Buyers Guide For Vokera Mynute i System Boiler (Prices & Expert Reviews)

Boilers are a mandatory source of comfort in western countries and other regions that get enveloped with freezing winters. Newer the technology, newer the features that enables us to have all our requirements met. The advancing era has seen a large number of boiler brands come and go. Yet some seem to have stamped their identity into the industry. Vokera is one such brand that has encarved its impression on the customers. Vokera has achieved the fandom and assurance along the years that passed guaranteeing quality and reliability.

It’s also important to know what to look out for in deciding the right boiler for your homes. And this factor is dependent on several other factors.

These are what, determines the durability and assess the requirements needed to a particular home.

All our homes are different and have different requirements.  Hence the variety of boilers should be keenly researched to conclude the right boiler by size, capacity, flow rate, and further the price tht one can bear.

Here we have enlisted all such common queries that could possibly arise during one such decision making regarding boilers. Vokera is a high in- demand brand that has ensured the best productivity. The Mynute i System Boiler is a reputed boiler type under the brand name of Vokera. We have briefly described the features and facts one must undoubtedly know about the boiler before purchasing it.

Vokera Mynute i System Boiler :

        A feature oriented model of Vokera boiler brand that provides Central Heating. The main feature is central heating, but the incorporation of storage cylinder to the boiler can make it dual purpose. The storage cylinder once inserted to the structure allows you to use it for water heating as well.

The system comes in 2 main sizes of 20kwW and 30kW, which may be chosen upon our requirement and need.

Highly efficient and energy saving model.

  1. Vokera mynute i 20S
  2. Vokera mynute i 30S

There are not much differences between these two and hence we have provided the features and specifications below for a better understanding.


  • Boiler make :       Vokera
  • Boiler model :     Mynute i20 System Gas Boiler
  • Boiler type:         System
  • Fuel type:   Gas
  • Is Condensing:     Condensing
  • Efficiency Rating: 89.5%
  • Standard Warranty:      5 Years
  • Band Rating:       B Rated
  • ERP Rating:         A Heat
  • Central Heating Max. Output:         20kW
  • Hot Water Max. Output:        N/A
  • Flow Rate: N/A
  • LPG Compatible: Yes
  • Mounting:  Wall Mounted
  • Total Cost: £1,050 – £1,550
  • Availability:        Available


  • Boiler make:        Vokera
  • Boiler model:      Mynute i30 System Gas Boiler
  • Boiler type:         System
  • Fuel type:   Gas
  • Is Condensing:     Condensing
  • Efficiency Rating:        89.1%
  • Standard Warranty:5 Years
  • Band Rating:       B Rated
  • ERP Rating:         A Heat
  • Central Heating Max. Output:         30kW
  • Hot Water Max. Output:        N/A
  • Flow Rate: N/A
  • LPG Compatible: Yes
  • Mounting:  Wall Mounted
  • Total Cost: £1,120 – £1,620
  • Availability:        Available
ModelOur ratingPriceAvailabilityGlobal rating
Mynute i 20S7.8/10£550Available3.9 out of 5
Mynute i 30S7.6/10£620Available3.8 out of 5

The Vokera Mynute i Boiler

Vokera’s Mynute i condensing system boiler is highly suitable for spacious homes and for central heating purposes.  However, it can meet the hot water requirements when installed with a storage cylinder. There are two various heating outputs available including 20kW and 30kW. Depending on which model and size you chose, you can expect a price between £1099 and £1224 for the Mynute i system with a standard 5-year parts and labour warranty.


  • SEDBUK Rating A-      Lower Gas Bills
  • 2-year parts and labour warranty     Peace of Mind
  • High modulation ratio- Adapt its output to the requirements
  • Weather compensation sensor-        Energy Efficient
  • Compatible with Zenith solar thermal collectors-       Energy Efficient


  • Vokera says smart controls can improve a heating system’s efficiency by up to 5%
  • condensing boilers often work more efficiently at lower flow temperatures.
  • an external weather compensation sensor can also be added to many systems.
  • cheap boilers are often made cheaply and will tend to break down more often.


  • ErP Class A
  • Up to 97% efficient (ErP space heating) when installed with optional Vokèra intelligent controls
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • Rear flue option
  • Front mounted heat exchanger for simple maintenance
  • 10:1 modulation ratio, maximises efficiency and end user comfort
  • Frost protection
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Anti-seize function
  • Size: 78cm x 40cm x 34cm for the Mynute i20, 78cm x 40cm x 34cm for the Mynute i30

Buying Guide To Boilers :

The model, brand and price alone does not provide the basic information required to decide on the perfect boiler for your home. Choosing the right one is equally significant to ensure safety.   Safety tied to any electrical device comes at a greater expense. The quality and reliability of a brand must be more vibrant than any of its contrasting features. 

