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The boilers came into existence around 150 years ago, when a painter named Benjamin Waddy Maughan invented an instantaneous domestic boiler that didn’t use solid fuel to produce the hot water. Later, after going through the process of evolution, the traditional boilers transformed into modern boilers. These boilers are quite different from the traditional domestic boilers in the terms of technologies and parts involved to design these boilers. The usage of the boilers has increased to this extent that it is hard to imagine our life without boilers. The market for boilers has increased exponentially to cater to the increased demands of different boilers. Different companies compete with each other to produce the best model of the boilers for their customers. One of such brands is Ferroli. It is an Italian brand which is famous for manufacturing domestic as well as commercial boilers. Established in 1955, it is serving around 14 countries across Europe and Asia. Ferroli UK was established in around 1980, after which it extended its branch and covered every household as well as industries through its highly performing boilers. This company manufactures three types of boilers.

NameOur RatingAvailablePriceOnline Rating
Ferroli Combi Boilers7/10Yes£ 429.00 to £ 810.583.8 out 5 stars 156 Global Reviews
Ferroli System Boilers7/10Yes£ 575.00 to £ 669.513.8 out 5 stars 156 Global Reviews
Ferroli Heat-Only Boilers7/10Yes£ 1,874.66 to £ 3,426.563.8 out 5 stars 156 Global Reviews

Prices for different models of the Ferroli Combi Boiler:


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 27kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 610.26          


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 32kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 646.16


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 38kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 810.58


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 25kW
  • Dimension – H- 680MM, W- 400MM, D- 330MM
  • Price – £ 429.00


  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 29kW
  • Dimension – H- 680MM, W- 400MM, D- 330MM
  • Price – £ 479.00

About the Ferroli Combi Boilers:

 Ferroli combi boilers are equipped with enhanced technologies aimed to beat the existing boilers in the market. There are two types of the model currently being manufactured by Ferroli. These models are I Combi boilers and Modern HE Combi boilers. The boilers of different outputs are available in the market for you to choose from according to the size of your property. These boilers can be installed anywhere in the house without installing the tank for cold and hot water.

The I 25 and I 29 models have been manufactured to meet the demands of a small and medium-sized house. The other models under the name of Modern HE are designed to be ideal for all sizes of the house.


  • These boilers have been rated A in the efficiency.
  • Designed to be light and compact.
  • Compatible with natural gas as well as LPG.
  • It requires only one installer to finish the work of installation.
  • Covered with 5-, 7- and 10-years warranty for different models


  • It can’t supply hot water in more than one bathroom.
  • Not feasible for the house with a high demand for hot water.
  • Other brands are quite popular.
  • The service is not good and instant.


  • These models are quite efficient with an efficiency above 90%.
  • There are only four moving parts in the boilers which make it easy for service.
  • Low level of operating noise.
  • A Clear LED display makes it user-friendly.
  • 5-, 7- and 10- year on parts and labor warranty depending on the model.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Ferroli Combi Boiler
  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 25kW to 38kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • MFR – 16 L/min
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Price – £ 925.00 to £ 1,086.00

Prices for different models of the Ferroli System Boiler:


  • Type – System
  • Output – 18kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 575.00          


  • Type – System
  • Output – 25kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 588.12          


  • Type – System
  • Output – 32kW
  • Dimension – H- 600MM, W- 400MM, D- 320MM
  • Price – £ 669.51          

About the Ferroli System Boilers:

Ferroli System boilers are known for their capability to serve the high demand for hot water, especially in large houses. It is suitable for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Like all other system boilers, this boiler requires the installation of a hot water cylinder. It does not require a loft for the storage of cold water. These boilers are not perfect if your house lacks the space for a hot water tank. Ferroli system boiler comes in only one model Modern HE System with different outputs for different houses with different demands of hot water. The outputs are 18kW, 25kW, and 32kW. It is ideal for houses where there are multiple bathrooms. The warranty period of 5 years can be extended further to 2 or 5 years by contacting the agency.


