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Life in the UK is always difficult due to the frosty winters in the country. The shivering hand and the frosting pipe can never be pleasant for anybody. So, the only savior in this country that can give us relief from these problems is “the boiler”. The boiler has been proved to be a beneficial and acclaimed solution to these problems in this country. It can provide us hot water along with the heat in our house. The market of boilers in the UK is quite wide and huge in which you are bound to get confused and lost. The price of the boilers, sometimes, rises due to the inclusion of various taxes and installation charges till completing the final process.

Today, this article is explaining Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers. This boiler comes in different output ranges to suit the houses of every sizes in the country. However, this boiler requires a lot of space in the house and generally, not suitable for the houses which lack space.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceOnline Ratings
Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers4 out of 5YES£900 to £10004.5 out of 5 stars and 1,032 reviews.

Prices for different models of the Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers:

Potterton Ultra Heat 12 

  • Output – 12kW
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Price – £900

Potterton Ultra Heat 15

  • Output – 15kW
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Price – £925

Potterton Ultra Heat 21

  • Output – 21kW
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Price – £975

Potterton Ultra Heat 24

  • Output – 24kW
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Price – £1000

About the Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers:About the Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers:

This model is a heat-only boiler and wall-mounted type. This boiler is designed to fulfill the high demand for hot water especially in the large properties yet, you can have it in small properties with lower output only if you have enough space to install two extra cylinders along with the boiler. The compact dimension of the boiler ensures that you can install it anywhere in the house and it can fit in the standard kitchen cupboard. The extra cylinder is used to store hot and cold water separately however, it has its own advantage as it can provide hot water from multiple taps at once without even affecting the heating process of the boiler.


  • It is endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.
  • It is compatible with Megaflo Eco cylinder which helps in increasing the efficiency of the boiler.
  • It is available in different output ranges to fit perfectly for every sizes of household.
  • It helps in reducing the running cost and saves up to 60% of annual energy fuel bills.
  • It is NOx Class 5 boilers which is very helpful in reducing its effects on the environment.
  • It comes with multiple flue length option.
  • It is compatible with solar as well as gas for energy fuel.
  • Front and side access to all the components enables the installation, repairing and maintenance easy.


  • Since it is a heat-only boilers, it requires extra space in the house for installation of loft and the tank for hot water.
  • The overall Which? Score is 54% which is quite low for a boiler.
  • The service is not as standard as it is required.


  • Comes with wall mounting jig which helps in effortless installation.
  • The control switches are hidden which makes it user-friendly.
  • 2-Year parts and labor warranty.
  • NOX Class 5 Boiler.
  • This model is solar compatible.
  • Compatible with Megaflo Eco Cylinders.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Potterton Ultra Heat Boiler
  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 21kW, 24kW.
  • Dimension – H-625MM, W- 370MM, D-270MM
  • Weight – 19.5 Kg.
  • Fuel – Gas.

Buyer’s Guide for Potterton Ultra Heat Boiler:

The system or Heat-Only boilers are generally ideal for the houses where the old boiler is being exchanged for the new one and the loft and the hot water tank is already installed in the house. So, it is easier for you to just put the boiler in the wall-mounted jig but if the tank and the loft is not installed in the house, you going to face some trouble. This boiler is perfect for the properties where there are multiple bathrooms and hot water is required in all the bathrooms. This has power to provide heat to your house even while using the hot water taps without hampering either of the functions even a bit. This boiler comes in 5 output ranges which make it easier for you to select the right boiler according to your need.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Potterton Ultra Heat Boiler for your home:

Size of the Property – Make sure that you are aware with the size of the property, number of family members and demand of hot water in your house. This is one of the most important determining factors which can help you in selecting the right boiler for you.

Overall Price – The overall price of the boiler, sometimes, reaches another height if we dot have prior knowledge of the price of boiler including taxes and the installation charges so, it is better for us to consult as many local and national engineers as possible.

Source Fuel – It is very important for us to check the type of fuels which our boiler is compatible with. It can help a lot in increasing the efficiency of the boiler and decrease the energy fuel bills.

Warranty – The warranty of any product gives us a ray of hope and pinch of confidence for the product. In this case, the warranty of the boiler is just 2 years which may stop you from opting this boiler.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Potterton Ultra Heat Boilers:

  • Potterton was formed in 1850 and installed its first boiler in 1902 in London.
  • The company has manufactured up to 7 million boilers till now.
  • This is owned by Baxi.

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Potterton is one of the oldest boiler brands and its history can be traced back as far as 1850. Thomas Potterton started the firm in Balham, London, and completed its first ever gas boiler installation back in 1902. Potterton is part of BDR Thermea Group, one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of heating and hot water products in Europe, operating in over 70 countries and employing over 6,000 people worldwide. Potterton has several ranges of boilers designed for the social housing and newbuild markets. These include Potterton Assure, Potterton Titanium Heat, Potterton Ultra, Potterton Gold and Potterton Promax Ultra. The reliability and customer score are based on responses from a May and June 2020 survey of 7,500 boiler owners, Engineer recommendation, build quality, availability of parts and spares, and ease of fixing a common fault and ease of servicing are based on responses to a June 2020 survey of 153 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers.
Potterton boilers are backed by Baxi Customer Support, and a nationwide network of its own fully trained engineers, providing help and support when you need it, 365 days a year.  The services provided by the Baxi Customer Support engineers has been assessed and approved by Which? Trusted Traders. Baxi Customer Support offers protection plans, underwritten by Domestic and General, for boilers that are still in warranty or out of warranty. You can contact Baxi Customer Support on 0344 871 1545 for more information.