Picking the right boiler from the wide varieties of models available in the market is quite a daunting task.

We have jot down the valid requisites to look out for while purchasing a boiler for your home.

  • Gas boilers

Choosing an efficient boiler also means moving ahead with time and advancement.  It would be appropriate to use the technically advanced method of heating than to stick with the older methods that could prove fatal or damaging to homes. Gas seems neater and more cost effective. The modern Gas condensing boilers result in a decent energy bill and higher returns of savings on resources.

Based on an efficiency test calculated with respect to an industry standard, called SAP 2009, the least efficient has a rating of 88.2 and the most efficient is 91.0. Which is what Worcester Bosch has to offer.

  • Cost efficient and resourceful

The most highlighting feature as compared to boilers since decades is that modern boilers are resourceful and consume less electricity. They do not come with pocket tearing bills at the end of the month. The price is affordable and much advantageous since it comes with a long guarantee upto 10 – 12 years.

  • ErP rating

Higher the ErP, safer and cleaner the option. As the rating increases the ability of the device to function increases but at the same time the resource consumption decreases and the savings on energy and electricity decreases with high effectiveness.

  • Controls and safety apparatus.

Make sure the boiler you prefer to purchase is advanced enough to incorporate reliable safety measures, safety controls and offers precautionary measures. The device should be manufactured with utmost precision, hence the reliability of a famous brand like Worcester allows you to settle in peace. The machine should consist of good quality materials that do not fuse, melt or radiate tremendously due to high heating. The system boilers usually come in ON and OFF mechanism that only works as per our requirement. Thus we are able to control the operation manually. The operational device shall be well suited to easy handling and controlling.

  •  Lower complexity

The easy functioning and operating of devices makes it easier to handle.

The technicalities to be kept on the comprehensible side of the user is quite a  task for the manufacturers. To which the Vokera has justified itself.

  • Varied ranges.

One’s size of home and the size of device is always interlinked and helps produce the best results always.

The size is what determines the outcome and the output efficiency.  The Vokera range offers almost 13 to 15 models simply under the system model and even a better range under the other categories. Which makes the process of choosing quite daunting yet offers a wider range to choose from.

  • The size of your home is co relative to the boiler you wish to buy ?

The Size of your home decides the size of the boiler. Lesser the number of rooms and bathrooms, lower the required heating capacity. Hence, the ideal model would be 28CDi.

Choosing the right size includes two major factors:

  • Heating capabilities
  • Whether the physical size would fit your home space.

It would always be best to obtain further information and advice from an engineer regarding the heating efficiency required for your home and its installation.

The use of smaller boilers for a vaster home would only provide evident inefficiency. And the vice versa usage of larger boilers for limited home spaces would lead to increased bills, increased heating of limited heating sources. Which could in adverse be dangerous.

What Industry Influencers Say About VOKERA And Its MYNUTE i BOILERS?

Vokera has turned out to be the No. 1 brand in the UK amongst the boilers. Uprising its esteem through up-gradation of technology, immense innovation and attitude of new generation and scientific features that make it more warming and active in the industry.

The brand has earned its reputation and covered its hall of fame through the experience and trust it has gained over the past years through the people . The brand aims at quality and reliability.

The most characteristic feature comes through the versatile nature of its types and models introduced through different models.

Around 80% of families who seek to purchase a new boiler for their homes do a thorough research and end up buying the No.1 brand due to the ratings, which is ultimately Vokera.

The device has a user-friendly display, beneath the flap, making the boiler relatively easy to operate.

The Worcester Bosch product comes with an ErP of 94% and an A rating that does its half for the environment as well.

Vokera boilers are especially known for being cheap rather than good. On an average, you save around 20% in buying a Vokera boiler compared to leading brands like Worcester Bosch or Ideal, which makes these brands popular among the bargain hunters on boilers.

But be careful: cheap boilers are often made cheaply and will tend to break down more often. That means you can pay far more in the long term getting it repaired and replaced sooner.

Vokera Mynute i 20S

  • Efficiency – 89%
  • Ease of use – 90%
  • Quality – 78%
  • Resourceful and cost effective – 94%
  • Compact – 65%

Vokera has never failed to satisfy the human wants and in fact have earned a class reputation over the decades of service. Vokera has turned out as a casual and household name in the UK, since the beginning of time. Quality and reliability are the key features aimed at by the Vokera . The brand signifies its importance through the safety and sustainability provisions of the brand and its products. Our reliability on the brand is in due relation to the customer reviews and satisfaction the company has earned. Efficiency, Durability, Sustainability are uncompromised to any extent.

