Compare Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices & Expert Reviews in 2021

We all crave for warmth and coziness during the fall and winter days due to low temperatures. It becomes extremely difficult to keep ourselves fresh and active while working or doing our day-to-day activities as it becomes harder to function when our hands and legs become numb in cold. For the purpose of avoiding these issues and making our lives easier in winter days we all need a good heating system to keep us warm. Some people prefer room heaters while others like furnaces and radiators.

Another most popular and effective device to be used during winter season are Boilers. Boilers are a type of central heating system for your houses. It also provides you with warm water for various daily purposes like bathing, washing, cooking etc.

Boilers function by the flow of hot water through the network of pre-installed pipes all along the walls and floors of your houses radiating heat. They use water as its fluid to transfer heat which is an inexpensive and easily available heating source. Rather than directly releasing the heat into the air like the radiator, boilers heat the walls, floors, and roofs of the house which results in keeping it warm from the inside.


Worcester Bosch Boilers:

Worcester Bosch is an extremely popular brand of boilers in the UK due to its efficiency and reliability. Worcester Bosch provides you with so many different options to choose from various gas and oil-fired boilers.

NameOur RatingsAvailabilityPriceOnline Ratings
Worcester Bosch Boilers9.7/10YES £769.83 to £3,566.44.4.6 out of 5 stars and 20,116 ratings.

Prices For Different Models of Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar SI Compact Combi Boiler-£1,028 – 1,142:

  • Output: 25KW-30KW
  • Dimensions: H-690MM, W-390MM, D-280MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 29 CDI Combi-£1114:

  • Output: 29KW
  • Dimensions: H-760MM, W-440MM, D-360MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDI Classic Combi-£1,098 – 1,702:

  • Output: 29KW-42KW
  • Dimensions: H-760MM, W-440MM, D-360MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDI Compact Combi- £1,105 – 1,358:

  • Output: 28KW-36KW
  • Dimensions: H-680MM, W-390MM, D-280MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow CDI Combi-£2,053 – 2,447:

  • Output: 29KW-30KW
  • Dimensions: H-850MM, W-600MM, D-600MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24I Junior Combi-£1169:

  • Output: 24KW
  • Dimensions: H-710MM, W-400MM, D-300MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave 11-£2256 – £2,520:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-855MM, W-520MM, D-600MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave 11 External-£2406 – £2,726:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-950MM, W-640MM, D-770MM

Prices For Different Models of Worcester Bosch System Boilers:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar System-£861.78 – £1090:

  • Output: 9KW-30KW
  • Dimensions: H-710MM, W-400MM, D-330MM

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDI Classic System-£1,155 – £1,245

  • Output: 30KW-35KW
  • Dimensions: H-760MM, W-440MM, D-360MM

Worcester Bosch GB162-£1,975 – £2,364:

  • Output: 50KW-65KW
  • Dimensions: H-1414MM, W-520MM, D-465

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor System-£1,801 – £2,272:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-855MM, W-370MM, D-600MM

Worcester Bosch Danesmoor System External-£1,812 – 2,648:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-950MM, W-565MM, D-780MM

Worcester Bosch Danesmoor System Utility-£1,783 – 2,313:

  • Output: 15KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-855MM, W-370MM, D-600MM

Prices For Different Models Of Worcester Bosch Regular Boilers:

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar RI Regular-£769.83 – £1,005:

  • Output: 12KW-30KW
  • Dimensions: H-600MM, W-390MM, D-270MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar CDI Classic Regular-£1,134 – £1,621:

  • Output: 30KW-40KW
  • Dimensions: H-760MM, W-440MM, D-360MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar FS CDI Regular-£1,155 – £1,983:

  • Output: 30KW-42KW
  • Dimensions: H-850MM, W-400MM, D-600MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Regular-£1,500 – £1,866:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-855MM, W-370MM, D-600MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility-£1,440 – £1,866:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-855MM, W-370MM, D-600MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor External-£1,740 – £2,220:

  • Output: 18KW-32KW
  • Dimensions: H-950MM, W-565MM, D-780MM

Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar Utility Regular-£2,142 – £2,268:

  • Output: 50KW-70KW
  • Dimension: H-1012MM, W-520MM, D-815MM

Worcester Bosch Boilers:

Worcester Bosch was established in the year 1962. Since then, this brand has been the most popular brand for boilers in UK. Its well known that Worcester Bosch is famous for its quality and reliability among its customers. These boilers are rated A in energy efficiency that means their energy efficiency is of 100%.


