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One of the most trusted and used brands used around the world, Worcester is a name that you’ll always hear from its customers with a positive response. Known for providing the best products at a reasonable rate, Worcester has gained popularity among thousands of households around the world. There are hundreds of boilers out there, so why should you choose Worcester, and why the Greenstar model? We will answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge. Moreover, we will tell you the best 3 Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic combi boilers that you can use for your home.


Buying Guide:

Power: This is the first and foremost point that you should consider while purchasing any boiler. Boilers have different power outputs that are based upon the area they are intended to be used. For example, if you have a small house, maybe 1 or 2 bedrooms only, you should consider going for 29 KW output boilers. These boilers are available in a lot of variants based on the output. So consult without a technician for the minimum required output before purchasing a boiler.

Efficiency: Boilers are supposed to be kept on the whole day long. It becomes essential to know the amount of electricity and fuel they are going to consume during this period. You should go to boilers that are energy efficient. These give the same output by consuming lesser electricity and fuel as compared to regular boilers. Moreover, you should also check how much of the fuel is being converted into heat and what percentage is wasted.

Warranty: Having a boiler that has a long warranty gives you peace of mind. Although these machines are designed to last long, still it may get damaged one way or the other. You should look for boilers with longer warranty periods if you don’t intend to change houses or boilers anytime soon. Some brands also offer extended warranty services for a certain amount. If you feel like the boiler could get damaged, maybe due to electrical wirings or connections, you can purchase an extended warranty along with the boiler.

Ease of use: Purchasing a boiler that has a lot of buttons could prove to be troublesome. Boilers with more features tend to have more controls than the normal ones. It makes it easier to operate such boilers. For easier usability, while using the boilers, you should choose the ones that have minimal buttons to operate on. A digital display would be an added advantage to your purchase. Some boilers can even connect to the internet, have their app using which you can operate remotely.


One of the best boilers out there that you will ever find, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic Combi offers the highest levels of hot water comfort. Often considered as the brand’s top of the range combi boiler, this boiler gives greater economy and end-user comfort using its smart functions. You get up to 10 years of guarantee on the primary heat exchanger and a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Ideal for homes with spacious rooms and high ceilings, the A-rated Worcestershire Bosch Greenstar boiler has an efficiency rating of 92%.



  • Wall mounting frame with no exposed pipework
  • Weather compensation for better heating
  • Load compensation for better efficiency
  • Smart control for ease of access
  • Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device


  • Reduces electrical usage by 30%
  • Low NOx and co2 emissions


  • Customer service can be poor
  • Installation can be tricky

Key Specifications:

  • Product height: 760 MM
  • Product width: 440 MM
  • Product depth: 360 MM
  • Price: £ 1,098.00 – £ 1,702.06


  • Max Flow Rate: 11
  • Output: 29 KW
  • Price: £ 1,098.00
  • Product dimensions:
  • Product height: 760 MM
  • Product width: 440 MM
  • Product depth: 360 MM


  • Max Flow Rate: 14.3
  • Output: 34 KW
  • Price: £ 1,256.57
  • Product dimensions:
  • Product height: 760 MM
  • Product width: 440 MM
  • Product depth: 360 MM


  • Max Flow Rate: 17.1
  • Output: 42 KW
  • Price: £ 1,702.06
  • Product dimensions:
  • Product height: 760 MM
  • Product width: 440 MM
  • Product depth: 360 MM

What Do Industry Influencers Say About These Boilers?

If you have a need for continuous instant hot water in a large volume, then the Worcester-Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic Regular boiler could be your perfect choice. These consume lesser energy, thus reducing fuel bills which providing output at the best.

The hot water flow rate of these boilers is significantly high as compared to other boilers in this price segment. The size of the boiler can be a little off for some people. So we recommend you first measure the dimensions of the place where you plan to install the boiler.

These boilers are available in multiple variants. Be sure to consult an engineer and know the output requirements for your house before you purchase the boiler. Even the 29 KW boiler is more than powerful enough for small homes. Depending on your need, choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

How We Decide & Examine Such Products To Recommends You 

Choosing the right boiler can be hectic as there are several factors such as house size, output, voltage, etc. that should be kept in mind. The boilers we review were purchased with our own funds so that reviews can be true and not altered by any external means specially product manufacturers.

Models Considered = 6

Consumers Consulted =21,202

We went through many websites, looked into multiple reviews and consulted many professionals regarding the same so that you can get the best. Buying a boiler can hinder the budget, due to which we need to be extra cautious while buying one. Make sure you get additional warranty of 2-3 years to prevent further complications.

Users FAQs for the product

Q. What is the efficiency of the boiler?

According to SEDBUK, the boiler was given an efficiency rating of 89.1% in 2009.

Q. Are these models discontinued?

Some of the models have been discontinued.

