Combi or system boiler which is best

Do you find yourself stuck between investing into a combi or a system boiler? We are here to help you make the right choice and decide as to which boiler is designed to get a perfect fit in your house. We have got you a couple of things that you need to consider well while making the right choice for your home. But before that you need to understand the basic difference between the combi and system boilers.

Combi boilers

The combi boilers are systems, designed to operate by using water directly from the mains and serve you with heat on demand. As the name says ‘Combi’, these boilers combine the functions of a conventional boiler, hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank. The Combi boilers have come being really popular systems that are compact in size and are easy to install.

The combi boilers operates by using the water from the main supply that results in stronger water pressure and ensures that you would never be lacking on hot water again. The modern highly efficient units come, being a stainless steel condensing boiler with an inbuilt heat exchanger that operates in order to serve the customers with hot water immediately.

There are two main reasons behind the combi boilers great and powerful efficiency i.e. these units have high operating efficiency and low internal water volume. This means when in summer days you don’t need space heating you are only paying to heat water which is domestically required.

System boilers

A system boiler is designed to work quite as similar as a regular conventional unit that operates by directly heating your central heating system and produces water for a storage cylinder. A system boiler comes being compact in size as many of the components found in a conventional heating set up are built into a system boiler and there is no need for a feed or expansion tank. Thus, this probably means that installing a system boiler is much easier.

Now that you have a clear understanding of both terms, we have mentioned some considerable points to help you learn on Combi or system boiler which is best.

  1. Need- We usually come across people who consider the size of home to be the key to determine whether or not to install a combi boiler. While this is not the truth, the truth is that size is just a factor and not the key to your problem. What it really comes down to is how much hot water your family uses and when they’re using it. And while the size of your home can be indicative of this, the two don’t always correspond.
  2. Allow us to explain- You need to understand that if there are two showers in your house and you want both of them to run at the same time, in this case a combi boiler might not be the correct choice as you would notice a slight decrease in flow pressure during your shower.
  3. Combi always gives priority to hot water- You need to look for a boiler that doesn’t drop the temperature if continuously heats water for the home.   
  4. When size is a factor- If you are living in a smaller property, and your temperature was to come down as a result of running dual showers, bringing your temperature back up wouldn’t require a lot of energy and would happen quickly. While in a case of a larger property would require more energy to bring the temperature back up, and therefore more time. As a result, you would notice the drop in temperature, and your comfort could be affected.
  5. System boiler with an unvented cylinder- If you live in a larger property with two or three showers, larger rooms, tall ceilings and a big family, a system boiler with an unvented cylinder would be a better bet for you. This would help you run as much hot water as you need without affecting the temperature in your home.
  6. Time to decide- When it comes to making the decision between a combi or a system boiler keep some tips in mind-
  7. Combi boilers can be a right choice for small families, while they might not be that suitable for larger families.
  8. Understand on how much hot water is being consumed in your home over an extended time.
  9. Combi boilers work to either heat your home or your water but not both at the same time. While a system boiler can handle heating your home and water simultaneously.  

These points would probably help you decide on Combi or system boiler which is best.

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