Best Prices & Expert Reviews for The Latest Keston Combi Boiler! Buyers Guide

                              Keston combi boilers: Why purchase them?

People residing in cold countries can’t do without a central heating system. It is an essential appliance in their houses that are either installed during the construction or later on when they move in the house. It helps them survive the biting cold weather as the temperature often goes beyond 0 degrees Celsius.

That brings us to the importance of boilers in such regions. The boiler is an amazing central heating system that takes care of its users’ heating and hot water needs. It ensures that their house is warm and also that they get their desired hot water supply.

Commonly, a boiler is of three different types: Conventional, combi, and system boiler.

Conventional boilers are more suitable for huge households as they have several components that need to be installed. System and combi boilers are more preferred in today’s time due to the increase in smaller dwellings in urban areas as the cost of living are increasing. Also, combi and system boilers are cheaper and much easier to install and operate.

There are many reasons why combi boilers are the preferred choice of boilers in most urban households:

1. It helps in saving a lot of space in the house. It is a combination of boiler and central heating system in one, so you don’t need to have two different systems for these functions. It is also compact and has only one unit which makes it easy to fit anywhere.

2. It allows you to enjoy high-pressure showers. Combi boilers don’t store water in a tank. Instead, they deliver water to the user directly from the mains, at the best pressure available. This also ensures that the water is safe and clean to use.

3. Combi boilers are relatively cheaper as compared to other boilers. They are also highly efficient and help in saving a lot of money on gas bills annually.

These combi boilers from Keston are best in class and specially made for medium to large-sized households. They are efficient, user friendly and helps the users in meeting their hot water demands.

Buyer’s guide

1. Fuel

There are four different types of boilers based on the fuel it uses. Natural gas, propane, fuel oil & electric boiler. The use of these fuels depends upon the availability and affordability of the user.

Natural gas is most preferred for its green properties. It causes fewer greenhouse emissions and thus is environmentally friendly. However, since it requires the user to have a gas line connection, it might not be easily accessible in rural areas.

Propane is another good alternative fuel for a boiler. It is usually stored in a tank and has to be refilled every time it is finished. It is usually used in urban & semiurban areas.

Fuel oil uses natural substances such as wood, coal, other biomass products as fuel. These are manually loaded in the boiler every time it has to be used and is more common in rural areas where the access to modern technology is less.

Electric fuel is cheaper but not suitable for a heavy workload.

2. Efficiency

People want a proper central heating system. However, they surely don’t want to burn a hole in their pocket while doing so. Hence, the efficiency of a boiler plays an important role here as it decides the amount a person has to pay for the fuel utilized by the boiler.

Always aim for a highly efficient boiler. These boilers might be a bit costly but work better and also for a long period. They use such heat exchangers to provide the same comfort & warmth to the users without using up too much energy.

Low-efficiency boilers, on the other hand, are cheap while purchasing but aren’t up to the mark when it comes to performance. They consume more fuel in the long run and incur more costs.

3. Venting

It is necessary to have a proper venting outlet for the combustion gases that happens when the boiler is functioning. So, based on the types of venting available, there are three types of boilers: chimney vented, power vented, and direct vented boilers.

Chimney vented boilers will suit those people well who already have a chimney in their houses. only make sure to clean it well and you will face no issues with it later on.

Power vented boilers use the air in their surroundings i.e., inside the house, and then exhaust the combustion gases outside. It does so using the in-built blower in the boiler. It is also known as a direct exhaust boiler.

Direct vented boilers are best for tightly sealed, modern houses. it uses ceiling and sidewalls to exhaust the gases out. It doesn’t make use of the air inside. Instead, it takes the gases from outside and exhausts them outside.

Choose what you find most suitable for your home.

4. Hot water needs

The need for hot water differs among people. That affects the choice of a boiler as it’s best to purchase one that gives the output you require. Getting a boiler with higher output but not using it will only cost you more. So, know your hot water needs better and if you are confused, contact an expert who will help you out with it.

5. Size

The size of the house matters because some boilers can take up a lot of space. If you have a small dwelling, you can go ahead with any boiler you like. However, for small-sized houses, combi boilers are the best option available as they are lightweight, compact, and easy to fit.