Q. Is there a new version for this boiler?

Greenstar Style 30kW gas boiler is the newer and more reliable boiler developed by Worcester Bosch

Q. Can this boiler be installed outside of the kitchen?

You can install it in a loft or garage, all thanks to the frost protection feature.

Q. Is this boiler energy efficient?

These boilers are equipped with a low energy pump. These help in reducing electrical usage.

Q. At what settings should my Worcester boiler generally be?

1 bar. When the heating is off, the setting should be around 1 bar.

Did you know?

  • Boilers recycle water
  • Modern boilers are easy to maintain and operate
  • Maintenance is required during spring and summer as well

What Does The Customer Say About These Products?

  • Review by: Sayyed Fizzy
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Highlight: Brand new boiler installation
  • Review:

My boiler was just about on its way out, matter of days, so I got to work on finding a reputable firm who could provide a quality boiler and installation

After asking around mates and looking through all the usual forums I was lead to boiler central, Josh and Morgan from the company advised on the boiler that I would need for the size of my house and talked me through every step of what is included in the installation process, they were extremely helpful and top quality customer service,they gave me the quote which also happen to be the most competitive especially compared to other firms and with in 2 days they sent there engineer Derek to install my boiler

The installation was done in half a day and the engineer Derek is a perfectionist to say the least, he triple checks everything and literally the kind of guy who will not leave till it’s absolutely perfect, afterwards he explained to me in detail how to operate the boiler controls and gave me additional advice etc,Derek explained if there’s anything I’m not sure about then i could contact him at any time,like they say it’s not just about the right boiler it’s about having it installed correctly

The wireless nest Google was installed by there in house electrician Tom who also did a top notch job, and again Tom explained in detail to me on how to operate the wireless device and assured me any problems and I shouldn’t hesitate to contact him

Overall from the people at the company to there engineers I’ve been extremely happy and most important of all I’ve got a peace of mind that everything is working perfectly, great guys to deal with and I’ll definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family


  • Review by: Artur pawlowski
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Highlight: Nice, nit and tidy installation
  • Review:

I finally decided to replace our 11 years old boiler which was already in the house I bought. I look to several websites where mainly it asked you for your contact details to be able to give you a sales call and/or to visit your house and carry initial survey. It was different with Boiler Central because I received a quote after I filled in an online form. I was able to choose from range boilers including well known brands such as Ideal, Viessman, Vaillant or Worchester Bosch.

They offer a finance to spread a cost associated with boiler installation. Prices varied from £1970 to somehow close to £3000. I wanted Worchester Bosch initially but it was 9.9% APR. I went to cheaper Ideal with 0% finance for 2 years payment plan. Company requested to send few photographs of the gas meter, boiler installation, flue, gas pipes, water main tap etc. Once they had them all, they confirmed installation for yesterday. On the day of installation an engineer Dave came to our house. He was friendly, nice, polite chap who did great work. He was clean, he runned a cover for our stairs through to the loft as we have our boiler located in the loft. He did all necessary part, decomissioned old boiler, put new pipes, connect them to new boiler. All nit, nice and tidy. It took him good 7-8 hours but it was really good job.

Company rang during a day to confirm an engineer came to our house which is nice habit to ensure they have satisfied customer. They rang second time after installation to confirm they will send all relevant paperwork. I fully recommend them. I have two minor points they could improve. Their discount code for £50 during Christmas sale didn’t work for me. Second, I have an impression their service plan or annual servicing may be more expensive than local Gas Safe registered engineer. I didn’t check it yet but it’s an impression. I would recommend Boiler Central to everyone who needs its boiler replaced.


  • Review by: Lee Bickerstaff
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Highlight: Great service from start to finish
  • Review:

Boiler installed two days after ordering. Extra parts required on arrival which were sent out and arrived within two hours (no extra cost). Job took 7 hours to complete which was about right. The Honeywell t6r Wireless thermostat that I ordered to work with the boiler wouldn’t connect to the Internet. Installer said keep trying it sometimes takes a few goes. I think they just wanted to go home at this point. So after a bit of investigating found it was down to the fact that it only works on 2.4GHz not 5GHz WiFi. Worked OK after logging into my ISP account and splitting the two. The 15 year warranty is a great peace of mind too. All in all very satisfied with the installation.


Real-Life Use Cases




We hope that you are satisfied with what you read. These Worcester’s Greenstar CDi Classic Combi boilers have power output ranging from 29kW to 42kW. The flow rates of these boilers range between 12.3 Liters to 17.1 Liters. These boilers have the desired power outputs making them the ideal boiler for small, medium, and even large houses. It provides hot water in demand in a short duration, thus making itself a popular choice among people with a shortage of storage spaces. These boilers are eco-friendly and energy-efficient as well, saving not only your money but the environment as well. Do tell us which model you liked the most and are going to use. Also, we would love to hear about your experience using these boilers. Follow us for more such latest guides.

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