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The Winter season comes with a lot of add ons to your budget be it for your warm clothing or electricity bills for heaters and boilers. At this time your primary concern would be to minimise your bills more smartly. Choosing the right boiler would enable higher performance and lower your bills.
The ideal independent Combi boiler is a condensing boiler that uses gas as its fuel. These boilers are perfect for homes where space is limited. The ideal independent Combi boilers are A-rated high-efficiency Combi boilers which are easy to install, easy to service, and maintain. It is best suited for flat and small-sized homes.

NameOur RatingPriceAvailabilityGlobal ratings
Ideal Independent Combi Boilers8.8/10£625.36 – £749.09Yes4.5 out of 5 stars 2699 global ratings

The Ideal Independent Combi Boilers are a Smart Choice for your home, that shall comfort you with its warmth and also reduced energy bills.
The ideal independent Combi boiler is a compact boiler that can be fitted anywhere in your home, in the kitchen or the cupboard. These Combi require minimum space and are ideal for small to medium-sized homes. These do not require a separate water tank or a cylinder. These are aerated high-efficiency boilers ranging from £ 625.36 – £ 749.09. These are valued for money boilers available in three different heat outputs 24kW, 30kW and 35kW. These boilers will help to reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Different Models of Ideal Independent Boiler

Model   Ideal Independent C24 Combi

  • Type.    Combi
  • Maximum Flow Rate of 9.9
  • Typical Price  £ 625.36
  • Dimensions.  H – 750 MM, W – 395 MM, D – 278MM
  • Output            24kW
  • Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Independent C30 Combi

  • Type.    Combi
  • Maximum Flow Rate   12.4
  • Typical Price  £ 651.92
  • Dimensions.  H – 750 MM, W – 395 MM,D – 278MM
  • Output            30kW
  • Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%

Model   Ideal Independent C35 Combi

  • Type.    Combi
  • Maximum Flow Rate   14.5
  • Typical Price  £ 749.09
  • Dimensions.  H – 750 MM, W – 395 MM, D – 278MM
  • Output            35kW
  • Efficiency Rating  A-rated. 100%


  1.  The Ideal Independent Combi is a high-efficiency combination boiler that provides both central heating and instantaneous hot water as and when required.
  2. This appliance will not require much space and can fit into your kitchen and cupboard.
  3. The ideal independent Combi boiler is designed to suit various households with different demands.
  4. It is an elevated appliance with an efficiency of 91%.
  5. It is a condensing boiler which will automatically adjust its output according to your heating demand reducing gas consumption.
  6. The appliance is also compatible with an optional energy-saving weather compensation control which sensors energy changes outside and does adjust the temperature of your boiler accordingly.
  7. Another amazing feature is that it has a 24-hour mechanical timer which enables you to power on and off the boiler at the desired time.
  8. The boiler has cross-protection and it’s own siphonic condensate trap system that prevents the condensate from freezing.


  1. A decline in the pressure of the water is often experienced if more than one appliance requires hot water at the same time.
  2. Combi boilers don’t have a backup immersion heater installed.
  3. 5-year warranty – this is less generous than the length of warranty available on some other Ideal combi boilers.


  • A-RATED COMBI BOILER.      Save money on your gas bills
  • MECHANICAL TIMER FITTED AS STANDARD.      Added Energy Efficiency
  • BUILT-IN FROST PROTECTION.      Prevents cold weather damage
  • SIPHONIC CONDENSATE TRAP SYSTEM.         Reduces risk of cold weather freezing
  • DHW PREHEAT FUNCTION.            Instant hot water is always available.
  • DIGITAL OPERATING DISPLAY.        Easy to operate and adjust the temperature.
  • COMPACT MEASUREMENTS.           Can be installed almost anywhere from 5-YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTY.    Confidence and peace of mind.


  • Price.               –  £ 625.36 to £ 749.09
  • Heating output – 30kW, 35kW and 24kW
  • Dimensions          H – 750 MM W – 395 MM D – 278MM
  • Weight.                – 36.4 kgs
  • Fuel.                    – Gas
  • Efficiency.            -A-rated 100%
  • Smart                  – compatible
  • Warranty.            –  5 years

Buying Guide

When you decide to buy a new boiler, you are investing quite a decent sum on the appliance so make sure that you decide sensibly.

If you are looking for a new boiler they are certain important factors which you must consider before you choose a boiler.

If your boiler is an old demand and you want to invest in a new boiler, here are certain points which you must consider.

1.Combination boilers are a combined unit, unlike system and traditional boilers they do not require a separate water tank or a hot water cylinder. Combi boilers may usually fit into your kitchen cupboard.

2.Combi boilers are easy to install and easy to control.

3. Unlike traditional systems Combi boilers draws its water supply directly from the mains which in turn will increase the water flow.

However, before choosing a boiler you should consider the following points:

  • -The size of your property
  • -Boiler type (Combi, System, or Regular)
  • -Efficiency
  • -ERP Rating
  • -Suitable sized boiler for your house
  • -Price
  • -Output

What Does the Expert Have To Say ?

All boilers with an Ideal+ warranty offer customers a free five-year part and labour repair service. To qualify for the full five years of the warranty, the boiler must be registered within 30 days of installation and be serviced annually by a competent person (Gas Safe registered engineer). Should either of these conditions not be met, the period of warranty will extend to only 12 months from installation. All boilers with a Standard Ideal Warranty offer free two-year parts and labour repair service.

