date : 4 August 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 30kW
  • Rating : 5/5
  • comment :

I am absolutely delighted with my new Biasi boiler. Simple to operate and the heat and hot water is amazing. Best boiler ever. I have lived here since 1965 and have never had a boiler as good and efficient as this boiler is. Thank you Biasi.

6.   Name : Javed Iqbal

  • Date : November 2020
  • Item bought : Biasi Advance Plus System 30
  • Rating : 5/5
  • Comment :

Very good service. Prompt and polite.

7.    Name : Rosemary Steel

  • Date : October 2020
  • Item bought : Biasi Advance Plus System 16
  • Rating : 5/5
  • Comment :

Glad this was recommended by my gas fitter in, early days but I’m happy that the boiler is giving me heat and hot water when required.

8.   Name : Graham Jenkins

  • Date : September 2020
  • Item bought : Biasi Advance Plus System 30
  • Rating : 5/5
  • Comment :

We have just replaced our boiler with a Biasi after about 14 trouble-free years and of course, we’ve chosen Biasi again at a really good price, very efficient and quiet. A no-brainer.

9.   Name : Simon Frank

  • Date : July 2020
  • Item bought : Biasi System
  • Rating : ⅕
  • Comment :

 Well this is breakdown number 5 in a year and a half ,and always happens on a Friday evening ,wait until Monday to contact Tuesday to have a call back for booking Thursday or Friday for engineer to turn up without any parts ,so then Monday to order from biasi Wednesday for a call to book it in Friday for a fix but that’s just until the next time and that will be soon ,while the calls are pleasant and encouraging if this boiler were human it would be on life support Disappointed from the beginning

10.               Name : Lynda Dyer

  • Date : 24 August 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 30kW
  • Rating : 2/5
  • comment :

We had a new Biasi plumbed in and set up in 2016. Yes, only 4urs ago, we are now having to replace the LCD screen and motherboard already!!  Even if we get these fixed it could still be the fan. Not impressed as we hardly use the boiler for heating maybe 3 weeks a yr

11.Name : Ashley

  • Date : 8 April 2020
  • Boiler bought : Biasi 30kW
  • Rating : 1/5
  • comment :

Single worst purchase of my life. Constant money spent on a boiler that failed after 6months of being installed. They’ll claim it’s a problem with the installation instead of honouring your warranty. None of their engineers are reliable. Despite taking their service engineers advice, I’ve now replaced 4different parts in this boiler. The latest part that might need replacing is the PCB. I’ve had a guy over recently that used to work for Biasi. Claimed that it was the best company to work for as the boilers are always going wrong and always need to be worked on. Don’t believe their responses to these reviews. Customer service is awful including the technical department. I would question whether the positive reviews on here are from genuine customers. Only have to take a look at Google reviews to know the truth. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy from this company.

12.  Name : DIYgirl

  • Date : February 2014
  • Comment :

Biasi is not living up to expectations

Purchased a Biasi Riva until in 2008. Since then, I have had numerous issues with this unit. The most recent being that the circuit board has gone bad after only 5 years in service. It cost almost 30% of the original cost for installation to get it repaired. The warranty is 2 years on all other components and 10 years on the heat exchanger. My Biasi experience has been one that will not allow me to deal with this unit in the future. Buyers beware.

For further reference and validity on our reviews, please check:


1.     How does frost protection work in a Biasi System boiler ?

When the Biasi boiler senses a temperature drop below 5 degrees it will fire up and warm itself up, this continues until the temperature rises. Should there be a disruption to the gas supply the boiler will run the pump only in an effort to stop the water freezing within the boiler.

2.   I have very low pressure in my area, will the boiler work well with this?

Definitely, the boilers can operate on low pressure. Although we would recommend a primary system pressure of between 1 and 1.5bar when cold, the boiler will operate once the system is above 0.3bar. The domestic hot water will operate as low as 2.5 L/min at 0.3 bar. Hence the doubt can be kept away and you can expect the best results.

3.   What are the standard efficiency flue kits?

Standard efficiency boilers waste heat within the exhaust flue gasses whereas high efficiency is lower that causes the flue glasses to condense and turn into water. SE flue kits are composed of metal to withstand the heat but HE are plastic to withstand the acid water produced when condensing. The water produced by HE boilers will eat through the metal. The heat produced by SE boilers would melt the plastic so it’s important to get the right boiler accessories for your boiler.

4.   How long does a Biasi boiler last under proper maintenance?

15 years approximately. There are no specific rules when it comes to how often boilers need to be replaced or how often they have to be serviced. However, these appliances should last for up to 15 years, or even longer if they are of good quality and well maintained. They even last above 20 years if regularly maintained.

5.    What is the maximum flue length for your boilers?

All our boilers are different, the less restriction within the boiler the longer the flue can be run. Please refer to the technical pages of your chosen boiler. If you are unsure please send a diagram to our technical department who will be happy to check this over.