  • Light and compact design make the installation process easy.
  • Ideal for large houses with multiple bathrooms.
  • The heating effect of the central heating system is not affected while using hot water.
  • It can store hot water for later use.
  • Efficient enough to reduce your annual energy fuel bills up to more than 50%.
  • These boilers try to reduce the carbon footprint which makes them eco-friendly.


  • Not suitable for small properties or flats as the hot water tank requires extra space in the house.
  • The leakage in the hot water tank reduces its efficiency and increase the fuel bills.
  • Reheating is need if the hot water is left for a long time.
  • The cylinder decides the amount of water that can be used in one go.
  • It takes time to fill the cylinder.
  • You don’t get hot water instantly.


  • It is equipped with a radio-controlled thermostat and mechanical and digital timer.
  • It produces exceptionally low operating noise around the home.
  • It is compatible with natural gas and LPG.
  • It has only four moving parts, which makes the installation, servicing, and maintenance easy.
  • It offers a flexible flue option with a length of up to 80 meters.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Ferroli System Boiler
  • Type – System
  • Output – 18kW to 32kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • MFR – 16 L/min
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Price – £ 575.00 to £ 669.51

Prices for different models of the Ferroli Condensing Boiler


  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 60kW
  • Dimension – H- 945MM, W- 445MM, D- 440MM
  • Price – £650


  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 80kW
  • Dimension – H- 945MM, W- 445MM, D- 440MM
  • Price – £ 2,783.00


  • Type – Heat-Only
  • Output – 125kW
  • Dimension – H- 945MM, W- 445MM, D- 440MM
  • Price – £ 3,426.56

About the Ferroli Heat-Only Boilers:

Ferroli heat-only boilers are ideal for commercial purposes as these boilers can’t be used for domestic purposes due to their high output and price. These boilers require a lot of space in the house because these boilers require the installation of the loft as well as a cylinder for hot water. These boilers come in different output varying from 60kW to 125kW. These boilers are designed to serve the high demand for hot water. These boilers are famous for emitting very few pollutants. It can be controlled using external weather compensation. Ferroli condensing boilers are designed to be installed in cascade operation to produce an effective result without using any extra control panel. These models come with a standard warranty of 2 years on parts and labor cost. The different outputs are 60kW, 80kW, and 125kW. The price of this model varies from £650 to £ 3,426.56.


  • These models are ideal for large properties especially for commercial purposes to meet the high demand for hot water.
  • It is highly efficient and known for its powerful performance.
  • The operational noise is almost zero which gives you the comfort you long for.
  • Ferroli boilers are condensing boilers that reuse the heat from the water vapor, unlike the traditional boilers in which it gets ventilated.
  • Easy to use control panel makes it user-friendly.


  • Requires a lot of space in the house as installation of two extra cylinders is essential for this boiler.
  • It is costlier than other models of this company.
  • Not ideal for small houses where there is a lack of space.
  • You can’t get instant hot water and once the cylinder is empty you need time to re-fill it.
  • The cylinder is prone to lose heat due to leakage which makes it less efficient.


  • It is classified as SEBDUK Band A which helps in reducing your operational cost.
  • The presence of air/gas premix metal fiber burner causes low emission.
  • This model is highly efficient and designed for powerful performance.
  • A multifunctional display makes it easier for users.
  • The model is 4-star rated on the efficiency level.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Ferroli Condensing Boiler
  • Type – Heat-only
  • Output – 60kW to 125kW
  • Compatible – LPG and Natural Gas
  • MFR – 12.8 L/min
  • SEBDUK Band A
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Price – £ 650.00 to £ 3,426.56