1. KESTON COMBI 30KW    119530kWYes
2. KESTON COMBI 30KW    130335kWYes

1. Keston Combi 30kW

This boiler from Keston is fully automated and can easily adjust its temperature without human intervention. This helps in increasing efficiency as it senses the weather and changes the temperature according to the user’s comfort. It has a high-efficiency rating too, so you can easily save money on your gas bills.

Keston Combi 30kW


  • It provides best in class efficiency to its users.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives the users flexibility in installing its unit.


  • It is a bit costly.


  • This boiler has a SEDBUK A rating for its heating as well as hot water efficiency. SEDBUK is a standard rating agency, so you know it’ll help you in saving money on gas bills. Also, this boiler has a weather compensation that senses the weather and changes the temperature according to the comfort of the user.
  • Its built-in frost protection keeps it safe and protected during the extreme winters when the boiler is most in use.
  • It also gives the flexibility of its installation to its users since it has a 50mm muPVC solvent weld flue.
  • In addition to that, it has other features such as onboard diagnostics, automatic bypass, a pre-fitted filling loop, and a visible pressure gauge.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 700 x 395 x 278 mm
  • Flow rate: 12.4
  • Output: 30 kW
  • Efficiency: SEDBUK A
  • Price: 1195

2. Keston Combi 35kW

Rated with SEDBUK A efficiency, loaded with easy to use and understand user controls & flexibility of installing it anywhere, this combi boiler from Keston provides everything that a user can ask for. It puts the user’s comfort as the priority.

Keston Combi 35kW


  • It is highly efficient.
  • The controls are automated and need no human intervention in improving efficiency.
  • It is compact and easy to install.


  • It is a bit costly.


  • This boiler is highly efficient and has been given SEDBUK A rating for its heating & hot water efficiency. It has a weather compensation feature that helps in changing the temperature of the boiler to match the user’s comfort. This improves efficiency & reduces wastage of energy to a considerable extent.
  • The boiler is safe even in cold weather when it is used extensively due to its frost protection technology.
  • It can be easily installed anywhere you want. It has a 50 mm muPVC flue that gives it the flexibility to be kept anywhere.
  • A few of its other features are automatic bypass, a pre-fitted fixing jig that helps in quick installation, and a visible pressure gauge that makes operating the boiler an easy job.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 700 x 400 x 395 mm
  • Flow rate: 14.5
  • Output: 35 kW
  • Efficiency: SEDBUK A
  • Price: 1303

What Do Industry Experts Have To Say?,for%20load%20and%20weather%20compensation.

Combi boilers are one of the most commonly found boilers in urban households in today’s time. The experts have deduced that the reason behind it is because of its compact size and multiple functionalities all loaded in a single unit.

Efficiency is another important factor at play here. The more fuel your boiler consumes, the more you’ll have to pay for it. These boilers from Keston are highly efficient and have been rated with a SEDBUK A for that very reason. They also have a weather sensor that reduces the temperature of the boiler automatically to comfort the user as well as save extra energy being used.

Experts have also pointed out that this boiler has flexibility on installing anywhere the user wants because it is lightweight as well as has a long flue that allows its installation anywhere with ease.

Apart from that, it also has frost protection & a 5-year warranty, which are favorable as people purchase boiler as a long term asset.

Experts have reviewed this boiler to be one of the most efficient combi boilers available in the market.

How do we decide on these products for you?

These products are decided only after a rigorous & thorough analysis of them. Our team also conducts interviews with the customers already using these products to arrive at a truthful conclusion. We believe in satisfying the needs of our customers and therefore suggest the best product out in the market.

While this product was favored by many people, here are a few of the reasons listed by them for it being their favorite boiler for far:

  • It maximizes the comfort of the users due to different controls available in the boiler.
  • This boiler is easy to install and maintain.
  • It has a long warranty period.
  • The customer service provided by the brand was perfect.

As per these reviews gathered by our team, we concluded that these combi boilers by Keston are indeed one of the best boilers in the market and one should try them out if they’re looking to change or purchase a new boiler.

FAQs About Keston Combi Boiler :

  • What sized boiler will be right for my house?

