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The best boilers in the market for you to choose from!

(Price Comparisons and Reviews)

A boiler is a steel pressure vessel in which water under tension is changed over into steam by the utilization of ignition. As such, it is basically a warmth exchanger which utilizes brilliant warmth and hot vent gases, freed from consuming fuel, to produce steam and high temp water for warming and handling loads.

Why use boilers?

A boiler system doesn’t use forced air to distribute heat. Instead, it uses hot water to keep the home warm. A series of tubes are installed in the subfloor of each room in the home, occasionally with terminal features like iron radiators and baseboard heaters. During operation, the boiler system starts running water through a heat exchanger to heat it. The hot water is then pumped throughout the house using the pipe network in the floors. As the hot water flows through the pipes in the subfloor, the heat from it will radiate through the floor and into the room.

There is a wide scope of various preferences that a boiler framework offers over another. For a certain something, a boiler is significantly more energy effective than standard constrained air frameworks. This is on the grounds that water is a greatly improved warm conductor than air is; it heats up quicker and holds heat for more. Boiler frameworks likewise heat homes substantially more uniformly and easily. At the point when warm air goes into a room, it ascends to the roof and sinks as it cools. Boiler frameworks utilize brilliant warming to keep the entirety of the warmth close to the floor of the room, where it will be of more noteworthy advantage to individuals.

We have reviewed the best combi, regular and system boilers for you that are available in the market-

  1. Worcester Bosch
  2. Veissman
  3. Ideal
  4. Vaillant
  5. Gloworm
  6. Biasi Riva


There are three primary boiler types:

  • 1.Combi boilers
  • 2. System boilers
  • 3.Regular boilers

Seeing every boiler type is critical to distinguish the one appropriate for your home. The costs recorded do exclude the establishment charge.

Combi Boilers:

Combi boilers or combination boilers needn’t bother with a different heated water chamber, rather convey water from one strong unit. They are anything but difficult to introduce and less expensive than different models and, in this manner, well known among clients. It is most appropriate for more modest house with a wide scope of kW yields. The detriment incorporates the inconceivability of the boiler to adapt up to two showers or showers running at the same time, not appropriate for houses with numerous restrooms.

The upsides of combi boilers include:

  • •         Prompt and boundless boiling water
  • •         Energy proficient
  • •         No chamber or tanks basic
  • •         Easier to introduce

System Boilers:

System boilers are ideal for houses with various washrooms and extraordinary interest. They can give a steady flexibly of water to all the units inside a house. It requires a different water chamber for the capacity of boiling water, yet they needn’t bother with additional tanks. Like combi boilers, system boilers are anything but difficult to introduce energy productive to run.

The upsides of system boilers include:

  • Provides boiling water to various taps ideal for huge house
  • Installation snappy and simple
  • No requirement for independent tanks
  • Solar warm arrangements

Regular Boilers:

Regions with low water weight and homes with numerous washrooms are ideal for regular boilers, otherwise called traditional or heat just boilers. They are most appropriate for homes with space and broadcasting organizer as they need a feed, extension tank and high temp water chamber. They give a consistent gracefully of heated water.

The upsides of regular boilers include:

  • Perfect for bigger houses with at least two washrooms
  • Simultaneously, gives water to different taps
  • Suited for homes with a customary focal warming system
  • Well-fit with sun based warm arrangements

Detailed product Review

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch are considered by numerous individuals to be the best boiler brand accessible.

They offer boilers in all shapes and sizes:

  • Oil
  • Combi
  • System
  • Regular

They’ve had incredible accomplishment with models like the CDI and a Greenstar 25I/30I. The guarantee goes from 5-10 years.

Also, the specific guarantee relies upon the boiler you pick, and the other Worcester marked items you use.

For example, adding a Worcester Bosch system channel will add on a further year’s guarantee.