By Matthew Knight

16th November 2020


  • Name of the Reviewer– Michael
  • Date of Review         – 15th December 2020
  • Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback.                – Good transaction

Good transaction. The person at the end of the phone was very knowledgeable. Engineer turned up a few days later as organised – he rang before arrival and turned up when said. Changed heat exchanger on boiler 2 days ago and all working ok.

  • Name of the Reviewer- Tina Chadwick
  • Date of Review         – 16th December 2020
  • Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback.                – Excellent

Prompt service. Kept informed as to when the person was coming. The engineer was pleasant, helpful and informative. He kept to the COVID guidelines at all times. An excellent experience. Thank you

  • Name of the Reviewer– Michelle Fletcher
  • Date of Review         – 16th December 2020
  • Rating                       – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback.                 – Excellent service

From phoning the contact centre to the engineer leaving the whole service was great. I had an appointment for the engineer to visit within 3 days of calling. I thought it would be a visit to see the problem and then maybe a return visit to repair. This was not the case. The engineer arrived, diagnosed the problem, which was the heat exchanger, then replaced it for me. On checking the heating following this the pump went also the engineer who had been here a while then replaced the pump too. I was so thrilled that the repair was done efficiently and thoroughly checked. The engineer was polite and cleaned all the mess up too. I am pleased with the service that I received and felt very confident that the boiler would be working 100%. If I encounter any further issues I would not hesitate calling them back.

  • Name of the Reviewer– Keith Martin
  • Date of Review         – 16th December 2020
  • Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback.               – Very good and highly recommended boiler.

Stories from Real World Use Cases

  • Name of the Reviewer- Miley
  • Date of Review         – 21st September 2019
  • Rating                      – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Feedback.                – Boiler is fitted and up and running. It is very quiet, responsive, and easy to use. Great replacement. Very pleased.

Details.                     – Decided to change my old Boiler since it was giving problems even after plenty of services. A friend recommended the Ideal Independent C35 Combi and I must say it proved to be an awesome recommendation. I am very satisfied with the service, it’s so quiet and easy to use. Great efficiency and lower bills.


1.What is Frost Protection?

Frost protection is active when the Halo is set to OFF. It will run the central heating system if the temperature drops to 5°C to prevent freezing.

2.I have 3 bedrooms, should I prefer a system boiler or a combi?

If you have more than three bathrooms particularly with the shower in use at the same time, you may go for a system. However, bigger Combi boilers have also been developed for this purpose.

3.Do combi boilers require more water as compared to system boiler?

Combi boilers heat the water taken from the main, whereas, they remain on standby mode when there is no heating required. Since there is no heat loss associated with the Stored water Combi boilers are considered to be more energy-efficient.

4.What should be a perfect flow rate for a combi boiler?

A satisfying flow rate for a Combi boiler should be at least 12 to 15 litres per minute. This will give you a perfect water flow in the shower.

5. How frequently does my ideal independent Combi boiler need to get serviced?

Regular servicing would ensure that your boiler runs efficiently without any problems. It is recommended to service your boiler and really so that your warranty also remains valid.

6. What are the different outputs available for Ideal Independent Combi Boilers?

The different outputs available for Ideal Independent Combi Boilers are 24kW, 30kW and 35kW.

7. What is the charge for installation of System or Combi Boilers?

The Installation charges may vary according to the company you choose.

8. How long is the warranty period of the Combi Boiler?

The Ideal Independent Combi Boilers offer a warranty period of 5 years.

Did you know?

Combi Boilers are the most popular choice among UK homeowners. These boilers are cost-effective and easy to use. These condensing boilers do not need an additional water tank for storage hence designed as a single unit.

Here are some of the amazing facts about Ideal Combi Boilers-

1.High Energy Efficiency- Ideal combi-boilers are rated A in energy efficiency, meaning you will get the most out of your money and the best part is reduced energy bills.

2.Quick to Install and easy to use- It is Swift to install and gives you control over the heating.

3.Availability of hot water instantly- With a combi boiler, you will always have access to hot water instantly.

4.Cost Effective and Easy to Maintain- This is a great value for money appliance and us easy to service and maintain.

5.Great Warranty Options- The Ideal Combi boilers offer a warranty of 5 years. With a premium model, you could get a warranty of 7 to 10 years.


With the advent of the winter, you often have to prepare a few things for various purposes be it domestic, personal or professional. However, along with buying stuff for winter starting from your care to your heating appliances, you must make a smart choice which is great value for money.

Combi boilers are a smart choice for your home. Combi boilers are easy to install, user-friendly, easy to service, and maintain as well. They require less space and are highly efficient. Combi boilers use minimum space and do not require a water tank or a cylinder. Combi boilers provide instant hot water at the time of need. The ideal independent Combi boilers A-rated, high-efficiency boilers that are available in three different outputs. The Ideal boilers offer a 5-year warranty. These boilers reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions. Another amazing feature of the boiler is that they provide Frost protection and mechanical timers enabling you to manage the on and off timings.

The Ideal Independent Combi Boilers are an Ideal choice for your home which will provide improved efficiency and reduced gas bills.

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