Matthew Knight

  • Customer Reviews
  • Name of the customer – Jainet Mallie
  • Rating – 2 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 10-12-2019

Feedback – Just over a year ago, I had a Potterton EP2 programmer installed for my central heating but now the boiler comes on, even though the timer is on. I spoke to a man in Technical Support who said that there might be a frost thermostat in the loft which was overriding the timer. This man was initially helpful, but as the conversation went on, he was clearly irritated by my questions and wanting to move onto the next person.

Name of the customer – Mrs. Lorraine Johnson

  • Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 23-02-2018

Feedback – I was disappointed with the service of my boiler as it started give problems two days after the service was done. I telephoned Baxi and another appointment was made the same engineer came again but this time found what was wrong with the boiler. I was then told that the part would not arrive until after the holidays but received a text message on Wednesday evening to say that an engineer would be coming in the morning to fix the boiler a different engineer came and now the boiler is working as it should that’s the reason why I give you four stars because everything was done very quickly thank you.

  • Name of the customer – Victoria Storey
  • Rating – 3 out of 5 Stars
  • Place – Great Britain
  • Date – 06-05-2020

Feedback – First attempt was a complete misdiagnosis and resulted in me hiring a plumber to cut the pipe to my boiler in two places because I was told it was blocked. It wasn’t blocked at all. The guy I hired to cut the pipe was the person that advised me the boiler was still faulty due to a explosive ignition. The second guy did fix the problem but it took two call outs and an external plumber to say what the problem was.

Real-World Use Case:

We are long standing Insurers of our 11-year-old Boiler and system. Finally arranged our free Annual Service & check. Service done, boiler checked as 100% & all good.
Then 36 hours later, a Saturday morning, awoke to a cold house & no hot water – so not pleased. Fault code E115. Quick internet research said internal fault so just ring in & report. Rang D&G / Baxi, a prompt answer, then 32 minutes of music on hold before next answer – first Engineer is Tuesday morning, no one in technical to assist or discuss over phone. Four hours later, climbed up into loft & fault code had changed to E111 (low water) so topped up, reset & Boiler fired!
Engineer, now sheepish same one, returned Tuesday, fitted two new parts, and OK since. Said fault was failed valve & coincidence – who knows.
A simple Baxi Technical service over telephone or via an Engineer would really greatly assist everyone but due to …. etc.



  1. What to do if no water is coming out from the boiler?

No hot water from your Potterton boiler is not necessarily caused by a faulty diverter valve, it could be caused by another problem such as a faulty Printed Circuit Board (PCB). For this reason, it is important to have your boiler investigated by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. Unfortunately, in many cases, a faulty diverter valve is an expensive part to replace and it makes more financial sense to replace your boiler.

  • What is the solution of frozen condition?

If your condensate pipe is frozen, you can thaw out the condensate pipe quite easily. However, if you do not feel confident with this task a local Gas Safe Engineer will be more than happy to do it for you. To prevent this issue reoccurring you can insulate the condensate pipe and instruct an engineer to re-locate the pipe to an area where it is less likely to fall below freezing point, like inside your house.

  • How to solve the problem of low pressure in boiler?

You will need to increase the pressure in the boiler, how exactly you do this varies from boiler to boiler. You can see the pressure level by looking at the pressure gauge if the needle is below 1 on the pressure gauge, this indicates the pressure is too low. Ideally, you want to top it up, until the needle sits within the green area, around the 1.5 mark. However, bear in mind that this is a quick fix and does not necessarily fix the root of the issue e.g. a hole somewhere in your heating system, responsible for the gradual loss of pressure. You will need to hire a registered Gas Safe Engineer to diagnose and repair the problem.

  • What should the pressure gauge on my boiler be reading?

The normal operating water pressure for your boiler and central heating system is between 1.0 and 2.0 bar. If the pressure drops below 1.0 bar, you need to repressurize it. If the pressure goes above 3.0 bar, you will see water coming from the pressure relief valve (usually on an outside wall). You can reduce the pressure by bleeding a radiator or draining some water out of the system using a drain point, usually found underneath a radiator.

  • What happens at a boiler service?

Getting your boiler serviced every year is a bit like getting your car serviced. The law requires that all servicing and gas safety checks are made by a Gas Safe registered engineer and an annual service can make all the difference in reliability, efficiency, and household bills. If your boiler is still under warranty, having an annual service is a condition of the warranty. Always ask to see the engineer’s Gas Safe ID.


This boiler is not the most ideal available for you. A boiler with such a low overall Which?  Score does not give any evidence of its quality of the boiler. It can be really nice if the old boiler is being exchanged for new boiler and loft and the hot water tank is already installed. This model comes in an affordable price with different output ranges for every size of the household.

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