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 18RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160015918 kW90%£1613.22
Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160005425 kW88%£1683.52
Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 32RegularH – 855 mm
W – 370 mm
D – 600 mm
773160016332 kW91%£2083.82

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 18-

As one of the most established within the Greenstar range, the Danesmoor oil-fired boiler brand has proven itself as one of the most reliable on the market. The Danesmoor Regular Boiler has been enhanced to offer compliance with the efficiency requirements of the ErP Directive policy, and actually exceeds the efficiency requirements. This is achieved with a smaller, much more efficient primary heat exchanger, and an upgraded secondary heat exchanger.



  • A-Rated efficiency
  • Quiet Noise Operation
  • Simple Heating Control
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Cross fire operation


  • Demands separate cylinder and loft tanks
  • Leaks can pose a hazard
  • Expensive to install


  • Boiler type- Regular Heat
  • Fuel type- Oil
  • Heating output range- < 24
  • Output kW- 18kW
  • Manufacturer Part no- 7731600159

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25-

The Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 25 is a single-piece primary baffle. It means the primary heat exchanger incorporating a one-piece baffle for quick and easy servicing. It is also available in Kitchen, Utility, and External models. It keeps your bills under budget by saving energy.


  • Solar Compatible
  • Cross Firing Burner
  • One Piece Primary Baffles
  • Optimised Hydraulic Connections
  • Kitchen Models accept a twin channel


  • Not instant heating
  • Requires a minimum temperature to prevent pipes from freezing


  • Boiler type- Regular Heat
  • Fuel type- Oil
  • Heating output range- 24-29
  • Output kW- 25kW
  • Manufacturer Part no- 7731600161

Greenstar Danesmoor Regular 32-

This Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor Regular Oil Boiler 25/32 – is designed to fit neatly between standard-sized kitchens it also demands a feeder tank. For the operation of steam boilers with a high thermal load on the heating surfaces, boiler feedwater must be treated and accustomed. Feedwater is poured into the steam drum for a feed pump. These boilers are suitable for any small, medium, or large home. Usually, 93% of the oil consumed by a Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor condensing regular boiler is converted into heat for the heating the which cuts the water bills by between 5-10%.


  • Solar Compatible
  • Oil isolation valve
  • Reasonable price
  • A-Rated for efficiency
  • Suitable for underfloor heating


  • Needs experts for installation


  • Boiler type- Regular Heat
  • Fuel type- Oil
  • Heating output range- 30-35
  • Output kW- 32kW
  • Manufacturer Part no- 7731600163


In the event that you plan on bringing German designing into your home realize that Viessmann are the biggest boiler maker in Europe.

Viessman boilers relied upon for their savage proficiency and in light of the fact that they likewise keep an eye on last more than the opposition, Viessmann boilers have caught a Which Best Buy boilers grant for having the option to offer high temp water and warming right when you need it.

The organization’s steeds are the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W, an exceptional decision for a section level boiler, and the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W, outstanding amongst other combi boilers available.

ModelTypeOutputFlow RatePriceRating
Viessmann Vitoden 050-W  Combi29 kW12 l/min£72097.5%
Viessmann Vitoden 050-W  Combi35 kW14.3 l/min£84097.8%

Viessmann Vitoden 050-W 29kW



  • Delivering hot water to more than one bathroom in a property at once
  • Space saving
  • Compatible with Viessmann Vitodens wireless thermostat
  • Super quiet


  • Faulty diverter valve


  • Rated heating output (50/30 °C) kW 6.5 – 24.0 8.5 – 33.0
  • Rated heating output for DHW heating kW 5.9 – 29.3 8.0 – 35.0
  • Rated heat input kW 6.1 – 22.4 8.2 – 30.9 
  • Efficiency – At full load (to DIN) – 97.1%, 97.1%
    At partial load (to DIN) – 108.4, 108.4
    SEDBUK (2009) >89.1, >89.1
  • NOx class 5 5 NOx emissions <39mg/kWh <39mg/kWh 
  • Nominal water flow rate for DHW heating at ΔT 35 K to EN 13203 l/min 12.0 14.3 DHW

Viessmann Vitoden 050-W 35kW



  • Ultra compact
  • High quality stainless steel Inox Rdial Heat exchanger
  • High efficiency up to 98%
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • 10-year warranty