  • Energy efficient boilers up to 100%.
  • Warranty of up to 2 to 5 years is available.
  • Efficient and customer friendly services by Worcester Bosch.
  • Easy and affordable installations.
  • No need of any separate tanks to store water.
  • Models available for all types and sizes of homes ranging from small, medium and large houses.
  • More than one tap can be used for hot water.
  • Fully-trained installers available.
  • Easy to control and operate the boilers.


  • Small-sized boilers are not as efficient as compared to the larger ones.
  • Takes up space.
  • Not that easy to fix a common fault in them.

Features and Specifications of different boiler ranges:

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Range

  • This is a gas combi range.
  • No need for a cylinder or any other heavy water tanks.
  • The varying outputs of these models are from 24KW to 42KW.
  • Cheapest range.
  • Dimensions vary from H-680MM to 950MM; W-390MM to 640MM; D-280MM to 770MM.
  • Warranty of 2-5 years.

Worcester Bosch System Boiler Range

  • This range uses greenstore cylinders and greenskies solar panels.
  • Varying output of these models are from 9KW to 100KW
  • Also has an option for multi-boiler operations.
  • Dimensions vary from H-710MM to 1414MM; W-370MM to 565MM; D-330MM to 780MM.
  • Warranty from 2 to 5 years available.

Worcester Bosch Regular Boiler Range

  • Uses tanks and water cylinders.
  • Good for old houses.
  • Some models come with multi-directional flue options.
  • The varying output of these models is from 12KW to 42KW.
  • Dimensions vary from H-600MM to 1012MM; W-370MM to 565MM; D-270MM to 815MM
  • Warranty of 2-5 years available.

Buying Guide For Worcester Bosch Boilers:

There are numerous options in the market to choose from when it comes to heating gadgets or systems. Some people prefer room heaters while others like radiator more. But the question that arises is which one of them works the best to keep us warm? Researchers have suggested that Boilers are the most reliable and efficient system of radiating heat throughout the winter days in our entire houses. The reason behind that is the boiler is an enclosed vessel in which a fluid (generally water) is heated at a very high temperature and then makes it run through the pipes installed throughout the house radiating heat. Boilers also provides us with hot water from the taps for bathing and washing purposes.

Things to keep in mind while looking for the right Worcester Bosch Boiler for your home:

  • Size of the houseWorcester Bosch has a number of different models to choose from depending upon the size of your house.

For small to medium-sized houses– 1) Greenstar i junior combi; 2) Greenstar SI compact combi; 3) Greenstar RI regular; 4) Greenstar I system; 5) Greenstar heatslave II; 6) Greenstar heat slave II external, and 7) Greenstar danesmoor series.

For medium to large-sized houses- 1) Greenstar CDi classic combi; 2) Greenstar CDi compact combi; 3) Greenstar Ri regular. 4) Greenstar I system; 5) Greenstar heatslave II; 6) Greenstar heatslave II external; 7) Greenstar danesmoor series.

For large sized houses- 1) Greenstar highflow CDI combi; 2) Greenstar CDi classic regular; 3) Greenstar FS CDi regular; 4) Greenstar CDi classic system; 5) Greenstar heatslave and danesmoor series.

  • Prices- Although prices themselves depend upon a number of factors of the product, Worcester Bosch has a variety of models in all prices to suite all the customers.

Below £900– 1) Greenstar I junior combi; 2) Greenstar SI compact combi; 3) Greenstar RI regular.

Between £900 to £1,500- 1) Greenstar CDi classic combi; 2) Greenstar CDi compact combi; 3) Greenstar CDi classic regular; 4) Greenstar FS CDi regular; 5) Greenstar i system; 6) Greenstar CDi classic system; 7) Greenstar danesmoor regular and utility regular.

Above £1,500- 1) Greenstar highflow CDi combi; 2) Greenstar FS CDi regular; 3) Greenstar CDi classic system; 4) Greenstar heatslave II; 5) Greenstar heatslave II External; 6) Greenstar danesmoor and regular series.

  • Preferences as per your needs-

High performance models- In case you are looking for high performance boiler models, the Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers are the best choice to go with. This is because these models have a very high water-flow rate and uses the cheapest most eco-friendly gases.