Boiler needs differ according to the individuals using them. So, the best to do is to contact a gas safe registered person, who will do a proper inspection and help you in selecting the best boiler for your hot water and heating needs.

  • How often should I service my boiler?

Boilers should be serviced annually so that they can last for a long period. while they do have a warranty of 7 years, it is best to serve them to have them running for a longer period.

  • How many years warranty is offered by the company?

For this boiler, Keston offers 5 years of warranty. If installed with a keston filter, the warranty can be increased to 7 years.

  • How often should I replace my boiler?

Before replacing, see if it is repairable as the boiler is a costly investment and people like to keep it for years before changing it.

  • Are combi boilers energy efficient?

Yes, combi boilers are highly energy efficient. Most of these boilers have extra controls that help in improving the overall efficiency of the boiler.

Did You Know?

Here are some interesting facts about Keston:

  • Keston boilers started its operation way back in 1928 and have risen over the decades as a major player in the boiler market.
  • It offers domestic & light commercial boilers and uses cutting-edge technology to stay on top of the game.

Stories From Real Use Cases:

Source: Trustpilot

1. Nate London

Very reliable, can be fitted anywhere

Old no name boiler broke. It was located in my flats hallway cupboard and had flues in the void. Most boilers need to go on an outside wall and I didn’t want to put a boiler in the bedroom and build a cupboard. The plumber recommended Keston, he said they have got much better. I was sceptical after reading some reviews. He said it was either Keston or Baxi if I don’t want to move the boiler, I went with Keston as he said it would be less ceiling viewing ports needed. So far it’s been over 2 years and it’s been great. It broke once but they came out on the same day and fixed it. The warranty can vary depending on if you get a Keston filter and any deals they have so check the website or call. You must register it within 30 days and follow it up to make sure its received. If not you have to pay a fee. The c30 is more than adequate for 2 bed small flat. I can have endless hot showers it’s been great. I hope they continue to make them as many flats and older houses have the boiler in a central location.

2. Carol

No problems here…

I had my Keston boiler installed in April 2020. It was a good choice as I required a very long flue. I’ve had no problems at all so far. I think improvements have been made since previous reviews. I have a 7 year warranty but haven’t needed to use it so far.

3. Chris Gallon

It is early days I know but……

It is early days I know but we have just installed a Keston Boiler in a flat that we lease out. The flat is in a development that was completed in 2005 and the existing boiler was due to be retired. Unfortunately as the flue passed through a 4in diameter hole in a steel beam and then passed through about 15mtrs of commonal area, we had only two choices. An electric system or a Keston. Edinburgh Boiler Co fitted the boiler, they seem to have done a great job, the tenant is delighted and as the boiler was fitted by a registered installer and we agreed to fit the magnetic filter, the guarantee was extended from 5 to 7 years. We also agreed to take the £9.35 per month service contract (which also covers the annual gas safety test) and this provides a further 2years of guarantee and no additional charges for parts of labour. So we have 9 years of cover for what appears to be an advanced and efficient system. What can possibly go wrong?


4. Alan Starkie

I’ve had a Keston C25 boiler for about…

I’ve had a Keston C25 boiler for about 10 years and is about to be retired. Over that time it has had some issues but nothing too serious that couldn’t be easily fixed. I’ve had other boilers in the past that were much more troublesome. I think a lot of the reasons they got a bad name was because of a shortage of people who know/understand them well enough to maintain them. They were extremely advanced and ahead of their time. In terms of reliability and efficiency, I can’t really knock it. The old girl has a bad heat exchanger and I’m just about to order a new one… wait for it…. Keston Ideal Logic C30 ERP. Can’t comment on the company. No dealings with them. Asking someone to locate the serial number and refusing a visit just because the cover had been removed in order to locate it, I believe to be sharp practice, so shame on you Keston or Ideal or whoever you are. This scoring is based on my experience of the boiler only 🙂


Keston is known for its product in the heating industry. It has been rated by several standard agencies for its good products and customer services. This boiler from Keston is no different.

Highly efficient, loaded with the best features, this combi boiler from Keston is best to meet medium and large-sized household needs. The controls are easy to use and understand, so the new users too won’t face any issues in handling this boiler.

They should opt for a 30kW boiler for medium-sized households while a 35kW boiler is suitable for large households.

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