  • Struggles to meet high demand of water


  • •         DHW flow rate     11.8 Ltr/Min
  • •         Depth                350 mm
  • •         Width         400 mm
  • •         Height         707 mm
  • •         Weight        36 kg
  • •         Flue Gas      60 mm
  • •         Ventilation Air     100 mm
  • •         Noise 48 dB

Reviews of Viessmann 050-W

  • Mahmoud moyassari

5 reviews, GB


Excellent Boiler and very good value…

Excellent Boiler and very good value for money
Long guarantee, All good

  • Jason
  • 2 reviews
  • GB, Invited
  • I am very pleased with my viessmann…

I am very pleased with my viessmann boiler. I would recommend any one to buy one.

  • Paul Byrne
  • 4 reviews
  • GB, Invited
  • Very pleased!!

We purchased a non-vented system after discussions with local Viessman installers and Viessman’s technical support. We are very pleased with the performance of the boiler which replaced a Baxi combi boiler which was over 15 years old. In February 2021 we will have had the new system a year and no complaints so far.

6 reviews, GB

This boiler is great This boiler is great, efficient and very quiet. Great buy

Ideal boilers

Ideal Boilers are a British manufacturer that have grown exceptionally over the last decade. They now sell over 10,000 units per year. They are of medium price range which makes it affordable to almost all groups of people. Ideal has a wide determination of boilers that are reasonable for a wide range of properties all through the UK, and with a set of experiences that traverses over 100 years, the organization has gained notoriety for delivering dependable boilers

Make and Model NameEfficiency RatingBand RatingOutput kWFlow RatePrice from Price toERP HeatERP WaterTOTAL
Ideal Logic Max C24 Boiler94.00%A24.29.9£950-£985AA86.43%
Ideal Logic Max C30 Boiler94.00%A24.212.4£1,005-£1,045AA86.30%
Ideal Vogue Max C26 Boiler93.00%A1810.6£1,065-£1,110AA86.15%
Ideal Logic Max C35 Boiler94.00%A24.214.5£1,135-£1,180AA85.98%

Ideal Logic Max C24 Boiler



  • Made In the UK.
  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • ErP Heating & Water Compliant.
  • Low Lift Weight.
  • Large Digital Display.
  • Frost Protection.


  • Struggles to meet high demads of water
  • Complex set up


  • Type       Combi
  • Power     Gas
  • Condensing?   Condensing
  • LPG Compatible?       Yes
  • Parts and Labour Warranty         120 months
  • Heat Exchange Warranty   120 months
  • Output kW      24.2kw
  • Flow Rate         9.9l:

Ideal Logic Max C30 Boiler



  • ErP Heating & Water Compliant
  • Low Lift Weight
  • Large Digital Display
  • Frost Protection
  • Hard Wearing & Scratch Resistant
  • Simple to Install & Service


  • Slower Water heating


  • •Type Combi
  • •Power         Gas
  • •Location     Internal
  • •Condensing?       Condensing
  • •LPG Compatible? Yes
  • •Parts and Labour Warranty   120 months
  • •Heat Exchange Warranty       120 months
  • •Output kW          24.2kw
  • •Flow Rate   12.4l

Ideal Vogue Max C26 Boiler



  • 95% efficiency rating
  • 10-year extensive warranty
  • Frost protection
  • Scratch Resistant case
  • Compact


  • Pressure level is set by main pressure.


  • •         Type  Combi
  • •         Power          Gas
  • •         Location      Internal
  • •         Condensing?        Condensing
  • •         LPG Compatible?  No
  • •         Parts and Labour Warranty    120 months
  • •         Heat Exchange Warranty        120 months
  • •         Output kW 24.2 kW
  • •         Flow Rate    14.5l

Reviews of Ideal Boilers

  • P Mellon
  • 5 reviews
  • GB, Verified
  • Great boilers and service

Ideal boilers have a great warranty -10 years for the one I bought. As long as it is serviced every year it is guaranteed. I have never had any issues getting an engineer to call.

