Buyer’s Guide For Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Combi Boilers- Price Comparisons & Reviews

As autumn begins to fade and the winter season is around the corner, it becomes extremely important to prepare for the cold weather. Although some people prefer using room heaters to keep them warm they are not highly efficient and use a lot of money. This is the long run becomes a burden as heaters cost more and more with time. To avoid these problems boilers come with the most effective technology for providing heat and being highly energy efficient as well.
Viessmann vitodens 200-W combi boilers are one of the best boilers available in the UK currently. These high-tech boilers provide heat radiation in the house through walls by the flow of heated water in the pro-installed pipes in the house. They not only keep the house warm but also provide hot water through taps to be used for various purposes like bathing, washing, cooking, etc. These boilers are also highly energy-efficient causing much less of a burden on your pockets.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceOnline Ratings
Viessmann vitodens 200-W combi boilers9.7/10YES£1,516.24 to £1,674.594.5 out of 5 stars and 1,350 reviews.

Prices for different models of the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi boiler systems:

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi 26KW-£1,516.24:

  • Output- 26KW
  • Dimensions- H-850MM, W-450MM, D-360MM
  • Maximum flow rate- 14 l/min
  • 90% and above energy efficiency

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi 30KW-£1,594.34:

  • Output- 30KW
  • Maximum flow rate- 14.3 l/min
  • Dimensions- H-850MM, W-450MM, D-360MM
  • 90% and above energy efficiency

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi 35KW-£1.674.59:

  • Output- 35KW
  • Dimensions- H-850MM, W-450MM, D-360MM
  • Maximum flow rate-16 l/min
  • 90% and above energy efficiency

About the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W combi boilers:

The Viessmann vitodens 200-W combi boiler is a small-sized high-tech boiler that does not take up a whole lot of space and can fit into a kitchen cabinet. These boilers are also much hassle-free as they do not require any hot water cylinders or tanks to function. These combi boilers also come with a warranty of 5 years for labor and parts and a comprehensive warranty of 3-years. They also come with a touchscreen operating panel which is super easy to use as well.


  • Quick and affordable installations
  • Small in size which do not take up much space.
  • Quick and effective services available.
  • Made out of stainless-steel heat exchanger which reduces the overall costs and increases the product’s life
  • Comes with a standard warrant of parts and labor of 5-years.
  • Highly efficient boilers that saves energy and lowers the gas bills.
  • Perfect for all small, medium and large sized houses.
  • 5-inch colored touchscreen display, easy to operate.
  • Quiet and noise-free operation.


  • May cost extra because of additional installation-charges.
  • Small sized boilers are not that efficient as compared to larger ones.

Unique Features:

  • Material:
    • Made out of stainless-steel heat exchanger
    • Easy to clean and maintains costs.
  • Display:
    • 5’’ touchscreen display
    • Easy to operator
  • Warranty:
    • 3-year parts and labor warranty.
    • Can be extended up to 5-10 years.
  • Mounting:
    • Wall-mounted
  • Output:
    • Ranges from 26KW to 35KW
  • LPG conversion available
  • Installation cost from £500-£1,00.
  • Integrated WiFi interface for internet connection
  • Maximum flow rate:
    • Ranges from 14 l/min to 16 l/min

Technical Specifications:

  • Type– Gas Boiler
  • Sub-type– Combi Boiler
  • Fuel type- Natural gas/ LPG
  • Weight– 34.5 kg
  • Modulation range– 1:17

Buyer’s Guide For Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Combi Boiler:

Viessmann Vitodens combi 200-W comes with a highly-engineered boiler system in the market. Viessmann boilers are highly efficient and sleek boilers to go for. These boilers are also highly durable and digital which makes them very easy to operate as well.

If you are looking for boilers which not only provide central heating but also provides you with hot water as per your needs, combi boilers are your best option. Combi boilers also cost much less than a conventional boiler and are also highly efficient in doing its job done.

Other factors to keep in mind when purchasing the right combi boiler are:

  • Price of the boilers.
  • Additional installation charges.
  • Size of your house.
  • How much hot water is needed?
  • Extra fitting and other costs involved.
  • Warranty period

Impact of Viessmann combi boiler in your life:

Viessmann combi boilers impact your life in numerous ways. They provide you with an amazing central heating system with much efficiency and effectiveness. Viessmann boilers also provides you with hot water as per your needs and uses. They also use easily available and pocket-friendly fuel to function like the natural gas and LPG. Viessmann boilers are highly energy efficient and save a lot of energy throughout its lifespan and have a very low running cost.

Facts you didn’t know about Viessmann:

  • Viessmann is a German manufacturer with a highly efficient production and has received quite a number of awards in the past,
  •  Viessmann is UK’s largest air conditioning and boiler manufacturing brand that hires around 2,500 installers every year.
  • One-third of the company’s turnover comes from export.
  • The company was founded in Hof an der Saale in 1917 by Johann Viessmann, and has been family owned for four generations.