Buying Guide

Ferroli boilers are mostly known for their enhanced technology and heavy-duty performance. These boilers are apt for domestic as well as commercial purposes. These boilers have been designed to fulfill all the requirements of a typical user. Ferroli has designed its boilers compact enough that it can be fitted anywhere in the house. Buying a boiler can be an extremely tough task if you are not aware of the features and the benefits of a boiler. So, to avoid any mistakes in buying a boiler, you must make yourself aware of the pros and cons of the model you are trying to buy. You must know the required factors which influence the efficiency of the boiler like the size of the house, the demand for hot water, the number of bathrooms, the number of radiators you are going to use, etc. these factors play a vital role in selecting the right boiler for your house. As we all know if you don’t buy the right boiler, you are going to shell out your money every second it is being used in your house. The selection of the wrong boiler can be dangerous for your house, pocket and the environment as well. The factors which influence the decision of selecting the right boiler are mentioned below.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Ferroli Boiler for your home:

Size of your house– It can be an important factor while selecting the right boiler for your house as it is one of the most basic factors which helps in deciding the right boiler. The houses bigger in size require boilers with higher output and the houses with less area require boilers with lower outputs.

Price of the boiler – This is decided by the money you have got in your pocket to shell out for a boiler. You can have a cheap and best boiler or you can go for a boiler with advanced technologies which gives you royal warmth. It all depends on the money you have got for the boiler.

Efficiency – The efficiency of a boiler helps you reduce your annual energy fuel bills by 60%. The efficiency of a boiler is defined as the energy consumed by the boiler to perform a unit of work. The higher the efficiency is, the lower the energy fuel bills are.

Warranty – The warranty of a boiler assures you that you don’t need to worry about the damage of the boiler till the period, the boiler is covered under warranty. It means the company will cover any expense required to mend the damage caused to the boiler.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Ferroli Boilers:

  • Ferroli was discovered in 1955 in Italy by Dante Ferroli
  • In 2007, its turnover was nearly 700 million Euro.
  • Today, its product is being sold in more than 120 countries and employs around 8000 people with 30 plants and 6 R&D centres.

What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Ferroli is an Italian manufacturer that has been making boilers for more than 50 years and now operates in 14 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Ferroli’s range of boilers is manufactured in Verona, Italy.  If you decide that the heating in your home needs a renaissance, Ferroli has a range of combi and system boilers to pick from.  The reliability and customer score are based on responses from a May and June 2020 survey of 7,500 boiler owners. Engineer recommendation, build quality, availability of parts and spares, and ease of fixing a common fault, and ease of servicing are based on responses to a June 2020 survey of 153 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers.

Matt Knight

Customer Reviews

  • Name of the customer – Toutalis
  • Rating – 2 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 10-12-2020

Feedback – I’ve had a Ferroli boiler for 8 years with no issues until recently when I got an undocumented error code A44. Booked a boiler repair for £300 upfront through They took the money immediately but never bothered to reach out via email or phone. I waited for over a week then called. After conceding they dropped the ball, they scheduled an engineer for 2 days. The morning of the repair Ferroli called to say the engineer couldn’t make it. Ferroli then called to say an alternative engineer would call me that day to schedule an appointment for the following day – but he never did. However, the following day, the engineer did call me giving me 30mins notice he was on his way. So overall, I paid £300 upfront, waited 10+ days for an engineer to visit, and got 30 mins notice. Poor at best and very complacent staff and service folk

  • Name of the customer – CS
  • Rating – 4 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 24-11-2020

Feedback – I have had my Ferroli boiler for 28 years now and in that time only had about 10 things breakdown but the boiler I have is exceptional. Karon on the customer service team is A1 at her position helped out every time, carried out what she told you was happening to the letter. The only downside was the Homeserve’s/ferroli boiler cover I have undertaken where they dragged out the problem. But TOP MARKS! TOP FERROLI TEAM! AND BOILER!