  • Mrs Anne Smedley
  • 3 reviews, Verified
  • We would definitely use Ideal if we ever need another boiler

We had two visits from engineers. The second came to service our boiler and carry out repair. This engineer, Rob, was extremely pleasant and very efficient. We were very impressed with his manner and the way he explained things to us in a way we understood. A most pleasant man

Melanie Hartill

  • 1 review
  • GB, Verified
  • I would like to thank Ideal Boilers and…

I would like to thank Ideal Boilers and their lovely engineers for the amazing time and effort they put into fixing my boiler. I paid for their one-off repair and although they had to return 3 times. hopefully the problem has at last been resolved. Their customer service was excellent and they despatched their engineers as soon as there was a slot available… Thank you.

Vaillant Boilers-

The Vaillant Group has a name for working on environmentally friendly power. There is a developing interest for these items across Europe, and the focal point of the Group here relates unequivocally to warm siphons, which use the warmth from the earth or the surrounding air. The improvement of Hybrid frameworks which consolidate sustainable power sources with warming machines to make profoundly proficient and smart frameworks, is additionally a key centre territory for the business.

NameOur RatingMaximum DHW FlowPriceOutputEfficiency
Vaillant EcoTEC plus 8248.6/1023.0£ 99520 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers 8258.8/10  10.5    £ 1,102.07    25 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers 8328.9/1013  £ 1,185.6532 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 832 LPG8.9/1013  £ 1,32932 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers 8358.7/10  14.3    £ 1,263.53    35 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers 8389/10  15.9£ 1,395.0038 kWA
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 9388.8/1015.9£ 1,70338 kWA

Detailed Product Review

ecoTEC plus 824



  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.
  • Electronic air & gas modulation.
  • Low stand-by energy consumption.
  • Flame lite detection system.
  • Automatic burner monitoring.
  • Future proof Low Energy & High Efficiency Pump.
  • Mordern design, including stylish platinum fascia.
  • Installation wizard included.
  • SEDBUK band ‘A’ rated rated fuel efficiency.
  • Fully modulating low Nox burner and fan (Class 5).
  • Leightweight – lowest in class.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • No compartment ventilation needed.
  • 2 stage frost thermostat.
  • Removable side panels.


  • Sensor problem


  • 24kw Condensing Combination Boiler
  • 1:6 modulating ratio for higher efficiency
  • Comprehensive boiler status/diagnostic display system and back-up.
  • Future proof Low Energy & High-Efficiency Pump.
  • Comprehensive boiler status/diagnostic display system and back-up.

ecoTEC plus 825:



  • Highly efficient and economical
  • Instant hot water delivery in just 5 seconds – Meaning no need for storage tank or cylinder
  • Easy access to all components from front.


  • Effective for flats with 1 bathroom.


  • 24kw Condensing Combination Boiler
  • 89.4% efficiency rating (SAP 2009)
  • Wide modulation range of up to 1:6
  • Standard 5 year warranty, can be upgraded to a free 7 year warranty when registered through Vaillant Advance

3. ecoTEC plus 832 (also comes in LPG variant):



  • 32kw Condensing Combination Boiler
  • Built-in-two-stage frost protection – Ensuring optimal performance all year round
  • Ultra quiet whilst in operation
  • Extended guarantees available when installed by a Vaillant Advance partner

4. ecoTEC plus 835:



  • Built-in-two-stage frost protection – Ensuring optimal performance all year round
  • Ultra quiet whilst in operation
  • Low stand-by energy consumption.
  • Flame lite detection system.
  • Automatic burner monitoring.


  • Short Warranty
  • Could be more compact


  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Width x Height x Depth (mm) – 440 x 720 x 372
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Output: 35 Kilowatts
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency A
  • ErP Water Heating Efficiency A
  • Noise Level (Decibels) 45
  • Flow Rate (L/min) 14.3
  • Fuel Natural Gas
  • Mounting Wall Mounted

5. ecoTEC plus 838:



  • Flame lite detection system.
  • Automatic burner monitoring.
  • Future proof Low Energy & High Efficiency Pump.
  • Mordern design, including stylish platinum fascia.
  • SEDBUK band ‘A’ rated rated fuel efficiency.
  • Fully modulating low Nox burner and fan (Class 5).