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What Do The Experts Have To Say?

Minneapolis boiler expert David Howland has been a Service Technician at Standard Heating since 2005.

“Boilers provide radiant heat, which warms objects in a room. In contrast, a forced-air furnace warms the air in a room, which means objects absorb heat more slowly. Some people prefer boilers because they can set their thermostat at a lower temperature and the radiant heat makes the room feel warmer than the actual air temperature. Others say boilers provide more balanced heat throughout the home during the winter months.”


Reviews from the customers:

  1. Name of the reviewer– Peter Brooks
  • Rating– 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback– Quiet, Efficient, Reliable.

Detail- We had the Veissman Boiler fitted in March just as the Covid lockdown was being implemented. It came a bit earlier than planned as I suspect a number of customers had canceled their installation due to Covid.
Yorkshire Boilers, the installers were well briefed and prepared for the installation and carried out their work in a covid safe manner. The boiler had to be installed in a different place than planned but all the work was carried out to a high standard.
A few water pressure problems at the start were dealt with promptly and we have had no problems since then.
To date, the boiler has proved to be very quiet and faultless in operation. Too early to say whether it is saving gas but as it is a condensing boiler we are hopefully reducing the impact on the environment.

  1. Name of the reviewer- Malcolm
  • Rating- 3 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback- OK, but

Detail- we had a vitodens 050-w linked to a blown air system supplied by an East Yorkshire company who did an untidy job of the wiring and broke the ducting in the loft! their aftersales service only ran to ‘try a new battery in the control, or get a local plumber to look at it! the system works ok but the Viessmann control was useless, we now have a Honeywell and it works well.

2. Name of the reviewer– Adam Cornish

  • Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback- Good Investment

Detail- we had a vitodens 050-w linked to a blown air system supplied by an East Yorkshire company who did an untidy job of the wiring and broke the ducting in the loft! there aftersales service only ran to ‘try a new battery in the control, or get a local plumber to look at it! the system works ok but the Viessmann control was useless, we now have a Honeywell and it works well.

3.Name of the reviewer- Adam Cornish

Rating- 4.5 out of 5 stars

Feedback- Good Investment

Detail- Upgraded our boiler and had Viessmann recommended by a colleague, read a few reviews and ordered one that evening.
Install was simple and registration for the warranty couldn’t be easier.
Now the weather has turned we are really seeing a big difference in how quickly the house heats up and using less gas, much more efficient than our old boiler and very quiet.
All round good investment, thanks Viessmann



A boiler is part of a heating system that heats your home by using water. A hot water boiler system circulates water in the heat exchanger of your boiler, which is then pumped through pipes to heat baseboards or radiators before returning to the unit to start the cycle all over again. A furnace part of a heating system that heats your home with hot air. A blower motor moves air through the furnace where it is heated and then distributes the hot air throughout a home’s duct system. The heat is then released from the duct system through the vents and registers in your home.


It’s best to get in touch with your ViPRO partner who can diagnose and fix the problem safely and effectively. A fault can mean a wide range of problems and a ViPRO partner has been trained on how to solve the problem. 


Of course! Adding zones to your heating system can help keep the main living areas of your home warm and comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency by lowering the heat in unoccupied rooms or other areas of your home that don’t need as much warmth. Adding zones can be done by your ViPRO partner, contact them to learn more!


A typical boiler’s lifetime is expected to be 15-20 years. However, things vary, and your boiler may last longer if well maintained, less if it is ignored. Once repairs are needed more frequently, or if they become increasingly expensive, then a replacement boiler may save you money in the long run. An added benefit is that new boilers are almost guaranteed to be much more efficient than older systems.

Real World Use Case: by Thomas Stanley

I chose the Viessmann brand following extensive research. I wanted to know that the product would sustain my requirements for many years to come and I was assured of that through my research.
The installation however was through a company that I could not research, it was a one-man installation and the tradesman who fitted it, (although fully accredited and capable) was not the most ‘imaginative’. The installation took a massive two days, days where the weather was extremely cold, so being without heat and hot water for two days was rather challenging.
I opted to have WiFi enable controls, of which, unknown to me, was beyond the abilities of the installer, so he had to enlist the assistance of another tradesman who had the necessary experience in that field.
All in all, although the system does not perform the way I would prefer it to (due to the control side) the boiler unit has been exemplary, efficient, and extremely quiet.



As the temperature starts dropping, we start getting a constant need for warmth. The need for a heating system in the house becomes hyperactive. There are quite a number of products the companies are manufacturing to keep us warm. One of the most effective heating-system is a boiler. They provide a central heating system throughout our houses and also provide hot water from the taps as per our needs and requirements.

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