  • Name of the customer – H Mont
  • Rating – 4 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 21-08-2020

Feedback – First time to install this ferroli bluehelix, and was pleasantly surprised with some features on this boiler. 1. Simplicity in converting to LPG. 2. Ease of running test mode. 3. Comprehensive installation instructions. 4. Silent operation. 5. Genuine manyfacturer 10 year warranty. 6. Supplied with telescopic flue. No cutting required. 7. Dedicated wiring connection for external controls. 8. Swivel service valves for ease of pipe connection. 9. Filling loop supplied, although not factory item. 10.Starts staight from the box. 11. Good back up technical.

Real-World Case:

I am an installer and breakdown tradesman and speak from personal experience. I was recently incensed by a review below where Santosh was refused a warranty on a product because of ‘dirty system water’ (product does not have any system water) and it being 2m above ground. if that was the case and 2m is deemed a Health and Safety risk, then there won’t be many light bulbs being changed in the future, As a result of the review, I had a call from Karen at Ferroli and had an interesting and frank conversation about past wrongs and the current direction. Ferroli was one of the first brands to bring combination boilers to the UK when Brassware Sales imported them – and they were pretty decent, especially given their modest pricing. For whatever reason, Ferroli ended up at the lower price bracket in the market and the brand was often cheap and piled high in builders merchants and DIY stores. The result was many of their boilers were thrown onto the wall with no preparation and no installer aftersales support. Things have indeed changed in the last two years. It appears that there has been a significant rethink and reorganization at Ferroli UK. It is a brand new product and looking at the technical documentation, appears to be no worse than the ‘respected’ brands costing 40% more. The ten-year warranty is an outstanding proposition, provided they can honor it. Having spoken to Karen, they seem pretty determined to rebuild trust in the brand. They deserve a special mention for parts pricing; Inexpensive boilers often have incredibly expensive spares – but not Ferroli. They are pretty reasonable in my view, and they are easy to get hold of. If you are considering a Ferroli, it is not the boiler you should be checking out – you need to look at who is installing it and how they are going to install it. The installation labor is likely to cost as much as the boiler if it is to be done properly.

Pete Raycroft


  • How to treat a frozen condensate pipe?

The job of the condensate pipe is to transport acidic water, caused by waste gas, away from the boiler. This usually runs outside into a drain, because of its location, it faces the risk of freezing. If your condensate pipe has frozen, it will need to be thawed out. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, call out a registered engineer.

  • What to do if the heating isn’t working properly?

If you’ve set your heating to come on at specific times but it’s not, or the radiators seem to get hot a completely random times then it could be an issue with the mechanical timer. You should look to replace the programmer if this is the case.

  • A leak is coming from the bottom of the boiler

When you see water coming from the bottom of your boiler, the most common cause is a broken internal component, normally a pump seal or pressure valve. To determine the cause, it’s always best to get a Gas Safe registered engineer on the case.

  • Who Should You Choose to Replace a Ferroli Boiler?

After deciding that you’d like to replace your Ferroli boiler with a brand new one, you’ll need to think about who you want to replace it with. Your decision will be between a national company or a local engineer, so which one is right for you? If you love a personal touch, then a local engineer could be for you as you’ll probably be talking to the same person throughout your communications. As well as this, local engineers can also offer very competitive rates which might sway your decision. The bigger national companies will be able to offer extra services like ongoing boiler cover and big brand protection which is always a bonus. To find the best deal that’s right for you, we recommend getting up to 3 quotes rather than going with the first one you receive. With our free service, you can receive quotes from trusted engineers near you. Just remember that whoever you get to replace your boiler, must be Gas Safe registered.


Ferroli is a good-to-go brand because it has boilers of every category at affordable prices and a long warranty. The service of this quality is trustworthy and the products are worth the price. However, you are suggested to visit your local installing agencies who would confirm the right boiler after reviewing your demands. You must compare the price of different boilers by contacting different agencies. These boilers are equipped with modern technologies and you will start getting the benefit once you replace your traditional boilers with the modern Ferroli boilers.

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