  • Sensor Problem


  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Width x Height x Depth (mm) – 440 x 720 x 406
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Output: 38 Kilowatts
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency A
  • ErP Water Heating Efficiency A
  • Noise Level (Decibels) 46
  • Flow Rate (L/min) 15.9
  • Fuel Natural Gas
  • Mounting Wall Mounted

6. ecoTEC plus 938:


  • With an 89.4% efficiency rating (SAP 2009)
  • low energy consumption and maximum efficiency
  • Dedicated models available for LPG – Giving a solution for off-gas areas
  • Stylish contoured case design with down flap – Making this a boiler that fits with the décor of any home
  • An innovative solution for large homes – With a higher hot water demand, without needing to install a cylinder or hot water tank (ecoTEC plus 938 only)
  • Compatible with aroTHERM air to water heat pump hybrid system – Making the perfect entry into renewable systems.


  • Suits only large areas


  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Width x Height x Depth (mm) – 440 x 720 x 600
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Output: 38 Kilowatts
  • ErP Space Heating Efficiency A
  • ErP Water Heating Efficiency A
  • Noise Level (Decibels) 46
  • Flow Rate (L/min) 15.9
  • Fuel Natural Gas
  • Mounting Wall Mounted

Glow-Worm Easicom System Boiler

Glow-worm has 80 years of reliable heating and energy production experience, it is a pioneer in the British heating solutions. It is the foundation of the British energy industry. The production of boilers was first started in 1934 at the Derwent Foundry in Derbyshire.

ModelOur RatingDimensionsOutputEfficiency RatingPrice
Glow Worm EASICOM3 SYSTEM 258.8/10H-740 MM W-418 mm D-300mm25 KWA£ 622.74
Glow Worm Easicom 28 System Boilers        8.9/10 28kWA£ 780

Detailed Product Review

1. Glow Worm Easicom 25kW System Boilers-

Easicom3 high-efficiency system boiler provides reliable heating performance in the 25kW model, suitable for households with high hot water demand (used in combination with hot water storage tanks).

When installed by the Glow-worm Club Energy installer, Easicom₃ includes a 3-year free warranty. This is just one of the benefits of choosing a boiler from a British brand you can trust and providing industry-leading service and support.



  • Bright, LCD display with easy-to-use interface
  • Compact, smart design to suit modern homes
  • High quality, automotive grade, aluminium heat exchanger, providing excellent performance
  • ErP A rated for efficiency – helping you to reduce your energy bills
  • Exceptionally quiet in operation
  • Great value system boiler
  • FREE 3 year parts and labour guarantee with options to extend


  • Output kW: 25kW
  • Boiler dimensions (H x W x D mm): 740 x 418x 300
  • PCDB seasonal efficiency: 89.7
  • ErP rating (heating): A

2. Glow Worm Easicom 28kW System Boilers

The Glow-Worm Easicom Combi Gas Boilers accompany a variety of controls, and additional extra exhibition improves. A pre-fit simple clock and an even pipe are available, yet the cell phone application-based control can be added. The application licenses you to manage your warming and heated water framework any place you are


  • Parts and labor guarantee for 3 years with the option to extend.
  • Smart design to suit modern homes
  • Includes a spacing frame and pipe cover plate
  • High efficiency rate


  • 3-year warranty – would prefer a longer standard guarantee


  • LCD display 
  • Heating output- 28 kW
  • Dimensions- 740mm (H) x 480mm (W) x 338 (D)
  • Fuel source- gas
  • Maximum flow rate: 11.5 l/min

Reviews of Glow-worm

  1.  Linda Rigby
  • 18 reviews, GB
  • Nov 6, 2020, Invited
  • Star Rating: 4.8 Stars

I had my glow worm boiler fitted 3 weeks ago and so far it seems fine. Instant hot water in kitchen though bathroom takes a little longer for water to get hot. Radiators get very hot which will be great as we get into winter. All in all, no complaints.

