Best Price Guaranteed Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi Boiler: An Honest Reviews, Comparison, and Buying Guide

The boilers are very common in every house these days in the country. Can you imagine a life without a boiler especially in the winters? It is almost impossible to imagine a life without a boiler. We have got addicted to these daily-life tools and keeping ourselves away from these machines is not going to help us in anyway. So, it is better to have proper knowledge of the boilers we use on daily basis.

Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi Boiler is like all other combination boiler which does not require installation of tank for water storage. This boiler is manufactured by the reputed brand “Vaillant”. Vaillant has been serving in the field of boilers for more than 135 years in the country. It has established trust and confidence among the customers through the quality of its products.

NameOur RatingAvailabilityPriceOnline Rating
Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi Boiler8/10Yes£ 925.00 to £ 1,086.004.6 out of 5 Stars 12692 Global Ratings

Prices for different models of the Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi Boiler:

Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi 24

  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 24kW
  • Dimension – H- 720MM, W- 440MM, D- 338MM
  • Price – £ 938.44

Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi 28

  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 28kW
  • Dimension – H- 720MM, W- 440MM, D- 338MM
  • Price – £ 925.00

Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi 30

  • Type – Combi
  • Dimension – H- 720MM, W- 440MM, D- 338MM
  • Price – £ 1,086.00

About The Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi Boilers:

This boiler belongs to the combination type where we all know that the installation of an extra tank is not required for the storage of hot or cold water. This boiler is manufactured by Vaillant which is also known as one of the first companies to have manufactured the first combination boiler. This boiler is compatible with Natural Gas and LPG as well. This boiler comes with removable side panels and a push-fit flue system which helps in making the work of your installer quite easy. This boiler is perfect for small flats and apartments where the bathroom is single and requires a limited supply of hot water. This boiler comes in three output range designed for different size of the property. The different outputs of this boiler are 24kW, 28kW, 30kW.


  • No Noise Boiler. This boiler has been designed to produce no operational sound in the property while functioning.
  • It is A-rated boiler which helps to save energy and protect the environment.
  • This boiler comes with clear LED display which makes it easier for the user to handle it and makes the model more user-friendly.
  • It can be run by natural gas or LPG if needed.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and 5-year extendable warranty if installed through Vaillant Advanced Installer.
  • The boiler is equipped with two stage frost protection to make sure that it works uninterruptedly throughout the year.


  • These boilers fail to meet the high demand of hot water.
  • The installation process of these boilers is heavily complicated.
  • If, by any chance, the boilers get damaged, there is heavy chance of losing water heating capacity as well as central heating system as this is a combination boiler in which both the systems work together.
  • These boilers have slower rate of providing you hot water than other boilers.
  • Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi boilers have warranty of very small duration which doesn’t ensure the mental peace for long period.


  • Wide range of modulation ratio 1:4 to adapt automatically according to the demand of water.
  • It is a Class 5 NOx boiler which is kinder to environment than the other boilers.
  • It is equipped with stainless steel heat exchanger which makes the boiler more efficient and eco-friendlier.
  • It is compatible with vSMART app-based heating control which helps to monitor and control your heating and hot water anytime and anywhere.
  • It comes with 2 stage frost protection system which does not lead to frosting pipe.

Product Specifications

  • Model – Vaillant ecoTec Pro Combi Boiler
  • Type – Combi
  • Output – 24kW to 30kW
  • Dimension – H- 700MM, W- 440MM, D- 338MM
  • Compatible – LPG
  • MFR – 12 L/min
  • ErP Rating – A
  • Price – £ 925.00 to £ 1,086.00

Buying Guide

This boiler is apt for the family which don’t have high demand of hot water and small apartments. The combi boilers are designed to provide you water instantly but with slower rate compared to other boilers and it has a compact design to save your space in the house. It can fit in a standard kitchen cupboard where you keep it away from the front. These boilers also come with removable side panel which makes the installation process easy along with the maintenance and repairing process. Few factors must be considered before buying a boiler that are mentioned below.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the right Vaillant Boiler for your home:

  • Size of your house – The size of your house is the basic and most important factor for you if you are buying a boiler for the first time for your house. It helps you to find the right type of boiler for you.
  • Price – The price of the boiler can also be an important thing to be kept in mind before buying especially when you are low on budget. So, buying a boiler according to the size of your pocket and your house can be challenging. To avoid any sort of mistakes, do take your time to consider the other aspects.
  • Efficiency – The efficiency of the boiler determines how much energy a boiler will consume to function properly. This can affect your pocket along with the environment badly so do take this feature into consideration that the boiler you are buying must be efficient as it will help you save around 60% of your annual energy bills. In this case, the efficiency of this boiler is around 89% which is considered quite good.
  • Warranty – The warranty of the product states the duration before which you don’t need to worry about the damage caused or repairing and maintenance required to the product. So, the warranty of the product better is for a longer period to avoid mental harassment.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Vaillant ecoTEC PRO Combi Boilers:

  • This model is manufactured by Vaillant which is one of the oldest companies that has been serving us for more than 135years.
  • It was one of the first companies to have stated manufacturing the combination boilers for the first time to integrate the water heating system and the central heating system.
  • It is hand-built in the award-winning Derbyshire manufacturing plant.

What do the experts have to say?

German brand Vaillant has been in the heating market for more than 135 years. Vaillant now sells products in more than 80 countries, including the UK. More than 7,000 members of the general public take part in our annual boiler brand reliability and customer satisfaction survey, enabling us guide you to the best and worst boiler brands. We also conduct a survey with more than 153 trusted boiler engineers to get their independent views on which boiler brands are the best. Vaillant boilers are typically supplied with a two-year parts and labor warranty. You must get the boiler serviced after the first 12 months to qualify for the second year of warranty. The guarantee card should be registered within 30 days of the boiler being installed. Vaillant claims to have a team of 200 Gas Safe-registered engineers trained to repair and service Vaillant boilers.

Matt Knight

Customer Reviews

  • Name of the customer – Tim Stevens
  • Rating – 4 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 22-12-2020

Feedback – The Vaillant website worked very well in listing Vaillant registered Plumbers close to our home. One advantage in using one of their plumbers is that Vaillant then give a longer guarantee and as far as I could see their plumbers don’t charge more than other plumbers. We had a Vaillant boiler in our previous house which served us very well for many years. We have had their Green IQ ecoTEC exclusive 835 installed last month in our new home.

  • Name of the customer – Scanchillida
  • Rating – 4 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 16-12-2020

Feedback – Just had installed a Vaillant EcoTec Pro Combi boiler with Smart Control by I.D.S. in the Wirral. Everything is controlled via an app with the possibility of some manual override and noticed that boiler ‘learns’ temperature and daily patterns of use in the house, ultimately, maintaining set temperature throughout the house with a trickle facility at nighttime. Typically, apps fail to perform consistently, but, so far, there have been no problems with the app; a great feature is that you can override temperature and duration before reverting back to scheduled program. This is handy for example, should you stay up later than the scheduled switch off time at night for example. Very happy with the installation: professional, tidy, polite and was kept informed at all times of the necessary steps taken as it involved an internal twin flue. The combi boiler has a 10-year warranty.

  • Name of the customer – Mr. James A O’ Farrel
  • Rating – 4 out of 5
  • Place – UK
  • Date – 26-11-2020

Feedback – We decided to move from a 50 year old oil-fired boiler (which sounded like a Saturn 5 rocket) to a gas fired Combi boiler. Our apprehensions were, no stored hot water, poor supply to what was a power shower, and would the heating be good enough. The new Vaillant has exceeded our expectations; hot water, a powerful shower, and great heating. I would add that we decided to change most of the radiators to modern ones, and that choice has proved a very sound one. Our old rad’s only seemed to radiate heat, whereas the new ones both radiate and convect. Lastly, I mentioned “Saturn 5”, the new boiler you can barely hear! Very impressed by both Vaillant and our installer, and have no hesitation in praising both!