Vokera Mynute i 30S

  • Efficiency – 88%
  • Ease of use – 90%
  • Quality – 80%
  • Resourceful and cost effective – 95%
  • Compact – 65%
  • SEDBUK A rating of 93.5% (2009 value)
  • Reduction in raw materials due to the precise engineering of the WB7
  • All components are 100% recyclable
  • Low electrical standby consumption.

The same as any time, the efficiency and productivity is undoubtedly prominent.

The Mynute i is an Energy Saving Trust endorsed boiler with an A efficiency rating. It can actually save you up to 30% on your gas bills, and better still, achieve a further 10% energy saving.


  • Name : Chaz
  • Date : 29 December 2019
  • Model : Vokera mynute i 20S
  • Rating : 5/5

Comment : I’m very happy with my product….seller great!

  • Name : Mr. Dereck Dik
  • Date : 9 October 2019
  • Model : Vokera Mynute i 30S
  • Rating : ⅗

comment :

Seems ok heating wise but the hot water flow, especially at the bath is terrible.

The fact we are in a flat and there is only around 3mtrs from the boiler to the bath makes it worse. This needs looked at in my opinion.


  • What Output should I look for ? There are various outputs available.

Ans. Yes. There are a wide range of output options available. Hence one must go forth with the fuel available as resources to them plus the size of the apartment or home they reside. This decides the size of the device we require. One must try and get an engineer to assess their size of property to conclusively reach a proper output rate .

  • How often should I maintain the device?

Ans. This is quite interesting. Indeed we use the boilers much exclusively during winters. But the proper maintenance of these devices could ensure they do not break down when under usage. Such devices, if broken, take time and effort to put back to service. Hence it would be appreciable if maintained at regular intervals.

  • Do these break down or stop all of a sudden or reboot at an electricity stoppage?

Ans. The boilers are advanced much to their efficiency and usually reboot back to the last set functions once there has been a stoppage of electricity. Until then it may work under the default system functions.

  • Are Vokera boilers good enough?

Vokera boilers are known for being cheaper rather than good or of better quality. On an average, one could save around 20% buying a Vokera boiler rather than the leading brands like Worcester Bosch or Ideal, which makes them popular among the bargain hunters in the market. But be more careful: cheap boilers are often made of cheaper materials and will tend to break down easier.

  • What does a red light mean on a Vokera boiler?

The red light on the display panel of a vokera boiler indicates a fault with your boiler. For example, on a Vokera Compact you might see an A01 fault code with a red flashing light, which indicates there has been a failure in the ignition sequence of the boiler suggeting a quick servicing.

  • Where is reset button on the Vokera boiler?

To reset your Vokera boiler, change the mode selector switch to the ‘OFF/RESET’ position and then put it back to either ‘hot water only’ or ‘heating and hot water’. This reboot may get your boiler working again then you’ll know because there will be a constant green light.


  • Recycling of water

Boilers utilize a closed system. This means that they recycle heated water repeatedly and don’t use any more energy than the majority of the other available heating systems.

More often, they are actually the most environmentally friendly decision especially if you select a high-efficiency boiler installation. This will keep your energy bills low and help you save money on your water heater.

  • If left unchecked, it can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, fires or even explosions. A faulty boiler, or one that has a blocked or leaky flue, can release a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide (CO). Breathing in carbon monoxide can make you unwell and being exposed to high concentrations can be fatal.
  • Boilers Don’t Always Boil Water

In a boiler system, the heat exchanger is apparently a tube over the burner flames, through which the water flows.

As the water flows over the flames, it is heated to the proper and appropriate temperature before moving on to heat the house. Because of the way the heat exchanger is constructed, the water is not meant to stay over the flame long enough to boil, hence it does not always bring the water to boil.


The boilers in the market seem to satisfy different and substantial requirements in various ways. The utility and sustainability thus seem to be the conclusive key factors that sum up the wholesomeness of an appropriate boiler.

We have seen the different types of boilers by Vokera. After a deep and extensive amount of research, we have refined out the essentials one seeks when in search of a device for heating water for homes.

From extensive sources we have concluded that the boilers are much essential in the day to day life. The quality is detrimental and hence plays a vital role. The amount spent on an a boiler is what decides its quality and the shelf life or its durability. Yes the boilers are capable of causing severe damages if not taken care of; or when boilers of cheap quality are substituted.

Vokera boilers have always sufficed the requirements of its customers in efficiency but, it seems they are not the answers to long term solutions. Vokera comes at amazingly cheaper rates than any other common brand and hence could be a cheap and affordable solution. But apparently it would be technically advised to go for better options within the range of Vokera itself or more durable alternatives. However, for a person aiming at efficiency at low budget and a short term running requirement. This model seems to provide full coverage and guarantee on performance as well.

Hence yes! Vokera Mynute i system boiler apparently runs effectively and is available at affordable prices and is a must-try for those looking out for cheap and cost-effective options at boilers for their homes and spaces.

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