2. Corinne

  • GB
  • 12 September 2018
    Star Rating: 5 Stars
  • Glow worm boilers are great

3.Joe Bowen

6 reviews, Britain

Nov 6, 2020


Star Rating: 5 stars

A full heating installation

As this was a complete central heating installation fitting in my house, It was explained by the representative of the firm doing the plumbing of various boiler systems that would suit my set up and the one that was picked was a ” Glow worm Energy 30kw condensing boiler. The installation went very smoothly and was done by two very professional and efficient plumbers . Since the system has been fitted we are amazed at the variation of heat settings we have and also the copious amount of hot water to hand . All in all I am a very satisfied customer.

4.Rosemary Joinson

  • 1 review, GB
  • Nov 5, 2020
  • Invited
  • Star Rating 5 Stars

I am really pleased with the choice I…

I am really pleased with the choice I made having a glow worm combi boiler and was extremely happy with the installation from our plumber and gas fitter who installed it for me great job all round.

Best Biasi Riva Plus System ERP Boiler

Biasi UK Ltd was formed in 1990 to promote the group’s products throughout the UK and is a leading supplier to the heating industry throughout the British Isles. Biasi provides an unrivalled one-stop-shop heating solution. As well as residential boilers, Biasi UK Ltd added central heating radiators, towel rails and LST radiators to its product portfolio to meet the needs of the UK market. Biasi products fully comply with all regulations, official standards and directives. The company is also a member of Gas Safe, HHIC and the EST.

Biasi Riva Plus ErP 24kW System Gas Boiler-

The Biasi Riva Plus 24 Combi Gas Boiler has advanced from the all-around effective Riva Compact HE MK2. Additional proficiency is increased through the new recuperator heat exchanger planned by Biasi and the tweaking fan that upgrades the air/gas proportion. The new recuperator has a curl inside that is covered by a huge number of balances, expanding the warmth trading surface.

Efficiency Rating88%
Standard Warranty5 Years
Band RatingB Rated
ERP RatingA Heat
Central Heating Max. Output24kW
LPG CompatibleYes
MountingWall Mounted
Typical Price (inc VAT)£530
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*£500 – £1,000
Total Cost£1,030 – £1,530


  • 24kW Output
  • Wall mounted
  • Affordable Price
  • Energy efficiency rating of being 88% (B rated)
  • The panel contains a user friendly gauge to allow you to see the pressure in your system
  • Frost protection
  • Built in anti-seizure routine
  • 2 years warranty (as standard)


  • Powerful and higher energy efficient boilers available in the market.

Biasi Riva Plus ErP 28kW System Gas Boiler-

This B rated energy efficient boiler is a sealed system heating only boiler which removes the necessity for a feeder tank helping you save valuable loft.  The boiler comes with tried and tested Biaisi technology including a traditional heat burner alongside a high-efficiency main heat exchanger, meaning that Biasi Riva Plus System ERP boilers utilise the best of both traditional and modern methods to provide heat for your home.

Efficiency Rating88.1%
Standard Warranty2 Years
Band RatingB Rated
ERP RatingA Heat
Central Heating Max. Output28kW
LPG CompatibleYes
MountingWall Mounted
Typical Price (inc VAT)£525
Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)*£500 – £1,000
Total Cost£1,025 – £1,525


  • 28kW Output
  • Energy efficiency rating of being 88.1% (B rated)
  • Easy to use control panel
  • The panel contains a user-friendly gauge to allow you to see the pressure in your system
  • Frost protection
  • Built in anti-seizure routine
  • 2 years warranty (as standard)
  • Affordable price
  • Wall mounted


  • Powerful and higher energy efficient boilers available in the market.