Hot water providing models- The Worcester Bosch System Boilers is the range that provides more heating and hot water supply through taps for various uses as they use water cylinders and solar panels.

Models which go with old pipes and radiators– The Worcester Bosch Regular Boilers range is best to work with pre-installed old pipeline system and radiators which already have a water cylinder or tank.

Do you know how Worcester Bosch boilers can help you?

Worcester Bosch boilers are the option to go if looking for a good hassle-free radiating effect during the cold weather. They provide your home with warmth and hot water to perform your day-to-day lifestyle more effectively.

Worcester Bosch boilers are rated A in terms of energy saving. As you keep using them for a long time, they help you save more money and energy throughout their lifespan. These boilers are long-lasting and durable and have a lifespan of up to 10 to 12 years. They also provide even radiation levels throughout the house and require very little maintenance.

Facts about Worcester Bosch Boilers You Didn’t Know:

  • The company was founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in WorcesterEngland.
  • The company employees more than 2,000 people from all over.
  • Worcester’s gas, oil and LPG ranges consist of high efficiency regular boilers, combination boilers and system boilers; these are wall-hung, floor-standing or externally sited.
  • Worcester’s solar water heating range was released in 2005, with the ground source heat pump range being released in 2007 and the air source heat pump range being released in 2008.


What Do The Experts Have To Say?

“Boilers provide radiant heat, which warms objects in a room. In contrast, a forced air furnace warms the air in a room, which means objects absorb heat more slowly. Some people prefer boilers because they can set their thermostat at a lower temperature and the radiant heat makes the room feel warmer than the actual air temperature. Others say boilers provide more balanced heat throughout the home during the winter months.”

         Mr. Scott Friesen, PE

Ivey Engineering, Inc.

8330 Juniper Creek Ln
San Diego , CA 92126

For more information contact-

  • Customer Feedback:
  • Name of the reviewer– Mrs. Charlton
  • Rating- 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Feedback- An efficient wonder

Detail- I had my Worcester Bosch boiler installed as my previous one was showing its age. I am pleased to report that it is one of the best investments I have made. Not only does it do what it’s supposed to, it has reduced my bills to the point that I’ve had folks round wanting to check that I’m not defrauding the energy company 😊. I am no longer concerned about the arrival of the winter and look forward to having many worry free years. And, the portable thermostat is a godsend. You just place it in your coldest area, my hallway, set the temperature and leave the boiler to do the rest. Wonderfully simple but effective, love it 😍


1)      Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?

Answer- You can have a water softener in combination with our boiler as it will prevent the hot water circuit from scaling up and losing efficiency.  However, the central heating circuit should be filled with hard water and a chemical inhibitor.  This can be done by using the water softener bypass when filling or topping up.  Alternatively, the filling loop feed can be connected upstream of the water softener.

2)      What can cause an oil boilers burner to lockout?

Answer- A burner lockout could be as a result of no oil or a leak in the pipeline. Another cause of burner lockout is from contaminated oil. This contamination could be from:- Water ingress into the tank from a missing cover, a damaged tank from condensation, sludge, which can occur due to the growth of micro-organisms at the water fuel interface in the tank or rust from a metal oil tank corroding.

Your OFTEC registered installer or oil supplier will be able to assist you with cleaning your tank and flushing through the oil lines.

3)      Do I need an additional room thermostat or timer to use the Wave?

Answer- No, the Wave operates as a room thermostat and has timed programmes for heating and hot water.

4) Where can I get a replacement boiler manual from?

Answer– All of our boiler manuals are available to download via the website. Click on the link below for current boiler models or for discontinued boilers.

5.) What will trigger an alert? –


  • Internet or server outage
  • Boiler Faults
  • Failed Commands (Central Heating ON/Off)

Real-World Use Case: by Karen Wozencroft

It is 10 months since installation. Once the pressure dropped. I didn’t know what to do. I contacted the installer/engineer, and he helped me with text messages to sort out the problem. It was OK since then. If it didn’t give a panic for an old lady like me, I would have given five stars. I am waiting for my first service on Feb 21. I wish changing the thermostat temperature was a bit easier to do.


Nothing says it’s winter louder than getting to use the warmth of radiation and taking hot water showers. To enjoy all these things, we need a good boiler fitting at our houses. When we invest in a boiler which is a luxury product we tend to spend quite an amount which makes it very important to invest in a good one. Which not only works efficiently but also provides quick and effective services to its customers.

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