6.   How long does a Biasi boiler last under proper maintenance?

There are no specific rules when it comes to how often boilers need to be replaced or how often they have to be serviced. However, these appliances should last for up to 15 years, or even longer if they are of good quality and well maintained. They even last above 20 years if regularly maintained.

7.    Why won’t my Biasi boiler fire up?

From a technical point of view, the boiler won’t ignite if: The fan isn’t operational, this takes flue gases from your property. If there is a burner problem, such as a blocked jet, or debris build-up. The gas supply is intermittent (sign of incorrect gas valve adjustment, or a faulty gas valve). Under such cases the Biasi boiler or any Gas based boiler won’t fire up or ignite.

8.   Boiler has a spanner symbol showing, Could you please explain ?

The spanner symbol appears in isolation when your boiler is due for a service. If you have recently had your boiler serviced and the engineer has not reset the spanner please contact our service and technical department. They shall direct you on how this can be moved.

9.   How long do Biasi keep spare parts available for their boilers?

The industry standard is 8 years but we still hold spares for 12 years and beyond.

10. What does an Anti-seizure routine mean?

After a period of 24 hours of inactivity, the boilers energise the pump and the motorised diverter within the boiler, to ensure they don’t seize. Dirt and debris within heating systems slow and settle in these areas, so it’s important to cover and protect these moving parts.


●      New boilers are more efficient And environment safe

The new boilers on the market are highly efficient, that you could find yourself paying 10 to 20 percent of what you used to pay when you had your old heating system in place. But if you habitually turn down the thermostat, you are most likely to reach this goal.

●      Sustainable materials and energy efficient

Make sure the boilers are energy efficient and utilize less amount of power. The boilers in today’s market are much efficient and use less power and gas supply to provide the best results.  These could help in cutting the power bills. Alongside the reduction in cost, it also helps in preserving the natures’ aesthetics.

The natural resources stay undisturbed and hence provide a healthy protection to people as well.

Make sure that your boiler is nature and environment friendly.

●      Pressure Maximizes Boiler Performance

Consult with a plumber before you purchase a new boiler to make sure that the main water main leading into your house supplies your home with at least 15-psi pressure. With higher pressure, the boiler plays a good result that allows the customer to take higher productivity.

●      As a customer it’s commonly doubtful on which type of boiler seems the best:

Combi boilers are probably the most cost-effective boiler for most homes. They control both hot water and central heating, and their energy efficiency makes them the unit of choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Moreover, their efficiency that does not compromise with the small and compact size.

●      It is quite important to know the elements under a Boiler:

The key elements of a boiler include the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, exhaust stack, and controls. Boiler accessories also include the flue gas economizer , commonly used as an effective method to recover heat from a boiler.


●      It is better to know the basics of a boiler by reading the manual after purchase. It is clearly understood that small pauses and breaks could be handled by us ourselves. And we do not require professional aid at all times.


The boilers in the market seem to satisfy different and substantial requirements in various ways. The utility and sustainability thus seem to be the conclusive key factors that sum up the wholesomeness of an appropriate boiler. After a deep and extensive amount of research, we have refined out the essentials one seeks when in search of a device for heating water for homes.

 You have to make sure that the product you have chosen will work effectively to meet your specific needs and hence you should consider things like how much hot water you use, how well insulated your home is, how large your space is and how much maintenance your system might need during its working lifetime. Hence with the reviews, the warranty offered, efficiency provided and the output rating, Biasi boilers are quite the customer supporting, and advanced device.

 Conclusively, it is not wrong to have a Biasi Combi Boiler, it is adequately designed, affordably priced and of medium durability and most importantly comes with a standard 5 year warranty. The only loophole here with the brand is that the price it offers is around the range of £500 to £700, with a 5 yr warranty. Whereas the top and popular brands like Worcester Bosch provides boilers at a starting range of £1000, hence the difference falls between £300 – £400.

Interestingly if you look deep, the warranty provided by such top brands are 7 years to 10 years minimum. This means the service expenses or other maintenance costs are covered under the warranty period.

Whereas, Biasi after the 5 yr warranty period, may start showing signs of leakage or any needs of repair which would incur cost from the pocket of the customer.

Hence the money saved at the time of purchase ia however regained through the regular need of servicing.

 Hence it would be wiser to go for a popular brand under an affordable range, unless it seems totally out if budget and also Combi boilers are more compact and exclusive when compared to system boilers.

Hence it would be wiser to opt for more efficient brand or go for a cheaper brand and keep it well maintained and polished through regular servicing so as to maintain it for longer performance and make the most out of the cash spent

 However, the Biasi is 100% a trustworthy brand with 75 years of experience, which remains intact with regular checks and proper maintenance.

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