Real-World Use Case:

The hot water cylinder, water pumps, the old central heating boiler, controls for the old central heating, water tanks and expansion tank in the loft, and lots of pipework then redundant in the loft and in the house were removed. A new Combi-boiler was installed and the old radiators and pipework for them replaced with new. A new shower was supplied and fitted to replace one of the showers which were no longer working. A few minor, but important, plumbing jobs were also done. I am very pleased with the standard of the work done and how quickly it was done. Also, when it was discovered that the pipework for my central heating was a ‘one pipe system’ (something which in my house could only be known once work was well underway), Joe rescheduled his work to replace the ‘one pipe system’ with a ‘two-pipe system’ with a minimum of delay. Some delay was inevitable because additional materials had to be ordered. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe (Ashton’s Heating and Plumbing) and his workers who were likable, did an excellent job, and worked quickly with a great attitude to their work. They were happy to discuss aspects of the work and other work I am considering having done in the future.

Martin Smith


How do I top-up water pressure?

Combi and system boilers and your heating system work under pressure. If the pressure drops below a certain level the boiler will not fire (start). Combi and system boilers need a minimum pressure within the system to work. Leaks in the system will cause your boiler to lose pressure. Leaks can be very small and you may not be able to see them. It is easy to solve this loss in pressure by topping up your system – your installer will be able to do this quickly. However, it is essential they also find and fix the leak. It is a good idea to regularly check the pressure gauge to make sure there are no tiny leaks within your system – ask your installer to show you how if you’re not sure. You can find the correct pressure levels for your boiler and instructions for repressurising the system in the user instructions. If you are in any doubt, we recommend you ask a competent person, such as an installer, to repressurise your system for you.

  • What is meant by “flushing my boiler”?

Your heating system should be thoroughly cleaned by flushing it with pressurised water in line with the boiler manufacturer’s instructions. This should always be done before installing a new boiler.

This is done to clear out any sludge that has built up over time and could cause the system to run ineffectively or damage the boiler. It’s normal in older heating systems for sludge to have built up so this should be flushed away before introducing a new boiler. The process does come with some risk – poorly made or damaged joints may leak under this extra pressure. Your installer should

warn you about any risk to your property and be ready to deal with any leaks.

  • What is Frost Protection?

Frost protection is a feature of our boilers which prevent, at low temperatures, the water in the boiler from freezing. This prevents damage to the boiler. Typically, across our boiler ranges the frost protection system operates the boiler pump as soon as the heating circuit water temperature falls between 12 degrees centigrade. The pump stops as soon as the temperature of this water reaches 15 degrees centigrade. If the heating system falls below 7 degrees centigrade, the burner ignites until it reaches 35 degrees centigrade. This two-stage frost protection feature is only active when the boiler is switched on. The boiler alone cannot ensure the installation is protected against frost. A separate frost thermostat may be necessary to control the temperature of the system. The frost protection feature can vary amongst our appliances so for more information refer to the installation and Servicing Manuals for that particular appliance.

  • I was told my radiators need bleeding? What does this mean?

‘Bleeding’ is the term used for letting air out of a radiator and heating system. Bleeding a radiator involves opening a small valve at the top of the radiator to allow any trapped air to escape. If a radiator will not heat up or if it gets hot at the bottom but not at the top, this is probably due to trapped air. Air in the system can also cause a bubbling noise when the heating is running. Bleeding all the radiators will often solve this. You can easily bleed a radiator yourself, using a radiator key. You need to be ready to close the valve immediately once the air has been released (at the point water starts to come out). This water could be hot and may be dirty so you should have an old towel or something similar to hand to protect furnishings, carpets and of course yourself.


Vaillant ecoTEC PRO Combi Boilers are designed to cater to all your requirements on a low budget and occupying less space in your house. You can fit this boiler anywhere in the house and if you want to hide it from the front, you can fit the boiler in a standard kitchen cupboard. The controls of this boiler are handy which makes it easier for you to handle it. It can also be controlled through an app. This model has been manufactured by one of the most reliable, confident, trusted, and oldest manufacturing unit. This also comes with a long warranty period if installed through Vaillant Advanced Installer.

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