Customer Reviews

  • Karl
  • 5 reviews, GB
  • Nov 13, 2020, Verified

It is early days of having the boiler…

It is early days of having the boiler but I am very impressed with certain parts of it already it is extremely quiet to the extent that you keep checking to make sure it is working the hot water is extremely hot so hopefully it will power the shower the price was very competitive if I had to criticize something it would just be the size of it but for me it’s in the utility room so no problem

  • Mohamed Nagdi
  • 2 reviews, GB
  • Nov 4, 2020, Verified

This is my third Biasi boiler over the…

This is my third biasi boiler over the years always been happy with them


21 reviews,GB

Oct 25, 2020

One of the best Boilers I have owned…

One of the best Boilers i have owned mine is 9 years old i am about to replace it for a more efficient model but having problems sourcing new boiler but i think is due to lack of supplies because of the covid crisis

Fun Facts About Gas Boilers, That You Need To Know!

1 – The Water Inside Boilers is Not Boiled

Most residences can be enough warmed by water that is just 60 degrees F, and they use a limited quantity of flammable gas to do this.

This is essential for the explanation that the present kettle frameworks give such reasonable warmth. When it arrives at that temperature the water extends and rises.

This water will fill lines and radiators with brilliant warmth that is calm and agreeable. Boilers can bubble water, yet there is no reason for bringing the temperature up in your home to an awkward and exorbitant high temperature.

2 – Boilers Don’t Add Humidity to the Air

Probably the greatest misinterpretation about boilers is that they add water to the air. This is just false.

Boilers don’t give a soggy warmth on the grounds that the whole brilliant warming framework is totally independent.

The warmth gave by boilers is as dry as that produced by electric or oil-consuming warming frameworks.

3 – Low Water Pressure Can Sabotage Radiant Heating Systems

Brilliant warmth possibly succeeds when the lines in your house are loaded with water. In the event that there is no water in the lines, on account of low water pressure, at that point your kettle will breakdown.

On the off chance that something like this occurs, numerous pieces of your home won’t be warmed. Helpless water pressure doesn’t give enough energy to push the water upwards to more elevated levels, leaving you with a cold higher up a storage room.

4 – Modern Boilers Use Inexpensive, Green Energy

Contemporary natural gas fuelled boilers are sealed completely and do not have vents or a flue, so there is no way that fumes or vapours can escape from the unit and emit toxins and gases into the air.

Boilers that are not working properly and emitting carbon dioxide will burn with a yellow or orange flame.

This means the unit is “burning dirty” in which case you should have it off and call in an HVAC expert to service it immediately.

5 – A New Boiler Can Reduce Heating Costs By 90%

A new boiler uses less water and 90% less fuel, so it makes sense our heating bills might be 10% of what they were before the new boiler installation.

This is especially true if you have replaced your old oil furnace with a blower and vents with a boiler-based system of radiant heating.

6 – Modern Boilers Are Easy to Maintain and Operate

Turning on any modern condenser boiler is as easy as turning the unit on. The natural gas is lit by ignition, and then the water is warmed and sent up through pipes inside your building’s structure.

When the water cools, it drops back down to the boiler, where it is warmed again and recycled. Radiant heating can change your life by banishing stinking oil fumes, high fuel bills.

However, your new condenser boiler will need to be maintained at least twice a year to make sure it is in good working order.


Research Methodologies Used In Our In-depth Analysis

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor regular boilers

  • Erp efficiency: 90%
  • Erp decibel rating: 56 dBa
  • Seasonal efficiency rating: 90%

The Greenstar Danesmoor Regular is an ordinary floor-standing oil-fired boiler, accessible in yields of 18kW, 25kW, and 32kW. This apparatus is essential for Worcester’s high-productivity boiler range and is intended to be utilized with a cold-water stockpiling tank and a heated water cylinder. It estimates 855mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 600mm (D) and will fit perfectly between your kitchen or utility room units. For a total Worcester arrangement and to build water execution, the boiler can be set up to work with a Green store high temp water cylinder. Ideal for little, medium, and huge homes, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Regular accompanies a 2-year maker guarantee.

Viessmann Vitoden 050 W

  •  Erp Efficiency: 93%
  • Band Rating: A
  • 10- year warranty

This gas combi boiler is renowned for the amazing tech and user experience it provides as it comes from one of the best companies in the business. Viessmann has been a world leader in the commercial heating industry since the early 20th century. Viessmann is the number one company name for boilers in Europe, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality when you order the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W

Ideal Logic Max

  • ErP Efficiency Rating- 94%
  • Band Rating- A
  • Noice decibles- 46

Designed and manufactured by Ideal Boilers, the Logic Max compact wall-mounted combi gas boiler. All Logic Max combi boilers have a central heating output of 24.2 kW, ideal for homes with 2-3 bedrooms and around 10 radiators. Meanwhile, the domestic hot water output rating is 30.3 kW and flow rate of 12.4 litres per minute which is great for homes with a bathroom that has a bath. All 3 combi boilers in the Logic Max range have the same output rating of 24.2 kW, where they differ is the domestic hot water output rating. As well as the C30, there’s the C24 which has a domestic hot water output of 24.2 while the C35 has a 35.3 kW output.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers

  • Erp efficiency: 100%
  • Erp decibel rating: 45dBa
  • Seasonal efficiency: 90%

Each house is extraordinary. In any case, the ecoTEC plus, with its scope of heating yields, is so adaptable it can fulfill the needs of an entire scope of homes and various ways of life. That is the reason it’s our flagship boiler. Our objective is continually extraordinary execution: low energy utilization for boiling water and focal heating – and lower fuel bills for you. The ecoTEC plus is shrewd: when it realizes you don’t require as much heating influence, it can drop to utilizing 16% of its greatest influence setting aside on fuel and cash. Since we realize that is the thing that you need from your boiler. You need it to be effective, simple to utilize, dependable, and calm.

Glow-worm Easicom System boilers

  • Erp efficiency: 94%
  • Erp decibel rating: 51dBa
  • Seasonal efficiency: 89.7%

The Easicom₃ framework boiler has been planned in view of value. The Easicom₃ range accompanies a ground-breaking aluminum heat exchanger and has driving highlights including a splendid, simple to-peruse, LCD and accompanies a 3-year ensure with choices to reach out through Club Energy.

Biasi Riva Plus System boilers

  • Erp efficiency: 86%
  • Erp decibel rating: 49dBa
  • Seasonal efficiency: 85%

The Biasi Riva plus System ERP can be bought for as little as £496 inclusive of VAT and is the most affordable heat only boiler Biasi has ever produced. It comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty covering parts and labor (subject to terms and conditions). The Biasi Riva plus System boiler can be purchased in either a 24KW or a 28KW size.


How Often Should I Replace My Boiler?

The overall life expectancy of a boiler is around 10 to 15 years. While this is normal, your boiler may last more in the event that you deal with it well.

You ought to choose to supplant your boiler when fixes become excessively costly or fire mounting up. Deciding on another boiler now should set aside your cash over the long haul. A specialist designer should have the option to assist you with choosing the correct opportunity to supplant your boiler.

How Do I Know whether My Boiler Needs Repairing or Replacing?

On the off chance that you have a boiler issue, it’s most probable a typical issue with a straightforward fix. Be that as it may, it very well may be hard to comprehend if your boiler can be fixed when a more significant issue happens.

How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

Getting your boiler serviced when there doesn’t have all the earmarks of being any issue may appear to be pointless, however overhauling your boiler once a year should assist with delaying its life expectancy. Having a yearly assistance should assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from unanticipated issues with your boiler, and keep it running proficiently.


The entirety of the names recorded above is notable for assembling great boilers that are reliably solid. It is not necessarily the case that each and every boiler these brands have ever fabricated hasn’t run into an issue as this would be difficult to accomplish. In any case, these makers and their boiler models are famous among shoppers and warming architects since they score high as far as fabricate quality and dependability. Regardless of which boiler you are seeing buying, simply ensure you do some exploration to discover what others are stating about the brand and model that may bear some significance to you. Out of the relative multitude of boilers recommended, our overview proposes Worcester Bosch Genstar Danesmoor and Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi Boilers are the ideal boilers for your homes.

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